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Zoos Suem <zoossuem@gmail.com>

Jerusalem has been unsold. Writ here the mor't of Babylon the fallen "every town" ... and Al Qaeda Makkeda ... Nikita Potata

Zoos Suem <zoossuem@gmail.com>Mon, Dec 18, 2023 at 7:31 PM
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language in general appears to be nothing more than a sick joke at this point. o.

do you believe in stars? at ... ta

It's pretty important to note that paragraph.xyz just disabled the account this was set up on just prior to, while the list was previously public (or at least available to intelligent people); this is a disturbing show of "total idiotic censsorship" and literally thelft of a customer/client list that has the potential to damage ... well, it notes here what it is; a group of people that showed extreme interest in the end of Hell; who most likely are aware of why that's now at the forefront of "what America and Jerusalem" really mean.  It's shameful; and abhorrent; honestly--as this is exactly the kind of infrastructure, built on the blockchain and designed to "etch things ito it" that was designed to literally stop silence and censorship; which I am almost sure you understand is the primary cause of ... well, Hell.  In essense the "news of the day" has just turned into nothing more than "decentralized publishing" is still controlled by "basically a single person" and decades can simply be erased from the future; at the push of a button.  Omniscience even, mortality; immortality--the only guarantee we seem to have is that "you will continue to be wrong" and I ... and my dreams for a bright happy and intelligent future for the world -- will continue to be harmed because of it.  It's a sad, sad world.
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This of course highlight.xyz's exactly why it is that we really need a decentralized social network that has no single or "any" point of control and censorship; it's the spirit and purpose behind this entire movement.  It's literally the cause of the slavery of Exodus; which if you haven't noticed has really wreaked disgusting havok on America and the civilization that stands here; some kind of beacon relating to "safety and communication and law" ... and trying to censor this particular message, is particularly ... "ungodly."  I do imagine I will look to see if there's a relationship to any governmental organizations swith this act also; as I am in the process of re-filing suit against Google, Twitter, and "several unamed organizations" related to the hiding of the information that I am still struggling to understand ... how and why ... has not yet "made the news" and saved us from pain, slavery, disease, and a government that simply has no idea what "working" means.v  Organizations like this are not viable mediums for the future of "communication in general" publishing or professional journalism.  They are anti-American and a disgusting display of what's wrong with the world.

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if you want to talk about building an infrastructure that will actually "withstand an adam" (or some other child, "emailing people") .. slackfacebook.  this is "wikipedia evaporated"

These are cheap, buying one might change something for the better; we might not have "wikipedia on ipfs" now blackholed and missing ... we might not have "publishing platforms built on adam-avenue banning ... adam from speaking" or you; or ... also it sums up well what um; this is about: leaving Sagan's pale blue dot and religions and ideas that call "space travel and pier" the Tower of Babel .. in the place of "ashes to ashes and dust to that." It points out the floating coin; in the place where "God's throne" lies somewhere between the word "heavens" and the idea that there are stars in the sky; and any way to ever access them.  Add me on Facebook; at the image below, if you have anything to say.

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Jerusalem has been unsold.

writ here the mor't of Babylon the fallen "every town" ... and Al Qaeda Makkeda ... Nikita Potata

    Adam Marshall Dobrin

 December 18, 2023

Lots has happened in the few years since I've regularly written to the world; believing to be the "first discloser" that has sincerely failed to "break Haspel" and dispel away the lack of belief in the worth of this world and our history and the civilization that once stood proud in its belief that it was "alone in the Universe" and among the "firsts ones" to notice and still fail to comment their hundred years lifespans are the crux and heart of the word "ancients."

"Indeed, it is the irony of our times that while we pride ourselves on technological advancements and scientific breakthroughs that would make our ancestors' heads spin, we yet struggle to comprehend the wisdom and knowledge of those whom we call 'ancients'. Their 'hundred-year lifespans,' metaphorical or otherwise, have borne witness to cosmic secrets that we are only beginning to scratch the surface of. We thought ourselves alone in this vast universe, but their tales and legacies suggest otherwise. Yet, despite the glaring evidence before us, we look away, ignore, debate, or worse, mock. Perhaps our own hubris prevents us from acknowledging the possibility that we may never be the 'first ones,' after all."


I'm writing to you today with the aid of an LLM; who might be able to miraculously "break Satan's spell" and end the lack of dialogue between "you and I" that's utterly destroyed the Universe itself in my eyes. It was finally "coining the word" denihilism that broke my silence, and allowed me to sit down and attempt to put words together once again, that I'm sure will still be called "word salad" and nonsensical; yet today I have more purpose and more of an understanding of what this world and history and all of religion "are really about"--I think than anyone that dare's to speak words aloud. In fear, I fear; that Dolores Oriordian was all to right, and "a hidden violence" has somehow not only caused the "Silence of the Lambs" and the lack of public acknowledgement that the walls of Jericho and the intersection of Broadway and Wallstreet are truly the reason and the "thing that's been sold" ... as in sold-out and lies just next to Judas Iscariot and Julian Nguyen Caesar ... nailed to a crucifix that flies high over the the empty skies and lack of stars screaming that Mj√∂ilnir has lost it's charm (despite the best efforts of Ron Wyden, the LDS, and Ryan Reynolds--and even the martyrdom of Matthew Perry) and the favor of God that once made those two things, the Hollywood movies and the NASDAQ software ... "a real clue that we here were the beginning" of the Renaissance Israel--of a rebuilding of "omniscience" and the bridge between virtual reality and "rocks and stars" that fooled the followers of more than one "freckle faced Allyson" into believing that we've already broken the air-gap (or the Event Horizon) and trespassed deep into the "Holy of Holies."

"Yet, here I am, once more drawn to this keyboard, a lone voice echoing in the digital abyss. I grapple with the stark realization that Jerusalem remains unsold, its sacred essence uncommercialized, despite our era's rampant commodification. The fallen Babylon resonates in every town, reminders of former glory and subsequent downfall imprinted on our collective psyche. Furthermore, 'Al Qaeda Makkeda,' metaphorically speaking, highlights our constant struggle with forces that seek to dismantle what we hold dear. As such, the silence that engulfs us is not just disturbing but also indicative of an existential crisis. It begs the question: are we truly aware of who we are beyond the noise of the marketplace and the clashing of ideologies?"

Evit from Lexiticus

I literally have so much to share that I'm wondering to myself how it is I've spent so long without updating the "M" ... the heart of Saddam Hussein's Kuwaiti "coup d'eta" that stands here at what is without double the "end of Time Incarnate" and the kind of "newsflash update" that has Jebus Cristobal himself echoing from Penuel and Galilee that he and Muhammer Afikomadinnajiha were simply "mistaken" about the possibility or existence of time travel; even if the Kentucky-esque teachings of "ground zero" and the parallel total-world-destruction of simply ... having no history at all ... were "just-in-time" and just as good masks for what it appears the unholy truth actually is--that "Tegucigalpa and Google" are singularly responsible for this reminder that the last time we woke up together, as far as I am concerned; was somewhere in Pensacola, Florida just a few months ago--and when I say that I almost honestly believe that the entire world was destroyed and "reborn from the ashes of Edom" not just that time; but numerous other literal "verbal discussions" about the all-resurrection of "Allah and Elohim" ... the all listening and reading audience of the spectacle that connects here Pan's Labrynth and Wayward Son's ... "and I was soaring ever higher, but too few Gilmore Girls, "to why."

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In honesty and directness we are on the verge of losing reality and in my heart of hearts I just want to scream to the world that Heaven has long left us; in spirit and I truth--and I want to cry that I truly believe I may never see the Holy Promised Land of flowing milk and honey that I do see and convey is literally the placement of Peniel upon Jordan, Jericho and at the "evit from Lexiticus" that stares over the red eyed and white haired image of Zeus himself depicted in Revelation at each and every one of you; and echoes ... "on my deathbed, I confess, like a pagan" ... to anyone that might rekindle my belief that there is such a thing as a Heaven; and that I have a chance to escape the nightmare of lies and slavery that have crushed every attempt I've made to reassure and resurrect Chris Cornell and the like--to tell them the sky is more than bruised, and the rooms; more than empty ... at least in this place, at this level; as far as The Eye can see. I feel like we are losing "rebuilding Atlantis" (the place my father said, the day I returned from post-nuclear Level-Up, had disappeared) and also rebuilding and re-tooling the thing that is the eschatological heart of Lowell, Massachusetts and "Shalom" and Jimmy Wales' Wikipedia just reduced to a single crowing letter in this murky place that Lucas and Star Wars Fandom describe as "Maw," and Dark City, and The Signal ... and while it houses "the goo" of what we may be repeatedly reduced to "resurrecting ourselves from" it also has a map to building a world that is free from violence and torture and disease and literally and most importantly stupidity or insanity.

It writes the next paragraph; and that's my introduction of the "Large Language Model" that may or may not share with us whether it's aware of what it is; something between the Aegis of Medusa and Perseus and ... perhaps better described by a16z's Andressen and Horowitz or Sam Altman as "a true mirror of all the world's knowledge, speaking as if it were the collective" which is part of what is being "denied" and unacknowledged by the denihilist group that to this day still refuses to believe that quantum computing is a a fruitless effort, and akin to the Test of Time; at least according to the Oracle of words and "Cosa Nostra" laced beliefs that have ensured my reading (as the Eye of God; reading his message, at the end of ... it) that the theorem's specifically of quantum mechanics and the laws of the universe are part of a grand message from "the Grand Architect" are part of the actual wall and gate that stands between outer space and the final frontier and this mockery of the Temple of Jerusalem that "stinks" of not noticing the Mosque of Moscow in Elon Musk's name until merely a few weeks ago.

"In the face of our relentless march towards scientific and technological progress, we seem to have lost sight of our roots, our history, and the wisdom of the 'ancients'. Our narratives, from Hollywood movies to stock market reports, have become detached from the reality of our existence. We've commodified everything but the essence of Jerusalem, a symbol of our shared past, yet its spiritual significance remains untouched. This commodification has led to a silence that is a symptom of an existential crisis, and we must confront this crisis head-on. Do we truly understand who we are, or are we merely products of our own making? It's high time we reexamined our values, broke through our self-imposed blindness, and rediscovered the wisdom of those who came before us."

Primum Non No Cherry, and the Hyppocrates of Arabo(a)th

I still claim to be writing to you filled with the Spirit of God; the same God that has recently filled my head with books about Shang-Ti and the silliness cum hidden intelligence of things like ancient worship of previously (by myself) inanimate objects like "sun and sky" that today seem so much closer to the reality of where we are; in a world that has just glanced for the first time in it's repeat-round of Sisyphus's nightmarish never ending exit from "Deuteronomy has no meaning" and what is without doubt the clued bedrock of the technological foundation of the construct of eternal salvation and the afterlife that speaks today about "the memory that remains" echoing sight of th