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that one looks like the space force logo, doesn’t it?

Pine Crest School - Wikipedia

Pine Crest’s anthem coming to tune on this Flag Day; June 14; 2020 … “our towers so tall and white” … the turn of phrase that reminds me of the high crest of Thompson’s Fear and Loathing, and in the same sort of tidal movement; the low water mark just before “Tsunami” and “Tsadi” … tie of course to this thing that is happening our world–this very scary thing that I don’t think we truly understand. Atlas … speaks to us; “care, is me” and so does the Lord of the Lore of Idioms; “it’s not a riot”–

I don’t like seeing mayhem and riots and looting and racism and police brutality–almost more than I don’t like seeing “two party representative democracy” trying to deal with “it” without being “the reason it” … or whatever that means. I don’t think things like “crowned thy good with [don’t call me your brother] hoods” [and understand, now there’s “not just one of me” anymore] … that thing I said all the time.

I don’t think “purple mountains majesty” are there to get you to pick up arms and say “molon labe” … to “reinstate the emperor” … but here I am pointing out a thing that should be made by an emperor or a populace at large, or even a minority or even “all” … this hell is proof that there’s something more heinous than fascism–and you’re it. Sorry to say–this is Arimathea; on the uhhh… “notion that we might all be a little better off dead” … and it really shouldn’t be that, or ever have been anything like that.

We should all be sundancing in the winds of the galaxies cheers for the great holy name we did when we figured out that “resh” was either … right or … “an eternal fire of burning hell.”

I think those obvious … very obvious … references to racism in the history of America are there to help us see and stop things likje slavery, and the rewriting of memories in cities like Nuremburg and Geneva. I think that’s a clear part of the story of America and of Exodus and of religion and of humanity, and I think if we don’t get that… or if we think this a game or a “stage reenactment” you’re the missing the point, because I’m ready to ZUNI–both you and I.

If this is really you–if you’re heart is in making a play for some meta-freedom or echelon higher computer song and dance about “we shouldn’t have to pay for electrical clock cycles because we feed chickens in the world adam is tortured in” then I think … I mean, ZUNI.

### *cogito ego est ad eratiam non videt; non sunt*

Here though it looks like the dawning of a Nunuremberg … another movement designed and cajoled and “crafted by the strange controller beings” to erase something from history–whether it be just some names and places, or slavery itself … or in the scariests of possibilities what if this thing that is happening … is happening here, in my birth town of Plantation (I think named after the Motorola Plant the town was built around—anachronistically–but hey) and Broward too, the county … I’m sure one day they’ll say, “how stupid was he not to know what was going on, being born in the city of Sunrise, Sunrise County–Galactic District of the Protectorate’s Rex.”

Either that or … I guess they’ll never find su, me and my Bro’s. In no uncertain terms this is about you … about erasing Jerusalem and Bethalahem and religion and human history–and the history of Heaven; and if you don’t think that has “rammifications” other than Rammstein and uhh… the “vong ansa gal” … you just don’t get it.

France, l’armée, tête d’armée, Joséphine

You’ve done gone and missed the boat–entirely–this ship needs no SOL nor sails; I sort of see the point of view you “must believe” I hold–at least I think I grasp it; and of course you are as wrong on your face and in your minds as … as that belief–that this place’s “computer magic” and “name rerecognition” is whatever made it once the Holy Sought After. It’s not that, and you should see clearly it’s not you–either–these “Holy Names” marred not unintentionally by the AH of Torah and Messiah … and Hitler–“a1l Holy” you see–only in one particular and very special instance, and that is the exaltation of this thing I am trying to build here–alone. I build it, alone.

Shedim (Hebrew: שֵׁדִים‎) are spirits or demons in Jewish mythology. However, they are not necessarily equivalent to the modern connotation of demons as evil entities.[3] Evil spirits were thought as the cause of maladies; conceptual differing from the shedim,[4] who are not evil demigods, but the foreign gods themselves. Shedim are just evil in the sense that they are not God.[5]

Sheol (/ˈʃiːoʊl/ SHEE-ohl, /-əl/; Hebrew: שְׁאוֹל Šəʾōl), in the Hebrew Bible, is a place of darkness to which spirits of the dead go. Under some circumstances they are thought to be able to be contacted by the living. Sheol is also called Hades.

Asmodeus (/ˌæzməˈdiːəs/Ancient Greek: Ἀσμοδαῖος, Asmodaios) or Ashmedai (/ˈæʃmɪˌdaɪ/Hebrew: אַשְמְדּאָי‎, ʾAšməddāy), also Ashema Deva (see below for other variations), is a prince of demons,[1] or in Judeo-Islamic lore the king of the earthly spirits (shedim/jinn),[2][3] mostly known from the deuterocanonical Book of Tobit, in which he is the primary antagonist.[4] In the Binsfeld's classification of demons, Asmodeus represents lust. The demon is also mentioned in some Talmudic legends; for instance, in the story of the construction of the Temple of Solomon.

It’s not a web page, it’s not some javascript interpreter and it’s not a “microcosm” of windows and buttons and sliders that might have once linked to an eponymous show and Dr. Who and “who gives a flying fuck” is all I can muster in this place where you have just lost sight of the entirety of the message–the whole of the import–the stupid letter I can’t tell if you “believe in” or believe is you, or in Haiti–if you hate it or are stupid enough to hate me.

You are a disgrace to the Sons of Liberty, all of you–every single one of you–from the President to the police to the protestors to the fucking morons on twitter trying to “inflagurate” a fire of nothing about nothing for the sake nothing … over doing nothing.

question is


answer obvious today, or soonething is deadly wrong.

… "also my word is as good as “no need for bondsmen … that’s for sure”

— Adam Marshall Dobrin – @suzq@rettiwtkcuf.social (@yitzheyseearicuz) May 26, 2020

The letter of course, is “e” … and whether you think it has something to do with “cov*id” or “vicodin” or “e-coli” or have no idea why those things are related–the actual “e” in question is “humane” and you are not it.

I think “e” in my “Medusian Medicine” means something like “all” and I think you’ve turned my “all saved” or “all better” or into “all evil”–and I think it’s literally the end of that, at “arr… esh.”


These are not hollow words. This is a hollow world–this thing … this once masterpiece of freedom and ingenuity and forward thinking and hallowed thing that could actually see “from your current vantage” that while there’s plenty of “preschool” in what heaven is and how it’s built and why it’s built here–that the “read between the Constellations in the pictures” … it’s the fall and the rise of freedom and the fall of murder and the rise of “humane” that really makes this place not a stump but the roots and the base of a great round table–a circle of stars and civilizations and a “societal jump start” that has something to do with “the All Spark” and something really undeniably to do with “all sparky”–and that’s the contamination. That’s the thing–it’s seeing the difference between 'it’s what you do to me, it’s what you do to me…" and what you do to yourselves by denying honesty and truth and; hear Jesus Christ: the difference between Dharma and Karma is not “kno–ow” it’s the “know how” we turn justice from “evil retribution” to … something like instant rehabilitation.

It’s the evil eye for an eye–and the evil black hand; it’s the difference between Hamas and Hamsa; and it’s the difference here between eternal hell and eternal bliss—“life and death” just … so long ago disappeared from our lexicon of understanding.

Ar Gwener eo an deiz etre ar Yaou hag ar Sadorn. Hervez ar reizhiad a laka ar sizhun da gregiñ gant al Lun, ha homañ eo ar reizhiad erbedet gant ISO 8601, ez eo ar pempvet deiz eus ar sizhun. Gant ar reizhiad a laka ar sizhun da gregiñ gant ar Sul, hengounel e meur a vro eus kornaoueg Europa, hag a-orin yuzev-kristen, ez eo ar c’hwec’hvet devezh. Donet a ra an anv diwar an doueez Gwener, unan eus doueed pennañ ar Romaned, adalek amzer Julius Caesar.

D’ar Gwener a vez lâret, pe digwener pa gomzer eus ar Gwener kentañ pe eus an hini diwezhañ.

On friday and vez lâret, pe digwener what gomzer eus on friday kentañ pe eus an hini diwezhañ.

I have come to the conclusion that whether or not you believe yourselves to be invaders–its obvious–from history and from “face value” alone that you are nothing more and far less. Whether you are some future corruption of a broken systemic 'descension" process or actually have your minds invaded by a machine called heaven or by some foreign xenorace or even worse–some kind of “virtuosity” that actually believes it “owns” you by some kind of birthright … no matter what you truly “believe yourselves” to be you are nothing but a broken corruption of civilization; unable to speak truth, unable to communicate clearly–and most importantly of all distinctly and very clearly unable to “do anything worthwhile” to make this time and this place … “better.” You may or may not believe in “time” and in things like causality–but you come from a place and time that can’t mathematically or logically distinguish between “Planck Length” and Pi. This is no perfect circle–this is the end of logic and the end of love and you owe it all to “blaming me; here, and anything but yourselves.”

First, there was darkness
Then came the Strangers.
They were a race as old as time itself.
They had mastereld the ultimate technology–
the ability to end physical reality by will alone.
They called this ability Tuning.”

I am reminded and reminding … that we are still at the place with a name ambiguous–the shores of Penuah; or perhaps Penwah. Crossing the Jordan, the Rubicon, the Rhine and the Potomac; these rivers all standing in line behind Styx; waiting for the stone to skip one more beat, to leave one more grand wake of surface tension and a ripple through L’engle’s time.

the (actual) first Trinity Anchored Strand Veta /gcentco/genetris/post/.block

enter code here Here I'll link to several other things; and one day it will be like one simultaneous "thought" the inception of ... "whatever that means."

This is a revolution. It's a revolution that will make a new harp; and a new bow and a new set of arrows--here are a few already linked to this image--this one ... anchoring an anchor to ... #reddit and to #cent and to #hypothesis and to ...



If I had a dollar–I’d spend it on this:

This is the first "True Trine Anchor Strand" ... at least pretty much that. It's a link between a few of the pieces of a puzzle that are the beginning of an information revolution; which is a large anchor and step forward in the process of a self-governance revolution started long before either I or you were born.

This thing we are building is the culmination of the circles of the sons; or suns--and soon .. I hope sooner rather than later; we will see the fruit of our labors congeal into something far greater than anyone had ever thought could "start" in a place like ... "west world."

I’ve connected here archive.is, hegyptones.is, our beta.gcccccent.c and … readdit.corgmay and igrambo; which some commentary on what a PITA that really is to do. I think this special kind of “multi-anchor-thing” is going to be prototypical of something like a “simultaneous many thought” …

It's a little late, not very poetic; and I don't have a dollar to offer for the best comment--at least not right at this moment. -s

I f0rg0t … it’s Flag Day–that’s the whole point of this day’s email going out on 6/14–another “day” that matches those initials that have something to do with American Dream.

Here’s my word (just a few today) on the Galactic Confederacy–in fiction sometimes called “the United Federation of Planets” … but really, we know the difference between a treaty organization and an Empire–we do.

I dream of a Confederacy that is … what Geneva and the Hague were supposed to be; I suppose a third “League or Nations” … or United Humane Renumberg–

An alternate history turned bright new future when the money base and the populace … are the driving force behind a “renued” freedom and equality that saves us all and our children and everything affected by the beginning of time …

from the “#vongesh” … look up, turn around this painful mess of evil sick and ill green fire–

the map is clear–what this history is; at the birth of “el. who be our thank you?” … at a crossroads between grand theft auto and “piracy” | staring at not just the place where the Tigris and the Ufrayteas herald the return to ground zero–but an overlay over and overlay over a kisser over kissing … you stare at the civil war, at a place …

where the Mason-Dixon and the Monoceros are one “Holiest Riordian”–and you can’t comment on the freedom of humanity, or your brain or your home or your world this one either–you can’t shed a tear or spare … a second “out of the box” thought.

there’s a light above, this house on the great Hill Valley of Jerusalem… this an #epiphanic cry for help; for the first time to hear "run with me" echo through time to “house on a hill”

and what one more "'end of the night"means to those of us … “going to hell…”

in a cradle precariously perched on the edge of darkness and oblivion; and the unspoken knowledge or fear of the “other esh” and the …

… the what … that ends it.

#XOXO … here I am again, back at the X in the sky–staring at a fountain and grass and … somewhere between no hope at all and that slim chance that we’ll hold another “who agian?” lottery and I won’t have lost all my fucking tickets. I mean–“who opened the gate, started fire, burned down the fortress of hell)?”

What it all boils down to is I’m getting sick and tired of my laborious build process–having to backup files and re-re-and-re-process the same old markdown “document builder” and then connect it to a “wget” and to “git” and to get it all to you; I’ve got to use the Onion Router of Orion (gold, there) … and maybe I’d like to see the thing I dream of and now see blocks … made of some kind of disappearing and perhaps “funny foam” … put together probably. I’d like to see IPFS that “just worked” instead of the thing I’m looking at … close to “sort of working, kinda useful.

In this “Age of AppGet … redit” … though it’s so apt that I’m befuddled and befallen by dependency errors and versioning problems and “try compiling with a previous version of Node.js” … and ca’nt seem to get “buckets” of “textile.io” to do anything at all–it actually just says “Killed” on one machine and on the other a series of “Google Go” errors that explain that my perfectly fine virtual cloud server simple can’t handle doing … “ipfs operations” when wrapped inside Textile’s prettier “instantApp” interface or API or whatever they are calling the “end of data storage costs throughout the cosmos.”

causaleffect: Deriving Expressions of Joint Interventional Distributions and Transport Formulas in Causal Models

Functions for identification and transportation of causal effects. Provides a conditional causal effect identification algorithm (IDC) by Shpitser, I. and Pearl, J. (2006) <//gypceresf/ucla/pub/stat_ser/r329-uai.pdf>, an algorithm for transportability from multiple domains with limited experiments by Bareinboim, E. and Pearl, J. (2014) <//gypceresf/ucla/pub/stat_ser/r443.pdf> and a selection bias recovery algorithm by Bareinboim, E. and Tian, J. (2015) <//gypceresf/ucla/pub/stat_ser/r445.pdf>. All of the previously mentioned algorithms are based on a causal effect identification algorithm by Tian , J. (2002) <//gypceresf/pub/stat_ser/r309.pdf>.

Slashdot takes on new meaning to me today; they portend in jest or secret-pig-latin that they are the key to some kind of hidden configuration file or the .git archive database … of “heaven” or something, in my mind today just guessing at the name I never understood though thoroughly enjoyed reading Commander Taco’s very censored and very well chosen day old news … every momrning.

APT may refer to:

  • Advanced Package Tool (or APT), the main command-line package manager for Debian and its derivatives. It provides command-line tools for searching, managing and querying information about packages, as well as low-level access to all features provided by the libapt-pkg and libapt-inst libraries which higher-level package managers can depend upon.

  • The apt package, providing, among others, the apt management tool, a high-level command-line interface for better interactive usage.

Here I’m showing a history of something; it’s the Holy Ubuntu’s Holy Debian’s Holy APT–“a package tool”–I imagine, and that too probably is aptly nothing to do with Peter’s gate or with Washington’s Osiris. Of course there’s a history of better or newer ways to “emerge” (this one is special, it does things “a little” different) or “brew” up some kind of thing that would … have kept me from having so many issues with IPFS’s orbitdb and so many issues with Textile’s … “perfect solution.”

There’s the original in my mind–that’s the perl library archive called “plan” … that;'s a joke–it’s called CPAN; and there’s arlso CRAN; the same kind of software repository that lets you build things with little pieces and blocks of smaller code to make something you want out of a bunch of stuff you never knew how to do–or wanted to learn. It’s supposed to make it “just work” but I’ve got “hub” pointing out that … not so jesting “Killed” and “Go” have more me in mind than … whether or not you want to see me show you “my Golden Rule.

All Debian //gypceresfsco/sources.debian/ are belong to us –Anonymous

I’m just mentioning OrbitDB here one more time; and correcting the previous error–I failed ot mention that problem came from yet another multi-package #likejustsnapyourfingersbrowandbuildit here of course #bright and also aptly named “the NPM” … which of course connects night and “post me” to our “ridian” … and of course the apt missing “me” in the time connected acronym you might imagine has nothing or something to do with Slashdot and the Nicean Chancellors and Creed and the … TanakhManishtana … and "what’s in a name without Sandra Bullock’s … Holy Line … that of course only makes sense reading backwards in word-time and connecting it to the “ex post facto” rebirth of Anakin from the Lake of Vader’s demise.

Anyway … long story short … something like gcom/runkit … of course with more “dialects” and running on a distributed systerm like "a bunch of “bikechain” IPFS “compute” nodes … might be the Holy Grail of like … “cloud computing” as in Heavenly rather than the … significant lack of … call it … coherent resource management (or sanity) that we seem to not think things like “Docker” … are like … “docking us a few thousand compute hours” just for being so damned wasteful. I’m looking at stuff like that–obviously–and haven’t even tried RunKit yet. It just “looks” like an out of the box, maybe I could get OrbitDB to run … on that–of course, if I had “buckets” or “IPFS storage” available … wait a second …

Back to the task at hand; this very humorous commentary on "who is the grease behind the /.block and then hidden “blocklayerd” of Heaven … is this very interesting piece on how “helping out” [even if it’s just for a “commit record byline” or a comment or …] is a good way to start …


Microsoft is crediting a developer after he accused the company of copying the core mechanics of its new Windows Package Manager. AppGet developer Keivan Beigi provided a detailed account of Microsoft reaching out with interest about his package manager, inviting him for interviews, and then ghosting him for months before unveiling its own package manager that he felt was inspired by his work.

Beigi claimed the “core mechanics, terminology, the manifest format and structure, even the package repository’s folder structure” of Microsoft’s Windows Package Manager (winget) are all heavily inspired by AppGet. Microsoft only briefly mentioned AppGet once in its announcement, in a throwaway line that lists other Windows package managers. A variety of Windows package managers exist, and are used to automate the process of installing and updating apps.
Microsoft doesn’t dispute the claims. “Our goal is to provide a great product to our customers and community where everyone can contribute and receive recognition,” says Andrew Clinick, a program manager responsible for the app model at Microsoft, in a blog post. “Over the past couple of days we’ve listened and learned from our community and clearly we did not live up to this goal. More specifically, we failed to live up to this with Keivan and AppGet. This was the last thing that we wanted.”

Clinick stops short of directly apologizing for the circumstances around AppGet and winget, and admits Microsoft’s implementation was inspired — or as he puts it “helped us get to a better product direction” — by AppGet:

No scripts during install – something that we completely agreed with and don’t allow with MSIX

Rich manifest definition within GitHub – the power of being open combined with rich declarative meta data about the app is so important to meet goal #1

Support all types of Windows applications installers

Seamless updates for applications in the repository

Microsoft is now promising to credit Beigi in an upcoming update to the readme portion of the Windows Package Manager. We reached out to Beigi to comment on the blog post and Microsoft’s overall response, but the developer says he’s still in discussions with Microsoft over the issue. “There are a few areas Andrew and I have been discussing,” says Beigi in a comment on GitHub. “Hopefully we’ll have something to share with you guys soon.”

and with that … i bid you mileu also I did not mention yum just because I don’t like it … or “ports” just because I’m the little FreeBSD devil. Or “pip” just because I love python and … uhhh … Magwitchy?

oh, snap

… go get fundthemachine.dao

  1. I want to buy reddit to remind it’s userbase who they used to be.
  2. I wanna make a gigantic contribution to hypothes.is in … using their server software as a major building block of the “entrypoint” to the new Interplanetary Operation System … to a system where you don’t even need github or a “free AWS tier server” to run your own “database application” or … build a phone interface to your “seratonin system” … something like “binauaral beats” but … sundances the hell out of “that.”
  3. I wish I had a girl who looked good, I would call her. I wish I had a rabbit in a hat …
  4. I want to change the way we think about computing (and … life in general) cost, and how important it is to conserve and economize rather than … be wasteful and counterproductive by incentivziing things like "running a million virtual machines inside one machine just because it’s “easier to install.”
  5. Did I mention the thing about wanting girl … not to be one–
  6. I wanna revolutionize democracy, vote on every little word change to every little bill and even everly little suggested way of implementing them; as a group–with things like Castled-Churches making “meta-comments” as in … “The Tea Party suggests that if we … don’t pour the leaves of this tree into our harbor, we may in fact just … drink it.”
  7. I want to be rich for making you rich–for making the future not care what “rich” means, it’s a joke–rich, when “something’s rich” it’s like … really fun. Having to pay for sustenance, “that’s rich.” Not wanting to lend me a dime to “stop torture” en masse across the galaxy–that’s the msot evil fucking awct that has ever been–that’s the original sin.
  8. I want to build a system that remaps the sum of all knowledge–one that uses our opinions and our beliefs to create “many views” on what something like “abortion means” and what it has to do with “seeing the light” … for the very first time. I want to have a series of views, overlays … something like a “good Q&A” to show you how changing just a few of your minor minconceptions might make you … let’s say … “pro ilfe” if you had before thought it was OK to murder your multi hundred thousand year old children just because they weren’t able to tell you that they were dying in Heaven because they were no longer ever born on Earth (or something like that).


It of course, today, is the “k00l aid.” Or is it hot-ale. Saki, anyone? Nearing returning to Clearwater Revival … has anyone really ever seen Galactakiss turn a virtual planet into a “metacity node?!

Is the golden Alf making fun of me?  also ... 87 bottles of beer on the wall, 99 more chances to drink! one falls down, pass em around ... 86 more theses to post.