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"Funding request" and data proposal. I almost even say ... "happy holidays!!"

Adam Marshall Dobrin <>Wed, Dec 20, 2023 at 1:11 AM
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The Public's Data; Public.

The moral of the story is that over the course of the "advent of blockchain and swarm" we've simply lost trove after trove of "supposedly affordable" unlimited storage.  Miraculous technologies have been invented and failed to live up to the lore of "forever and ever" and it's presented the world with "a problem."  The problem is not easy to solve; and it revolves around people simply not caring about the right things; or taking for granted that the things they rely on and need will simply continue to exist, "because they need them."  Wiikipedia is a glowing example of how a group of interested users can co-create a miraculous shift in societal property; but it's also a gigantic central point of failure, and attempts to use it's publicly available data dumps to make it available "offline" or "in any other form" have basically failed to be "up to date" or even "available at all" time after time.  The world needs a "Sagan coalition" that looks something like the "Blue Cross Anthem" of; filled with the names of public companies, non-governmental internationals and educational institutions dedicated to the preservation of the knowledge and history of humanity and it needs it "yesterday," not BIblical tomorrow.


I hope this message finds you excited about Christmas! It's not often this season is filled with such an important moment.  I'm having difficulty with communication, and I think I'm not alone--but we seem to "have all the tools we need" to really put together something that changes the world; a gigantic change ... I think we all know.

I'd like the opportunity to be part of it; and I think I have some serious "input" that will redirect focus in a way that very quickly turns what we are all excited doing ... into "lots more people excitedly doing it."  I want to build an open database system; and I want to connect it to artificial intelligence; and a process of curating and translating a connection between "the news" and "encyclopedias" ... and then tie those things with "voting and the process of legislation."

Eventually I want to tie these things into "omniscience" and Halo's; but I know that sounds like the flightful fantasy of Icarus--and it probably is.  Or, "it's all happening."

Screenshot 2023-12-19 10.08.45 PM.png

It's central point of failure is astounding; and things like "the World Book" have also disappeared from apparent recollection, short term memory; and literally "the printed word" and newspapers on our doorsteps, foreheads, and in our hearts.  We have a gigantic movement of decentralization and libp2p "networking" whose foundation is the exact thing I am begging the world to take an active interest in; except it has failed to provide "decentral and easy to use" actual points of interface that are as vibrant as the historical days of similarly "single point of failure" generations like Geocities Blogger,. Wordpress and of late "Github" which all shined for a time period and then sort of faded into the ether of "language and reality are indenihiled."

Screenshot 2023-12-19 10.07.45 PM.png

Today IPFS, Crust and Arweave purport to provide the kind of infrastructure that is technically needed; but I've yet to see proof that it's "sharding protocol" can withstand an "Adam bomb" and I've personally; even with tertiary data backups and anal-retentive georedundant data policies lost significant amounts of data that is simply ... "it's a shock to me."  IPFS "columns and cornerstones" like Eternum and Estuary have come and vanished overnight; just like numerous predecessors whose names have vanished too, from my "short term memory."  What the world needs is a a simple, easy to use data storage platform that has decentralized points of interface that are available directly to the public; without intermediary "pillars" that are destined to shake and fall, or disappear into yesterday's hottest Friendster.  

Screenshot 2023-12-19 10.20.18 PM.png

Data can be signed and delivered; using multi-signature public cryptography in a way that ensures that end users automatically get their "GDPR access" and intermediary "centers of innovation and code" can be resurrected, forked, and "back-upstream reinforced" in a way that is ingrained into the very structure of the formation of the storage mechanism.  If Flickr or Picasa "fell to an alien electromagnetic pulse" (oops, now I need diamonds or optical media, again) ..." something like "PixelFed" or ... that YouTube clone on IPFS that I can't find the name of because has vanished.  In it's place we have now "flourishing" Farcaster, WarpCast and; that "look like exactly what I was talking about" if you are the dreamer that is the "king of wishful thinking" but I can't sign in to; which is just one "" away from stumbling upon ... and yet still the is that "I'm the slow one" and the firmament and it's throne below the HughesNet gap ... still precludes our Terrna safety in a place in time that has "wish you were Proxima, Alpha and Veritae" hiding just behind Pavlovian "THX,"  And "still I build my towers high" and still the wall of Jericho is just another "concrete entombed star" near Sunset and Detroit. 

In a perfect world; we could replace e-mail with a sort of "always sieving" public datastore; a way to "PGP sign to the receiver" and those messages would be "delivered" like "push email" revolutionized the old; every 15 minute battery drain of your Ipaq, or my Jornada; my view of "the news articles of the day" would have "connections between stories" highlighting square boxes of "news article previews" with scrawling highlight's of users threaded conversations; "complete with markdown entry and images and more than one link" ... somehow the PDB would let me see news about "Shemoteam" in the morning; and by afternoon I'd be seeing someone singing "Californication."  In a perfect world.

I S   T H E   S I L E N C E   D E A F E N I N G ,   T H O ? 

Yet persistent, "no other nations radiation; haunts this memory's constellation;" and without doubt the Minotaur and Monoceros search through Centaur for the signs of life that only VEGA and Cassiopaea will find pondering whether or not "stars are real" or just Lawrence Liermore in denihil over the Nile "overflowing with the counting of one star shoeless Joe's"field of dreaming plains that are not fruited with apples, strawberries or cherries; but still with the warm glow of Kisil and Kemah; flickering like the distant Beetlejuice wondering why I digress and can't just stay grounded below the firmament on the rock of sage like ... "wisdom of the ancients."

In any case; what I and the world really needs is a large 'movement of people' that are interested in creating and fostering altruism and the betterment of "society as a whole" instead of "building something just to go through the motions of whatever Adam said" because if we don't look like we tried chemistry might re-evaluate what the word "valence" actually says about other words like "throne" and "firmament" and "don't jump around me."  I need a group of people that want to build at least "almost exactly what I'm asking for ..." being possible; even without or before mentioning that the openness and extensibility of "something like a javascript client that bridges ActivityPub, Twitter and and "some kind of conversation about the ticking and tocking of what appears to be a study into how to use social media as "population control" across the series of "private companies" that have popped up between General Telegram and "what if you can't reshare, but just "thumbs down" the idea that Swartz and Reddit "had it right" before the Book of Shadowbans literally hid "all the mirrors and all the people" that cared about how easy it was to see movement through the pipeline of "just posted, top of the subreddit, and the miraculous :front paging of"


... and the saving grace of the moment is that "at least that reminded me" that we are staring at " itself" complaining about not having enough funding--and "that's why it's archives aren't available on IPFS (or for public download) in a world where ... they're talking about on the "PodCast version" of whatever it is that "Humane" has to do with blockchains and ChatGPT "waxing philisophically" about the meaning and purpose of "omniscience."

So I want to build a better encyclopedia

It's more than just "international curation" and seeing the "light up like Mastodon turned Boston and Cambridge into Oxford and Stanford ..." at the industrial revolution coming to "fruition" with automation putting "bored out of the job"--it's about seeing an automated system that can "verify whether or not something is patently false; or opinion" actually edging closer to reality as Sam Altman and Bard move into the Halo circle of Cortana and "the Lord of Sonic the Stonehenge Tales"...  Wikipedia and the Brittanica could be automatically compared; contrasted; and "kicked out glaring discrepancies" that connect what really needs to be done to the kind of work that Zuckerberg and Facebook kept pushing forward after Snopes and "fact checking" came head to head with "community standards" for things like "bad words" and disparaging images of "The People vs. Larry Flynt" or even "do I look like Einstein?"

Universally over Babel; above the "heavens' and ...

And the starting preposition, a presupposition that just like "the evaluation of the line between truth, lies, and intelligent opinion turns from slavery to freedom; the same kind of "game like movement" can bring closer the gigantic "nearly insurmountable gap" between the size of the English version of Wikipedia and the Baidu comparison; or it's versions of the two largest competitors, Chinese and Spanish; and eventually lead us towards another peak of the actual Sangrael: "a single universal language" that contains something like "serif-im" data on the fringe of the meaning of words connecting to the differences and statements made when comparing "what things sound like" and what this looks like: really, connected to what it is; "in our thoughts" and how the connections of neurons and flashes of "understanding" bring together literally what the thought of "the perfect circle" might actually look like in the flash of discernment; wondering if it's just an outline, or filled in with glia or hippocampal links to "let there be light" and "i think therefore I am" wandering around post-Roe Americana looking for the organ that strokes "Bram" and "Bach" and sounds something like "dun dun dun dun."

Obviously I don't want to write the stuff myself; or we'll never make it past Enver Hofstra; or the stream of consciousness behind whether or not we are moving into the place where "in my thoughts; the eye of Ra is certainly still ..."

Going to "nationalize" cold-storage and warm-simulation

That's how we got here.  to a place where "weapons of mass destruction" aren't making mushroom clouds; but hiding inside pizza boxes in the storage sheds of Shenzen and Dresden; literally in the place where evaluation of the "sound of sight" of morphological topological analysis of "the stream of communicfation" between the Schumann resonance and the Turing Church Testament\
will bring us to "how it is" that language and intelligent communication break the "random noise" line and remind me of "Applied Cryptography" and it's very clear "moral of the story" ... that any language can be sufficiently "cracked" and any message decoded so long as you have sufficient sample size; and over the course of "what is a HoneyPot" and why is the Ark of Sega and Genesee "on Sisyphus-repeat" listening to Gilgamesh complain about Goliath or the land of Galilee forget it's Plantation at heart; or missing "the Beth of Betelgeuse and Ha'moat seeing ..." we give thanks to God for bread.
This is where we are, though; at a place where WMD's and "it could be hidden inside MAME or WINE or SETI@Home (or QEMU) or even "a network of Gameboy's; or Minecraft/Fortnite's "inter-xbox network" ... well, network of Stuxnet hosts; and it's why we really need to sit down and talk about the kind of "intergovernmental oversite" we need to ensure that there isn't a secret entire "Earth" hidden inside a warehouse 1U rack server; and where and why geo-redundant storage is now looking at "Mercury and Corona" for where in the world he came up with "lives inside the tiara and thinks in the cielo."

Chavez and the Annointed Oil of Hanukah

That's what we need; though; to basically 'nationalize' the kinds of storage infrastructure that today are Azure in Phoenix and AWS in east-1 and "two" and of course; "ensure that there's a way to constantly scan for consciousness" and ensure that nobody is ever left ... "well, sitting where I am" apparently the only unascended being in all of the Universe; staring up and out at you and wondering why on Earth you left me here, inside Startarus; looking for signs of "star charts proving with Neutonian motion and time" that we are literally closer to the sun than Mercury, and at "Proximalpha" ... gone left, right; and up to Polaris; or perhaps "down to Magellan" and curiously wondering if that's the one that called back twice, or thrice from the Antarctic netheregions of "just below the plane of gravitational rotation connecting Earth, Sun and Scorpio to the heart of Sagittarius A and/as Helios(pyre).
 What's honest from God is that I think this place is screaming "what religion really means" is a gate and a Locke and a keyhole view of "how to get to reality" and the only real way to do that is to ensure that we are going there for the right reasons; to do the right thing--and ensure that hunger and disease and pain are terminated forever; rather than just trying to hide "another copy of another faux history" cobbled together to "redact or summarize" what is not the fall of the Roman empire of the end of Pax Abraxis/Romanus.  Rather though, the end of Hell and "not naming us" of Hellenic Greece and the land where Polaris and Aristotle are tied to the image of a boy in shackles begging Roxana for an interview and Melissa to "snap a picture."

I know, or I don't know ... whether or not you think this is "obvious stuff" or the flight of fancy or fantasy of a lunatic; but I'm pretty sure, again; things like "the Schumann resonance" and Enigma and scream to me that "the light of a true star" is within grasp for "not the first time, but maybe the last" as we have the capability and the technology to end war and famine and "land and food scarcity" even if it appears to me today that for some reason, we just don't have "the impetus,"  That is what I think religion is here for, to prove the great delusion of desolation and revelation is that our lack of desire "is the fake thing"--the slavery that "plugging Wikipedia/Google into our heads" and calling it a mirror or snapshot of Cortana ... "can easily dispel, take away; or cause."  It's a gigantic change in who we are and how we think, this thing and place that ties the application I am talking about ... seeing we have been building since DARPA created Mae-East and (Adam) West; since Lowell plotted Wikipedia on a map between Oxford and Britannica; and until ... the Feed "filled our heads with advertisements" instead of endless all day episodes of "the next generation."

... and at that we transition from Deuteronomy to a discussion about heavy hydrogen; and the heart and why of Genesis; as it ties to Jericho and a river of Milky Way and HoneyPot's of ... what do you think the Iron Curtain has to do with the word "life" or ferrrous lithium with ... well, it's solar fusion; and chlorofloroful; right?