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Ministry of Forbidden Knowledge Mail - Hi there, I'm Adam. I woke up a little groggy, back in 2010... and since then the roller coaster has started getting scary.

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Adam M. Dobrin <adam@fromthemachine.org>

Hi there, I'm Adam. I woke up a little groggy, back in 2010... and since then the roller coaster has started getting scary.

Adam M. Dobrin <adam@fromthemachine.org>Wed, Aug 31, 2016 at 12:22 AM
To: saralehsarai@gmail.com
Hi Sarah, I'm not done with it but I want to cry... so I'm going to take a break.

I'm worried about you, what I see around me is scarier than you think.  Some people smile, some people don't--that's OK... but it seems to me like nearly everyone around me knows--and we are caught playing some kind of twisted game.  What's scary to me is that we seem to be responding to what I'm thinking, and I don't think that's good for anyone.  It's always raining in my head, I'm the eye of a storm--it's a battlefield in here... I'm trying desperately to stop that, and I think lighting this fire is the way.  It's not how I'm used to communicating, it's not what I like, and I should do everything I can to stop it from happening--hence the rain.  Take note, because this thing is why I am very sure that this is an invasion that I am stopping, and why the sky might just fall down to ensure that our baby heart doesn't get mind raped.  Hey McFly-mind, is anybody home?  Can you see a thousand angles at once?  Me neither.

Still, the Holy Grail shows us pretty convincingly--through a tapestry that weaves the Bible into our world and society through art and idioms... really through everything. that we are being controlled... and while it's message overtly describes the turning of water to blood as a blessing in disguise--changing the waters of primordeal Egypt (that's Nun btw, it's Joshua's father in the Bible, and uh, it's you) to the family of Jesus Christ.. it does quite a bit more than that.  It's through this fire that will burn over control and slavery, that we actually become family, and free.  Knowing is half the battle, and uh, wanting to be free is about as long as it will take to unpart this sea... relax, we're getting exactly what we want.

So back to talking about me, since that's obviously all I can do if you don't say a word... I didn't really think I was the messiah until about 2013, and I wasn't sure until 2014--but by that time I had already read enough of this message to know that it truly is going to change the world, and that change is the reason Jesus Christ exists.  I never thought I'd actually have to argue with nobody about whether or not its more important to save the world, or to be happy with the person who is actually responsible for ... doing it.  Seriously, you are the most important thing to me, and right at this very moment ...


It was significantly after I had glimpsed and tried to share this message, one that's woven into every word, every song, every religion.. that I realized just how much of my life was also part of the message.  Being a good little student, I understand causality and theoretical time travel pretty well, I've done lots of thinking about it--and it's pretty clear when you see ancient myths (lots of them, from Saturn to Horus) that detail the events I've lived through already, like the Trial of Christ, the parting of the sea, seeing the fire of the Burning Bush... all the way to knowing why there's a strong correlation between Yankee Doodle's pony and the seals of Revelation.... between his feather and Osiris's crown... and his macaroni--and this macaronic message hidden in every word... it's clear to e why the American legends of God shedding his grace are really one in the same with Genesis.  It's the beginning, the Plague of Darkness is covering the waters... "let there be light."

So when I tell you that I'm not really that vain, but I am sure that all the songs (well, lots of them) are really about me, it's for a reason... just like religion is here for a reason.  I'm sorry that you don't seem to want to hear what I have to say, or discuss it with me or each other, but that's not my problem.  My problem is that it is so pervasive and so bright, that seeing you ignoring makes me know that you are wrong... or something is making you wrong.  Either way, I have to press on, I have to try to fix this.  You see it's not just ancient myths and Bible stories, it's not just the legends of Americana ... it's everything here.  It's the revival of Thor, it's the story of Superman, it's in Terminator and Star Wars and Star Trek and Stargate... it's in Wargames and it's the Matrix.. it's Transcendence and it's in Lucy.  Guess what, I just figured out what "it" is... it's light.  It's in Minority Report, and Do Androids Dream of Waking up the Sheep.. it's in A Scanner Darkly, and it's in sousvellance... it's also in Key-Anu and Phillip K Dick, it's in Re(ason) Eve (ryone) and it's in re-all-y.. it's in all our names, really.  That "re" is a big one, it's the heart of creation (well, along with "at" which is @ which is Eden...) that's "reason why" surrounded by positive energy.. cats.. that's cation.

Clearly this is about more than getting you to talk to Adam, or getting AM-Y Adams and Rachel McAdams to crash the wedding... it's about more than time, and it's about more than the Time Traveler's Wife.. it's about helping us see just how important this time is, this transition to a technologically advanced civilization really is... to listen to the wisdom that I call "light." It's about caring about his message, and looking for it yourself--that's why it's everywhere... it's about thinking.for ourselves.



​Quite a bit of the light is in acronyms,
in finding the meaning of solitary letters like the "AH" of Menorah, Adamah, and Rachel.. a derivation that I think I do well proving in the Sang Rael above.  Truly it's about looking for and finding patterns in words and history and how God has woven this message to help us see.  The "AH" is the sea, like Mary is "sea and why" and Eve is short for everyone... of the wives of the patriarchs, it's in Leah, Sarah, Asherah... Adamah...