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7: @ th-@ day shall a man look to his Maker, and his eyes shall have respect to the Holy One of Israel.

... 4/11/2020 ...

It's literally going to take the end of Hell for this line above ... for my eyes to respect the Maker; to become true.  Whether you think that's me or you or civilizations or "one thing" ... see we have a war on stupid, silence, and censorhship ... literally before our eyes.  We are losing by default--by doing nothing.  Here's a place to start; other than "just me" and "just because 911."  If that link doesn't work for you; notify me ... on Twitter or via adam at fromthemachin e-cccdotty org and why.  If you can't see my website; notify me ... if you don't want these emails, click "options" at the end of this one.  Thanks for understanding.

[You] fail to see
How destructive you can be
Taking without giving back
'Till the damage can be seen

Can you see? Can you see?

– Staind, “Price to Play

So my conceptualization of “the heavens” and Heaven … it’s changed quite a bit in the last year or so. I’ve come to believe … through the telling and retelling of this story of “dsiconvering it” … that we are actually living inside some kind of graphene or carbon nanotube structure (probably with a DNA/RNA like … secondary structure), literally submerged inside something like pools or compression chambers of liquid gas–like oxygen, nitrogen, and hydrogen.

It’s kind of like … the negative connotation of “lakes” in Kaleb’s “don’t be the lake” turned upsidown on it’s head–obviously in the original … vision you would imagine fresh water lakes were something like “milk” … (as opposed to meat) … the stuff of life and birth. You can see how those gases would deliver “liquid cooling” like we’d need for super fast Cray and Sun super compvters … and also stored energy for … things like propulsion as well as the creation of “human life habitable environments.” I’d like to [say I came up with the whole thing miraculously and solo (it’s Monday, btw), like Newton invented gravity and Einstein … the blackhole.

what came first … the chicken or the egg? the road or the maize? … is theQ: “can we it ourselves to Acts?”

On and on, the circle of Ourorobus turns; who then, came first … Adam or Abraham? Cain or Abel? Adam past Lincoln or … Link of Zelda? And the Legend; marred and mired toto end by spelling errors and bad grammar.

round and round we go … truly the question here is “do you think you, yourselves, are civilized?” and my answer … the less you think that, the more civilzed you are. this place is sick, it needs some “medicine.”

What is a Gremlar? What does pillows and sheets have to do with Q&A and … and Room 101? Does “dirty pillows” win the award and accolades for the most informative chosen name? Does Yehuda Berg?

Would anyone object to calling it “O’riordian Way” … is it Monceres or are we already wondering if Betheljoos must already have some kind of connection to Orion? Did Dolores know the whole time? The whole fucking time?

I satyed up practically all night tonight … almost stone cold sober … to finish writing this before our final “Northeasterer.”


It doesn’t take much “thought” to see these star charts–our Astrological road maps to ‘wisdom of the Ancients’ might actually be something closer to road maps than I could have previously fathomed–let alone imagined. I’m staring at “Monoceros” and seeing it’s definately connected to “the kissing disease” and to Eros and to Cupid–and seeing … this one not for the first time that character linked to Orion and to the “Speare” of Sagittarius.

I’ve commented … ‘on the show in my head’ that it seems the entirety of the Milky Way might be something like our world … it could be a microcosmic map to something much larger–it could be the seed of “galaxies” in this place that might very well be the “thing” that connects the end and the beginning; rather than the beginning and the end as I once … commented was the original “glyph” i read in the letter “H.”

Today though, this is all “sci-fi conjecture” we have a very real problem–one that we aren’t dealing with well, and it’s a hidden sickness that’s turned the whole of the world to seeing my “nightmare of isolation.” It’s no accident that most of European and South American culture … “kisses” friends and family “on greeting” … hello, we today are shunning ‘social contact’ … a think that’s responsible for sharing antibodies and using social structure to naturally battle outbreaks of diseases … exactly like this “Sun virus” today. I imagine it’s no accident I’m writing this “Norther” about “no Passover” and … “no east from here” and hoping you understand that means something–it means we’ve got stop lying, and stop pretending this place doesn’t matter. This place matters, this is the source of Heaven, and the future, and … whatever it is that you apparently think you “covet in secret” and … has allowed you to stand by idylly … and do nothing as the fabric of our social structure simply “disappears.”

That’s civilization, society, the rule of law and order – “it’s kissing” – and those aren’t the only things we are apparently “losing in the fire.”

I’ve previously written and spoken numerous times about DNA storag e; it’s benefits and … the slow assimilation of this clearly “Heavenly” technology … which I saw in the most ironic of tones–looking around clearly you see this place is the hearth of creation, and “biology” itself is tantamount to absolute and unequivocal proof that Heaven itself does indeed come from something almost exactly like this rock, right down to graphene and tertiary logic and molecular storage–of course I didn’t awlays “think” or know that fact, but upon inspection and with the eye’s aid, it’s very–I mean very–obvious/clear.


I’ve previously also written about “the game” (for the non goyim among us, game-yah-him on the Epic of Gilgamesh and its historical connection to the story of the flood and Noah’s ark… as it was in the days of…) of the colonization of the red planet Mars; as well as the map that does very much exist in our “SOL” and it’s orbiting simulated rocks… here taking this one step further and suggesting that our “military key way from wall” (and/or see the M and the IL … the IT the CIA and the IR (what a poet I am)) … to assume that things like the “Mono/c/Eros” constellation might very well “overlay in a metalcosmic way” over say, the link between Beetlejuice and RIGELA … and that something like the Crab Nebula might very well become … something like Andromeda is not beyond the imagination or the fathom-ability of our new “raelity.”

Along those same lines, the “kissing disease” and it’s link to the Unicycle of “verses” about Versailles in a Tale of Two Heavens … begin to suggest the Fire of Saint Anthony is nearly fully aflame–even if it is still those “invisible flames” of not speaking and … quenching our desire to “get a word or two in” might just … douse the whole thing in Holy Water. Hi Kate. :)

I mean, Stillwater, and “still… water.”

The point here, that we might be in the place where Yosef Stalin’s middle name and the “o no” of … that’s a failsafe that might very well use time travel to wipe out the … post Orion/Eros star … “O’riordan”'s which only turned from Roads leaning towards abandoning Rome to … rivers of magical anti-matter autopropulsion (re-y-rios) … in the past few months … story. Of course the “Naqueducts” as I’ve come to expand the NT appreviation to become … after of course my personal (for obvious reasons, right?) distaste for things like “Easter” and Crucifixion … having anything at all do with a religion or a society of morality or “truth.” That’s “kissing the ‘o no’” which … heralds from “ME-V-AT-HI to MISSISSIPPI and CONNETICUT and KANSAS and IOWA.” … in Florida today, Flux Capacitor engaged; and literally staring at Netflix and … Pauline; **wondering.**x

Before …or maybe during or after or even up until … just this past day … we might have had another kind of military microcosm; or perhaps your truth, connecting the Hebrew for Heaven, which is “shamayim” … for “fiery waters” or “really hot girls” or … maybe Heaven existed on nuclear “u-boats” puttering around the Dark Side of the Moon or maybe even just our dark Pacific, Atlantic, and Arctic … oh sea; do sea the oceans here have something about Pa linking to “see if I see the C” missing from the Indian–the one ocean standing out here without that particular letter, or perhaps “concept.” Stargate turned me on to the idea of a subterrainian similar “bunker like” facility in the Arctic; and you can probably also see how that’s something like an ocean or a wilderness … another place we wouldn’t necessarily be looking – or noticing these are “disaster plan” style locations for something like a network of computers … something like the mesh-net that might very well be in orbit around the Earth … in that thing that sets “the sky’s the limit” as yet another “special place” in the hearts of those that … want to survive the original problem: being stuck in one place, on one tiny little planet succeptible to self destruction or an asteroid or … a collision of galaxies or … who knows–it could just be an eternity with not enough oil to reach gravitational escape velocity (keep burning it all!!!) and roads so backwards and archaic when I mention they should have “electrical power to inductively charge my Tesla” someone actually overheard me and had the nerve to call me a “genius.”

Which of course I am; I definately am that.

What I am describing is something like … well, it’s basically WarGames meets Battleship … meets the very real connection between Vietnam and NamCo and Pac-Man, and the reason this “book” has this particular name–connection the Revolution of Nero’s Symphony … to … I mean, I called it “Pax Abraxis” here–but it’s really got very little to do with Jupiter Ascending and much more to do with … the rest of the world doing something other than descending far and fast into the central syllable of Jupiter. It … doesn’t take a genius to point out or see Pac-Man is simply missing the “SE” of … turn around this southeast miserable spectacle of immorality and nearly “instantly” we see “space” and … a world that doesn’t have to guess whether or not this is aqua-rious business or not.

Who I am is … this guy and that Wikipedia page and it’s log of touches and changes is probably almost if not mroe important that my Facebook page [if you achem, follow me I’ll be sure to send a friend request] … though that’s best way to get in contact with me; and if anyone was actually interested in “working on the Sword/Round Table” of Arthur … with “Arthor” you’d probably find eventually it’s that communication and that "assistance’ that turns out to be way more fruitful and …

“Sliding Doors” and “Go” and … nothing compares to the change wrought by seeing … what you truly are, having your mind opened to the “hive’s nasty side” … as the new American Standard for “X-Caliber” and “what’s liberty worth, anyway?” glooms out from behind the dark clouds of Kish’s night time “it’s not a right, nor a rite” what we are looking at, I’ve always called “pantomiming the end of time” … it could be that, we could be “not going back.”


T’was cues like “and your husband wants to be a girl” … and the sincerely overgrown thread of “homosexuality” in this story … that lead me to ascertain that it was “many years in Heaven” and many (fewer) years “as not just one person” that probably would make those things almost … certain to come true. It is true, today; I think it probably still would be fun to be a girl for a day; or walking through a special gate into a special “room” in my holodeck dreams–it’s that kind of understanding that gleans light into … how it is that we might, in that same place and same circumstances become "more open to things like ‘violence’ that we today, still here in this place do abhor–and very well should.

Gnosis … maybe something like instant enlightenment … I think that’s the fun stuff that heaven .,., should be alla bout; and frankly I’m sick and tired of having to dream about it, and not start playing with it here and now. Seeing my old “win the sun dance” sticker my computer … and hearing Taylor sing about “you’re never gonna dance with me” and Brit too … connect it to “drinking from the Devil’s cup” and the real “stuff of the pool of Bethesda” … it’s a Holy thing; a … kind of like sparring with a sex partner; in my mind anyway–like experiencing whatever it is that girls call “multiple orgasms” if there ever was such a thing before we could … you know, like MCO … or Azriel’s “forklift moment” wherever I was between Scottsdale and New Mexico; you can see I … see we have it. Or … something like it … and instead of those things, instead of bliss and … making more fun more exciting and more … intelligent message …

We're stuck here talking about violence, and "will we ever have school again" not because of a song about "out for summer" or "blown to pieces" but because you're really zombies--you don't talk, you don't seem to think this place is important; and you're wrong

everywhere is important, and if you leave one stone unturned; or ignore the pain and suffering of ... one small place ... it festers and grows and really proves you don't deserve the "sun dance" or the ability to decide "right and wrong" anywhere, really ever--in your current state. See that, see this sickness needs to change; and I do mean your response to the "Corona Virus" as much as I mean your response to "Sandy Hook" and ...

well, it must all be my fault, are you fucking retarded?

Just to "put it out there" ... I'm not wandering the cold streets looking for warm water, or somewhere "main eventish" to swim or hang out all day--I'm looking for a girl that wants to go skinny dipping with me ... on like, call it "Universal TV ..."  Just once, or ... I mean the book says twice, but I'll do it first alone, just to make sure it's safe.

… the jaya-jaya …

EARTHENE, THEY HAVE NEWS … the Heavenues of our heroads; heroes and yes, we the Terrans; we can do that. I mean be heroes, I hope you click on my links and really get the “gist” of what it means to read things with your eyes and type them with your hands; and how that differs from “the thing” I’m trying to build here, which is a … “I know kung fu” for … pretty much everything … that’s a plug in … into your head (don’t drop out, but tune in) … to pretty much “know everything” so long as you understand that really does mean know everything … someone or some “other thing” wnats you to know and believe. I think we know … or we should that we build “truth tables” … as in some system that allows for truth to be verified and lies to be verified and the large tertiary “opinion” in between to be gauged and colored (my word for … weighting of value) … individually. This is the “crux” of the whole of the system of … “it’s not voting, but information about what we’re voting about” which in other circles would be “colored as propaganda” and that’s basically what it is–it’s what I called it … before and now.

That’s not to turn you off from it–on the contrary it’s to help you get excited about being involved in it–even if it’s oinly in some “group-think” or (ARCHIVE: arxiv.org) passive … I don’t read the papers, but I look at statistics, and I know how to guage whether or not … some group is “interested” or … acting appropriately. You’re not, none of you are acting appropriately here and now. You want to blame me–or torture me–or worse, torture yourselves by thinking … yoiu have something you don’t; and perhaps blame … anything other than not acting (its a verb, it means “literally doing something” not “prewtending” in this context) and reading and writing … conversing. That’s the thing that ends school shootings and world hunger–which we should be able to do nearly instantly–it’s just a matter of … time and chance … or how we want to proceed; and whether or not you want to proceed at all, and I mean if you dont want to end world hunger, you don’t want to proceed with “living.” Hear me; I’m roaring … these things are not optional.

Your survival here; that’s optional. Mine is not. Sorry; b1ow me.

There is something very wrong here–I’ve been thrust into the center of it … I see it and I’ve written about it, tried as hard as I possibly could to “see you in the best light possible” to find your excuses and to find real honest solutions … with the amazing amount of hidden secrets that I’ve been shown–handed–given for no reason at all … or so it appears today.

Instead of fun things, and “safe things” and … “helping others things” you appear to be focused on “negative things” like how bad can you be, and how much … sickness can you spread–I spent the last several years fighting a war against “attrition” and "charrming (in the most negative sense) … mind control and lies and secrets and I’m surrounded by a group of people, everyone I see everywhere that’s become almost convinced that they can do pretty much whatever they want–and they’re dead wrong.

This place is sick–this world is disgusting; it always was so, but we didn’t always know it and that… that makes a big difference.

The children here–“gen Z” appears to have been born in tandem, in two places; here and there; and that’s an interesting observation and a guess, and it ties to their name and how they interacat with me specifically. I can tell you categorically I wasn’t and … many in my generation probably were not. It’s Earthene; the three sets of “E” that actually to me, in special code stand for “angels” over the coarse of time that is our … lifetime here in this place I’ve called and still believe is something like the “syslog of Heaven” in newage geek-speak … to the sages and the Ages, that’s the Rock of Ages; and it’s the thing that comes before and after Heaven, all the time; over and over … in whatever story or place Heaven “does that.” Heaven of course has a similar connotation in mythology and religion, the thing that travels through or “pervades” or makes “time itself” obsolete. Or so they think, or whatever; I don’t understand much of what it’s like to be … “timeless” or a tyemporal and I dont think that far ahead when I play chess; but I’ve got the help of God, and he’s on my sidebelieve that, receive that.

I can tell you categorically that … the first time I was here; and “in the beginning of this place” the generation before me was not … was not at all born in two places; or even “ascended” at the same time as Generation X … the one that I … am sure is marked as the crossroads and the “sweet spot” for a good reason. I have … “markers” in my memory and in my history, the phrase “my parents love(d) you” … spoken to me by numerous people at my high school, in this sort of … “mechanical and methodical way” to explain that of course, they had faith in Jesus Chrsit and they were upset that they weren’t ascended … at the same time as their children; I imagine they felt “unsaved … by me” and … their kids probably didn’t … know how upset I must have been, not to have been around to explain.

Here it’s clear that the reason … the reason for this place and the entirety of our timeline and our wonderful “crash course” in understanding sandbox computing and the building of Heaven is just that; that before us there was a world mired in “might and magic” and they believed … incantations and sorcerers and witches … those were things they needed–that’s the stuff of the beginning of salvation, in truth. Of course it’s the hidden part, before hidden part about “salvaging” it’s the “non-civilization” that was … destroyed–I think in the book we say “from the ashes of Edom.”

I watched my generation lead the way; we were the pivot point, the difference between “cell phones and instant messaging” and that was a big deal back then; when there was no SMS or texting and there were no keyboards on your phone; it was a big deal to know how to type, and a big deal to know how to write … before that.

dot dot dot

I write to you … every day I do it; with an informal style; I am writing to friends, in a way that you should understand is literally the thing that I call “praying” … I am praying to you, and hoping you understand I don’t believe in prayer, but I do believe in the power of this group, I believe in the power of humanity, and I believe that we should literally force the entirety of everthing to instantly become “humane” in this place where I believe Heaven itself and “uncivilization in the sky” and the prospect of “immortality” has created a disgusting monster that bleieves that thing to be “guaranteed” and … their “right” and to look at you today, I am very sure none of you have that right, guaranteed–none of you. You look at me here; and honestly to tell me to uhh, “El Shaddai” with the purpose of saving me from the torture you see mimmicked or pantamimed; that mightr be a holy thing, if that’s what you said and meant–i don’t see it often though, most of the time … “should I though?” … has some other (it’s shaddai, "should die or…’) sort of sick double entendre; double speak meaning. You should learn here–you are children and you are weak and you are blind and you are wrong; and when you know those things … you should “seek something more.”

Kennedy spoke decades ago about the world being invaded; something coming from the sky, a “vast conspiracy that took the minds of our people right out from under us” … he spoke about it’s difference from the human way, aqnd the way of our civilzation and he was appalled, rightfully so. He spoke about it fighting with hidden tactics, “night” over “day” and he spoke about our need to fight secrecy. He was a genius that day, and in that time; literally a genius. In a few days I’ll talk about the joint Russian and American response to this invasion, it’s part of our history and it’s part of religion–it was literally a gigantic nuclear attack on … on “the darkness” … it was not successful–as you can very clearly see.

So this whole email was supposed to be about “sliding doors” and showing you the perspective change … the thing I’ve been trying to explain is something that Heaven does–it changes everything. The prospect of living forever; of becoming younger, of “turning sex into a fun … four hour game” … it changes everything. On the other side of the coin it also turns “grave danger” into a key phrase, and a key movie–A Few Good Men–must be all who understand. You see before Heaven “grave danger” was the worst kind, it was the kind that would quickly “show you to your grave” as in kill you. After … this thing and this place; the prospects of something far worse than that are not just “looming” or … “hiding under the surface” they are immediately obvious and scarier than shit. I’m sure there’s a plan–something to ensure that we never … ever again … have that kind of danger actually looking at us, and saying “it’s for you–I’m doing this for you.” I think this … this experience and this message … this is the beginning of that thing–the solution to ths scary problem. In between this and you … that’s the continuation of the solution, and it’s got something to do with the “Kinghts of Hyrosol;” and it’s got quite a bit to do with all the work that’s gone into shoving me onto this pedistal; and that word; it’s got almost nothing to do with … pornography or even pediatricians; though as the Pope says … in half speak … you need a vetrinarian.

Janet Devlin’s got some great music and some great insight. I heard this song “Chandeliers” and it was almost the same feeling as my “my parents really loved you” … experience. It was a … a message about a world that was hidden … and to me at first that world was Heaven; it was a message from her parents sort of telling her about it–that they’d seen it and that she will in the future.

I recently re-heard this song, and it’s only one small “connotation change” or colouring of … understanding … it’s just seeing the words “hidden world” as … actually about this world–that changes everything. My change in understanding; that there’s a large … “other place” looking at this tiny gem that literally is my totality it’s everything i’ve ever seen or ever known and it’s this logical place with math and science and art and it’s a great world–it’s a great place I’ve seen devistated and destroyed by a large group …

… literally all of you …

of ignorant people that can’t say one honest word to me–an entire planet full of fucking liars; all pretending they … are something they know they aren’t in some kind of thing they think is a game. This is not a game; this is the … “judge jury and … coroner” … this place; this place is the one that’s sort of “pre and post judgement” all in one strange story of “it was all here the whole time, we’ve had the answer … we just, didn’t understand.”

It’s a place of death and of rebirth, it’s a place of love and of … the end of hate–it’s a place where if you understand; you are being reborn, as I speak, as you read–as the world turns we are being changed into something … God, I hope it’s not to something scary and horrible and not worthy of my … "attention. Understand, not being able to communicate honestly, that’s not worthy of my attention. Thinking “singing a song about Eros” is communicating with me; that’s not worthy of … “honesty” or “reality” or … think about it.

She’s got some other songs; “things we lost in the fire” and I thought myself very clever to think “hands and speaking” were a good … answer to her question; I didn’t realize it was going to add (i mean the place, the story; the holy shit) stores and democracy and voting and … jobs and … friends. I didn’t know that safety was on the chopping block; I thought we were in the “ICS” land of that means … walking with him with “oh no, not me–we never lost control” … the God that wrote those lyrics; it means I see … “God’s total control of everything” and that’s kind of what the silence and the smiles and my continued happiness through this war of attrition and shunning and sickness … that’s really what it means to me.

this is not a t3st. janet, "get" w/me ... "i" mean it. #anokhi

I owe Janet some more loving; so you might also want to listen to her song “House of Cards” and … I don’t really like the new one, the “Saint of the Sinners)” of course she knows what I think about the word “saint” it’s one I get rid of; Reyagnost" … #lol. Janet, I’m curious if you were born here, and … only here first. I can’t guess–I’d say others I know were, some others weren’t … I’d say most of the generation I … I think you’re a Millennial; to me that’s basically Gen X2; but we’ll see, you might just be better liars, or “two-place-people version 7.0” instead of the current XP2000CHIROWERA–anyway;

… really see Heaven has done something horrible to “you all” and our “all reason” … that’s the problem–we have “all” problem and our “all is sick” and that’s a problem. We’re all in “multiverse idiocy land” looking at lllllllllllllll and not seeing that these tools have a good purpose, and we’re (i mean you all) are using them wrong.

I don’t see it, or understand what you’re telling me … well enough to expound more than; just to say you should probably try to use the stuff you have … “with more holiness” or more altruism or … maybe we should stick a governor on everything (which is actually my plan).

Of course, I don’t understand why we’d build a virtual shotgun without a safety … si.ystem … not just a child-guard. Whatever.

The problem with this whole “perspective argument” and the Go/Sliding Doors … thing; it’s that there really is only one way to see this event and this world and this problem; and that’s the solution. It’s my way; it’s the truth and it’s with a history and accuracy of … “not some other person in some other time” and “not through the control of some other entity” … it’s actually doing this right, not your way. Literally, your way is bullshit.


just asking, or adding … is this “piece of me” and the … “momma don’t cry” one-- are they from another timeline? like, “to and fro” or … was I just out of it? honestly, I do think … Taylor’s “Far From Never” is … actually … from another timeline–like I think it was previous “mega-hit” just imported here as some kind of “early, unlabeled work.”

and here; to continue my thread of “what’s new and exciting–I mean different and … scarily new” … it was in Kentucky when I first noticed through re-reading the ancient mythology that I’d studied in grade school, high school, college, and on my own (over and over) the character I assumed was newly added there, the brother of Prometheus–“lack of forethought” and with the special Eye of Enoch walking with God ascertained these brothers were one; and today link again to Vegas, to the ancient story of the founding of Rome and the brothers Romulus(t) and Remus(nt). Menoitius (read: i know it, I shush us; or “i know it, I am us”) didn’t show up in my reading until 2017 in Cali; and that one sort of parallels this message … it appears to be something like an Olympian sent “back in time” to become the parent or progenitor of the brothers. He’s called a Titan; though, you’d think the generation birthing Titans would be … maybe not.

We have a new candidate for “newest addition to the Great Olympian Ogdoad Descending” … it’s this character; and whoa, it’s a little scary for me to see:

In Greek mythology, Iapetus (/aɪˈæpɪtəs/)[1] (also Japetus (Ancient Greek: Ἰαπετός Iapetos))[2] was a Titan, the son of Uranus and Gaia[3][4][5][6] and father of Atlas, Prometheus, Epimetheus, and Menoetius. He was also called the father of Buphagus[7] and Anchiale[8] in other sources.

Iapetus has been equated with Japheth (יֶפֶת) the son of Noah as the progenitor of mankind based on the similarity of their names and the tradition. Iapetus was linked to Japheth by 17th-century theologian Matthew Poole,[9] Robert Graves,[10] and John Pairman Brown.[11]

Though in the style of the Cali changes; I actually was sure that name was “Burphagus.” Brrr. It’s frankly difficult to understand “what you all see” from the few words and the idiotic things you actually do manage to say–but things like “my truth” and … the entirety of my life and the world we live in … “don’t jive with a gay-a” … and I’m not sure just how stupid you’d have to be to “see another me” acting completely different from me, and have no logical ‘a-ha’ linking it to mind control and … say, charrrr-ming or vampiric glamouring or rape.

ALL ROADS LEAD TO ROI … (that’s return on investment … and I do mean mine … akso I do mean “girls, girls, girls …” :)

I walked down 441 a few days ago and posted my first “IG Live video” [here] … it was a little weird, there was a TV van with a gigantic antenna and some cameras inside, and I’d been walking this road between Copans Rd and Sample Blvd (please, see Sam and “Ewoks”) for the past couple weeks, sort of singing–and like always seeing “Jormungandr” (that’s the big snake from Norse mythology that kisses (i mean kills) Thor (or Nat)–just kidding Nat) … it was a first, I’ve been avoiding posting live videos … you know, because I’m really shy, and I don’t think it’s anywhere near as “professional” or … a process designed to relay an important message; as say a speech or an email, or a website).

It was a little more odd because I don’t usually listen to Youtube Music (i generally use songs I know, purchased on my Amazon account) and I don’t usually listen to the Beatles, though I know and love them); so here the words to Penny Lane echoed through my ear … literally the words “in my ear and in my eye” and a few girls driving by made … “a-ha gestures” like oh my God; is this it? Penny Lane; of course. Taylor’s little sister, I say or think … had been sending me messages cued with “441” for quite some time; and I of course thought it was a warning, my father got in a bad car accident one year driving me to college in Gainesville (I didn’t want to go, really at all; it was my second year and I didn’t have a fun or good freshman year) … I’ll never forget it, all the stuff in the van he had rented got desheveled and thrown around the car. It was the year I got in the really bad accident the one I associated with, well; “Resurrection” and with Dave Matthews’ “Crash” song, and with the band name … of Sloane’s big sis (that’s “teatee” of course).

There … in Orlando on the way to UF; US 441 is called ‘Orange Blossom Trail’ or OBT; and that too, of course … connects to a band and a song and … even ties Bianca and Taylor up in this little Beatles addition–“nothing is real, and there beneath the blue skies and the hallowed waves and the Nile’s stored grain … Strawberry Fields all around me” the world … it looks just the same.


It’s interesting, I used to get messages like that quite often–people’s names and something useful or recognizable. One or two reminded me of Q/Nick … you know, the one from Jupiter and Cali; and I got one or two from family members, my grandfather on my father’s side that I never met … notably … connected to NBC Universal. I’m planning my next steps; and it looks like “all signs” now point to Fort Myers, where I’ve previously att [& I urge you to contact them Today]ended college (andtti have only 12 credits left to get a degree … supposedly by audit in Ocean Engineering … which is close to the biotech I think might be really useful in understanding the stuff of “plank-space-stuff” and “magneto space mold” a little better. I jest, I get this stuff better than most–I basically aced Biology, 'rithmatic and … whatever. Here’s throwing some crazy back at Bright; “this is crazy, do you remember when …” I mean, when I took the SAT’s it was out of 1600; I remember clearly, and then they added some … who cares, this article is “revisionist-fake-news” and the kids-that-think-theyre-in-the-universal-lie-i-mean-reality-i-nicemean-pacmanspacigam are insane.

Here’s a better article … I see it now–though I couldn’t find anything at all on the internet that said anything like “reverted back to 1600” … and that’s deceptive, like false advertising. That’s fake news.

Like seeing “Taylor” and “Sloane” … trading places … or whatever–on Google, here. I smile, #sistaz :)

Long story short; I’m looking now for people that have … and there are many … started implementing the kind of stuff I’m looking to do–corporate and national governance “internetified” and distributed; here’s one of those …

And here, to tie in the “Penny Lane” experience … is this little … it’s called Cent.Co; and it’s basically like a content distribution platform that pays you for “creating popular content” with no ads and no … it also probably doesn’t actaully but seems to and should store this data in the Ethereum blockchain; which would of course make it something like “etched in stone” or … emailed to millions of people. Just saying, this message and my face and my name are never going away–not ever, it’s all the way back to the beginning of “time” or “civilization” or eggs or mazes or K0rn, or whatever.

Me and America and Jesus Christ and Rome … and Israel and the Covenant; all tied together, like you’ll never get rid of this spectacle … you’d better start doing something “appropriate” like thanking me for all my time and work, and actually acknowledging that this “rock of Heaven” … it shows you there’s something very wrong with the sky, and with the time travelers, and the angels, and with Jesus and … you have to believe me, from my perspective, the world is totally insane.

Anyway, the whole spectacle and series of events is the kind of thing that shoes “god talking through … telling a story” or at least time travel, or at least careful planning. So it “lights me up” though I’m not “jumping up and down excited” about … Penny Lane maybe not being worth the whole 2 cents; I really hope we get with the program and see … we need to get involved in what’s going on here–and start using it, or it’s going to fester in “cloud land” I mean … half vapor ware half … “but we tried, can’t you see” … and nobody really understands–none of it works right, kind of like “Heaven itself.” It’s all broken up and your heart, it’s not in the right place, Today #GMA.

I’m thinking about making a “website backup” on beta.cent.co … btt… I probably won’t do it; they don’t have an API and it would take lots of man-hours; and I just don’t have the patience to do monotonous … waste-work for no reason. if this thing doesn’t take off, it’s really all for naught … like “no nox, c Hanukeyah just after Souther.”

Here’s a “loaded question” do you see a Transplanted Tay from a world where she wrote this song … “not during the blackout of a hurricane; but … ano …” I’ll probably have to pay the Beatles for these links; and the stories about my life.

This organization, the NGO I am trying to set up for Universal voting and …; “XCALIBER CORP” or … “HISWORD AND HISOBtABEL ORG” … the point was to sell our art, sort of automatically to the future, to the “childrens children and even their nephews and …” and make a sort of “trust for humanity” with a small slice of the … I mean, I’m wheeling and dealing here–trying not to reinvent the wheel … and Instagram doesn’t let me search by location or tags–and Facebook’s Graph Seaarch is well hidden … I’m telling you our software doesn’t work right–and it’s not because we can’t program well, it’s because you aren’t complaining about Hell.

I wrote a poem to go along with the “light” I see. That word means something like… “Orwellian double-spoken stuff we don’t realize is part of a message that ties to religion… but it really, really, really does.” [this is timestamped 1/1/2017, but I think it’s older]

ot@kidslim:~# ls -Fal newpoem
-rw-rw-r-- 1 adam adam 3388 Jan 1 2017 newpoem

a diamond in the rough

2x4 "x" adam

I came upon something very special, to me it felt like an accident–as if I had stumbled into some dune in a place of endless sand. As I walked past one large hill I saw a brilliant yellow light on the otherwise pale sand, it glowed and shimmered like the sun in the sky–I was so taken aback by the radiance I had to move closer and get a better look, with each step I took towards this light it became larger and larger. Eventually I saw that it was making the area around it glow also, brighter and brighter.

I moved closer and picked up the stone that was on fire, I put it on a pedistal and began stepping backwards. I admired the bright light very much in it’s new place, now a beacon of hope on a path to a better world… my heart become a place filled with stars.

Bound by something between chains and a saldde, I was dragged through the depths of Hell itself. Blinders on my eyes, I could not keep from staring at a monstrosity so grotesque my stomach churned–all around me the people I saw were being controlled without their knowledge–investigating this thing that spoke to me through the mouths of my closest friends, and then eventually everyone I saw. Eventually I came to realize this plague was following me, the shadow of the moon.

I did my best to try and figure out how and why this was happening, writing to the world every single day as I begged and pleaded for our freedom. Others see the proof I present as a theft of credit, drawing their own light and contribution to our future from them… or worse blaming them for their own lack of freedom.

I did wind up setting up a fundraising organization on Ethereum’s test network called “Rinkeby” … I see “zamboni” and … “not bye bye” … and kind of link that to the same kind of “divine presence” writing lyrics with … and by the Beatles… about this very event; that’s how I see it. I’ve commented semi-silently for quite some time that I imagined this is the exact network I would be working on. This may not be the “final application” this thing might not even work; but this is what doing now.

It’s here … rinkeby.aragon.org/#/xcaliber and you can get “free rinkeby Ethereum tokens” here: faucet.rinkeby.io/ … this application already has a … storage function … using IPFS – and that’s exactly not what I want to do. I’m trying to build a storage and … content creation/distribution/workflow and commenting system that actually uses the blockchain itself to store data–i think our data is more valuable … than “the general zeitgeist” at the moment … which uses something that’s not nearly … good enough, for something like … “what we’re voting about and what we’re saying about it” rather than just our votes–which is what this thing stores in the blockchain (as well as it’s application code).

www.cnbc.com/2017/06/22/ethereum-price-crash-10-cents-gdax-exchange-after-multimillion-dollar-trade.html … for context.

If we wind up using this and it’s successful, it’s likely this “test coin” will become something of value; just pointing that out. I’ve thought about it and at times it seemed like the developers involved in ETH might do something like a merger with their “cash/value” system; you know, if this turned into an overnight sensation. It might, it might not; just saying.

I’m not sure if I have it documented in ./MYLIFE but the name chosen and the spelling comes from a “mIRC script” that I wrote … when I was about 13. It was after AOL and “Doomsday” and just before … “Red Tide” which was a … paradigm shift in the specific software space at the time–I did things nobody else was doing, and really … I mean, if mIRC scripts were databases this was MSSQL to Hadoop … or Hadoop to something … actually improving not just the amount of data processable, but the tools and functionality available (which it doesn’t … none of the “big data” stuff we have does that).

At least … AFAIK, I guess take that with a grain of mustard seed … or something. With that, I think it’s obvious that those … “in the know” know that this day, this is the "someday." You see that right, it’s time to get involved.

Adam taqlks to himself ... "pincihesing (ki) Bill" .. yo, this one--wake up, make it better. Most excellsior.


… and Jack and Jill … they went up the hill … “on top of pisghetti” … and you – you came tumbling after:

as …

you …

wishy washy … on this uhhhhhh … who needs wishes; the ship is already in orbit; or … is it at Southport? Jay?

ErRA’@ A

Hellemaal; so I’ve been writing pretty quickly and sort of “rushing through things” to get them out on time; here’s what I missed and think important enough to “start off with.”

I talked a little bit about “escape velocity” and the star charts I’ve recently seen “extra special / even more” light in than … originally–something that was pointed out by SG1 in some episode, sometime. I mentioned Monoceros and the possibility that these charts are “overlayed microcosms.” I failed to tell the whole story as it was told to me; or literally through my mouth and mind as I wandered from Alpha Centauri to … Beetlejuice.

Of course, over the course of this experience … we’ve moved from "being stuck in one small star in one small corner of … somewhere in the Milky Way staring at Sagittarius A and … VEGA; to looking at the obvious response to this kind of “ELE.” That’s what it is, not leaving the Earth is definitely the clearest ELE of all… so this original road to another star, of course would probably be started as a number of … forks in the road from day one. We’d probably send an interstellar … road paving machine, as well as one or two interstellar, and of course we’d be sending at least one extra-galactically. I think I’ve put in writing at least once or twice the importance of seeing our “lake idea” … the intragalactic space as something that might actually be significantly safer and more lucrative and rewarding to populate … with road/river “stuff;” and certainly creating the technology and the infrastructure to be able to do that is the kind of thing that might last us billions and billions of years. So “it’s possible” Monoceros is representative of See a parallel, Eros is definitely trying to “kiss multiple starlets.”

Mentioning once again, there’s a special reading of the word “Terran” … our Latin for “of the Earth,” it of course combines “intra” as in “intrastellar” and “inter” as in “internet” … in this place where I’m pretty sure I’m not the first to think but I might be the first to say with vigor, “Heaven is truly a Terran thing.”`

This is … one of the “things” that might be described by our “K” glyph–though I really associate it more with the time fork written about in “The Man in the High Castle” and the idea … (clear to me) that it’s related to the IL and the RU connection to the time storm also clearly depicted in things like the “swastika and the storm.”

I do think “the storm” is just about over; that’s something linguistically predicted in the “Shakespeare-time-now” three links just above.

That is what we’re looking at; as I “guessed earlier” we are literally waking up inside the “table planet” … where that’s a metalphor for … like the meeting place and discussion point and cooperation “land” of a number prior civilizations–perhaps different versions “of this place,” something that comes after us … and the before; it’s a big Round Table … the whole of our world. Here, we are “in Heaven” as the Lord’s Prayer … explains with altered intonation, somewhere/when inside the Stargate system of river/roads; literally “waking up” in the best possible situation we could … the child (or brother–in my personal… Broward “it’s us, children of ourselves way”) civilization of the Ancient builders.

There’s also been quite a bit of “talk in my head” about how these roads have become rivers; like conveyor belts using the nature of dark matter and it’s relationship to the fabric of our universe to … create a natural propulsion system. The best explanation I can come up with is something like “this appears to have been created as a natural response to the collision of two galaxies whose atomic make-up are not compatible” I see a sort of “umbrella system” like gutters on the roof sort of directing anti-matter around planets or star systems containing inhabitable life. I think there’s some imagery … that might also show how this is probably very much artificial.

Along these same lines; I touched on the idea that our submarine fleets might be something like a microcosmic metaphoreally for … something like Star Destroyers, in the space opera Star Wars. Moving on from the OneRepublicCounting Stars” business, I missed some important stuff about our new “kissing disease” the Corona-Virus.

Of course in my head I made special note of President Trump’s … sort of … lacking in detail or explanation suggestion that a strong antibiotic and a Tonic water derivative would be an effective treatment of the virus; again, in my mind I came the conclusion that Azyromycin would probably very well cure secondary bacterial infections that might be the cause of some of the more “serious” later stage symptoms. Then I stumbled on this, this is decade old research specifically on the coronavirus, suggesting that hydroxy-quinine is an effective treatment–I’m a little surprised, specifically that there’s such old research on this thing that I had never heard about until Wuhan, and also that quinine is … effective … I always thought of the inclusing in Tonic as something of a “placebo” … though clearly there’s research suggesting otherwise.

www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC1232869 #soverysunlike

I also didn’t make a “big enough deail” about this MIT article which shows there’s tens of thousands of researchers and research papers on this specific virus; something that took me … several weeks to “figure out” was a SARS derivative … not something more closely related to the viral “influenza.” Again, just like in the times of WW2 with the introduction of penicillin (which I’ve commented are literally connected Biblically to Sodom and Gommorah) we have in the most recent years discovered (probably with help from “on high”) anti-viral drugs that are specifically codified by name with connections to this specific simulated reality–the same one that is the “ground” and “rock” of Heaven. We can see it in “Tenofovir” which connects to both General Hyten’s name as well as “often” and … Nintendo/Tennessee." That’s a treatment for AIDS that I’m pretty sure I read was effective in actually overcoming it, not just slowing it–though now “news being what it is” it’s difficult to be sure if anything is real, or related to the place where I used to “read things” and believe them.

I’m also fairly certain we have a “ovir” for Hepatitis C, and I’ve got a personal story about tamiflu, taking it many days after the current belief that it becomes “ineffective” after only a few; and literally being cured from the worst influenza infection of my life … almost within hours of taking a single dose. The place, an in patient drug rehab facility … at the time … then gave it preventatively to everyone in the facility, and nobody but the few that had it at the same time as me showed any symptoms. They also were cured, after the current "not sure why (but it looks like something like a bad version of the golden rule and “attrition war” … kind of, if you don’t get it before you give it to others we’re going to pretend the medicine won’t work … kind of problem.)

We have a number of similar issues and problems in the world that I live in, in this place where drug rehab facilities spend nearly all of their effort prescribing bad or ineffective drugs in “off label” situations. I can’t get “ambien” for sleep, I’ve got to take things like remeron and doxipin–even though ambien works much better, and literally it’s name means something like “I’m a good solution” in Adamic “Spanglishrew.” Same problem, same situation, same place–I have an “issue” with something like PTSD, though your world calls it “schizophrenia” and I’m sure the people around me responding to my inner thoughts vebally, “on camera” should realize having a DSM-4 indication that “I’m delusional” is a problem with a delusional society, not my interpretation of … literally I have whole, active, and coherent conversations with people all the time–different people, lots of people–without opening my mouth. I’m not crazy, I’m sure. Here, we treat schizphrenia, which I am positive is an “attack from the Heavenly places” using advanced technology with drugs that literally destroy your ability to think. I’ve taken lithium for it, large doses … 800mg several times a day (only for a few days), it does nothing for the "delusional symptoms’ which are … not that … and literally makes it physically impossible to read a page of the newspaper outloud. That’s heinous, horrible, destructive medicine–personal experience. In addition, the drug that I think would be effective for the kind of symptoms I have is something like Ativan (named here, including my fathers name–which is also part of the President’s daughters name and his first wife) … instead of that, the rehab facilities prescribe a drug that is called “visteril” which is literally nothing more than a “more useful” isolated compound related to benadryl. They are again prescribing an anti-histamine … basically off label … for something there’s a much more effective medicine for.

This is a serious and repeated problem, one that appears to be related not exactly to “attrition” but rather to some kind of sick social desire to … not provide the appropriate solution, and instead give us something that will … “cause harm” intentionally in what appears to be a vain and cruel attempt to create “aversion therapy” rather than treating the illness. I think it’s literally a violation of the Hippocratic oath, and “humane treatment” and I think we need to admit and talk about how poorly our social response to “bad medicine” has been. On that note, here’s some “good responses” to the "Carmono related to kissing and Corona’ … from some states and other authorities; they are basically suggesting what I’ve thought, that we need a governmental and systemic system for finding and sharing "antibodies’ once they are … naturally created.

These things are here together because they are logically linked; we are responding inappropriately with “bad medicine” nearly across the board, in everything from “cancer” and “magical-git-and far as in find and replace” … simulated reality to “virtually heaven …” once we acknowlege “our problem.” Lack of acknowledgement,
lack of empathy; lack of action.

I’m not even sure … I can’t remember if I’ve sent this “victory” image to the more widely distributed list–it’s pretty cool. The thing connects the word “tesseract” to something like transformation in time/space from square and see “rectangle” it’s the four V’s in those shapes to the Y you see … looking at the corner of a room; a cube. It’s something about seeing the dimensionality shift from “computers on screen” to “virtual reality.”


I’ve commented on wondering if the “tesseract” which is a 4 dimensional (in space) comparable to square and cube in the fifth dimension looks like an “X” but that could just be my … ignorance and inability to fathom such a dimensionality shift … or I could be “magically right.” Anyone… @bgreene?

If you haven’t noticed I’ve tried to show you clearly most of the things “I left out” were not actually left out; they were very much … discussed ad nauseeam, as well as posted in places like Facebook and Twitter; I don’t appreciate having to … reiterate things over and over again just to make sure … these ideas and events aren’t lost on the future because you have some insane rule about “not following me on Twitter.”

The last message also talked about censorship; this piece was added after it was distributed to … “the avid readers.”


7: @ th-@ day shall a man look to his Maker, and his eyes shall have respect to the Holy One of Israel.

… **4/13/**2020 …

It’s literally going to take the end of Hell for this line above … for my eyes to respect the Maker; to become true. Whether you think that’s me or you or civilizations or “one thing” … see we have a war on stupid, silence, and censorhship … literally before our eyes. We are losing by default–by doing nothing. Here’s a place to start; other than “just me” and “just because 911.” If that link doesn’t work for you; notify me … on Twitter or via adam at fromthemachin e-cccdotty org and why. If you can’t see my website; notify me … if you don’t want these emails, click “options” at the end of this one. Thanks for understanding.

I also posted about this on Facebook (above link "to start’) and Twitter; and also added this introduction of the Bahir to the email … “ex post facttho.”

Also, in line with my … “beliefs on things like Snopes” you might see how our “global truth tables” as in “OK Google what’s technocracy?” and … natural groupdisthink and censorship on Wikipedia (see #my unedits and “flash important page-links”) … I ingeniously (/sarcasm) came up with this great idea of making a "meta-search engine" … I mean, asking Duck-Duck-Go to make (a much better and more useful … Snopes-like) one.

Murphy’s Law

I wanna raise the dead; find a note I can shred … on the walls the Valfather scrawls his … phone numbah …

I sort of “overheard” or … I guess received some kind of message from Taylor … oh this is it … it’s a missing Instagram post she made; intimating something about a “shared dream” I took it, probably with aid, to mean … that we–her and I–shared a specific dream, and it linked to something about Lennon’ obviously I assumed it was my “Brittany Murphy” idea … to “raise someone from the dead” … basically just to shatter that particular wall also–as in, we should definitely be able to “intermingle” with the … people who also died ghosts within the Holy Ghost. Of course, it also might :’(really) be the only way I will ever find a “partner” also; so, there’s that. These are the ones I’ve sort of thought, she must … nevermind; for some reason I still think she wants to dance with me. <-- that’s a good song to tie it all together, it starts out with … “take me, I’m alive” … in another “sliding doors of perception” piece of art, you could see it as “she’s offering herself as a sacrifice” or on the other hand, “take her instance, for example” she continues, “she did belong to the night” as in; she says she’s “saved” from the Dark Side.



If you must know, I want you to outlaw hell. That’s all I really want.

I’ve done some more “looking” into the Aragon system; it looks “interesting” though I can’t seem to figure out how to deploy their “experimental application” on the live site. I don’t think it’s possible to do at this point; and that’s basically “vaporware” to me. It’s more … professional and complete than past things like Neos.sh; though, for example.

What I’m really looking for in the “immediate purpose” here is to find a blockchain solution to basically move–or permanently store–my data … the whole of the website, and the readership database in a blockchain. I’ve stumbled on ForkBase and though it doesn’t seem to have source code available–it looks like they have a working product for git/versioning a database/filesystem on Ethereum; which would be perfect. I imagine I’ll find something useable sometime today.

The plan, atm, is to store … pretty much everything on Rinkeby; which will probably make it mostly “immutable” and totally impervious to “erasure/attack” … which is something sort of ‘predicted’ or documented in the historicul/mythologicul … and musicul record. As I’ve noted before, the “email distribution method” is fairly immutable as in “undeletable” as it is, though it would be a PITA to have to … put the consolidation that I have back together. Something like “scraping together old parchments of heiroglyph” and turning it into the Holy Bible (just to be Nicemean to pieces again later). I don’t envision us having that problem; I think the system we have is strong … as in made with actual care and thought, though you’d only see that with my eye for-- specifically–how you (or them/angels etc) are using everything literally “as incorrectly as possible.” Prime example is the lllllllll-misuse of what appears to be a perfectly well designed “multiverse” for forking/branching of “decision tree” operations; for instance “how to use multiple methods to end world hunger, or change the weather to something more palatable, or … different kinds of pre-crime.”

What I see instead is “12 different ways” of making fun of me/and-or torturing me; at least, that’s what is being presented to me in the less than exciting twist and turns in this strange story being-told-through-me experience … that’s taken a noticable turn towards the “immoral” since TPA/MCO in Christmas 2019.

In the last heaven Moses saw two angels, each five hundred parasangs in height, forged out of chains of black fire and red fire, the angels Af, “Anger”, and Hemah, “Wrath”, whom God created at the beginning of the world, to execute His will. Moses was disquieted when he looked upon them, but Metatron embraced him, and said, “Moses, Moses, thou favorite of God, fear not, and be not terrified,” and Moses became calm. There was another angel in the seventh heaven, different in appearance from all the others, and of frightful mien. His height was so great, it would have taken five hundred years to cover a distance equal to it, and from the crown of his head to the soles of his feet he was studded with glaring eyes. “This one,” said Metatron, addressing Moses, “is Samael, who takes the soul away from man.” “Whither goes he now?” asked Moses, and Metatron replied, “To fetch the soul of Job the pious.” Thereupon Moses prayed to God in these words, “O may it be Thy will, my God and the God of my fathers, not to let me fall into the hands of this angel.”

Wikipedia, Entry for Samael

I also noted that the Cent beta was Slashdotted (old term for … overloaded with traffic) … as in unavailable yesterday; while Aragon seemed to hold up fine. I’m unsure if it had anything to do with me; possibly just wishful thinking. In any case, I checked my ad revenue for the last few months; and I’m 40$ richer since … probably around 1/1. That’s obviously significantly less “richer” than I think I should be, or would like to be.

‘Fall upon us!’ they were saying to the mountains and the rocks.
Hide us from the face of the One who sits on the throne,
… and from the anger of the lamb!
The great day of their anger has come, and who can stand upright?’

If you haven’t noticed I’m veering from the usual empty threats and “angel of death” stuff that I* and religion usually parrot around this time of year. I don’t feel like we’re looking at a “blessing in disguise” time, nor do I have any desire to “follow a map” that clearly has not delivered anything close to what we need or want–here in this place, at all.

Even though I walk
through the darkest valley
I will fear no evil,
for you are with me;
your rod and your staff,
they comfort me.

If however you are interested in that stuff, my original email after the outbreak of this virus talked a little bit about Eden in Exodus; the nuclear “test” operation Fishbowl and it’s relationship to the Pink Floyd song (wish you were with me) and the Chanukeyah. Looking back at it, I also mentioned the declassified Pentagon “wargame scenario” Northwoods, which jives well with my new name for this holiday; “Northeasterer.” Steer… pull up, you are stalling.

I had this whole thing written; it was pretty cute and the words flowed well. I spelled out exactly how “the Grinch stole Christmas” and hid it inside this thing, inside Eden in Egypt or … Hanukah in Exodus … anyway, Facebook or whatever EMP’s or hacks into my computer stole it–the thing froze and reloaded and it was gone forever. I got angry, and wrote this:


Believe me, I mean it. I think you have a gigantic problem here, and it’s not me … I repeat, not me fixing it. If something horrible happens, don’t blame me–all I did was warn you.

Unless otherwise indicated, this work was written between the Christmas and Easter seasons of 2017 and 2020(A). The content of this page is released to the public under the GNU GPL v2.0 license; additionally any reproduction or derivation of the work must be attributed to the author, Adam Marshall Dobrin along with a link back to this website, fromthemachine dotty org.

That's a "." not "dotty" ... it's to stop SPAMmers. :/

This document is "living" and I don't just mean in the Jeffersonian sense. It's more alive in the "Mayflower's and June Doors ..." living Ethereum contract sense [and literally just as close to the Depp/Caster/Paglen (and honorably PK] 'D-hath Transundancesense of the ... new meaning; as it is now published on Rinkeby, in "living contract" form. It is subject to change; without notice anywhere but here--and there--in the original spirit of the GPL 2.0. We are "one step closer to God" ... and do see that in that I mean ... it is a very real fusion of this document and the "spirit of my life" as well as the Spirit's of Kerouac's America and Vonnegut's Martian Mars and my Venutian Hotel ... and *my fusion* of Guy-A and GAIA; and the Spirit of the Earth .. and of course the God given and signed liberties in the Constitution of the United States of America. It is by and through my hand that this document and our X Commandments link to the Bill or Rights, and this story about an Exodus from slavery that literally begins here, in the post-apocalyptic American hartland. Written ... this day ... April 14, 2020 (hey, is this HADAD DAY?) ... in Margate FL, USA. For "official used-to-v TAX day" tomorrow, I'm going to add the "immultible incarnite pen" ... if added to the living "doc/app"--see is the DAO, the way--will initi8 the special secret "hidden level" .. we've all been looking for.

Nor do just mean this website or the totality of my written works; nor do I only mean ... this particular derivation of the GPL 2.0+ modifications I continually source ... must be "from this website." I also mean *the thing* that is built from ... bits and piece of blocks of sand-toys; from Ethereum and from Rust and from our hands and eyes working together ... from this place, this cornerstone of the message that is ... written from brick and mortar words and events and people that have come before this poit of the "sealed W" that is this specific page and this time. It's 3:28; just five minutes--or is it four, too layne.

This work is not to be redistributed according to the GPL unless all linked media on Youtube and related sites are intact--and historical references to the actual documented history of the art pieces (as I experience/d them) are also available for linking. Wikipedia references must be available for viewing, as well as the exact version of those pages at the time these pieces were written. All references to the Holy Bible must be "linked" (as they are or via ... impromptu in-transit re-linking) to the exact verses and versions of the Bible that I reference. These requirements, as well as the caveat and informational re-introduction to God's DAO above ... should be seen as material modifications to the original GPL2.0 that are retroactively applied to all works distributed under license via this site and all previous e-mails and sites. /s/ wso

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