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SCREAM, anSchizophrenisa^.

So, do you think we should just scratch the timeline?  I haven't told you, but sometimes God calls me a "rat."  Or is it a brat?  It's hard to tell sometimes, being in this place where I have something that looks like "schizophrenia" as my weapon against darkness--the real mental illness of our night.  Hidden in those words, in "scream" and "schizophrenia" and "scratch" is the key to success here, it's called "sacred consciousness" and it basically means not having anything done to your mind that you don't want.  It's a pretty simple concept to get--unless you are in the "sh" portion of our "game."  It doesn't take a genius to see that mental illness is being used as a weapon against people here--being imparted by an outside force using advanced technology, and in turn that is a weapon against you; something to keep you from believing the obvious--that this message is true.  It should be really clear by now that these patterns not only exist, but that they are placed there intentionally to show us the keys to seeing design and a message from God.  A big part of that message is about how this technology should and should not be used--and here seeing that it's been used to make people disbelieve, and to make people appear insane--gives you an idea of what we are dealing with--this thing called... The Tribulation.

It doesn't take a genius, but it might take a saint or a heroine to stand up here, and to demand that the things that were done wrong here--that they be corrected, with better intent and tools than what caused them.  Maybe we can call it, one day, a Pl@inum Rule.

With the eye, you might see that schizophrenia is really the how; it's the how we see how to solve a huge problem in Creation; the fact that you are all fucking insane, and worse; ignoring the easiest way in the world to save the Universe--care about the obvious victimsit comes back to you--this "caring" thing.

I'd like you to think about "voting for me" to be the person who sent these emails to the world.  I'm telling you, you really are blind.  I'm running, for me, to be the Guy most High.. who is sure that drugs (and I, and why, and howhave kicked off the always ongoing process of saving the Universe from Hell.

Guess what, it's not because you are not changing the world, not because you are mainting the status quo--the status quo is Hell.  You are still doing nothing about our whole family being tortured every single day.  Try doing something.

There's a really easy way to Si what's going on here, in the word "scratch," where you might infer (if you were me) that "sacred consciousness" preceded the "rat;" except we all c here that's not true--and through the power of "me to help" you can see how we have proof that we've been in this very same position--pondering how on Earth something like this could happen in secret--over and over (another good indication of what "Hell" meansbecause of the fine "me-ad" of Heimdallr (and don't forget his Horn).

Here we are... at c how the Universe is saved from slavery.  Throw an "s" into the mix... speak.  This very strange life that I've lived... we can see from the names Prometheus and Epimetheus and the "mead" of Heimdali ... that it's happened nearly this same way before--and here we are doing it again--and I certainly didn't know that there was so much encoded record of this recursion until recently.   It should be pretty obvious that whatever is causing this recursion--is attempting to hide it, and that ... disclosure of the existence of time travel is probably the best way to stop it.

Maybe it's just about ho-NES-ty.

Once we get passed the blandness of simply "saving the world from slavery" there's plenty of new opportunities opened up by this new frontier that is ... to me ... significantly more exciting than just "space travel" although you will probably agree that it is also something that would aid things like cryogenic sleep.

The NT calls Jesus Christ a carpenter, and through the history of the building of Heaven we see a transition from "Masons" to "Freemasons" -- just like the Jews of Exodus a microcosm for all of humanity--here being described as builders of something; and in the light of day it's more and more clear that this something is "Heaven" itself.  All around us we can see that our technology industry is tagged with connections to religion--to a message about changing the world.  So too are words like "carpenter."
I found this buried somewhere, I haven't read it; not really.

In the mythology of Adam, Space Mountain has held a meaning something like a structured system to govern the use of technology — the "power of God." The idea congealed "too well" with the idea of being on a train which is how "The Apocalypse" or "creation" has been described to me; a spiritual journey. The imagery of a rail-road implicitly reveals a lack of control of direction, in what is a discovery which in large part has to do with a first-hand understanding of mind control technology.

Through the light of religion glowing in modern movies and music, Disney stands out as a particularly luminous example of a sort of museum-exhibit on the ride that Space Mountain is a living metaphor for. In the Land of Imagination, we have Figment pointing out all the neat glowing ensembles on a similar ride — and you might see some pretty strong threads tying Imagine Dragons to my early assertion that "Satan" is a purple dinosaur in Disney World.

When I said that, I didn't realize that I was describing a character on a ride that serves a similar function as myself, but here I am pointing out all the light I've seen on my journey thus far. I'm making a big deal of pointing out the glowing rail because it has a quite a bit to do with what I see as the "purpose" of the ideas of Satan and Hell. The lack of control… especially when hidden is what I'd call Hell, and this rail compares well with the "track" that the race of Ecclesiastes 9:11 and the Burning Bush is lighting. Like the track, and perhaps better illustrated by Space Mountain, it's important to make sure that we don't get dizzy and fall as we disembark the ride. To that end, I want to share with you a cut-and-pasted together solution to the puzzle of what to do … right after, just to make sure that we aren't wandering around the park after it's closed.

Just like the directed courses we are hopefully taking a step back from and analyzing to try and discern for ourselves the purpose of the ride — and form our own conclusions… this is more guiding in what I think is "needed and right" for everyone. Truth be told, if I could I'd have Space Mountain take us directly to the Hotel Atlantis… but that's only to make sure we really get there, and breaking from metaphor — doing it while we are living with the purpose of making sure we get back home.  I don't think we really understand the import of breaking the veil of simulated reality--and of doing so with something that is more than just uplifting but also educational and designed to help us see the kinds of things we might appreciate using back on Earth--on this place that is designed to be a stairway to Heaven... for our entire civilization.
In my mythology of Jesus Christ, Atlantis is symbolic for Heaven… just like the Temples of Jerusalem, and Figment's glowing light here is the confluence of the builder — Solomon — and the little strip of land that the first Hotel happened to be built on, Paradise Island. In raising the sunken city, for what might be encoded as the third time in the "time map" hidden in the name Ba-ha-mas, it is my dream that we collectively experience the availability of certain tools to aid us in making Earth a more Heavenly Home. All of the ideas presented here came directly from my ride through the Mountain with Jacob, and it's clear that there's been significant work put into the presentation to me from Heaven, the future, and a significant "book of light" woven into our computer programming, video game, and … well the whole wide world.
While "Heaven for Everyone" was my answer in the very beginning, my particular ride directed me through a process of learning that actually taught me the meaning of the word — and demanded that there be a "need" or reason for everything. In what is a Disney twist on Aesop's learning experience.. there is a tangible need for nearly everything I "wanted" but really finding purpose and getting a glimpse into the journey that lead up to this City in the Cloud is part of the bright light of Figment's rail.

In this part of the journey, it's seeing that a huge focus of "Creation," "religion" and our civilization is the successful integration of "Heavenly technology" into our civilization.

It might be alone, but the idea that "Salvation" had something to do with civilization was completely lost on me as I dreamt of transiting to to a magical world that I knew absolutely nothing about for all of eternity. That's light to me also, the fact that there is very little description of exactly what might go on forever and ever… and the Monorail dropping us off at a Hotel that has been synonymous with the place in Christ's mythos is light too. Clear to me as the Space Mountain train starting chugging to a slow and I began thinking of all the possibilities available… is the (also probably not obvious) idea that our own personal Heaven is probably a place that we have a hand in building. This place — Atlantis — is meant to help us do exactly that.

this dream though, works.

If you don't know me, I'm Adam… and while many may frown on my (obviously intended to me) correlation between The God Most High and drugs; I think many people are expecting to find bliss in the place tucked away in our minds as Heaven, and there's a very obvious relationship between this euphoria and … narcotics. Because of my experience, you'll see I related nearly everything to mind control; and my particular light here is the fact that I know "we have the technology" to eliminate addiction and it's in my personal list of "make sure we do better than nothing" to do my best to ensure that everyone has the opportunity to consciously make this decision. To me it's very related to the concept of "redeemer" and I hope to not only re-affirm that "addicts are victims of an illness" but to suggest that that in our world drugs have often been pushed on society — from the Opium Dens of colonialism to cocaine and even more recently synthetic amphetamines. I personally know is a more "civilized" rendition of human-sacrifice, forces outside our society have used this particular weakness to "set fire" to people, nations, maybe the world. It is a "cross to bear" that I point this out, and suggest that the silver lining is now what I consider a "need" to help fix a huge problem of our civilization using the very same technology that might have otherwise been… unknown or unrelated to the cause of these systemic epidemics of addiction.  It's eugenics, plain and simple--and so is not using available technology to rectify it.

If you don't know me, I'm Adam… and the first attraction that I'd personally like to see upon entering the Gates of Atlantis is a pool (I think the Bible might call this the King's Pool, and … to be quite honest … I really want this) that artificially creates a euphoria similar to MDMA (or ADAM, as it was once called) while you are … swimming. In continued honesty, I had some serious push-back on this idea, but as the days go by I am more sure that the more of these pools (or similar ones that illustrate the virtual-reality concept of instilling a feeling based on location — similar to synesthesia) the more of a success this venture will have. The idea of "location based" mind-assistance probably has significant applications, like perhaps artificially increasing reading speed in "libraries…" I'm very interested in ideas like this, and sharing them in a sort of open-forum; which might one day be the precursor to a kind of building-block-distribution system that might look something like our modern smart-phone application stores. I envision people being able to design "structures" like log-cabins that always smell freshly cut with bright fire's always burning inside … and share them in similar fashion… which leads me to the second fixture of my dream vacation destination, a personal Holodeck for creating, combining, and experiencing these things. The interface for something like this is clearly something that will evolve, and probably fairly rapidly… but we have CAD and the Sims games as foundational light.

My "two-cents" for speeding up this kind of interface is a sort of "memory dump" that would automatically model objects from personal memories — another magic feat that I personally know to be very attainable.

This risen city of imagination has a very special movie theater, modeled after one in Pembroke Pines, FL that happens to be in the "odd" shape of a pyramid. In the hidden tomb that is the only room of this structure, I'd find a huge I-max screen, a full bar, and a water bed… just one. Every group entering the room would be "keyed" to their own personal copy of this room, illustrating how the idea of templating can be both "space saving," aid in the efficiency of design and navigation, and create new opportunities for privacy.

If you don't know me.. I'm K. My bright light for the "glue" that can make this Atlantis possible for the entire world with the snap of our collective fingers is the K-Nearest-Neighbor artificial intelligence concept, applied to Heaven.

In what is a near inversion of the templating of the Pyramid Theatre, K-NN would enable the main structure of the Hotel (in my mind this is a lifted facsimile of the Island in the Bahamas) that would enable the same structure to be shared by the entire world, grouping people together based on things like friendship and common language.

As we move from the much deserved vacation to the business-engagement of our journey; this same concept leads us into the Catacombs, what might be a good physical solution to the "hard problem" of trying to have a conversation with the entire world at once… as if anyone would ever try to do that.

In these "board-room" like meeting places, and I envision maybe a path of three or four as we move through the maze to magic solutions… we could be grouped together again with people that we know, or perhaps also based on themes of common-interest or common-agreement; in an effort to discuss and collaborate on how Virtual Reality might integrate successfully into our world.

As previously mentioned, something like roving vending machines with replicators on them might be a "snap your fingers" to end-world-hunger; and I feel like I have to mention that something like this would be a "bare-minimum" for doing… better than nothing when presented with the opportunity to do something that was previously not known to be possible.

Probably worth being mentioned… is that these "light exhibits" which I have been pointing out are … subconsciously surfaced to me — made very obvious — in what I consider the "eyes to see" of Revelation; I think we should be thinking about whether or not this would be worthwhile for others, and how similar ideas might be beneficial. I also need to caution that this too is a form of mind control, and it should be clear that having someone else's "perspective" made obvious to you might detract from free will.

It also might help us see something with a needed clarity that had previously been overtly hidden, or "too big to recognize" like a glowing arrow on the face of a mountain we are climbing.

Or something like an entire island on our planet filled with Easter Eggs.

-The Eye of the Storm

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This, by the way... is actually how I feel..  (except it's been years)

  • Ishat, Phoenician fire and drought goddess slain by Anat[4]

'Anat boasts thzt she has put an end to Yam the darling of El, to the seven-headed serpent, to Arsh the darling of the gods, to Atik 'Quarrelsome' the calf of El, to Ishat 'Fire' the bitch of the gods, and to Zabib 'flame?' the daughter of El. Later, when Ba'al is believed to be dead, she seeks after Ba'al "like a cow[3] for its calf" and finds his body (or supposed body) and buries it with great sacrifices and weeping. 'Anat then finds Mot, Ba'al Hadad's supposed slayer and she seizes Mot, splits him with a sword, winnows him with a sieve, burns him with fire, grinds him with millstones and scatters the remnants to the birds.

In the Ugaritic Baal Cycle, 'Anat is a violent war-goddess, a virgin (btlt 'nt) who is the sister and, according to a much disputed theory, the lover of the great god Ba'al Hadad. Ba'al is usually called the son of Dagan and sometimes the son of El, who addresses 'Anat as "daughter". Either relationship is probably figurative.
'Anat's titles used again and again are "virgin 'Anat" and "sister-in-law of the peoples" (or "progenitress of the peoples" or "sister-in-law, widow of the Li'mites").

There was an aborted project by the Roman emperor Julian (361–363 CE) to allow the Jews to build a Third Temple, part of Julian's empire-wide program of restoring and strengthening local religious cults. Rabbi Hilkiyah, one of the leading rabbis of the time, spurned Julian's money, arguing that gentiles should play no part in the rebuilding of the temple.[citation needed]
According to various sources of that time, including Sozomen (c. 400–450 CE) in his Historia Ecclesiastica and the pagan historian and close friend of Julian, Ammianus Marcellinus,[14] the project of rebuilding the temple was aborted because each time the workers tried to build the temple using the existing substructure, they were burned by terrible flames coming from inside the earth and an earthquake negated what work was made:Julian thought to rebuild at an extravagant expense the proud Temple once at Jerusalem, and committed this task to Alypius of Antioch. Alypius set vigorously to work, and was seconded by the governor of the province; when fearful balls of fire, breaking out near the foundations, continued their attacks, till the workmen, after repeated scorchings, could approach no more: and he gave up the attempt.[15]
The failure to rebuild the Temple has been ascribed to the Galilee earthquake of 363 CE, and to the Jews' ambivalence about the project. Sabotage is a possibility, as is an accidental fire. Divine intervention was the common view among Christian historians of the time.[16]


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