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Mail - EZTRICK and the Cuckoo Clock Hour
Ivan Dobrin <ivan@emplifyhr.com>

EZTRICK and the Cuckoo Clock Hour

Yitsha'CK HeyZeus <malverde@hallowed.gq>Fri, Sep 1, 2017 at 9:41 AM
To: Ivan DObrin <ivan@emplifyhr.com>

with this email please.  

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From: Yitsha'CK HeyZeus <malverde@hallowed.gq>
Date: Thu, Aug 31, 2017 at 12:32 PM
Subject: Easy Trick and the Cookoo Clock hour
To: Ivan DObrin <ivan@emplifyhr.com>

r     i  d     i  c     u  l     o     u  s
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on o us, ridiculous.

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for those of you that haven't been following along:

  • so b, how the book of tobit and Adam's rib light the apple of da i
  • os, from "original sin" to "obviously salvation"
  • bush, blindness... u see how
  • bp, stop simulating oil spills and car/horse crashes
  • bereshit, stop simulating hunger and sickness
  • kermitham, stop simulating earthquakes and terrorism
  • gate, stop simulating the Empire of Star Wars, 1984, and Exodus
  • take a look, we're in a book; reading delivers rainwow.

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n                               e                               s                               s

You are making a mockery of ... you, of society, of civilization, of normalcy--what I see around me is the most unacceptable thing I could imagine, shades of nonsense and strangeness woven into what looks like a "normal functioning world" on the surface, but in reality, take an honest look, this place is a joke--and I think you know it.  Ask yourself, if Adam is in Hell, am I?

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I don't even need to start talking about how silly and telling MAD is as a name for the Cold War era's idea of "normal" but today we have The Apprentice and Kim Jong-Done saber rattling with the total annihilation of everything Holy, and at the same time you have Jesus Christ himself babbling on and on about a 17 year old, "he thinks" to help you not see that we're in Hell, and the fire glowing bright all around you.  I'm sorry that I'm not helping, I don't want to be a comedian--I swear.

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In the meantime, if you don't see "Creation" and "absolute lunacy" connecting Donald Trump's you're fired as a premonition and caricature of exactly what we are seeing during his presidency then you are just as blind as I think you are.  This is not just funny coincidence, in this place where the script is telling you there is an alarm going of, and Al is armed and ready to blow the invisible nothing doing this out of the sky.  

Inline image 1 Inline image 1

Do you understand?   Bianca.  Also.  Oh my God, Bianca.

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When I say "the fire of Hell" I mean that you yourself, and everyone around you is ignoring the fact that you are allowing people to starve, that you are stopping the sick from being healed--because you think you have the right not to disclose the information that you are reading to the world.  You think it's OK to ignore it, that's the fire of Hell.  It is not OK, even if our whole planet is a comedy show.  I am a real person, and I think most of you are too... so we are missing the big point here--this is our home and our future and we acting like clowns.  Hey, but... Bianca.

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This says (I me-an, it means...) "Dear Am er i c a," I am and I come againt.
Of note, is "c" short of "sea" or for "Creator?"  Or are you all just "computer."

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special thanks to the Telegraph for putting this all together for us, and not "seeing" the supreme irony of the situation.

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I mean if you weren't sure that the signs were not good for the continuation of democracy, it should be more and more clear every day that what we call "democracy" here in this place has become a joke.  I'm really not sure if you think "freedom" has a future, and I can promise you that it does not have a future if you do nothing about this message.  You are in 1984, (and you also happen to be starring in Exodus) in the total comedic darkness--and all it takes to turn around and fly out of this pit is lightning my fire--and for no reason at all you are obviously opposed to doing the one thing that makes any sense through all of this garbage. 

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I think I did a fair job of showing you the high level "comedy" of division and conquer during the Cold War, the government of the people and the government of the workers warring over their ideology--and resulting in--of course--the victory of the corporation over both worker and "people." 
Honestly, it's a statement about tot-al retardation.

If seeing the "gist" of the presidency so far on a network television reality show years before the Donald was ever elected doesn't wake you up to the king of the corporatocracy being a glowing sign from God to take action, then I don't know what will.  I think I have another link with Bianca in it, but I can't find it.

We are watching democracy retrograde into the Empire of Star Wars, and doing nothing about it--despite an ADT alarm sounding loudly and ... a clear pointer to a 6,000 year old message from God about Die Bold and the race not being to the swift.

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  ou r evolution

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bread is life

Image result for dox me

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Since we're talking about Bianca, let's do something worthwhile, like think about whether or not it's absolute Hell to use pre-crime to stop two near adults (honestly she's probably more mature than me) people from having mutually agreed upon "consensual" relations.  At least, that's my input.

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She of course doesn't "like" me, so like, pre-crime probably should stop inappropriate "touching."  Which of course would never happen.  It's also probably important to note that the absolutely psychotic behavior of "the sky" (implanting her "name" in my head over and over again for months, name shouldn't be in quotes, that's exactly what it was)--is without doubt Hell, so is the very odd behavior I've noticed from the government, creating "Amoz"--apparently reacting to "IZU" on what appears to be something like a "look-forward" on a fixed time gap--since clearly we're talking about the beginning of forever.  I guess I'll "note" that she and Nanna (who I was with at the time) were pretty kind through this oddity, though they were clearly aware of more than I--but the rest of the "family" not so much.  As in, active participation in something evil, like organized mental torture, well; folks, that's evil.

The point here is I have been tortured for years because of improper use of mind altering and time travel technology; and here we are looking at these very same things nearly destroying our entire society.  Look in the mirror, I am microcosm-you-all-y.  He says, mess-i-an-i-c-all-y.

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honestly, it's as simple as your "a, b, c's."

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   i            b           u   

question mark

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On top of the mental anguish torture I've endured for years now, your insistence on "not buying" anything I sell--and by "anything" I do mean the secrets of the Universe and the answers to all of your question; you (as a group, acting as a group, a single simple minded monster in this place) are starving me of not just the money that I deserve, but also of the "free society" I loved as a boy, and we all still deserve to be, and ver.  I know, you probably "just don't think it's interesting enough to buy the single most collectible rare item the entire Universe has ever seen" that's "evil monster behavior" by the way.  Fuck you very much, and by the way... Bianca.

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So, Enterprise, is my answer to you.

exclamatiod point, aka, b a n g

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17Adam Marshall Dobrin presents a concise introduction to paradox proven by the Bible through "verifiable" anachronism in language some stuff about Mars colonization and virtual reality and a list of reason why ignoring this is actually an ELE. Adam claims to be Thor because of a connection between musicand the Trial of Thor. He suggests you be Thundercats and call a reporter. There is also a suggestion that Richard Nixon and John Hancock are related to a signature from God, about freedom and America... and Deepthroat and Taylor Momsen

In this particular forum, negative numbers mean "not crazy," FYI

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