The King’s Pool

Everything was made to be broken… I hope you will understand. I really don’t like this planet, there’s frankly very little about it that seems appealing to me. Lots of that is something we were born into, like a place where racism and hate are the “norm,” and from there lots of it is you, too. I mean, we aren’t really doing anything about it are we?

I stand before the world with pretty decent proof that our civilization was created in a storm of time travel. Religion is the basis for this, it’s a message that has now proven to accurately predict right now — the Second Coming. From my reading of it, which I will share with you has insight that could only come from the entity that created not only the Book that is a map, but all of Creation. Along with this message which proves that time travel exists is a pretty forceful argument for the use of that technology to get rid of prisons and heinous crime (you might see “Minority Report”as a verbal exclamation that the majority here is not moral or even intelligent enough to see that this is not an “option,” but a requirement to actually be in the process of “civilization” if we have access to this technology). This introduction of time travel as a means to better our society (and learning how to properly use it to avoid self-destruction) is a big focus of this little romp “Back to the Future” and the flux-capacitor is God’s Glowing Y. For those of you who are “New to N” that means it’s Dr. Who’s “why,” his purpose.

I’m Almost Famous, and I WANT TO COME.

While we are on the subject, as a class the Police don’t seem to like me very much. I am not sure if this is because I like to do speed, or because they think I might be putting them out of the job with pre-crime, or because “my book” refers to them as the Plague Of LICE — Politicians seem to have shut their mouths at me (Isaiah 52:15)— possibly for the same reasonhave some foresight this is saving the world. Just like we wouldn’t stop the blind from being given sight to not put patch-makers out of business, nor would we keep the lame from walking to save the prosthetic manufacturers; we will heal the sick if it’s just as simple as knowing we are in virtual reality and it’s possible.

Behold, I am coming

Along with this message about time travel is a prediction that we will be sitting in a place where democracy (very well attributed to God through the “I AM SAM” and Christ of Pursue Happiness walking on water in the year ADIB) is being completely unraveled… the two party system is a joke, one that is well paralleled in the story of Noah’s ark — two of every kind, yeah, that’ll do it… How ‘bout one elephant and one donkey? In what is probably the most admirable vote of confidence in your worth, this message suggests the idea of using technology to aid universal voting (like on laws, not people) — something I call “technocracy.” I am pretty sure this evolution of “representative tyranny” is an inevitability, though I sent this prescient suggestion — which references modern computing and political concepts like “Die Bold” to many of you and our entire body of elected officials. I have to tell you, nobody said a single word, except one congressman who quipped “thanks for sharing.” Are you uninterested in self government? I’m not very interested in telling you what’s right and wrong, but I’m pretty sure if you are looking for someone to rule you… well, you’re wrong.

Now, as we are seeing the global response to this proof, to the Second Coming… I mean, we’re seeing a global response right…? As we stand here in the predicted Plague of Darkness, seemingly unable to discuss or understand what is being presented to us; I am putting a strong focus on what is Revelation’s “key to the abyss.” It’s censorship, and believe it or not God has marked a hidden censor-wall here in America, with the name Carnivore. For those of you that are not IT experts, like me, that word means “eating meat” which applies to packet sniffing technology in a very odd manner. In the industry, we call packet loss “eating packets,” so like every other name on the planet — this one harbors a special gift from God. This place sucks. If you are too stupid to click links, those three link to the Great Wall of China, their censorwall, and Carnivore — I should mention that God’s great light here is probably linking all these walls together with the Berlin Wall, the Wall of Jericho, and this idiotic thing that Donald Trump won’t shut up about — walls suck.

Here I’ll point out that I am Lazarus, too, and that the bright light coming from our SOL, I mean Statue of Liberty, still applies… with open arms America, we want to be allowed into Heaven too.

If you happen to believe that this system is working well, you’d be wrong about that too. I want to tell you that I think “Satan” has retarded our political system on purpose, that he has kept us from integrating obvious technological improvements like the telephone and the internet into pretty obvious places… like voting… so that we will see just how important it is to legislate adoption of new technologies. This kind of retardation seems to be a pretty bright mirror of the complete darkness which surrounds the existence of advanced technologies — like mind control and time travel — technologies which the message and ‘light” that I am pointing out to the world proves exist. Point in fact, these are the technological mechanism behind divine inspiration and prophesy (which I am pretty sure I am the shining example of)… though because we don’t really believe anything religion tells us, it’s a hidden record written on the wall of a very dark room in invisible ink.

All these things taken into account, and The Sound of Silence accompanying my rather valiant battle to wake you up… I think you suck. Read it again, Jesus Christ thinks you suck. Blame demonic possession, because that’s really what it is that all of this should be proving to you — that we are all possessed. Keep your fingers crossed, because I think it’s God’s plan to wake us up and actually get the world to want to work on “saving itself.”

But, because you suck so much, I have a plan to do it for you.

First, let me take an hour or so to talk about how I’ve been tortured into knowing about something that you are now… being tortured into knowing. For four years I was a victim of the Tribulation — this thing that I now know is clearly designed to leave a significant amount of evidence of the existence of mind control technology and its relationship to the government, to religion, and to Satan. As a class of people, you could have once called them “gang stalking victims,” now you might also call them “the press” and “academia.” Because I was dealing with something that I found fascinating, mind reading technology and emotion modification, I did quite a bit of research into how these things might work and also what the capabilities might be. It’s one of those catch-22’s, because this thing that gives God his moniker “the Lord of Hosts” might just as easily be used to save civilization as it is today being used to crush us into oblivion. I’ve previously mentioned how Artificial Intelligence and Brain Computer Interfaces might be related to “Heaven” and how these things are marked through religious concepts like “I J Good,” “Adonai” and “Kurzweil;” and it’s a pretty obvious that these technologies are not only affecting our dark Earth, but also the dark Heavens. It’s a solution here, that we are being taught about these technologies and warned not to use them improperly — with some hands on torture, like using mind control to make people not see obvious proof of creation everywhere, or using it to keep us from sharing it… I mean, what’s worse than a censor wall on the internet? Well, one in your head.

Satan dreams of a Pool that makes you feel like you are rolling when you swim in it.

Try and get over the idea of either “Satan” or “God” existing, they are nothing more than ambiguous names, ones which you have been conditioned to either love or hate — look around you, neither of them are doing a very good job right now. In the meantime, just because I am suggesting that the “more fun” things that I’ve dreamt of doing might be more associated with Satan than with some pious jackass that doesn’t let you have sex in Heaven… doesn’t mean that I don’t think they are good ideas — I think they all are.

I once quipped that I hope Heaven will be a place that feels good, and I really do — I think many of you do also… I mean, who wants to be stuck in a place where we have unnecessary trauma like labor pains, and death… Oh, is this why Adam got kicked out of Virtual Eden? Probably not.

In the meantime, I do think this Pool, which is referred to as the “King’s” in the Holy Bible should exist, and frankly I don’t think people deserve to be depressed or insane, and I am pretty sure that in no time at all we will have the technology to electronically and programatically cure a number of mental illnesses. Long ago, I wrote a story suggesting that “Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep” (aka Bladerunner) contains an interesting example of a tool which allowed everyone to modify their own thoughts — it’s on the horizon. if not here… right now. Unfortunately, today, the place that calls itself Heaven is probably using this technology to make people blind (like you) or crazy (like most schizophrenics) and it’s a big pat of my purpose to point out that there is a hidden technology that is quite literally being used as a weapon against our society. Knowing is the entire battle. Light me up.

On the other side of the coin, in Greek mythology Hephaestus fashioned a seat that you never want to get up from — and it might be something like this pool, clearly swimming to excess is a problem, just like using drugs to excess causes social (and physiological) damage. Unless you happen to be Satan or Jesus Christ, then it might just make you funny.

The Obvious

So as I sat in the Fortress of Solitude, trying to fashion a way to deliver a tool (I always tie everything to The Doors, you know, to Heaven) which would allow us to create programs which would assist ourselves, or others who chose to try them (Appstore Heaven does exist) and a basic framework that would keep us from being evil. In the most basic of rules, you never want to have more pain caused artificially, and you probably don’t want to eliminate it completely because you might not know your arm is about to fall off. Along the same lines, you wouldn’t ever want to let anyone be more hateful or racist, but those things could be programatically eliminated. I held strong to the idea that these things should be individually voluntary, and that in short order doing the right thing would catch on as people saw everyone else much happier. You don’t want to be made sad, but you don’t want to be happy all the time either… so somewhere between “prozac” and “methamphetamine” is probably a good zone to search for as a group…. as general rules.

Find some religion here, abra cadabra, I create as I speak.

By the word of the LORD the heavens were made, their starry host by the breath of his mouth. -Psalm 33:6

That’s probably beresheet. Be reason-able, I brush my teeth more now… that phrase, by the way, means “in the beginning…”

The Long Lost Dreams of Satan Himself

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