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Wednesday, June 23 2021. Nintendo Way

Erev ... the Day of the Holy Divorce of Bayjorel


Adam on “ho(s) I still single” … I “hisss” as Alger, Narcissus and to the various collegiates in Massachusetts; know it’s because I’m Cheyanne Mountain. You can’t even dream how hard it is to get inside “this heart.” Or maybe I can’t fathom why nobody’s rushing up to me trying to grab the ring of “infinite alimoney in the ever-after” … Na Na Na Na … Na Na Na Na … shey shea way) … tee tea, tay?

This messages marks a major increase in “forced read(layshion)ership” to include a significantly larger group of students and professors than before. This is a new system; please unsubscribe using the instructions at the bottom of the message, which are different from the prior newsletter interface. I have noticeably been writing much less and sort of working harder on bringing to fruition the software and social policy changes I’ve been dreaming of and writing about instead of “just talking.”

Searching this message that I intend to send to the students a day early–you know, with foresight for … in the hope that many of you remember first hand hearing the words “I don’t believe in the big bang, but I respect those that do” echo from a computer screen to me subconsciously in the state of South Carolina–that you will help me end the 7 year draught [[literal, good sex]] that I equate to the Biblical overflow of the Nile and to Stone Temple Pilots; this light and Sheldon Harr who trained me for my Bawr Mitzvah and taught me all the right things that I know about being a good Jew who didn’t really believe in the existence of God; but then helped create the system that makes us all that.

Those who “see” or “saw” Kentucky as I did might recall the phrase spoken from myself to myself; “you don’t believe in God when you are this close to it’s creation” … or something almost verbatim; that. Some of you might see Gilgamesh more than I do, or have forgotten the "sliding of sleight of hand and becoming … the trickster of the Dajjal … "an idea that gore was being fabricated and faked; in order to help us see why it’s so very importanat that at the same time that immortality and heaven become part of the conversation of the adbication of Odin’s throne to Thor or to Arthor’s table and plebescite “victims” … that we all understand the magnanimous change wrought by Heaven on civilization and on the old customs and on the old laws, and that here we see the importance of guaranteeing safety and privacy and even “right to death” in a place where God had previously only written of “life and liberty” with the ambiguity of … “from what” being left to my seemingly slow hand.


On the order of plans soon to be seen to fruition my large key of “what this website truly is” has grown to something like 20GB and now includes a static and time frozen version of everything linked to stored on the IPFS system and multi-homed across a number of “cloud providers” to ensure things like “shekinah” will not forever be changed to “shechina” with nobody noticing the loss of causal original truth. The “light of angels” domain now redirects automatically to /ipns/fromthemachina which should render in future shell-internet-browsers as something like QmTH33MwfPn5S3bq45Tk77L1j9eZjUsvEVhRTHB3D8M2ZX [please pin this “root block”] I am not sure why IPFS doesn’t have better merkle tree searchability, but seeing siblings and parents and connections between these Qm hashesh is something that we should be working fervently on making more robust. IPSE.io appears to have created a decent search and governance system, I see it as something like the “electoral college” metacosmically linked to the thing I am trying to build–a preservation of all human knowledge and an infrastructure for discussing and communicating about the “veracity” and the linguistic nuances “alluded to” in the lude ties between this Empire’s new Clot and the clothing worn by Popes and Jews, the seeit-seeit; tzit-tzit and …


I am planning on suing several medical providers and states for what I see as heinous violations of human rights, decency and the Constitution of the United States; if you are a lawyer or you can recommend a good one, please email me as soon as possible at 0xc514f094370cFc5eE45a1Dd9B72bb9675efE266f@ethmail.cc. You can also send Ethereum fungible donations to that alphanumeric identity. As I note much later in this message …


Please do note see a significant difference in importance in the emails now coming from ethmail.cc and the series of half-rambling cires for help which amount to something like my prayers to the pagan gods that you are.

There’s quite a long thread in my soul

Many times I’ve discussed and called in my mind and with my heart the American democracy nothing more than “Noah’s Archaic” two party system. Over the course of the years hidden messages from the Ark’s source of knowledge have conclusively shown me that a previous phrase “multi party system” connects to political parties and governmental action committees that span across continents and even earths; in my microcosm or special language and understanding of heaven, “across rooms” which are worlds … sort of owned or designed with some sort of top down or democratic structure of “literal rule system creation.” In my mind these rules can be inherited and modified, in the programming language sense of those words, as in "inherit democracy from America, update for new medical knowledge and scientific truth … discussed later in this message.

The “water joke” connects to Horatio and to H2O and the idea that the chairs depicted by the character “h” are something like a placeholder meaningfully connected to the Senate Majority Chair and of course the Minority Chair and it’s the fact that there are only two that makes our current system something like A"Biblical Water."

I believe we should be living in a world that has many more than two parties, hundreds or thousands of active parties could and should compete not for a single figurehead to sit in a throne like chair but for groups of people to be able to access the faster processing power and wider knowledge … represented here by something like a “Matrix jack” from the two movies, The Matrix and No Jack City; which allow for resources to be “billed to the party” and/or the people, rather than individuals who might otherwise have to “pay extra light” for faster processing power in order to quickly build a piece of legislation or political propaganda that equally connects to the mirage and miracle and dream of building a “subconscious voting system” that allows for votes to be taken “isntantly” and not just instantly but at some kind of recorded interval over time. I envisioned in Kentucky a world where the laws of the land would change instantly, allowing for bad weather to be instantly removed, for laws to differ from neighborhood to neighborhood and even to allow the fine grained detail of “outside and inside” each and every individual home or castle.

Lost. Blind wandering through a lost world, in the beginning–that’s the truth. Crossroads, somewhere between walking through an electromagnetic pulse in Lake Worth and struggling to remember “the other thing.” Recalling [flew(ers)], so I was there sitting with my parents when we saw it on TV–a gigantic deal–the United States was going to war for the first time in my life. Saddam Hussein had invaded Kuwait (supposedly for the oil) and Operation Desert Storm was launched by George H.W. Bush; recalling the names and “Space Balls” it’s almost funny to see … how blind I was back then.

General Norman Schwartz cough. General Colin Powell. Anyway, the whole point of the story is we were sitting at the Flamingo Diner; and for my whole life I lived just a few roads away from that road; never ever realizing what it was. I also didn’t realize for a very long time that you might also not see it, or you might see it instantly. Scanning just south of there, you can see it turns into Red road, and then its more than obvious that “flaming” stands out, light a highlighted cross–but we don’t say the name of that bird that way, and we didn’t see “infer” in Dante’s “inferno” or … “no” either. Flamenco … en espanol … like the dancers.

A golden bitcoin swirls in the sky… the “mind control people” of Bowling Green gape in some kind of crowd pleased awe as the “middle” and the end connect almost seamlessly … Fort Myers creates a space port in the light of Vegas’s monorail “plots”–


“this is what it does,”

vaaa—tseeee----deeeeeeeeck? In this word I recited over and over again in preparation for my Bar Mtzvah on December 11, 1992; without ever knowing the meaning is the crux of what exsactly is going on right now. The word is vatzedek:

צֶ֫דֶק noun masculineIsaiah 1:21 rightness, righteousness; — ׳צ Leviticus 19:36 87t.; צִדְקִי Isaiah 41:10 8t., etc.; —

1 what is right, just, normal; rightness, justness, of weights and measures, אֵיפָה, אֶבֶן שְׁלֵמָה וָצֶדֶק Deuteronomy 25:15 a perfect and a just weight, ephah; ׳מאֹזְנֵי צ; ׳אַבְנֵי צ, ׳אֵיפַת צ, ׳הִין צ, ׳בַּת צ Leviticus 19:36 (H) Job 31:6; Ezekiel 45:10; ׳מַעְגְּלֵי צ right paths Psalm 23:3; ׳זִבְחֵי צ right peace-offerings Deuteronomy 33:19; Psalm 4:6; Psalm 51:21.

2 righteousness, in government:

… and you can believe that despite the strawnge pronounciation little boys and girls would use at the age of thirteen as they spoke in rigorously recited prayer-song … it [swounds almost exactly like “What’s a Dick?]

#FTA, from the article: Congresswoman Ilhan Omar, righteously fed up with the prejudiced nonsense she endures day in and day out, called a question about female genital mutilation from an audience member at a recent event “frustrating” and “appalling.”

So I stand here living in Taylor Momsen’s song Nothing Left To Lose my personal favorite of hers which touches on this subject of “freedom as just another word for it” and of course the link between the purpose of an ethical oversight of the popular vote that the Electoral College represents; another two special and related words here, righteousness and fate. Between Vatzedek and Kismet; I can only convey my great dismay at the actual emotional and true physical pain I feel in my groin of groins every time I think about the horror story that has become my life and the what the land of America and the Medgard of Yggrasil has become … [note it’s not Yggdrasil] as I rally against the closest of my family of families, the Americans and Jews who refuse to stand up and speak out on my behalf, and on the behalf of humanity in general against the sickness of ritual genetal mutilation.

Lost between Elvis and Suicide, she sings and I think about Ellis Island and Ellis Eaton and literally the innate and obvious lack of desire I have in my heawrt and imparted into my mind by some kind of ancient and unholy Jewish law … no desire at all to leave this world which has quickly turned from a bastion of light and freedom into nothing short or less than Hell itself.

Kirinechoes from the land and day of NEMEC.html the chanting from the invsible choir of “e” … "he’s a victim"

over and over, “he’s a victim, he’s a victim;” and in a more private sort of way she held on to my victim’s rod) and in a sort of kind friendly way implied that I should stop doing “speed” because … I need this, and she … in Holy ritual … patted the phallice of Iapetus’ great grandsun.

Here I stand for the very first time; writing to a large group of students in the area of Boston, Massachusetts begging for the Sabbath Day to “be remembered and kept holy” as the Hebrew prayers and rituals repeatedly fail to explain has something significant to do with entry into the Holy of Holies, with the continuation of life and of heaven … and with the reinvigoration of something like a following of the Hippocrati Oath that is beyond a requirement to be reaffirmed here in this place as we begin to discuss the opening of “the process of the creation of legislation” as a function ofthe “citizenry governed” … the creation of “direct democracy” utilizing a kind of fusion of the software products I’ve been explaining are here designed specifically for this purpose. Software like kipu.com, aragon.org, wikipedia.org and even reddit.com.

On the shape of his table, the heart of “sword” and another word for “Murfresboro”

Sometimes I get my hopes up, sometimes i lose all the doubt and the “missing remorse” and the fear–the moments I can’t STS “socks” out of the VEGA System; in those brief moments I think you’re actually going to do something nice for me, that the heavens haven’t crashed and I’m going to have some kind of sex party that actually … really honest to God … is what “Saturday is all about.” So what, sue me–I wrote the book on the single Dionysian fusion of a Roman Bacchanalia and the Weeebrew Saturnalia … and then I yell at “Bethesda” for even daring to mention the grape fruit juice and the movie Havok–but I’ve heard all about the “passing of the nite and the nocturnal rite”–truth is I probably would walk right into the branch ending trap I laid in Fort Myers–every time I think about it the “minute of bouncing and orgasm” makes me smile a little more inside and my stomach get’s butterflies and just for a moment (I think I might be writing like STS) I think maybe it’s not the end of time and maybe I won’t never get to actually see … Heaven.

Butt then you tell me (my but-tea joke isn’t funny, eithah?) … “Cassini” and “molasses” are supposed to make you feel like the OC resort guy staring at my tooth “about to be the one tooth from 2011” and I go back to remembering it’s been a decade since I’ve had a decent “good time with a girl” … literally seven long years, aside from a brief “blushing” experience with little Mackenzie Reisinger.

Imagine that girls smiling at me and saying things like “Larkin Sow” and this brief period of “ecstatically frenzied decent writing” is all that it takes to keep me going; trudging along through the very shallow (or deeper) pits of Hell itself–just like a Dreidel c’d to make some silly words from the "introduction to the Bahir [literally wasn’t here, and “spirit of ah-aha illumination; hi. and this conversation ensued”] like “yod-nun” actually be … something like our salvation. Flying back in time to the “thang” point, I remember what it is now.

Fear it … það; fear it.

Day One has begin, or ending–whatever the proper literary way to say the Bible and it’s days are all wrong, and even further along the thing called the “Festival of Weeks” by the Jews, even more disgusting. I have no shame or remorse in saying such things, in fact I believe it is the purpose of this strange take on the “nocturnal rite” of the Norse ancient Druidic and “Dhruzimentioning of the Prose Edda to come to this very strange point, in this very strange place.

Boston, Massachusetts.

It might one day be a little known fact, but up until the presidency of Barrack Obama every single President of the United States of America was a member of the Protestant Church, all but John Fitzgerald Kennedy whose bright and shining face and ethos stand apart from almost all others in his place. I might one day say Trump too stood out above and shined brighter, and personally only because he lived during my lifetime, I think my personal view of Bill Clinton is the brightest of all. To me, the Clinton years were filled with the booming economy of Old Joe, and the great aspirations of Our Jack; a thing that many people before Armstrong walked on the moon and planet a great Democratic “P” one giant leap above the rock of ages … there are just no words for lux of America’s contribution to the launch of a Heavenly Civilization, in the words of Paxton in “Big Love” … and the LDS Church and Deseret’s version of “the thing” (nu3 today) … “the celestial kingdom.”

Valhalla and Matzot scream of the “ha-moat-sea” and the “vats-a-dick” but without our giving of thanks for righteousness we have become the murderers not only of Judas and Death but also Jesus and the thing that created him. Eventually the island of America disappears, eventually it’s Earth, any planet a human was one … these are the things that have either become a force of great goodness–or of total destruction. This is the embodyment of “Troy as hisT” this is Galactikiss has become Planet Prime and all Derivatives–the silver surfer speaks to you all, between “El Dorado” and the “Silverado” … a comparative connection to the difference between Fort Knoxx and the Pound Sterling … with a Troy Ounce of “tzadik” to ensure with our GSLW: “ness truly means 'now everythink safely saved;” … and that’s a GNU definition for NESS which previously may have mentioned everywhere or earth and those are both absolute falsehoods and perhaps were not when they were spoken. At least, relatively speaking.

Rape has come up today.

I’ve commented publicly on the conversation I had in my head last night, walking by “Boston College High” and I can’t help but add my “very interesting” thoughts on the echelons of spirits inhabiting the Ka of God here in this place; and how they might somehow be satiated in a way that I or most people in this world would fine to be something more sexually immoral or deviant … “previously of the wiccan pagan variety” … something like my strange dreams here in this place of starting trends of having “a thing” for doing “moms and sisters,” which have been echoed here by a sitting and very prominent G.O.P United States senator or congressman; the show “Vampire DIaries” as well as Natalie Portman, Taylor and Sloane Momsen, Kate Hudson, and a number of other female “duos” like the Spears and Simpson sisters (Ashlee and Jamie Lynn, see) the Olsen twins and of course the soon to be “in the light of the fame of Nashville” … Larkin Poe.


(((( this here is what we call a "race through a rats cage )))) if neither of the four or give girls in question send me some kind of verbal “ACK” ratyher than a “NAK” in writing, I might travel to Ellis Island or Nashville, TN before staying in Boston or … for instance going to Lowell or Nashua and … perhaps causing more FUKUSHIMA on the NAKARSAKI of HEROSHEMA; and by that I mean this is a “big deal” … LLNV might become a bus stop in Vegas or the VEGA System or it might be a national labratory near the Hamptons. It’s hard to tell at this point whether or not there’s any “liver” in Mexico’s version of that funny one with the guy that reminds me of Aldous Snow in “Forgetting Sarah Marshall.”

In my mind today I speak from the Earthene world of Janet Devlin’s “Chandelliers” directly to Michael Jackson himself, on the difference or change or meaning wrought by Bill Cosby and his “Neverland Ranch” series on the question at hand–are there bowling tumble weeds and karaoke bars on par with Prescott Arizona’s scene anywhere closer to Nashville than Bowling Green … because I was beyond surprised to find a sprawling megalopolis in the place I had thought for my whole life was something more akin to Knoxville, a place where fledgling female music stars became “Grace Vanderwaal” golden buzzer winners … faster than you can connect Jerusalem to Shirley Temple. On the specific name, Shirley here is Bianca Pisani’s great grandmother; and no farther than the truth is the world’s “UMBRELLALAUNCH” link between the Chinesely famous virgin (non-alcoholic) drink is something like Billy Joel’s Piano Man Bartender walking into “the usual place” and saying something along the lines of “Geisha me up one Virgin Red head; hell, why don’t you make it a double.” Leave the umbrella with the kites that didn’t glow fiiery stars into the Holy of Holies in the same vein and for the same reason that the Church of the Holy Sepulcher failed to actually change the world with it’s ritual uniting the Olympic passing of the Torch with today’s interlinear and interwoven message with Old Joe and Young Jack Kennedy, Jackie Onassis and even touching on the Saudi Royals which were also a big part of the story connecting General MacNamara to “Lauderdale by the Sea” and a special rememberance to the expensive and Holy bronze or copper brick which he bought (through donation to charity I imagine) making himself more than just something like the founder of the beachfront redesign of our Federal Floridian beacnhead, but also a founding member of something I call “The Columns and Pillars” society in reference to the Pine Crest School version of the same kind of ritual. Also connected here are pictures of those columns, and extracts from my senior yearbook where my mother was kind enough to leave me two whole half page dedications to my graduation from one of the most prestigious and omnifiscient preparatory schools in the entire world … at the same time donating columns both in my name, their name, and the names of her deceased parents: Julie and Bernard Gerson.

Bell to sky; and to the Berlin Sky; this is the same genetic and congenial family line that links Gersholom Sholom, Albert Einstein, J. Robert Oppenheimer, Adolf Hitler and Yosef Stalin … to Joe Biden and the “Joseph and Betty Portal” which replace the MacNamara era bricks with “new composite plastic” that might last much longer and has another list of donations. The “portal connection” something like an Einstein-Rozencrantz flash of brilliant light … marks just one more error in my handling of my lack of understanding of things like “basic vectodirs” and “kasimamoriv radiation” … including here (if i read this and take the time to properly attribute) a visual image of the red shift and blue spindle of the actual radiation Einstein predicted would be ejected from something so massive even “light” could not escape it. On “relativity” and relatively speaking, it’s the wavelength and energy level of the light; as well as something called “gravitational lensing” … “the special relativity theorem” which earned Munich born and taught Albert a Nobel Peace Prize (as well as much fame in the land of America for the creation and explanation of the science behind the White Sands Trinity connection to Hanukah and Sandia National Labratory) … forces these corrections:


Operation Fishbowl was a series of high-altitude nuclear tests in 1962 that were carried out by the United States as a part of the larger Operation Dominic nuclear test program. Flight-test vehicles were designed and manufactured by Avco Corporation.[1]

The Operation Fishbowl nuclear tests were originally planned to be completed during the first half of 1962 with three tests named Bluegill, Starfish and Urraca.[2]

The first test attempt was delayed until June. Planning for Operation Fishbowl, as well as many other nuclear tests in the region, began rapidly in response to the sudden Soviet announcement on August 30, 1961 that they were ending a three-year moratorium on nuclear testing.[3] The rapid planning of very complex operations necessitated many changes as the project progressed.

All of the tests were to be launched on missiles from Johnston Island in the Pacific Ocean north of the equator. Johnston Island had already been established as a launch site for United States high-altitude nuclear tests, rather than the other locations in the Pacific Proving Grounds. In 1958, Lewis Strauss, then chairman of the United States Atomic Energy Commission, opposed doing any high-altitude tests at locations that had been used for earlier Pacific nuclear tests. His opposition was motivated by fears that the flash from the nighttime high-altitude detonations might blind civilians who were living on nearby islands. Johnston Island was a remote location, more distant from populated areas than other potential test locations.[4] In order to protect residents of the Hawaiian Islands from flash blindness or permanent retinal injury from the bright nuclear flash, the nuclear missiles of Operation Fishbowl were launched generally toward the southwest of Johnston Island so that the detonations would be farther from Hawaii.

Urraca was to be a test of about 1 megaton yield at very high altitude (above 1000 km.).[5] The proposed Urraca test was always controversial, especially after the damage caused to satellites by the Starfish Prime detonation, as described below. Urraca was finally canceled, and an extensive re-evaluation of the Operation Fishbowl plan was made during an 82-day operations pause after the Bluegill Prime disaster of July 25, 1962, as described below.

Wish You Were Here” is a song by the English rock band Pink Floyd. It was released as the title track of their 1975 album Wish You Were Here.[2][3] David Gilmour and Roger Waters collaborated to write the music, and Gilmour sang the lead vocal.

In 2011, the song was ranked No. 324 on _Rolling Stone’_s 500 Greatest Songs of All Time.[4]

In the original album version, the song segues from “Have a Cigar” as if a radio had been tuned away from one station, through several others (including a radio play and one playing the opening of the finale movement of Tchaikovsky’s Fourth Symphony), and finally to a new station where “Wish You Were Here” is beginning.[5] The radio was recorded from Gilmour’s car radio. He performed the intro on a twelve-string guitar, processed to sound like it was playing through an AM radio, and then overdubbed a fuller-sounding acoustic guitar solo. This passage was mixed to sound as though a guitarist were listening to the radio and playing along. As the acoustic part becomes more complex, the ‘radio broadcast’ fades away and Gilmour’s voice enters, while the rest of the band joins in.[6]

The intro riff is repeated several times before Gilmour plays further solos with scat singing accompaniment. A third verse follows, featuring an increasingly expressive vocal from Gilmour and audible backing vocals. At the end of the recorded song, the final solo crossfades with wind sound effects, and finally segues into the second section of the multi-part suite “Shine On You Crazy Diamond”.

Lyrically, the song is often considered to be a direct tribute to Syd Barrett. However, on the documentary The Story of Wish You Were Here, Gilmour and Waters separately describe the original concept that differs from this interpretation. Waters, who mainly wrote the lyrics complementing Gilmour’s initial riff idea and subsequent joint composition, describes the lyrics as being directed at himself, as his lyrics often are. Being present in one’s own life and freeing one’s self in order to truly experience life is a main topic in this song. Gilmour, on the other hand, recognizes that he does not ever perform the song without remembering Syd Barrett. Waters later adds that the song is nevertheless open to interpretation.[7]

Both David Gilmour and Roger Waters have praised the song as one of Pink Floyd’s finest. Roger Waters has noted that the collaboration between himself and David Gilmour on the song was “really good. All bits of it are really, really good. I’m very happy about it.”[8] David Gilmour has playfully called “Wish You Were Here” “a very simple country song” and stated that “because of its resonance and the emotional weight it carries, it is one of our best songs.”[9]

“Wish You Were Here” was recorded at Abbey Road Studios, as part of the sessions for the entire album.

A noted part of the song was a planned contribution by Stéphane Grappelli. A jazz violinist popular at the time and well known for his collaborations with Yehudi Menuhin, both violinists were recording in a downstairs studio at Abbey Road at the time. Gilmour had suggested that there be a little “country fiddle” at the end of the song and invited them to participate. Grappelli duly obliged (Menuhin declined) on arranging a session fee of £300, equivalent to £2,500 in 2021.[10] Ultimately during mixing it was decided to almost remove his contribution, although it can just be heard around 5:21. According to Waters it was decided that it would be insulting to credit Grappelli in the sleeve notes for something so inaudible, although he did receive the agreed-upon fee.[11][12][13]

As part of the Why Pink Floyd…? campaign, the Experience and Immersion versions of the Wish You Were Here album include an alternative version of the song where Grappelli’s part is heard in the instrumental break after the second verse and throughout the third verse before a considerably extended outro. Other less obvious differences are audible, for example at the section leading into the second verse.

The master tape of the original recording includes guitar solos that were not used in the final mix.[citation needed]

Personnel [edit]

Golgo 13 (Japanese: ゴルゴ13, Hepburn: Gorugo Sātīn) is a Japanese manga series written and illustrated by Takao Saito, published in Shogakukan’s Big Comic magazine since October 1968. The manga won the 1975 Shogakukan Manga Award for general manga and the Grand Prize at the 2002 Japan Cartoonists Association Awards. The series follows the title character, a professional assassin for hire.

Golgo 13 is the oldest manga still in publication, and its tankōbon edition has the second-highest number of volumes. It has sold 300 million copies in various formats, including compilation books, making it the second-best-selling manga series and the top selling Seinen manga series in history.[2] It has been adapted into two live-action feature films, an anime film, an original video animation, an anime television series and six video games.

A googol is the large number 10100. In decimal notation, it is written as the digit 1 followed by one hundred zeroes: 10,​000,​000,​000,​000,​000,​000,​000,​000,​000,​000,​000,​000,​000,​000,​000,​000,​000,​000,​000,​000,​000,​000,​000,​000,​000,​000,​000,​000,​000,​000,​000,​000,​000.

For other uses, see Wormhole (disambiguation).

“Einstein-Rosen Bridge” redirects here. For the EP by electronic musician Venetian Snares, see Einstein-Rosen Bridge (EP).

General relativity

G_{\mu \nu }+\Lambda g_{\mu \nu }={8\pi G \over c^{4}}T_{\mu \nu }




  • Equations
  • Formalisms

A wormhole (or Einstein–Rosen bridge or Einstein–Rosen wormhole) is a speculative structure linking disparate points in spacetime, and is based on a special solution of the Einstein field equations.

A wormhole can be visualized as a tunnel with two ends at separate points in spacetime (i.e., different locations, different points in time, or both).

Wormholes are consistent with the general theory of relativity by Einstein, but whether wormholes actually exist remains to be seen. Many scientists postulate that wormholes are merely projections of a fourth spatial dimension, analogous to how a two-dimensional (2D) being could experience only part of a three-dimensional (3D) object.[1]

A wormhole could connect extremely long distances such as a billion light years or more, short distances such as a few meters, different universes, or even different points in time.[2]

Julius and Ethel Rosenberg — Americans who were involved in coordinating and recruiting an espionage network that included Ethel’s brother, David Greenglass, a machinist at Los Alamos National Lab. Julius and Ethel Rosenberg were tried for conspiracy to commit espionage. treason charges were not applicable, since the United States and the Soviet Union were allies at the time. The Rosenbergs denied all the charges but were convicted in a trial in which the prosecutor Roy Cohn later said he was in daily secret contact with the judge, Irving Kaufman. Despite an international movement demanding clemency, and appeals to President Dwight D. Eisenhower by leading European intellectuals and the Pope, both the Rosenbergs were executed in 1953, at the height of the Korean War. President Eisenhower wrote to his son, serving in Korea, that if he spared Ethel (presumably for the sake of her two young children), then the Soviets would recruit their spies from among women.[26][27][28] Greenglass later recanted his testimony against her, and release of grand jury testimony in 2008 showed the extent to which the prosecution had created a false case against Ethel.[citation needed]

  • Saville Sax — an American, acted as the courier for Klaus Fuchs and Theodore Hall. Sax and Hall had been roommates at Harvard University.[20]
  • Oscar Seborer — worked at Los Alamos from 1944 to 1946, and was part of a unit that studied the seismological effects of the Trinity nuclear test. Codenamed “Godsend” by the Soviets, he defected to the Soviet Union in 1951, and received the Order of the Red Star. He lived under the alias “Smith” and died in 2015. His identity was only revealed publicly in 2019.[29]
  • Morton Sobell — an American engineer, he was tried and convicted of conspiracy, along with the Rosenbergs. He was sentenced to 30 years imprisonment on Alcatraz, but released in 1969 on appeal and for good behavior after serving 17 years and 9 months.[30] In 2008, Sobell admitted to passing information to the Soviets, although he said it was all for defensive systems. He implicated Julius Rosenberg, in an interview with the New York Times published in September 2008.[31]
  • Melita Norwood — British Communist, an active Russian spy from at least 1938 and never detected. Employed as a secretary in the British Non-Ferrous Metals Research Association since 1932, she was linked to the Woolwich Arsenal spy ring of 1938. In wartime she was seconded to “Tube Alloys”, the secret British nuclear research project. She was later considered “the most important female agent ever recruited by the USSR”. She was first suspected as a security risk in 1965 but never prosecuted. Her spying career was revealed by Vasili Mitrokhin in 1999, when she was still alive but long retired.
  • Arthur Adams — Soviet spy who passed information about the Manhattan Project.[32]

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12:3 Those who are wi se[a] will shine like the brightness of the heavens, and those who lead many to righteousness, like the stars for ever and ever.

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we the people rise again

safe souls, safe fu

We the People of Slate

The U.S. Constitution, as you [mighta been, shoulda “come” on … its someday] rewrϕte it.

Politicians talk about the Constitution as if it were as sacrosanct as the Ten Commandments [interjection: spec. it is actually almost exactly related!]. But the document itself invites change and revision. What if the president served only one six-year term instead two four-year terms? What if your state’s population determined how many senators represent it? What if the Constitution included a right to health care? We asked legal scholars and Slate readers to cross out what they didn’t like in the Constitution and pencil in their hearts’ desires. Here’s what the document would look like with their best ideas.

多也了了夕 "with a wand of scheffilara, 并#亦太 he begins … "I am now on the Staff of Menelaus, the Spears of Longinus and Lancelot; and the name “Mosche ex Nashon.”

- http://ipfs.io/ipns/fromthemachine.org/CHANSTEYGLOREKI.html

- http://ipfs.io/ipns/fromthemachine.org/NUCLIRDISS.html

- http://dweb.link/ipns/fromthemachine.org/CRALL4Good.html

Please note that any decent browsers would probably render ipfs://fromthemachine.org as the following https://gateway.pinata.cloud/ipfs/QmTH33MwfPn5S3bq45Tk77L1j9eZjUsvEVhRTHB3D8M2ZX

I ask again that you all pin on IPFS mirror and copy the data included in these dumps, they are a key to “not losing causality” to not having a history that makes no logical sense, and to some kind of coup de roku, that really makes no sense unless you no, we will ve weill … ROCK YOU

Long ago I began writing about hidden codes in our history; thing’s significantly more obvious than “flying elephant armies” connecting Disney and Dumbo to Xerxes and the “Democratic Party of the United States (mascot)”–though it’s not really easy to consolidate the “epiphany” of … [((all i know))] without some kind of “artificial intelligence data condensation [infosmos.is?”] and summarization platform, though that’s nearly the next thing on my Lowell list of things we need to “mechanical turk” into being. Meta-consolidation of the world’s encyclopedias is one of the most important and useful tasks we have as we move towards the creation of a virtual debate platform that will eventual “literally obviate wisdom” of the layer/layer system that defines the name of the city I write these words near.

Lowell, MA

The broad overview of the system … the gist … is that political parties and activist organizations will create their own “view of the truth” (propaganda, falsehood-removed) and that these disparate pieces of “highlighted and annotated bibliography” could be overlay-ed on top of each other, creating a “new view of the truth” based on a users preference. The whole thing boils down to series of “holographic eschatological goggles” that will allow, for instance, the “grasping and fathoming” of other people’s points of view and perhaps reframe your own on any number of individual subjects.

Roe v. Wade, “Concourses” and CON-CERN; because this has been such a “hot topic” in the relative psuedo-edufictional story of the space travel from the lone planet Earth ((intersected)) with the set of skipping stones it takes to exit a Totalital multi stellar system of holographic computer simulators into the … “molecular world of vaccuum and Einstein time-space” … I’ll start with this simple example.

    1. the current American debate on the subject, right to life vs. right to choice; provided by the “generic version” of the ideological christian right and the liberal women’s left. through a first layer over layer comparison.
    1. the scientific truth brought to the table by the introduction of “neurological data” proving that there is in fact a moment during the gestation of a human embryo in which “i think therefore i am” connects to some sort of Skynet-became-selfaware at a point which I imagine must be … although it possibly is not … prior to the next important literary device/step “let there be light.” At the point the ocular cones and rods are created and the fetus opens it’s eyes and literally sees the bright light that could probably only be compared on the next edschalon to seeing the “exit pathway from the womb”
    • a. we will finally kinow whether or not “consciousness” is even developed at all before the bicerebral cortex designed to “compare two thoughts, ideas, and shapes” has the ability to get input from the eyes. Personally I think thought begins much earlier than vision, but the simple fact that we “haven’t yet had this discussion” shows how very little our scientific and medical progress in the civilization of things like murder, and understanding of life and science has yet to come here.

“People here” means something different than it did when I was born, at least in my mind’s eye … something so completely more advanced that it’s almost difficult to believe you all don’t see this place as a great prison or farce or unjust Azazel–blaming a man for looking like a rat or a mouse or a dog–in a place where more to the point we stare at a kind of physical violence and horror that would put Dennis the Menace and Bart Simpson to shame. A world hwere “people closer to holodecks” blame an innocent man for “writing the book” on the connection between Holocaust and Euthenasia and Hospice … certainly you know “an innocent tool” writes these words to you?

On the Hand of God, the Eyes of Ra and Horus;

I’ve written quite a bit on how “mind control” and “voting freedom” are inherently related in and to the thing we call “Civic Involvement” here in the United States–basically that participation in the verification of truth and the public understanding of tautology and temporal falsehood are … sort of a slave like requirement neeeded to ensure that any freedom at all exists I often say “plugging your [head into google]” might turn the Aesir into an Acer, or the “yodelling of the lakes of democracy” ito “the agricolae becoming nothing more than the Dell.