En Pursuit of Happiness
How Jesus Christ and Rock'n Roll save every single soul.

The continuing story of my attempt to bright light to the world. A log of the difficulties I've had, and how they might relate to the message itself--along with some insight that I have gleaned from the experience of receiving this Revelation. While the work you are looking at is filled with what I see as clear evidence of the fulfillment of messianic prophesy, the main goal of LAMC.LA was to deliver to the world a new way of looking at religion, one which could be used to seek out the true wisdom and guidance of religion for oneself.

En Pursuit of Happiness on the other hand, discusses my own hopes and dreams, and to explain how they have changed throughout my interactions with the ... beyond.

The Matchbox
The e-mails that circled the globe, opening the doorway to the future.

Older works Lit and Why, hot&y;, and From Adam to Mary are also available.

The Encl

God is superstitious, he doesn’t like the number 9, or the word end. Asherah he asks? Ha’meforash. is God’s reply. Thats the name of his “girlfriend,” in ancient Hebrew religions, and its a question… “Ash or All Humanity?” Who to save, right in his name. The holy name, Ha’me-for-ash. (for those of you that don’t get the “Ha” it’s saying he’s not for burning the universe (he created) to ash.)

Saving the universe is the purpose of religion, and God’s plan is to make angels of us. Angels born in the fire of Hell. This Hell is a storm of time travel that has caused us to relive our lives… at least 2 times, but probably many more, if you know me.

I am the living vine.

Vine and tree references, like The Tree of Knowledge and The Tree of Life are references to a computer metaphor. A decision tree, and this is what I believe the multiverse that quantum theorists are trying to explain is. Not a construct of nature, but a design to save the Universe, a tool built to create branches in time, based on things we do.

Quantum theory, actually, yields some serious Light on whether or not we are in this place I am describing. The idea of wave function collapse makes absolutely no sense… in reality. In Heaven it makes much more, it is a way to lessen processing power, not rending things that are not being observed by a conscious person. All the way back at the big bang, perhaps proof our Universe is designed to cater to consciousness. Sacred consciousness.

The Lamda, an upside down Y

The Creator’s Light

d = c + l, our glyphs, the letters of the Latin alphabet contain hidden messages.

This one is special, because it explains the domain that this book is located at, I’ve broken the code, and the Greek letter Lamda, which is part of an “N.” It’s an N to darkness, and an awakening to seeing that our languages, and letters, are designed with intelligent and hidden meaning. Like ancient Heiroglyphs, our letters teach a path… and the N is the new J.

C” the Light. “d” is for darkness, a hidden truth.

I’m El (c the l in K), that’s a name for the Jewish creator deity also. Well, I’m using his name for right now. I hear he looks just like me. C the K of Clark Kent, it’s pointing to L too. Now, C the Y on the cross, a “t”. Letters all have meaning. Lots of secret Biblical meaning.

What goes up, must come down says Isaac, New to N, and this historical story parallels Eden, and the rise and fall of Adam. And humanity. Back up, the new N says, once we’ve hit rock bottom.. I mean, “reality.”

J is for going back in time, and bringing everyone to Heaven.

On the coordinate plane, the one explained by Yeast, and Jesus, place a J right in the middle, and it’s a map… one that explains how to get to salvation, if you are “Us,” I mean J is Us, Jesus. We might be right in the middle of that J, right before the curve towards Heaven.

Till Death Do us Part

Heaven of Pews, Heaven of Twos Build it.


venus clothed in the sun

R I B To Be or not to B

Shadow reading book


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