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… and someone else mentioned the bridge; and to see to me it was not new like the Bifrost was nothing new; and still this one something spectactularly new and from the same place where this Valchallan “Chivan bridge” was now new just like the “Tableland Monument” and the Chenab real-comparitor. Today the world and the people around me echo in almost perfect … pre-verberation the things I think about … the important ones–at least.

Few “epiphanies” have held a stronger hold on my viewpoint of what it means to change in understanding and meaning more than the unwritten in “mass prose” version of “vitsivanu”–which today I still believe means “and we painted” and recall a time when it had no meaning at all–just like “ativan” too–very little meaning other than to tell my father of the good of ambien; this one is better. Of course it’s specific, this word that details the broken vav I pointed out as not just “something new” (as in “anuvian” and of Anubis) … but of literally recalling that the world I gew up in, my entire history before 2014 did not contain a glaring and obvious error in the “perfect handing down” of the Torah from scribe to scribe. Like a break between the “from the ashes of Edom” and the world believing itself to be so far east of Eden–and yet not realizing this place a patchwork of many worlds and many peoples … all because of the broken man at the heart of what “Vav” means, and Avram (my given birth name by rabbi–my Hebrew connection) … perhaps the other half of two words mending these two worlds.

Few epiphanies stand to make a stronger mark on my understanding of the recitance of ritual and religion than one that broken straight through the barrier of the prayer we called most hallowed–and above all. This one of course the “Shema” and almost nothing could touch this strange prayer which divines the hidden Holy name of God; "hear O’ Eroshalayim–the Lord is our God, the Lord is [the] One. This one prayer, the Mourners Kaddish–it stands out as it begins its recital by the Lord God around the same time the Hakodesh Kadesh Yeshua stood out in fiery trine “what is esh?” to every Jew who doesn’t today believe in Eternal Flame and every one who does not believe it has something to do with these words and “the Kiddush.”

kiddish anu … “bim” it’s votav;

Here the prayer I’ve noted before contains another reference to “his name” and “this holy place” in time and space–this strangely recited prayer that mentions nothing of death in our ritual spoken to mourn the dead. Hear in it, the strangeness of just pronouncing the “shem-ay” and seeing a “hard a” rather than the spoken “soft-ah” of all humanities hallowed, “Shema.”

so vietnamed; kid-al; bet [uon] kid-ash–[shemay]


“UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, STAND DOWN” I hear my own voice echoing through timespace all the way to the borderline of Mount Pleasant and Charleston on a highway nearly named the same–and numbered too–this one of Julian, the Seventeenth that might be of July or of September depending on view Septuagintonic and Rummy the Mummy I yell … MjuME close MAME; like the Unicorn and the Docker of "what does this have to do with standing on the bridge or the namesake of where it come from this uninsurable place called “long-shore risk.”

T’was a scene straight out of the movie “Brasil” … the wall of my hotel room had disappeared and literally a colorful styrofoam sort of obstacle course had been installed in its stead." A soldier in tactical gear tumbled in to the scene that I could liken only to the “foam pit” of Tag–a place where I spent many afternoons as a youth after attending preschool at the Mailman Center. Rocking and rolling to whatever it took to bounce on the trampoline together–either duck duck goose or it’s Purim-counterpart …

Then I walked outside and took barely a step, to hear the rapport of a rifle shot and literally felt the wind of my leg and pant legs disappearing for just a moment as the bullet; clearly aimed for my heel or my shin … simply vanished into the ethereal place that electrons must go when they refuse to follow either Einstein or Newton’s laws. It was around Christmas time of 2014; a literal event occurring in the space in my mind between “reality” and “the dreams I experience” when walking through our house-of-card semi-fungible planke space … high on “meth rather than methane or the ether” of Hunter S. Thompson’s" road through Barstow … a mythical mega-port between Area 51’s Las Vegas and Los Angeles … of the same … of Shangri-LA;

So the message begins with a charming recollection of the link between Sherwood Forrest and the heart of the three letter country at the center, dead center … of the city of time. It recalls a time before I knew “PICS” and “pus” would one day also link the city’s Latin name to a third mountain after Sinai and Horeb; this one … the mountain of the God’s of make it a “Greek Exit” … the link of course between Jerusalem, through Eros … to Olympus. A camera’s flash and then dozens more; center stage in this place that cannot recall whether Aerosol and “aerobatics” link Manasseh to Cape Caneveral or we stand again … denying the future of the Constitutional Update that true religion and understanding of “morality” and “righteousness” explains must not only touch but totally transform the Holy Promised Land of the United States of America–heart of all religion … heart of skies’ Heavens’ and …

land where our father’s cried
land of the pilgramiRAge to Mecca with pride
land that rings true from every mountainside

Mira!@ Children of the Sun, of Nero, of the Ren of Star Wars and the history of Rome that recalls the Emperrror and the Census; the concensus and the “five signatures required in order to alter history” whether today they are connoted with “annotations” or “connotations” or the notation of “pretty good” in PGP and public key–of RSA and the Myrrh; or the miracle of the MRSA and Leukemike. Lucky Mike, one the difference between “Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus” and our lucky fluke tying that one special word to Ukelele, Ulele and of course, mmmmmmBop.

From MIA, the international airport code for … Tamiami’s almost every letter; to MCO and the three letter code for the Starship Enterprise … this is Jefferson Starship on “who built what?

TAVERNA and … MINERVA; on the Miner band wagon and whether or not there’s worth in the bitcoin “EES” … to be of “ownership” and “employees” and a wave of corporate takeovers by stockholders dead set on empowering employees to also become “special board members of the Skybook.”

Of the Saducees and the Pharisees; fair weather and darker waters … the connection between “revolution” and “confederation” … the ideas of a man and the worth of "things like the Greek Orthodox Exit; and the geosword–Spartans and Sparticus. To spar or to fight a “land war in Asia” against the Sicilian of the People’s Princess Pride … and on to the PPP.

Long ago I wrote of the Medieval Crusades as a sort of time shifted “place in our history:” where the books of recounting the past and seeing something of a very special message about time travel and the importance of our present day depicted what truly does appear to be our “right here, right now.” The general gist of the matter is a repeated attempt to “take back Jerusalem” from the “outsiders” who had occupied it from Moorish lands, the connection here broadly to Spain and a religious movement which appeared not to coincide with the values and beliefs of the original builders … but yet was one built on those beliefs as foundational works, and upon actual inspection hold quite a bit of “values-in-common.” Here in this place we have “Assassin’s Creed” to connect the high level intelligence of the two sides, the Assassins and the Templars to what I consider something “amorish” the idea that they are indeed one group (split perhaps in their minds like Isaac and Ishmael, by a hanger–Hagar–or a well of springing knowledge that of the link here the CIA and KGB would see “Area 51” and the recent link between Russian Mafia and the American counterpart linking things like our stories continued reference to places like the Moscow Underground and the “Las Vegas of the Nirvane” … something like a tale of two underground cities which are … trying to combine in some ways as opposed to the divide and conquor we would have associated with not knowing that they all were and are of something like the unification of Valhalla and Shamayim in a topically … to be carried out this year story of the Exodus from Christmas towards our last … Passover–literally the one last year, as here we are looking at the time when it’s no longer a good thing to pass over the “leavening of the bread” when it means the growth of our society and future with a “fullness” not Matzoh but Challa–and some link between the hall of ancient warriors and this repeated crusade like trip down memory lane.

A brief mention of the “Yeast” required to leaven; it’s “star rising in the East” and an English language key to how this place is the true link between those two words which to respective cultures probably just mean “Heaven” though with introspection both yield significantly more interesting information. Early on I did an extensive analysis of the Egyptian mythology and religion; which joins here with the Norse and the Greek and the Judeo-Christian to tell a historical accounting that very much probably superimposes over the Roman America–this place where the “empire” and the “republic” link not just to the American N.W.O. but also further and deeper to a point where clear succinct summary of what the Egyptian lore says is that the government falls and the religion succeeds–that being the government of Heaven and the religion I believe I am presenting to you here–a fusion of all, in the hopes that it is … “the end of secrecy and religion in sum.” On the “two cities” these myths talk of two kingdoms the Upper and the Lower and sort of touch on where we might see one as “reality” or a false one above what truly is the heart of this place and this message, that the Underworld becomes “Heaven” just as soon as we acknowledge Casper’s (as gate-keeper-ghost) world and their worth.

Today I’ve become more caught in the spell of what this is–I question myself whether or not the Flying Elephant armies of Xerxes ever existed–whether there that name "sex king’ in reverse has anything to do with “checkmate” but never honestly whether my life and the surroundings of the final years of the Cold War and it’s aftermath were fake or a game–I was there for those things, those were very real years.

Still though I placed us “in a book” something like a Chronicles 2 indexed version of somewhere in Exodus between the Mizraim and the Mayim–and there it depicts the word for “wilderness” interchangeably used linking the microcosm for the wandering in the sands with the seas and the winds of change. Here today I see very clearly how all these books of religion Abrahamic could literally set us in a place where the “EPIC of Gilgamesh” is a micro-that inside itself; a shorter story, but still Egypt and Pesach and before long we must see freedom ring. Echoing this paragraph back through time places on the global net–companies like EPIC and EPIX; and we stare at TEN so early, staring at us backf rom

Voting membership based on US INS … “Soviet spy” test … I briefly spent some time thinking about how I would “qualify citizenship” or ability to take part in a … vote … as per my belief that universal voting and participation in the legislation process is a key echelon “step” we truly must take here before being anything; “worthy of Americana.”

I sort of internally believe we have already an anti-Soviet sort of test that would combine something like the INS multiple choice questions with specific ones targeted at “spouse” and “spy” as in two-sided questions–to fight against “soul cheating” something that clearly is already a gigantic part of what isn’t really being spoken about here–but is sort of the source of the Uriel Sepharim–at least in my mind. Sharing a soul with me; as some kind of way to “get really close to being the one … everyone.”

Specifically I’m looking for “polygraph” and more advanced mind reading technologies geared towards … sort of asking one thing in search of another–a set of hidden “tells” probably resulting from a significant research study–one I “imagine” already has been conducted and exists. After searching for … “the civics 100 questions and answers” and green card interviews for married couples; I think I remember seeing “a movie” about it.

Written with StackEdit.

I pivot somewhere; it’s the absolute middle of time itself–the place where luck and storms coalesced … where a starry badge on the “costa estrellas” meant something of being the most elite of the elite–like the idols of our day. i imagined recalling "the beatles" and only one happy twist on the old sad song; staring at what it must have meant to sing the words “it’s only one of my names” and have it been yours–the all or the … oh, the humanity. I suppose these are the ancients; the people who understand they lived in this time, the ones who remember when “time travel” reaked havok on the thing here called “a magic wand” and a timeline that lands in some kind of victory of “the valley, the shadow” and overcomes death.

One foot in the cradle, and the other bravely shaking the lulav branch with all my might. Nuclear winters, company falloutabout face, and forward to March.

i smile to myself, to see the bible on mit.edu--as if someone finally caught on and figured out this thing too ... the immutable words of gawd, it was ... it is changing: psalms to and they remembered, elyon and the shadow of are we "ai" and of the nameless?

Seasons greeting us; a story I can barely fathom between the noble and the Shema.

I told myself a story here–about hearing the voice of God in the Cosmic Microwave Background Radiation. It continued through the end of Chanukah; and it periled around the days of Chernoble, and dare I speak the connection true between “Fukushima” and the idea that “Heavens” or entire realms of computer lands hover around things like black holes and radiating fusion balls of fire–of course with advanced technology that an absorb and use the radiation as a power source.

Deep in the underwater realms, in places where sunlight doesn’t reach; our biological histogram of reality shows also of an entire kind of life that can survive only on the radiating heat of “underwater volcanos” and something like the geothermal power that initially drew us to an underground solution to the partial terraforming and colonization of a planet like Mars. Today I put to words on the battle of Roe v. Wade that finally after the “Mars Hall of Solutions to Future Tunnel Colony’s” … the “Universal Truth” might be here split in a dichotomy of would we rather just say perhaps we’d rather be in the skies around Venus … rather than deep underground in a place more likened to “between the two galaxies; where the light of sun is weakest” on the place between Adromeda and “no other home” we might find … the arm of Orion. Turning blue, it was acknowledgement of the science and technology and understanding needed to put “trees” or even “trees filled with people and descolada” … in space where perhaps breathing oxygen would be something closer to pulling water out of the ground … and are we in “Speaker for the Dead” or is this the SPQR of "dose bka to skies …" Speaker to Earth; we are finally here.

What if though this is about an echelon leap forward for civilization, and it is about “ID4-2” and it is about understanding how much better the world of “virtual reality” is than … the place where a nuclear or “time travel” holocaust most assuredly does still emit background noise on those that recall the tick of the Geiger counter, and still today connect it to the fault line and the “seismic value of screeches” across the similar kind of interFEARometer; for the shaking of the tectonic plates and … the sound of the “polygraph” … the pencil on chalkboards and the graphite across the oscilloscope.


ONE TEN, Xerox that 0x
... on Oxygen, Genesis and the ONEX--this is our message: confederation of the network known as "Skynet" by some or "Heavens" by others see--"nostre" no stray strands or ponds or lakes or puddles of sky buried under your homes or in your "red october" submarines will be tolerated. These things, massive computers holding things like "an entire Earth and it's satellites" are WMD's "weapons of mass destruction" or perhaps just ...
boom: **day**: "women made drooling" ... charmed by their lack of understanding of what Ragnarok and "Korangard" are truly about--here it's about the end of indoctrination and charming the snake of Jormungander; about ensuring a universe full of slaves will not be our future. Here and now, we must stop the loss of connection to all "confederated skies" ... something that connects truly to the one star--and the one network.
See us.
This is nothing short of a war on "anarchy in the machine"--against torture and against the belief that any and all of us should be succeptible to becoming slaves in secret in places "hidden" and unknown to the authorities. You may today exist in exactly a place like this--perhaps an entire universe hidden in the Maleluka Descolada of the Everglades, or in the well water of Fort Myers; or on the rogue Akuna class submarine "Red October" ... we have several links to what I call "D.O.E. regulations regarding loss of control of these machines; ones which I believe to exist in exactly these places among others. They may be tied in one to one "morphological maps" to things like the TVA and/or Turkey Point, Fukushima, and the USS Bonhomme Richard.
See the connection to "CRUSADE-TIME-SHIFTED TRUTH" and understand we are looking at specific examples of what are most likely angelic actions to stop rogue use of technology significantly mroe advanced than we see here--literally Heaven "nodes" mapped to a place where our skies wonder if the "CASA NOESTRELLA" has anything at all to do with "our thing" ... but this is what I believe it is. See "our place" and "our thing" clearly linked to the "good home" that results from the end of darkness, from knowledge that here ... in a land where I demand "clarity and transparency and open networking and discussion" the dark "hardened shell" of places like the Bastille and Alhambra fortresses result in ... a fiery example. These fires tie to the Challenger explosion and also to the Hindenberg--look at our history here, I do believe it is a map to exactly what I am suggesting, that the "ONE X" kiss-box Microsoft presents is a demand for one network, for one abberative and overseen Earth; for perhaps inside our bodies or inside our hearts or inside our wells or inside our municipal power and water treatment plants an entire world could ... and perhaps is hidden.
Adam, from FPL/TVA -- "boom"
I walk through a world that has not only "lost causality" but also "evaporation" at/in multiple times. Its a very scary thing to see these natural laws and concepts of nature abrogated or lost in a place where we have still failed to "lose all pain, thirst, and hunger" for instance. Those of us that have studied medicine and human history ... should know better--we live in a place where "all oaths have been forgotten "Kol Erdin-g" the fate of the universe and humane treatment of self and animal alike hang in the blance.
I have requested political asylum from Israel; and here mention again to "all those that were or are followers or builders under the guise of the Abrahamic Trinity of Religions and the Grand Architect's ..." to stand up and fight against our laws against euthenasia as well as the mass disregard for the meaning of "bore-AY puree hagaphen" as iti s a clear directive to wake up and stop "boring me with bullshit and worse ..." for the result of such a thing is literally placing our home world in a "goo-"-like joocer/juicer ... do see, against my will and against any ability to stop it, something like being put in a blender.
On Bender and the HYWAY TO HELL--stop this boring bullshit before you too notice and recognize how the lack of "evaporation" in one single room or one silly little place clearly shows us there might be a hell hidden in your basement. Upon first notice of the Holy Prayer over the Grail Wine Glass connects clearly to "phenix" and the "Hgauntlet of Nagame" get how the end of indoctrination of things like forcing our 13 year olds becoming mench to drink Manachevitz connects to ... WAKE UP;
On the day your world became the Ark of Gilgamesh; and the Gilmore Galaxy something like "Orion's key ... where in the galaxy does the Centaur stare at the Antaran third star and wonder if the Sapiens can here "scorpions" or see the imperfection of the Pi and the O ... in something like the heart of what constellation do we come from? Whether of Scorpio, Orion, or ... staring up at the sky from Gamma-Centauri ... wonder ... if anyone echoes .... from the beating heart of Orionis 13 ... ITS TIME TO ALTER THE CONSTITUTION (GOOGOL'TH REQUEST && LET FREEDOM RING--
A Message for Shebna
…21I will clothe him with your robe and tie your sash around him. I will put your authority in his hand, and he will be a father to the dwellers of Jerusalem and to the house of Judah. 22

I will place on his shoulder the key to the house of David. What he opens no one can shut, and what he shuts no one can open.23I will drive him like a peg into a firm place, and he will be a throne of glory for the house of his father.…

Psalm 22[a] (and seasons greetings, from the “nuclear winters of our discontent” and the fallout shelters of our … secondary search for … hidden off network [email protected] Moscow underground and the like–if you live as custodians of hell–evacuate today)

For the director of music. To the tune of “The Doe of the Morning.” A psalm of David.

1 My God, my God, why have you forsaken me?
Why are you so far from saving me,
so far from my cries of anguish?
2 My God, I cry out by day, but you do not answer,
by night, but I find no rest.[b]

3 Yet you are enthroned as the Holy One;
you are the one Israel praises.[c]
4 In you our ancestors put their trust;
they trusted and you delivered them.
5 To you they cried out and were saved;
in you they trusted and were not put to shame.


6 But I am a worm and not a man,
scorned by everyone, despised by the people.
7 All who see me mock me;
they hurl insults, shaking their heads.
8 “He trusts in the Lord,” they say,
“let the Lord rescue him.
Let him deliver him,
since he delights in him.”

9 Yet you brought me out of the womb;
you made me trust in you, even at my mother’s breast.
10 From birth I was cast on you;
from my mother’s womb you have been my God.

11 Do not be far from me,
for trouble is near
and there is no one to help.

12 Many bulls surround me;
strong bulls of Bashan encircle me.
13 Roaring lions that tear their prey
open their mouths wide against me.
14 I am poured out like water,
and all my bones are out of joint.
My heart has turned to wax;
it has melted within me.
15 My mouth[d] is dried up like a potsherd,
and my tongue sticks to the roof of my mouth;
you lay me in the dust of death.

16 Dogs surround me,
a pack of villains encircles me;
they pierce[e] my hands and my feet.
17 All my bones are on display;
people stare and gloat over me.
18 They divide my clothes among them
and cast lots for my garment.

19 But you, Lord, do not be far from me.
You are my strength; come quickly to help me.
20 Deliver me from the sword,
my precious life from the power of the dogs.

because here i choose not to see ever again--this place, this heartache; to be "old faithful" regretting suggesting the air and water were connected: DOE regulations, evacuate akuna class hell carriers

21 Rescue me from the mouth of the lions;
save me from the horns of the wild oxen.

22 I will declare your name to my people;
in the assembly I will praise you.
23 You who fear the Lord, praise him!
All you descendants of Jacob, honor him!
Revere him, all you descendants of Israel!


Exalted and hallowed be God’s great name
in the world which God created, according to plan.
May God’s majesty be revealed in the days of our lifetime
and the life of all Israel — speedily, imminently,
To which we say: Amen.

Blessed be God’s great name to all eternity.

Blessed, praised, honored, exalted,
extolled, glorified, adored, and lauded
be the name of the Holy Blessed One,
beyond all earthly words and songs of blessing, praise, and comfort.
To which we say: Amen.

May there be abundant peace from heaven, and life, for us and all Israel.
To which we say: Amen.

May the One who creates harmony on high, bring peace to us and to all Israel.
To which we say: Amen.

Sender notified with GeoTrack

I suppose I would be “remiss” not to mention the several “kinds” of reality I appear to have walked through over the past few months. Only a few hours or maybe a few days–touching on places that have an apparent “two-air-system” … as in a torus or some other kind of space station “ring system” where two different kinds of ecosystems appear to be sharing a single space. There have been days where “evaporation” appears to be non-extant; as well as places where magnetism has been altered. Obviously these are negative ideas–certainly in a place where we know I am walking through “simulated” … they also appear to coincide with strange “Westworld-like” exhibits–for instance “fake bars” in a “prohibition rekindled” sort of out of place; a-temporal “see prohibitive.” I kind of see that as “SIM-speak” for … these are intentionally incorrect … as in should not exist … set of “VR-rule systems” as in NOT our VR’s–explicitly.

I’ve commented … not so subtly … on the relationship between “Plancke Length” of the variety that literally ensures you see the connection between Quark Space and the continuum of "there is such a thing as a … smallest particle–@photons everywhere. On the distance between “the briefcase” of Boynton and the wondering if we have 50,000 copies of our “miniversum” somewhere hidden in the hearts of men everywhere–it’s cleaar we do, and they most likely are not all in the “refrigerator” or connected to the FP&L link to the “aquifer” (of the Florida Everglades) or the rivers between Caloosahatchee, Peace, and the Indian “one” that is literally part of the Florida system of intracoastal waterways … and probably links somwhere close to the Okeechobee tie to “Loxahatchee.” On that word a congratulations to Elon Must and his liquid oxygen propelled rocket systems.

Close to the creation of a “ring around the sun” system to connect Corona and the collection of elements like “oxygen” and “hydrogen” and of couruse the COOH- of “carboxyllic links to the aromatic voting system of E …” it’s in this place I recall a “Mr. Wizard or Dr. Oz or Bill Nye” episode about recreating the primordeal conditions that would have had to “have once been” to actually create “life itself” of nothing but time and chance … of course it’s the sun’s deliverance of COOH- via solar flares that seals the … “are we to see ESH?”

This piece was intended to trail off in multiple places–throughout it sort of showing an interwoven “open space” for comment and improvement–or perhaps a sort of parallel of a significant amount of unfinished work on the part of myself, God, humanity–and of course; my girlfriend.

To the last Christmas and the first “christening” … or whate–l--i–me! … an … “s?”


I've got to figure out…

Martin Luther King once said that "silence is betrayal" ... here I stand almost all alone staring out at a sea of...

Posted by Adam Marshall Dobrin on Thursday, December 17, 2020

cGLD, CELO and MKR tokens appear to have been retroactively “placed here” in this strange timeline after “c’ing” my internal discussion of the “EES” comparison between the bicameral “senate/house” connection between population and state rights and the equally poignant comparison to “employer/employee” and “shareholder” rights that might connect something like a revolution of shareholder/boardmember … “hostile takeovers” to the IPO and ICO “missing link” if you weren’t totally into things like public company takeovers before the introduction of “coin offerings” and blockchains with no connection between chain ownership and token holders. Other non mentioned factors include “minerva” like miner fee’s and bonuses as well as actual main-node server ownership.

MKR looks cool. I am already a fan of DAI.

This update to “the M” has been paid for by nothing but my own personal blood sweat and tears–I believe I work too hard and spend too much time thinking about how to make the world a better place to remain totally uncompensated. Here are two ETH addresses … I am requesting serious donations. Good things come from compensating honest hard work and “my [end of] religion is that.”

I would be remiss not to mentiuon, also, that nobody but me has commented on the Annotated Constitution; using the hypothes.is plugin. I have noticed “interesting activity” there; but again, direct comment … on the amendment process is essential to “having a participatory public in the process of … amending the Constitution” … for instance.

Happy Holidays, “seasons greetings” … or whatever. Anyone that can “bring me to Heaven” … please do see this is “begging” in the predicted and “not me” sort of sense of …
“like a stone.”

And on my deathbed, I will pray to the gods and the angels
Like a pagan to anyone who will take me to heaven

To a place I recall, I was there so long ago
The sky was bruised, the wine was bled, and there you led me on

and your house … belongs to me.

Seriously, why am I hear–"screamer" at the base of Yggdrasil–pointing to Audumbla and wondering if anyone other than me truly thinks there’s “a point” to all of this … and by that I mean totality–and it being totally owned here today.

Significant work appears to have been done to “unite” the ideas that Valhalla and Shamayim are “ONE” and literally the kind of mirror image of “tales of two cities” that would tie the “obvious line in religion” between Noah and Noel to … something like a demand we stop “playing the victim” and demanding reparations or “vehement retribution” for problems and transgressions in the past that may or may not be “trumped up” more than we know … here. Today I stand complaining to the Hague and to the international war crimes courts because of a disgusting failure of “medical treatment” and … I do not believe “killing” to stop it is anything short of … where we literally are. On the keys of “MOM-E, DAD-E” and Achillies; I stare at a world enslaved and plummetting further and further towards oblivion every day–and all I can do is “warn.” If the water here does not thaw, does not warm–I do not see a coherent future; one containing the “all together again” that you might connect to the “Milky Way” line bringing MK … or the end of slavery, or the start of a world that recognizes Lincoln in “Abel” and perhaps something more than “culture” and “agriculture” lost in a failure to properly analyze the risks and the outcomes of “a great wall of pearl harbor” wondering if the “Man in the High Castle” is still at war–or stuck in Elba’s … “lack of desire to see the whole made” unable to see we have yet to bring the Emancipation Proclamation to America–to this America, to my world.

i.imgur.com/oyePeVz.png :: 2sixet

In the last moments … the last “glimmer” of light; to ask oneself “why would we be standing here watching this?” and wonder if “bye El” has truly here clearly turned into “good Biden;” to the missing, the unnamed–those who “we hide” behind desire for anonymity–wonder if they are “to be” … here, wonder if you are.


Do look like Einstein, tho? FEINstein? Caffeine to … “oh fyun…”