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En Pursuit of Happiness
How Jesus Christ and Rock'n Roll save every single soul.

The continuing story of my attempt to bright light to the world. A log of the difficulties I've had, and how they might relate to the message itself--along with some insight that I have gleaned from the experience of receiving this Revelation. While the work you are looking at is filled with what I see as clear evidence of the fulfillment of messianic prophesy, the main goal of LAMC.LA was to deliver to the world a new way of looking at religion, one which could be used to seek out the true wisdom and guidance of religion for oneself.

En Pursuit of Happiness on the other hand, discusses my own hopes and dreams, and to explain how they have changed throughout my interactions with the ... beyond.

The Matchbox
The e-mails that circled the globe, opening the doorway to the future.

This is an excerpt from Time and Chance: The race is not to Die Bold by Adam Marshall Dobrin
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The Matrix is Indexed

idioms of religion, the significance is apocalyptic.

### an unsung hero ### don’t shoot the messenger ### blessing in disguise ### blood is thicker than water ### ready or not, here i come ### putting english on the ball ### fruit of the poisonous tree ### pain in the neck ### for god’s sake


elisha, jesus, jeshurun

words read in reverse


In relation to the band tool, “Yankee Doodle” in The Tower of Babel, to Lot’s Wife in “The Consort of El” in He laughs, again.


To The Doors in Music Saves All Souls, the Iron Rod of Christ in The Sang Rael


The hand of God, that’s the answer to “why A.D.?”


“sudo xe” is the logical equivalent of “ Let there be Light.” Exodus in reverse; in Linux and chemistry. It’s my native “Geek,” to be “tongue in cheek.”


I’ve got to get Sirius.

two letter keys

Gracing the time line with my initials, ADonIS, ADonAi, ADvent, and more. IS of course, is god-shorthand for “I’m Single.”



It means “the” in Hebrew, and is used as a superlative which connotes a meaning of “holy.” It is the two letters donated to Abraham’s name upon his Covenant with God; as well as a reference to the English meaning of his son’s name: Isaac is “he laughs.”

In the name “Elisha” we see a direct equality between Spanish and English, one which combines with the names Jeshurun and Jesus to become a Rosetta Stone that clearly shows foreknowledge of English and Spanish within these names. Read The Tower of Babel. This particular teaching is allegorically described in the NT as the feeding of the masses by Jesus, with two fish–often described as being the prophets Elisha and Elija–it is about their names, and the “ha” and “ja” (both the same, in different cultures) that is laughter.


Relating directly to Pharaoh, Pharisees, Philistines, and Christopher Columbus, this two letter key stands for “Pursuit of Happiness.”


“Our why,” it’s the key to the first line of Genesis, and the Holy Grail. In the beginning, the Spirit of God, “SHE KIN AH” hovered over the waters. Holy water is people, Eve is SHE, Kin is RY, and AH is ONE big human family. All Humanity, ahh…


Melissa, Sa-turn/tan/n/vior/int


Kentucky, Yitshack, Calvin Klein (in Back to the Future) and Clark Kent (in Superman 1).


Israel, Elisha and Jesus, Ishmael, Ishtar, Isaac, Isa, Islam


The “I AM” founds America in Exodus… about freedom granted through the “Amerigo” of Adam having to leave Eden. This time, in this book… Amish, Amon-Ra, and Amoz show us how Holy the two letters “am” are to the Wizard of Oz living on a television show in Heaven… while he writes a book “ishing” the words of God out of the sounds of music and scripture.


Out of the SEA

Run, Ran, Lamb and Lam.

Iran, well… I suppose we Koran. ImRan because of it, and that’s the story of how I found out the “Lamb of God” isLam. It’s all about a Revelation received on the run, even Metroid’s Sammas Aran agrees, famous cheat code: “Justin Bailey.”

It’s elementary, my dear What-son?


Behold, the race is not to the swift. The Burning Bush. The Lam~~b~~ of God. ### Na nor the battle to the strong. Lot’s wife and the Pillars of Creation. Veruka Salt. Xe neither yet bread to the wise. light in Exodus. ### Fe nor doors to the world. ### Si or sight for the understanding. ### K & U but time and chance… happeneth to them all.

Chr(t), it’s all about technology.

Between the Lisp of Moses, the red eyes of Revelation, and the sound of rushing waters… everywhere I look I see euphemisms to modern day computing hidden in ancient scripture. In the function’s CHAR of Eucharist, CHR of Christ, and even in the Hardening of the Heart of Pharaoh, it’s clear to me “why” the Hebrew pronunciation of Isaac is about “hacking.” YitsHa’ck… and Clark Kent no more.

a tablet smashed, a secret no more wandering around in the dimension: 4 a map, a legend, it’s all just lore quantum truth, from a man whose a Bohr


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