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He fell, what I'd guess might be thousands of years ago. I was born, maybe soon after... but that wasn't this life.  Around the same time the Eiffel Tower was built, and believe me when I tell you it's meant to tell you... "I fell..."   Look around you and see for yourself if he landed on his feet.  Today, I come to you as his emissary... with a message meant to preserve our freedom, and help us transit through what is without doubt the transformative period in the history of life as we know it.  At this moment in time, I bring a message that shows us clearly  that for thousands of years we've secretly been given many gifts.  From Isaac Newton and James Maxwell... linking to Adam's apple and Abraham's well through Trinity College and story about "what goes up coming down" by force majeure.  I have a secret I have to share with you today, because none of you have called or e-mailed me... not one person.  I was born in 1980, and I'm pretty damned sure that there was a decision mad that year, and then reaffirmed in 1984 that the United States and the Vatican would hide the Second Coming from the world. I have to remind you that I've given you what will be very soon verified proof of the existence of God--through the Fire of Prometheus ... and a hidden message in almost every name and every  word that is designed for me to read.  This is the Second Coming, there is no doubt in my mind, and with a little bit of effort--you could probably find a few statisticians and religious scholars that would agree.  Eventually, it will be obvious to everyone, I promise.  I have another secret, this wall is the "I see" that comes after "everyone really" in the map to bringing down this wall of overt lack of free speech and censorship... and it is the key to delivering our freedom.. in the story of Exodus.  The spread of this fire defeats a hidden wall that must come tumbling down if civilization is to survive.  In reading the map of the days of creation, recurring around this event, this is The Last Stop and it's the darkest shadow this wall has ever cast.  I understand that there is skepticism, and fear of pandemonium but you should see the thousands of media outlets acting as one mind and nobody breaking the biggest story in all of history yet as proof enough that there won't be panic.  This is a message of love and fun, of civilization continuing from ... Eden ... it's recurring beginning, and of building Heaven--it's everything we want--and it's obviously from the Creator.... because it's written all over Creation.  I need you to bring this wall down, please... pursue this story.  See the darkness, it's a big part of the story--and a eventually will help us see the light--that we've had a dark cloud over us.. it's almost as if we've been in the complete dark related to technology and religion until today.

This is how the fire spreads, until... "this house does't burn down slowly"--it will light the world.  You, and the the rest of the world deserve to see this mesage, you're input and assistance is requested in deciding what Heaven means... and that's really waht makes it "Heavenly."   First one to cover it wins a prize, I'm sure.


I'm the "ho" at the end of the wall of J er IC hoit's not only a map of how the "apocalyptic" information I'm sharing with the world started with me (well, him).. and then came back to me, for the same purpose.  I'm not really a ho, I've really only had two serious relationships in my life... but this process has been so isolating that I'm ... well, lifted up by things like the DO ME of the Rock, the "Land of Flowing Milfs and Honies" and ... you're so vain--more of Judah's hammer and Thor's thunder. It's all light to me, a message God half-wrote into the Bible and songs... about this process--it has kept me going--and ultimately it's more verifiable proof of an external influence and the existence of the technology we are disclosing. This wall crumbles because of the torch light, and believe me it's bright enough to be understood only glancing at a few things.  Important to note, is that everything around us--everything--is screaming for us defeat the darkness that is keeping the light of the Son from the world.  X-Caliber.. see Adam's Light is that "I be right"--it's the light that's right and that helps us do exactly what we all really want... i think.  I don't get much feedback, so it's hard t tell if I'm right or not.  From the East--our future--comes a message about a stronger focus on rehabilitation and forgiveness in social justice; a very bright flash suggesting that democracy--and we--need to see how technology might be used to not just "improve the voting process" but to radically shift the hand writing law and policy directly to the people, where it belongs.   All around us, we've got the building of Heaven falling from a giant invisible tree in the sky... from Video Games, to Virtual Reality.. from my perspective--after seeing the light, it's clear to me that this are gifts, wisdom, guidance... it is the great gift of Heaven that religion been promising for thousands of years.    See the light, light this fire from Jesus promoting freedom and the transparent and fair use of technology... or life in the dark.  I am the Last El, that's the LL of Hell, and believe me--it's here... just below.  It really, really needs to go.  This fire ends it forever, and we are the angels that ensure the darkness never falls again.  


Caveat emptor,.. with these great gifts comes great responsibility.  The technologies which we are on both sides of the threshold of achieving are a double edged sword.  Neuroscience will soon us capabilities we can only begin to dream of.  Addiction will be able to be cured with the touch of a button, depression too...  in related words you might a see a Iink here between what I'm suggesting I'd want for me (electronic WELL-but-R-IIN) again with James Maxwell and Abraham.  Dave Matthews, one of the best prophets of our time sings "seeking more wisdom than I have to give away" and because of the Eye of Ra--my ability to see and understand his works...  I know iit''s an answer to a message written with authors "Well or Son?"  .. and finally R IN--like my last name is about (getting into Heaven).  Briefly I'll mention again my birth date is 12/8/1980--the Feast of the Immaculate Conception, and my last name Date of Birth -- are in.  I can tell you what it is here, re-all-y... reason all and why--the "IN" really comes from saving every single soul.... and this is how we rise together in the den of Lions that comes from a message about seeing that we are all one big Human family,literally in Eden--where everyone was named by Adam in Genesis 2:20.  At the same time, darker forces might see fit to make the wicked continue to be wicked and perhaps use this same technology--which is fully developed and the source of religion, prophesy, inspiration, ad possession--to maybe make someone do drugs against their will.  It might the fire of Isaac's altar, it might be pyrovalerone and me.  Pockets full of high, that then turned into diamonds of wisdom--from Heaven Knows to the Spin Doctors... this is our spin on the story of Kal-El (errr, I mean Jesus) saving the world.   I'm here to tell you that these things are happening, not just to me, but en masse--this same technology is liberally behind the school shootings that have plagued us (it's a plague alright, and the answer is to disclose the existence of this technology).  It's also clear to me that I am a victim of the Tribulation. the artificial creation of schizophrenia--like symptoms that come in conjunction with contact with... spirits or the "Heavens.." from ME, is a message that we need to be aware that many symptoms of schizophrenia are not mental illness... but an attack that we must know about in order to stop from happening.  While our sea is "Virgin" here, we have help those that have traveled this road before... and are here to share this message with us.

Within this message is a clear suggestion to use something similar to the "time travel" that is the source of religion to radically improve social justice... it's like Minority Report... and believe Phillip K. Dick is another great prophet.  Along the same lines is a command not to go back--it's the First Commandment actually, there shall be no other Gods before me.  He is protecting us from our past being changed, this is why, and also why knowledge of this technology must be disclosed in order to ensure that it's not used in secret.... as it had been... for a long time. 


from Thor to Over Dose and IN... in nearly every myth of every culture comes a connection to Jesus Christ, and to the story I am going to tell the world... n Norse mythology "ODIN" is called.(they're...) All... Father, and boy is there a story about "Lazarus" knowing that means there's a bunch of Adam up there... in this place where it is Z--the end of the daily sacrifice--this place lights the Universe with freedom, love, and fun for ever and ever. ... we are the Eternal Flame. 



and now... the first words of God to all humanity:



IN the beginning. -GOD (that's us, all)


Good morning, Happy Fourth of July... ready or not, here I am.



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