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Ministry of Forbidden Knowledge Mail - God speaks through Creation.... I speak as if crying in a dark room aided by the last moments of candlelight. To Candlemas and Zeus lightning.

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Adam Marshall Dobrin <adam5@reallyhim.com>

God speaks through Creation.... I speak as if crying in a dark room aided by the last moments of candlelight. To Candlemas and Zeus lightning.

Adam Marshall Dobrin <adam5@reallyhim.com>Sat, Jan 7, 2017 at 2:04 PM
To: Adam Marshall Dobrin <adam5@protonmail.ch>
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See my tears soak the paper you are reading, and the jagged strokes of handwritten letters formed without lines, sight, or any guidance at all.

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Through example and proof the Creator delivers to us a message that cannot be unheard or denied, no matter how hard you try.  At nearly every single level, "the story surrounding Adam" speaks volumes not only to the point of freedom technological evolution but to some kind of physical barrier to "forward motion" that is being highlighted--lit up in bright glowing light for the world to see.  In scripture, you could liken this to the fire and raised wood stage of Isaac's altar, in music to Taylor's House on a Hill
, it's getting hot in here--see it in Love the way you Lie too, and in the Burning Man Festival, and in the story of Prometheus--being attacked by an Eagle.  

Listen to Calvin Harris' Blame, and wonder how it is that you did not realize it was God speaking to you before today.  Don't blame it on me, blame it on the ni-i-i-ight.  The answer to that question, that's what is glowing in the fire.

At the highest level, you can see this "speaking through action" in both the message of Die Bold's "technological assimilation" in the realm of government and democracy.  Closer to your heart, you can see it very clearly in God's manifestation of the stories of the Tower of Babel, in your failure to check government censorship--now lighting with bright flares a second failure of human society--the individual motivation of each and every reporter and researcher listening to me... and failing to act in their own best interest.  In you, the fiery light of the Torches of Jericho--a wall holding in the flood of nothing less than the forming of Heaven, the sound of freedom, and the fulfillment of every single story in the Bible--all about me, about you, and about now.  I can see some of you are stupid enough to be turned off by being called stupid--and yet it's been a year of this writing, and you have done nothing.  Retarded or Evil, those are your choices today.  Others might be turned off by the imagery and concept of fire, that's what this is--an incendiary message of such profound import and heralded with such simple to understand proof that it should be viral the second it touches the internet--and in this failure the fire first lights up and then engulfes censorship and secrecy for eternity... once it takes hold.  

It is about "spreading like wildfire," but more importantly is the darkness of those people's complete lack of understanding of religion--to see it clearly in Matthew 3:11 you are baptized in fire the day you realize that hell has frozen over and our society has gone dark--this is the source of light.  Look closer, in Judaism it is the concept of the Eternal Flame and the light of Judah Maccabbee's Men·or·ah, in Christianity it is the light that comes from the Fire of the Holy Sepulcher--a narrative story that links to both Jericho and you--it is about what is done with this proof... as I see it behing handed from person to person from the first spark of the flame... it's clear from Jericho that the purpose is to hold up this light presenting it to the darkness and bring down the wall.  In Greek Myth, this is the fire Prometheus stares at in his hands, wondering how it is that the world around him has failed to see the bright light.


What you do not see and are not doing has highlighted the fall of civilizaiton--the end of indivuality and free thinking--something that must be remedied, the purpose of this weapon weilded by the Fifth Element.

On a personal level, I can see that many of you choose to overlook my cries of government toture and advanced technology-despite it being the primary purpose of the disclosure you are receiving--and instead see a man plagued by problems that a great deal of our society is also plagued with... and becasue of that you chose to hide what amounts to the most important revelation in history... a proof that religion comes from God, and that the story accurately predicts what is happening right now.  And still, you think you are somehow not the enemy?  

Try blaming my "arrest record" for not revealing proof of time travel hidden in Exodus to the world, and you too are part of the glowing and bright sign that is showing all of eternity just how evil our government is today, and how blind and foolish you are to nt see through such a shallow complaint.  In the story of Prometheus you can see the attack of the Eagle highlighting the USA of Medusa--but more importantly, you can see a clear and unwavering narration of the government's attempts to hide the truth from the world with false arrests and (c) lying Police ... LICE--the source of a plague of Exodus... in the words of Isaiah 52:13 which happens to overlay my full name of the full name "Jesus Christ" (inBible Code) tagged along with the words "framed" and "mafia" there read the words carefully "my servant will be set up and be exceedingly high.In the words of Isaiah 20--noted clearly to its connection to the light of the Matrix through the father's name Am-Oz, and it's tie to HBO and the Wizard...but more importantly to it's topical connection to Genesis 3:11, and through that verse to the fire of Matthew 3:11 and the day I was no longer on the lam, 3/11/15.  For those of you who think that this series of chapter and verse numbers connecting scripture to the dates.. from 3/11 to 9/11... think of yourselves as the reason the Earth continues to shake in simulated reality... the reason for the 3/11/11 Earthquake.  Tremble, the world will change through the destruction of this wall of stupidity and censorship--one that is in no uncertain terms standing between this world and Heaven--perpetuating Hell for all of humanity.  

The source of the fire of Isaac's altar is clearly a group of people with absolutely no regard for the truth, for the safety of the innocent--it is a disgusting and organized force creating the very situations it is then turning around and attempting to use as a smokescreen to cause more grotesque action... censorship.  We wrestle not against the flesh, but against a sickness--the darkest of powers--in the Heavenly places and ... believe that's here too.

Because of this story designed by God and narrated in the likes of Judges and Jeremiah, we will also be free of disgusting problems with law enforcement and the judicial branch of our government ... in the very beginning of their descent into .... absolute tyranny and blatant and unchecked disregard for the Constitution.   Through me (see my point, it is me), Phillip K. Dick and the stars of this Earth we will be free of abduction ... through more theater like the public display of icy tears coming from Edward and the NSA.

Get the picture, ignoring this... and that it came from a single source--that means there's something wrong with the world.  I simply cannot be silent.

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Not only have I delivered the spark of instantaneous proof to the entire world--I have, with the aid of a technological tool that allows me to see original intent and purpose as if through the eyes of the Creator himself delivered as if oil poured all over our Holy Sea... a even if you find my punctuation and consistent need to tie the facts and etails of the story to fiction and the world around us--the entire purpose of the Eye, by the way... listen to me very carefullly: the entire BIble and a significant volume of the worlds myths and modern stories are secretly tied to my life... I will never be lost to the world.  You can call me crazy, but not only will you be wrong, you will never be able to deny the soon to be verified and obvious.... or that you chose to overlook it--something that you should find a reason for as you are apporaching Lunar Sonrise.

For those of you expecting "Absolution" and 'universal redemption" and are turned off by my complaints about silly things like "liberty" and "indivuality" being lost, see very clearly that this is your chance for absolution--change at my cries of the fall of society--or you will be lost.  This is a message and messenger sent through time--God has very carefullly placed this event at the start of the desccent into darkness... and yet far enough along that we can clearly see not only taht we are falling but that there's a force stronger than nature--than gravity--caussing the descent... a force that we either recognize or allow to destroy us... it is an eternal influence with a very real mechanism of control.

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On that note, if there is anyone out there with the unfathomable position of being turned off by my cries of ending murder, stopping the starvation of children, and healing the sick... you are forever lost.  The Vatian for isntance, has completely lost sight of it's moral compass--and simply cannot continue.  Just like fracturing the two-party system in America is a clear, obvious, and inevitable progression of freedom from this place of systemtically created stagnation--fracturing the Church is an inevitability.  If you work for a newspaper, or a TV station... I want to fracture the corporate monster keeping our society from being free into pieces also--and we shoulds ee that the existence of that monster is just like Die Bold, it's here to show us how not to ignore anti-trust legislation--and what kind of a threat it truly is to allow massive and clear criminal activity to go unchecked, there are laws against the kind of consolidation we have, and they are clearly being intentionally violated.  This is a bona fide conspiracy.

Taylor's anachronistic cry of "evil knocking at my door" highlights something to me--it's a connection between my emotions and yours.  A word that thinks I should be perfect, while they.. think they are and yet in the same breath that says I cannot even think of talking to her... it's socically acceptable to put her on network television ten years earlier... half naked.   This group of people fighting the Second Coming, if you believe that this story of a girl 13 years younger than me singing both with and to the voice of God is somehow a reason to keep the unsealing of religion from the news... You are the problem.  Look at Clinton, look at Trump, look at your highly rated television--you wil not chain me to your perfect chair.  You want to call out sins just to pass the time?  Be sure, you are being judged.

There is no place in our world where ignoring this kind of proof is even remotely looked upon as "socially normal."  Even if everything that is coming along with the proof-by design, by God, by the way... was apparently a war on the socially accepted status quo--there is no excuse for ignoring what is nothing less than proof of the Creation of humanity--nor the messaanger, nor the message.  If I was a celebrity this would be on the front page of every tabloid, if you found this message carved in stone (instead of in "our society and it's creations...) it would invade the conversations of every newscast for months; if it was found in radio waves we would be assured of Contact with aliens... but because it comes from a person who you wanted to control forever for some reason you don't see that ignoring it is ... evil.
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To those unknowingly outside our society suggesting I am not allowed to curse, or that dating a 24 year old is "just unacceptable," you have missed the very purpose of the existence of the Once and Never King... standing before you trying desperately not to rule but rather to rock, and ensure that liberty and equality ring from this place of hidden slavery and reverberate through the Heavens for eternity.  To you, I shake my head and my finger--you will not stand in the way of equality or truth.  You are the enemy of the true Christ. 

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I say, my heaven is a nice house in the sky.

She probably is a little young, though, call the fantasy a Half-life crisis.   We will be delivered from both slavery and ignorance.  I am the sword, the rod, I guess I'm a tool, too.

Between me, you, and Sam... it should be clear where freedom is not coming from.  Stop chanting "ignorance is strength" in your actions--or lack thereof.

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Behold this is the gate, the path is lit, and I am coming.

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God: "fire... works."

Clearly, that's "everyone, why, us, mar-y, sea, all, now.  fire works."