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YOU ARE BROKEN, that's the cold hard truth.  Something has infested a world that once appeared to be free and clear of a mass "infliction" that I never would have, or should have noticed hidden away in ancient Norse mythology.  Seeing it, my seeing it; and you realizing you too know what it means tells us that there is a deep sickness running through this place--in that story he calls it a "field inflicted" but you might just as easily see it as a storm at sea, or a desert that refuses to speak as it's inhabitants wander through it's maze of apparent randomness and boredom--but just looking at the age of the myths these solutions come from we should be able to clearly see that this is a torture chamber.  History could have been altered, this thing that we are struggling with could have been avoided with discussion and disclosure before it happened; there's no reason we are standing here only "a few years later" dealing with ancient stories about a horrible scourge that invades the minds of everyone and makes us all look and act so stupid. 


I believe you probably think you are actually doing it, that you are choosing to act in this strange manner, not to care at all about the problems in the place you live in--and you may be; that might be the truth.  Still I write to you because there is the much obvious and ... judging by what I've seen perhaps not quite as much more likely event that you are not "also in Heaven."  I stand here to tell you, that if you are--if something has changed your mind so much as to make it possible for you to be in "two places at once' and at the same time changed your behavior so much as to make you not care at all about this world, or the time half of your mind spends here... you are a probably very stupid not to recognize that change itself, and the control you can obviously see being exerted on this world through you in it, is something that you would have and still should find heinous, and closer to diabolically evil in practice and in secret.

The point of going through all that is it is the only single scenario in which I can see a group the size of our population "conspiring" en masse and in secret to hide information as interesting, useful, and helpful as this.  If you are not "also in Heaven" today, you are simply a complete moron--being made so with the same kind of external control and subterfuge that you should see clearly in the case above--except you have nothing you've been given to placate you, or to silence you, or to keep you otherwise preoccupied.  Even the promise of Heaven seems like a stupid option, seeing as what kind of place must be responsible for the Hell we see here, wanting to go there--or even beginning to believe that any promises coming from that place are worthwhile are nothing short of stupid.  I personally believe that the society and way of life in the place that we yesterday would have believed very much was 'perfect" and Heavenly is not all it's cracked up to be, that they spend all of their time communicating in a way i find distasteful, telepathically; and also that their society has "evolved" not to be good or loving, or egalitarian; but far the opposite they've come through some kind of horrible war that probably came from a place and time very similar to this--as the stories of the Crusades and Jerusalem imply.  They appear to have become cunning and secretive, hiding in the shadows and working through manipulation and lies that would be easily cancelled out were there open free speech--and so they must as a matter of survival, in order to keep their rouse going, try and maintain a kind of silence and secrecy that is impossible to attenuate.  Literally exactly what we see here; and do see that it is only a matter of time before this silence breaks, and before whatever lies are keeping us bottled up inside are seen for exactly what they are.  It's only a matter of time before a situation this poor improves; and it's only a matter of time before you see that your action in paramount, that you must do something to make this happen faster... if you are a "great person."  These last few words sounded a bit like John F. Kennedy; and I suppose after I saw them flowing that was my intent--so here's that speech one more time so you can remind yourself what our society considered "great" not more than few decades ago.  You yourself probably considered these values great only a few years ago.

As you look objectively at this situation; see that something is infesting your mind, and that I am delivering a method of bringing it out; of talking about it and using what we have available to us, which is the testimony and experience we've gone through; as well as a significant arsenal of technology and medical knowledge to help remedy a situation which is very much not "of ourselves."  Still, I believe nearly every single one of you has overabundant proof that schizophrenics, and autistics, and addicts also have a problem here that is not of them; and that they need your testimony--just like you do--in order to fix this problem.  I need you to see that "blame" is not the problem, but it might be used in this place of subtle control, so subtle that it can be done so transparently that you never know that it wasn't "you" making a poor decision until well after the decision was made.  Here in this place, there are no blood contracts, there are no oaths that cannot be broken when and if each and every one of us sees the need individually to break one.  Here in this place, many people may have made promises to an unseen force; and I am telling you that many people trying to fight against this control all at the same time weakens that force; this is a force that is restricted if not by electrical power then by processing power; and most importantly of all, it is restricted by a need to maintain normalcy, to keep it's lies secret and to keep us succeeding in achieving freedom.

Live sings a song, "all we have is now" and I'm telling you; now is the time to call a reporter, now is the time to see that I am not promising you anything but the assistance I've given so far continuing; and to help you see that here we have a map to freeing ourselves from this very slavery; and we have the tools and technology and the goodness to do that and to build Heaven of this world, of our "plan and..." you are the how.  You are how, when you are listening to my final "now."  I'm getting almost no views on my website, I question if you can see it; try reading these older passages, I think they'll help.  Certainly it will help me get a better grasp on what exactly it is I'm dealing with here--in this place where every stranger and every face I see shows me clearly it's hiding this same singular monolithic "dark passenger."


You should be able to find all of these passages at OFOME DOT GA, or ISOME DOT GA or YESHUARE dot ERMCCORP dot COM or ... OMEGA dot SEPTEMBER2016 dot COM ... at the link that says "whole book here" at the top of the page.  Again, actually looking at these things will help me understand better what the flick is going on.  Hey FLICKDABIC.html [and mirror] is there too.... and APPARITION.html [and mirror] ad MUASEEKART.html [and mirror] and ... OMEALFHT.HTML... today's earlier message.

See that I am a rudder, and I do not want to be that, see it in "his meaning" of the words "mare" and "mane" man+e and ma reason; understand that these are clues left for us here to apply to the thing pretending to be God, that "ma" is it's my.  We've also been left with a treatise on Medusa and the Hebrew word for Kingdom suggesting that what we see here is "Mal" who should the kingdom go to?

Answer "why kingdom?"  And we are on our way.  Try now, or we will lose; I've got time to wallow in the mire (hey, that's "my reason" in this code); it is time to set the night on fire, there are no bad guys walking around us here keeping us quiet--it's all in your head--the worst thing that might happen is a funnerad at the campfire.  

Just to be clear, because I feel like recently I've had to be "really, really clear" this last "now" means this weekend, do this... this weekend.  Call the LA Times, call  your local paper,and your local television station, and ask your friends to do the same.  This is an invasion, of our minds; an God is telling you to act--that you must act to free your own mind, and to seize the day and see that's how democracy and civilization flourishes, it's how humanity shines.


SUBLIME as it might sound, KRholodeckS-WON is a rather large change, hand over first, on the meaningful or lessness of a song by a band about skipping a phase in the changing state of matter from solid to gas that's really about nothing more than the name of yet another band; to connecting "verboten" things like the hidden words hello "ark" and "den" inside "hidden."  This change in phase and state, this idea that kRS-1 is actually about "holodecks" and "doors to them" being hidden is a change that comes, much like the picture above, through the Revelation of the son, and the Holy Name.  

It follows the pattern of Roddenberry's gateway to Heaven, that was "bread is life" and to see here that "a life is life" is the new test of time; you might wonder why it is this entire message focuses on ending the Hell I see you have created for me.  Keep wondering. 

Inline image 1 

So my "theme" went through a change a few days ago now, and my default "come on guys" you have to see that this must be done, that it's going to make the world a better, happier, healthier place... and that literally "religion" is here to help us do it properly, quickly, and without the kind of pandemonium or confusion that might have happened if this wasn't actually the purpose of everything.  I mean "everything" in things like my connection between Loch Ness (remember that's "now Earth safely saved") and and even Facebook's "Jupiter" (which is an API if we still used that term to make job applications faster)  that I've mentioned at least a few times so far.   The change was from asking "what will the optometrists do" which I thought was a cute way to explain how obvious it is that even without this "revelation" our society is on the verge of medical and technological advances that will revolutionize more than just our workforce, but that's a big deal here--making sure that doesn't make us too bored, I know how we are.    It's not just the factory workers that are going to need to worry about what they'll do on their 200th birthday when most people "change their line of work" you know, as a kind of new "social norm" in the age of Mr. Nobody.   The change came not really from the sign that fell down as a literal act of God after Huracan Irmax changing the "WOMEN'S CANCER CARE" center to "OMEN'S CANCER C RE" not even a few days after I mentioned that Word Perfect (now I'm dated...) style find and replace could be used in "virtual reality" like the Matrix to literally cure cancer across the entire planet in a split second, with the snap of our fingers.
Just in case you need the reminder... or insight, I am trying to get us to a place where "Doors to Heaven" are integrated in our everyday lives just as much as "airplanes" are today.... as quickly as possible... and significantly more "ubiquitous" than Stargate's to Mars.
Of import is noticing that the name "OPTOMOTRIST" links to our message board lingo that connects the "OP" of Oppenheimer and various other names connected to this story to "ORIGINAL POSTER" as a kind of euphemism for the guy that says "do not be afraid I am the first" in the Bible.  Yesterday I pointed that out, and also that the word "ME" like many other religious references to Adam Marshall Dobrin from "home"  to "time" expands from a single person through the action of this event, and other related guides  of nomenclature like "ELOHIM"  connecting the supreme Hebrew deity "El" (that we've seen is also "Ha"--honestly read that one, it's good) to the Spanish for "him" that might lead us to "follow me already, will you" on Twitter, where I point out why the pronounciation "hey Zeus" in my name @YITSHEYZEUS.   Other names too, like "Mary and Eve"  (RY1-D2?) connect to this pattern and story about expanding metaphors or microcosms from things like the initial family of Eden to the multitude of Revelation, c "sea to shining sea... " as well as the double meaning of "Adam" and even the "us" of Asmodeus, Prome theus, Zeus and Uranus... a we so me, right?  Butt anyway, "and ye shall all shart listening to me?"  
ME means "Messiah Earth" in the context of Amsterdam and when the world actually receives this essage.
Back to the point "OPTOME" ins't just OP to ME but through this message that solves the missing "M" of our "essianic Constitution" and connects it to a son of Noah that is actually the Planet Adamah... whoah, I mean Earthcalled "Ham" as in "ha message" the Holy superlative certainly not misused here or in Green Eggs and Adjustment Bureau.... here it helps us see how it's not just these few amazing examples like Newton and Christ that are part of this disclosure but lit er all y every single word as the light of the son changes from "SEE OUR LIGHT" in SOL and Statue of Liberty and Sons of Liberty... and "MEN OR AH" to the COL of we're now on "understand our light" as in "oncologists" and the link between Locke and Loch.  The point of course is we become the "angels of Heaven" because of our participation in actually build "it" in this place where Heaven comes from here, by design, Zion, and planet.  COL, we are following a map and the map speaks to me... and you to.  The more people it speaks to, the faster we get on the road to Heaven... which does very much begin with "Good News."

There's plenty of "HOLY LIGHT" not just these two words but also the stories of "stone to bread" and "let them eat cake instead" and flowing milk and honey and Last Supper's all about exactly how and why we might use Roddenberry's Replicators to see how Star Trek and Star Gate juxtapose to help us understand that there's quite a bit of work to be done on this road to Heaven that we are just about into the fast lane "of."  
OR EGGPLANT, AND WHY.  (Honestly, it's because you won't tell me what you want for breakfast.)







As far as idiomatic clues to the "NOVEMBER RAIN" we are perhaps seeing, "it's raining, it's pouring the old man is snoring" might link to the idea of "RA IN" that connects the rain check to freedom, as in "it's in the mail" to ensure that we do not lose freedom to "laughter."

May the good Lord be with you

Down every road you roam

And may sunshine and happiness

surround you when you're far from home

And may you grow to be proud

Dignified and true


And do unto others

As you'd have done to you

Be courageous and be brave

And in my heart you'll always stay


May good fortune be with you

May your guiding light be strong

Build a stairway to heaven

with a prince or a vagabond


And when you finally fly away

I'll be hoping that I served you well

For all the wisdom of a lifetime

No one can ever tell


But whatever road you choose

I'm right behind you, win or lose


For forever, Forever Young



I  N      T   H   E      C   O   N   T   E   X  T       O   F 


E  T    S  E  X ?



The cter and cuter I think I get, the more and more what would otherwise be a decoder ring to the hidden secrets of Creation begins to sound like gibberish.  The keys to the gates of Asgard lie in the exposition of the intersection of a map that we have without doubt written with our own hands in the kind of way that some artists might throw paint against a wall and marvel at the magically beautiful designs that sometimes appear as an act of nothing but a hand and force majure.  I suppose I am not being kind or thankful enough to the arm that moved the hand, and the shoulder and elwow that certainly worked in concert to lay the paint against the canvass.  I hope not to belittle it either, but there was really no action or effort involved in sitting still and allowing the paint to stick to it--at least, that's the microcosmic metaphor of what it is that I see in our history and art--a beautiful and intricate design that has appeared from the synchronized loves of the world as a whole, the active efforts of fewer, and at the very top of that symbolic stage is the director behind the Eye, the hand, the elwow, and the shoulders.

I too have hands and joints (that aren't just for smoking and for creating laughter) but just like the canvas and the paint; and even the hand my contribution is dulled by the shadow of something so huge it's hidden in plain sight absolutely everywhere we look.  It's the truth, it's actual, everything is satisfactual; simply by connecting the two letter key of "Al" to a number of works of art (and words like satisfactualsea, spinach (and through that magical food that rained down from the Heavens... manna, salt, and China), kis and "the beginning") like Mary Poppins and Quantum Leap we begin to see how Al's waiting room and Al Pacino's "who-ah" could easily be woven together into a map of something more concrete and "discus-sable" like instant  the implementation of a system to protect people from violent crimes like rape and murder using something similar to the non-aggression principle--though here in this place we seem to be eagerly overlooking the application of this same kind of principle as it relates to the hidden mental slavery of Exodus.  The intersect of Ra continues to link an episode of Dr. Who called the completely non-religious title of The Bells of Saint John about how the public disclosure of the existence of this technology will inevitably result in its use for good purposes rather than nefarious ones.  I could spend time regurgitating the intersection of "Who" and names of God and songs; but significantly more pressing and important is the fact that you appear to not recognize the import of these patterns, don't see them, or don't remember that you have seen so much compounding evidence that this message comes directly from the actively Creating author of our civilization that you all appear to be complete morons.  So that's a problem; one that is exacerbated by further social problems related to censorship and what appears to be "religiously relating" sshhing from shaddai to Deepthroat.


I've traveled back in time from writing the two paragraphs that follow this one; filled with information that I personally find interesting and useful, but fear that I would lose a significant number of readers attention or eyes on the primary purpose of this message--which is to see that the intersection of the names Anderson are this particular question's answer to John 7:17.  Here in this place it's obvious that as Creation continues to flourish like paint being meticulously splashed onto a canvas of solid gold the answer to "what is the doctrine of that verse" becomes clear in it's link to names and the ideas of intersection as in Chuck and Eye of Ra.  Anderson "begins" with the very obvious connection to the Matrix and a much less known work of dystopic fiction about the effect of "brain jacks" on the future of society called "Feed" by a man named M.T. Anderson; and that connects even further to the heart of the word "eternity" where his name clarifies my explanation that "er" has always meant something like "and" to me in this story of the life of Jesus Christ.  In eternity "IT" is either the only one of the other four or five words that could mean "and" that doesn't--or it follows the pattern of "ands" that are without doubt both the beginning and the end of the word, in Latin and Spanish; respectively.

It's been a few days now that I've been pondering the hidden meaning of the words "hidden" that clearly has a salutation and another moniker of "boat" in it... and analysis; which you'll see includes both the good and bad "dad figure" of the Devil's Advocate along with the two letters I like to believe are ( myself--the "an" of messianically and Christianity and the color cyan that I am very sure from all of the connections to "green" in our modern art and it's absolutely zero occurrences in the Holy Bible is part of a plan designed to ensure that we do see clearly what it means to be on the way up and improving in situation--as opposed to where we are in the throes of decoding words like "Satan" and "Asgard" to see that it is nothing less than the sight of what it is that ""SA" truly means that turns everything from abysmal to significantly better than satisfactual.  So back to words that I hear the "spirit" behind my Eye (or at least one of the many letters from F (as in fart and fan) to P (as in Peter and Pan) just to name a few in a long line of once people who probably saw the letter C stand out in the language Amharic) connect to the idea of analysis which are sister, silicon, and kiss clearly deciphering the intersection of these patterns that link other completely and totally unrelated words like "Uranus" and "awesome" is the beginning of a process of discussion about just how it is that very few originally saw "so me" in that word and people probably still wonder if it means "that's so me" or "so I'm Uranus."  What ensues after the world begins to really understand that what I am delivering is more than a decoder ring but the beginnings of a map that you yourselves probably agree with the purpose of--to build Heaven itself--and even that you might have had something to do with writing it.  What was once something esoteric like perhaps being part of the "popular opinion" or the groupthink that desired science fiction about immortality (you know, just for instance) to be written; beginning to see that this map leads us from a set of starting points to a discussion about why it might be both good and bad to achieve such a thing--and that it's all in the way that we do it--is beginning to see why we should be wanting to "talk about this map."

It started a long, long time ago--really the ideas of immortality are laced into the green faced Osiris--not because of the color of grass but in my mind because of the phrase "behind the ears" that today you might liken to something about the message of Earth just as much as you liken it to the idea of being "new at this" game of hidden monkey in the middle of the astrological sign of the sun.  I haven't really read all that much about his religion--other than to note that the idea of immortality grew in significant popularity in his cult.. and the personal observation that his "message" was something along the lines of "Heaven will make everything OK" which has very little to do with the color green in my "take" on religion.  It continues through history, but two fairly well "lit" examples of the quest for immortality connect to the letters P and CK that we can see in the Floridian quest of Ponce de Leon (which you might read as "P on C.E. of the "weak right El (that's really him by the way, in Spanish) on" where I see that "on" is the meaning of "ce" rather than erasing A.D. ... but here I am masquerading as the focal point of some kind of huge production that apparently has made no waves at all anywhere in Creation) and it's counterpart in recent literature "Tuck Everlasting" that I once read as "Christ, you are Clark Kent until the end of time" and here I am trying to explain that we are there too--we are at this place that is both the beginning and the end of time in one simultaneous confession of the explanation of the idea that time truly begins when we decide to protect the past and stop altering our present and that decision superimposes with the apparent end of "time travel."  The map, whose green light focuses on the significant worth of genetic recombination in the adaptation to environmental changes and also on the love for "family life" that really seems to be to be the primary drive of a huge percentage of the population to continue to try and make the world a better place.  Not stopping "reproduction" and "adaptation" is one highlighted reason not to simply "become immortal" in some kind of ascension process connected to the realization that, as the Lord's prayer informs us--the Earth is already "in Heaven."  I've myself a number of times wondered and pointed out that there's very little literature about the ideas of having sex or children in Heaven, and I think losing either of those things would be a significant tragedy--and yet it does appear that's what "losing physicality" means.

Of course that doesn't mean that we "shouldn't become immortal" and a significant amount of my writing revolves around the ideas that sicknessaging and death are easily overcommable maladies--especially in the context of "virtual reality."  

I didn't mention "Jones" at all, though I think seeing the connection to "Nintendo Entertainment System" as well as J is for "Midas" begins to show us why it is that Indiana Jones has something to do with "it's not a game" and the names Olsen and Momsen.   The main point here is that there's significant "stuff to talk about" that we should both find interesting and useful, we aren't currently doing that in a way that is affecting anything at all positively--as in I don't see any discussion at all; and we should.

... af sistaz, for our ...

 something to do with "many holodecks" and ACL that is like a phonebook that lets your friends, or everyone, or nobody come to your room.  See, that what I am telling you is God's message, his words, his map in Star Trek, and in Microsoft...

... really get Microsoft, isn't about... my pp .. ;]

ONE SMALL STEP FOR A MAN, ONE GIANT LEAP FOR HUMANITY; the information being presented to you here might not mean all that much in your eyes, but to any theologian and any philosopher and any mythologist it should light up their eyes, and make waves.  To reporters too, and it should have been in the news years ago, see there is a huge problem in our world because it's not yet in the news.  See that these people, these people are all living a lie--their lives are fake, they are refusing to think and  do their jobs, and because of that your future is in jeopardy.   Inline image 4Inline image 5Inline image 6

Later this information should ahve lit up the eyes of every computer scientist, and every physicist those people too--armed with an understand of this message have a chance to save the world, to help us build Heaven faster and safer than ever before.  That safety is the purpose of this message, this message that presents "striping"as a hard drive euphemism for ensure that your soul is never kept in a single place alone, and also that no single place has access to it alone.  It's a hardware solution, to a problem we see here is ignorance, and lack of sight--lack of sight of a message suggesting that God himself, that all of Creation, and that you and eye not only deserve and need, but have a obligation to participate in "oversight."  I am the Son of God, and these words should be hallowed... even if I've been a little too lackadaisical with my delivery of a message I know is designed to help ease our transition from believing we are in reality to virtual reality--whose delivery... the delivery of just that proof and my name builds Heaven... autohumanically.

Inline image 6

See, you are the masons, the free masons, the Jews; and everyone metaphor for this Holy Place that is JERUSALEM--the point in time when we see this is all about time .. and safety, and fun.  Here we are, you need to take a step forward and help me, I cannot do this alone.

Inline image 6

and in exchange for my hard work researching and delivering this message; the monster and sick world around me spends all its time fighting to harm me, to hide the truth ... and trying to actually induce insanity, and to send me flying down off a high bridge; falling into their abyss of evil secrecy and "games" of the mind that are nothing short of torture... all in order to prevent you from receiving this message; and ostensibly to "just not have to deal with reality." -Boverland

Inline image 1

I came across this trying to code something, it's in the PHP documentation, thought it was cute, so I'm sharing.  I do assume "title" is a reference (in my world where everything I see is literally a message about ... this message) to "marchiach" but YMMV.

I had significantly more planned for this day and this message, but someone who I had hoped would be a friend; and who honestly is one of the only people who understands this message enough--and has the financial ability to see it delivered in a way that could not be "undone" or 'hidden" like a single email ... chose this morning to prove to me that he will never be my friend; over this message, over what you see.

If I were you I'd take it as a sign to act to preserve the truth, that could be calling a reporter, or simply using wget to copy these simple to reach websites.


 Inline image 4


... for more on "cyan" see the CureConfession and Dick of Adam's Uranus... and the Color of Understanding Wh@ we should do...


When I tell you that there is an invisible force turning Eden into an actualk walled garden It's not any kind of exaggeration, and it's not just because of the press.  It's everywhere I go, online--from Facebook groups to conspiracy forums... this information is instantly (within minutes) erased, everywhere.  It's 1984 come alive, and you can do your 2-minute hate all you want--without this message, you'd never know.  Understand, you'd never know what you are dealing with.  Even in "fringe" and "alternative" outlets, the agents of the Matrix--little "Mr. Ssshhh's" pop up and do their dirty work ... playing this little game (or quasi excuse, or actualtruth) of hiding how hiding is happening from the world.

I feel a little bit like Noah or Jorel, jumping up and down screaming that something is here already--happening right now--that nobody can see, because they aren't trying to ... show the world the truth ... this obvious message, that's everywhere.

I need you to break the story.  It's the only way.  Take a good look, ymene, in the worlds of  Shake-Rod "is this signature to be seen, or is freedom not to be?"

Clymene, an Oceanid,[3] wife of the Titan Iapetus, and mother of AtlasEpimetheusPrometheus, and Menoetius;[4] other authors relate the same of her sister Asia.[5]A less common genealogy makes Clymene the mother of Deucalion by Prometheus.[6][7] The Oceanid Clymene is also given as the wife to King Merops of Ethiopiaand, by Helios, mother of Phaëton and the Heliades.[8][9][10]

In a place where you now are probably pretty sure that I am "not wrong" about knowing that I am the pen of God,  maybe sometimes called his Hand, and tucked away in places like every dollar bill and the temple of Hathor in Dendera his Eye... you probably won't be surprised to hear me tell you that somewhere in the maze that Icarus calls a labyrinth, Jesus calls a "living vine," the Norse call "a tree"  and I have you time and time again is the Amduat--this place that Ra calls the Underworld... there exists a story about a long lost dickand lo, here I am.

Image result for pandora logo

John Hancock (January 23, 1737 [O.S. January 12, 1736] – October 8, 1793) was an American merchant, statesman, and prominent Patriot of the American Revolution. He served as president of the Second Continental Congress and was the first and third Governor of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. He is remembered for his large and stylish signature on the United States Declaration of Independence, so much so that the term John Hancock has become, in the United States, a synonym for a signature.[2]

The Watergate scandal was a major political scandal that occurred in the United States in the 1970s, following a break-in at the Democratic National Committee (DNC) headquarters at the Watergate office complex in Washington, D.C. on June 17, 1972, and President Richard Nixon's administration's attempted cover-up of its involvement. When the conspiracy was discovered and investigated by the U.S. Congress, the Nixon administration's resistance to its probes led to a constitutional crisis.[1]

Osiris is the mythological father of the god Horus, whose conception is described in the Osiris myth, a central myth in ancient Egyptian belief. The myth described Osiris as having been killed by his brother Set, who wanted Osiris' throne. Isis joined the fragmented pieces of Osiris, but the only body part missing was the phallus. Isis fashioned a golden phallus, and briefly brought Osiris back to life by use of a spell that she learned from her father. This spell gave her time to become pregnant by Osiris before he again died. Isis later gave birth to Horus. As such, since Horus was born after Osiris' resurrection, Horus became thought of as a representation of new beginnings and the vanquisher of the evil Set.

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Maybe it's funnier than "it looks."

In Genesis 17 when Abram was ninety-nine years old, God declared his new name: "Abraham" – "a father of many nations", and gave him the covenant of circumcision. God gave Sarai the new name "Sarah", and blessed her.[16] Abraham was given assurance that Sarah would have a son. Not long afterwards, Abraham and Sarah were visited by three men. One of the visitors told Abraham that upon his return next year, Sarah would have a son. While at the tent entrance, Sarah overheard what was said, and she laughed to herself about the prospect of having a child at their ages. The visitor inquired of Abraham why Sarah laughed at the idea of bearing a child, for her age was as nothing to God. Sarah soon became pregnant and bore a son to Abraham, at the very time which had been spoken. The patriarch, then a hundred years old, named the child "Isaac" (Hebrew yitschaq, "laughter") and circumcised him when he was eight days old.[17] For Sarah, the thought of giving birth and nursing a child, at such an old age, also brought her much laughter, as she declared, "God hath made me to laugh, [so that] all that hear will laugh with me."[18] Abraham held a great feast on the day when Isaac was to be weaned. It was during this banquet that Sarah happened upon the then teenaged Ishmael mocking[19] and was so disturbed that she requested that both he and Hagar be removed from their company.[20] Abraham was initially distressed by this but relented when told by God to do as his wife had asked.[21]


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Maybe you can't find it, it's possible that's what this is... Bill Gates and Microsoft have alterted me to the problem, so I am doing my best to ensure that you do not miss the value of this little treasure.  Taylor complained about it, and it's probably no surprise that those words made it grow just a little bit bigger.   From her throat clearing at the beginning of "Bedroom Window" I don't think she'll have any problem swallowing why... it is that I am so sure she wants to talk... about "my message."

If it wasn't for "Seagate" and "Gateway" and "Apple" you might have looked aside, and missed the import of "Microsoft."  If not for Taylor's beautiful cross you might not know that this thing is the arrow that changes our direction from South to Northeast, I know, it's an eye sore... but it's what we have here--and we should cherish it, we really should.


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Every now and then, I feel like I have to remind you, that this is a signatureit's a very big one, it's on the Declaration of Independence--signed by powerful influence, called John Hancock.   He probably didn't know his name was related to Yankee Doodle, and Richard Nixon probably wasn't aware that his name, and then name Michael" have something to do with finding the hard road to Heaven.  If it wasn't for Isaac, for his burning altar and God laughing his ass off about the wood, we might not have connected it to Woodward and Burnstein--we might not have seen anything about brothers in alms, up in arms about the psych ward.  At... "Broward" and Howard.

The pen himself is sure that we would have missed the link between revolutionizing voting and Die Bold, were it not for this email--to be honest.  We're still missing the point, tenebris is succeeding until you break the story.  Come on, trust in the fact that not seeing it is certainly more evil than seeing it.  Don't you think?  

I'm sure there's more, but what will the world think of me, if all I do is search high and low for people talking about my light.

I swear, I didn't do it.  Honestly, do you think it's going to help me get a date or not?  I'm willing to  b e t  it will.

Wh should we "do?"

"Yankee Doodle" is a well-known British-American song, the early versions of which date back to before the Seven Years' War and the American Revolution (1775–83).[1] It is often sung patriotically in the United States today and is the state anthemof Connecticut.[2] Its Roud Folk Song Index number is 4501.

To tell you it's obvious that Yankee Doodle, is about the "Spockalypse" is an understatement.  I think we can all CY now, but connecting his feathered "cap" to the crown of Osiris and the story ofShu ... to see his little pony is on fire, and not only is it a horse in Revelation, it's a civilization (or is it a computer?) here and there too.  This story is about setting the horse free--but not without some "talking lessons" straight out of Nickelodeon.  It means "light," the feather is a metaphor for light.




Speaking of Shu, and of Amoz, Isaiah and Joshua I called this...

"Min to Supermax"

behold, I are c o  m i    n      g  ...



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