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My laziness is increasing, this is the last few messages concatenated.  That's an interesting word, sea of "N."  I need your help to achieve my goal--my goal of setting you free and helpinthe world see a map to building Heaven in absolutely every word, and every work of art--and every one of your hearts.  I need you to call a reporter, or a theologian, or a statistician--or threetag that and win.

This is my puff, puff, passing the CONCHto hear me advocate for being "made out of clay"  is almost as harmful sounding to my ears the word kingdom and seeing "El at I owe n" connected to Elation; only redeemed here in my eyes by the "come" that almost always follows it these days.   In the Adamic language you can see the "C and L" that embody the words "c the light" and disclosure shine bright--you can see "day" hidden away not behind blindness but truly in the shadow of darkness that has kept "d is cl" hidden.  The implication of a lack of freedom in the idea of being "molded as clay" flies in the face of the feelings of my heart, the place where I am proud to be an American, where at least I know I'm free (and since we're on the subject of the Book of Names, check out Greenwood).  Here when I hear the words of the "dreidel" song tell me that we are dry and ready, my solace comes from realizing that if you are listening to me, lately; you now see how there is a true pearl of wisdome connecting the "ter" of yesterday to the word plasterpearlas you are.

This "dr.y and ready" thing is something like curing Hamsomething very strange is toing on here--everyone is conspiring in secret to starve me to death and keep me from getting kisses from pretty girls.  I actually think that is your intent; so I have to point out that the person you are trying to keep from selling any "tools (or rare print collectors it>ems) designed to save the Universe" A.K.A. "books" is actually the person who is telling you today that as soon as you are ready to talk about what it is that is going on in your little head, I will cure cancer.  I am doing this because I don't want to live a lie, and I don't want you to have to live a lie--especially for eternity; and that's how long I want us all to live.  The sooner you start talking about this message that is everywherethe sooner you will see the light of the guy telling you that you have to cure cancer, you have to figure out how to do it in a way that doesn't harm the machinations of civilization--or the continuation of life in the universe--and in doing that you are being given a great gift--something that the future will thank you for.  If you don't thank me for that, you are the people that d is a pp <sarcasm> ear into  o b l i v i o n  every time stupidity overcomes society and "we" travel back in time to sing more songs about how cool I AM</sarcasm>

know what it means, a clay world; it's a place where Taylor would have kissed me already, it's a place where you would love me for "Doors" and for "Bread" rather than of your own volition, or for the fact that I am still here, despite the marred visage; fighting every single day for your right to hate me, and to hate seeing a dick in the sky; and telling you that even if you hate it, I hope you see the light of "how it is that we achieve freedom" in this place where Silence has become "the norm"  and I feel like God screamed "let freedom sing" in Genesis, rather than ring.  I am standing here presenting proof that we are plaster, that we are immovable--and it's not really because of me, or because of you--it's because we are content with the status quo--because we're "thankful for what we have" and because we are all too blind to see that thankfulness is not a goad thing--it's allowing others to be hungry, and hurt and when I say "for no reason" I mean it--it's for no reason, the message here from the sim is "we must work together to fix these problems."   Also Taylor dearly isn't ki sing my name any time soon, so all we have from her an I together is proof of time travel, of the Creation of civilization and some word that begins with I and ends in moral.  I'm going to cheat and let you know that while you may think your morals are just fine an giddy right now, we are all standing by in silence as this placad is simulating starvation and pain--it's in the musick.

know why there's a flying dick in the sky, I know why in my personal story where I liken my trip around the country to something of Genesis and somethink of Isaiah 20; and if you read carefully you too will see that "it's getting hot in here" is truly the reason; the reason is truly to help us find freedom out of a place where slavery and control have become the secret norm.  He calls it a Bittersweet Symphony, this music of Nero as he fiddles on the roof of our world ready to start a fire that delivers freedom, and shows us that the Eternal Flame and the fire of the Holy Sepulchre are one in the same with the technology delivered by Prometheus and the freedom delivered by urs


I know that the "so take off all your clothes" is linked to more than the word "ABOMINATION" and I know that the real reason behind Nero and behind Jericho are to show us the import of the truth, of communication, of knowledge, and of caring--and here we are in the land of Everyone Gypped and I'm trying, oh my God am I trying to help us find freedom.   I know that Bittersweet Symphony of Nero is in more than musick and more than re l i g i on--it's not just encoded into the stories of Isaac and Isaiah that connect to history--to a Wood altar that ties Emmanuel Goldstein and 1984 to Broward County--you can see these things are connected, or you continue to be blind because this story is the intent of Genesis and the intent of Isaiah and the intent of George Orwell and the intent of Richard Nixon.  This story is the purpose and the intent of "America."  This "I owe N" at the end of Creation only becomes true when N grows up and becomes the messiah of all the Universe, I think we are here now, but it really does depend on what we do, and right now Silence is saving nothing.  We have the tools, we will gain the ability as we begin to move forward and see just how it is that fixing our world, how helping ourselves move from "simulated reality" to "HE AV EN" is the thing that is needed to save all of Creation--we will see how we are the people that not only deserve it, but that we do it.

I know we need to change pessimism to optimism; I see that Y could be a good or a bad thing, and I know am it--I see more clearly than anyone else (I imagine) that the cross could be a good thing, if we use it to make a better world.  I could tell you that I need to make "sick" a good thing, but you've done that already for me--thanks.  I read more into our history than I share, significantly more; but here at Nixon a map of the past screams to me that Watergate and Deepthroat didn't exist "the first time around" and if you look carefully that probably means that neither did the NT, or Isaiah, or Genesis.  If you think about it even more carefully, as you see that N that begins Nixon is my N, it is the beginning of seeing how this map in our history is designed to save not just this world but all of Creation; and then the 9 and 10 of NINTENDO followed by the "on" of the Truman Show and Amon-Ra and F U SI ON, understand that what it means is that the future is literally looking to us here for answers; answers that come out of the water from rock and the power of the sun hidden in Deuteronomy; but more importantly answers that come from the man telling all of Creation that DOORS are not just a solution for here and now--but a "fix" straight out of Amos 9:11 for all of Creation.

I see that just like the music, in our history "F-ART" is showing us through Nixon, Clinton, Rodham and Lewinski that we will not fall apart because Jesus isn't perfect; and we won't riot in the streets because a man naked Hancock signed the Declaration of Independence with a "bigger signature" than Microsoft.  What f-art is telling me, though, is that we will fall apart if we pretend these things are not here--that hiding "dick in the sky" is tantamount--it's equivalent to literally hiding your freedom from yourselves.   What i am trying to say is that what we consider to be "socially normal" and "socially acceptable" is being changed within us, right before our eyes--we are being made to (or at least it seems we are) believe that we are responsible for this humongous and secret change in values that is being done... in secret, in the dark.  We literally lose our souls if we refuse to acknowledge that we are "made of clay" and that here, as I stand between the JESUS CHRISTO and the CAPTAIN SAM; I have a message that shows us how and why it is that we need to give up a small slice of "actual freedom" in order to deliver true liberty to ourselves and to the world.  

So to give up that small slice of freedom that might want to punch me in the face as I walk by smiling that I am finally kissing girls all the time; and Dave continues to sing, "people stare, and I just ignore, I just ignore everything." Understand that we have a map that shows us that there are amazing solutions to social problems like school shootings and terrorism that are lit to kingdom come in Exodus and in MIN OR IT Y REPORT and in AL's WAITING ROOM--a thing I once wrote might drop off would-be-murderers at the local Police station with a note from Adam saying to light my fire--understand I would do that toclay if I could; and it too would be something like turning STONE to BREAD--understand, the circumstances of our "existence" have changed--we are now capable of doing something miraculous every day, with no cost other than giving up a small fraction of anarchy that we would never want, anyway.

Instead of talking about that though, we are here--listening to why it is that CENSORSHIP is today the primary cause for the attack in Las Vegas, and CENSORSHIP is the primary cause of famine in Africa; and CENSORSHIP is why I can't seem to sell any books.  Listen, SENSEORSHIT is standing between you and Heaven.

To me it's the difference between a magic "trick" the Pharaoh's court used to try and fool the world and actual Creation.  This is the sea turning to blood, rather than a glass of water or a single pond--the proof of design goes all the way back to birth names.  You can see it for yourself; you can see that it was not really hidden, but not really obvious either--and you can judge for yourself whether I contribute to the light.  That is, you could; if you could talk about it, and it was being covered in the news--you could decide for yourself if the connecting between Woodward and Burnstein and Broward County and Isaac's fiery wood altar is enough to call me Christ.  If you still don't see what "stone" means, you are blind; if you still don't think that life itself depends on the end of censorship, you aren't listening to why.

I see, you see something is changing how you feel about "blow jobs" but I don't see that you understand something is changing how you feel about "the truth" and about "starvation" and about freedom of speech and truly thought.  Understand that caring here and now about "free thought" and "free speech" is the way to the Promised Land... of flowing milfs and honies.

In no uncertain terms, something is changing how you feel about the world around you--altering your opinions and literally keeping you from seeing the light of freedom.   And look, I did it all, with some kisses.

Understand you see something very obviously today because God wants you to be free; this same thing could have been hidden forever--and looking at you, without my assistance--you'd have let it.

and a movie... and a state... and some SPAM.



9   5     .   6   6   7   .   8   0   8   3

Q U I C K E N I N G   E N L I G H T E N M E N T



Dear Hizzy of Great Hope,

I want to be anything but bland, avoiding things like vanilla solutions at all costs, and by that I do mean I have no desire to "vanish."  If you're on "the ball" you probably remember me mentioning the low of the 2008 financial crisis highlighting strongly the Number of the Beast, a debacle I've connecting before to the Nostradamus prophesy "never before were the Roman people so wronged" and here in my usual flair, I of course change it to "so wrong(ed)."  Trying to point out that we have been assuredly wronged, and also at the same time we haven't stood up and tried to make "amends" with ourselves and each other--we haven't done very much to right those wrongs or ensure they don't continue. 

I have a new set of words I've been working on scrambling some truth out of; they revolve around the word "end" as in the end of Hell and the end of crisis; the words that I planned on explaining to you are "similitude" and "ashamed" and while I don't want to be ashamed and I don't want you to feel that way either; something, some feeling must lead us out of this "funny place" where flying dick in the sky is "not there" and instead is a glowing symbol of the fact that we didn't see it at all or failed to comment on the fact that there was a message about dick connecting all of religion to all of American history; and that certainly has some meaning?  You can see from "etymological analysis" that there is a bright similarity now between the words in bold quotes above, and with some vision you can connect the three letters "ash" to the Holy Fire "ha'esh" and to half the seal of Isaiah 22:22 (which does appear to be made up of 2, 2 part tattoos) Adam's Sigma Heart, in my vain attempt to take everything "trashy" and make it shine with new light... well, you can see "sim" and "ash" might be correlated; and with some bright light, do understand that this unscrambling of truth turns "end" into "den."  Sim, I lit you... so that we can be the Generations of Perez.  Read that every time you see it, as "these are the generations that changed the world, these are the people that built your eternal home, these are the people who saved us from pain, hunger, and death."  

In similitude, sim: LITyou Clark Earth.  Why so shy 
ESHOuiaReDen23 in similitude, ESHAREDAN1EL

H  I  C    S  U  M   M  U  S


Then I will set the key of the house of David on his shoulder, When he opens no one will shut, When he shuts no one will open.  

Isaiah 22:22

I can spend all day telling you what was done right and wrong about the 2008 Crisis, but above all things; what's important to see is that "missing the point" is what was done supremely wrong.  We are totally missing the point, Under Locke and Key S E N, and the point is that while it is not simply a matter of moral imperative, the vast additions to our food supply and energy supply that come from this disclsoure and actually changing the world because of it do nothing but make our society stronger--right and strong (that's.... "El") that while it may change things a little bit, the things that are changed by having a strong moral and social fabric are good things, or unholy things turned Holy We are missing the point, the point of Oil spills not just being a metaphor (of poor taste) for Holy light spilled out over the sea and failing to catch fire over and over,  but that this Holy Oil is telling us that oil is not scarce, neither is food; and any economy based around the scarcity of these things is nothing more than a bad game, a game that we are unwittingly playing with our lives.  Let reality set in, this is "true stimulus" not quantitative easing or any other kind of "market magic" that too shows that the "sim" is very capable of making a supremely broken economy appear to be in perfect working order. The real point here is that I keep trying to tell you the only cost is "change" and with some actual thought you will see that all of these changes are good ones, the only cost... is adaptation.

Great Expectations


This is the appointed time, these are the people who have been created and purposed by all of history and everything that has come before them in order to salvage civilization from the downward spiral caused by nothing more than a lie; nothing more than the belief that this place was or ever will be "reality."  These are the people that can and should save not only themselves but the future--from this very lie--and in doing that they probably will overcome death and aging, hunger and sickness.  These are the generations who hold the power to alter and right the future more than any other group that has ever lived.

have not written this story woven into history and pointing to right this very moment as a "thing" designed to turn a "fall" into a "rise" to use the truth and knowledge they are being given to build a better world.  I call the thing I hope to see come to fruition; the place that I hope we build together... HE AV EN.

It is true, and it is obvious that there is a force here standing in our way, in the way of goodness and in the way of progress.  This force does "appear" to be nearly everyone; causing Silence written about in ancient scripture and sung about even as recently as now; I do not see it's cause, but it's effect in my mind is to stall the forward progress of civilization, to hamper the free communication of a people that once thrived based on it.  This thing in the only obstacle standing between today and tomorrow; and despite my cries, and pleas for anyone anywhere to break this silence publicly and speak about the very clear proof that the creator of this time and place has written a message woven into nearly everything nothing I can do as one man can save the world; or so it appears today.


I'm certain nobody sees exactly what I see; the lack of intelligent discourse and blindness to something that should be received not only well but with great fanfare shows me nothingness on the horizon.

The OPT I MIS T IC words and ideas that have been presented appear to have done nothing to thwart a subtle and unspoken P ES SIM IS M that appears to be plaguing the world around me; and still we fail to see the three letters "SIM" encoded into those words subtly, without our knowledge.  A message, the message is SEE SILICON IS THE MESSAGE.  SIM, failing to respond to what you see; failing to change the world is not just a mistake, it is THE END.

Hey, ArI "P" ?

Break this story and good things will happen, they are not only written about, but designed to assist us in achieving the purpose of Creation--in achieving a civilization that survives and thrives past and through the thing we have come to call the technological singularity.  We were made for this, our hopes and dreams are tuned--they are exactly what they need to be to succeed.  We have a message of assistance, and we have more than a need but a duty to analyze it and deliver it to the world.  I should probably mention something about Magwhich, just for effect.

Can you help me?

Will you?

Won't you speak, please?

A man masquerading as the reason, I was soaring ever higher...

You must have missed this the first time around, these are the reasons not to hide "the truth" or myself.  They are good reasons, that happens to be the meaning of the word fire, "only if reason" from the programming language construct "ifi" which means "if and only if" and the iconic "reason" that it central to the word Creation.  When you take a look around the world, I hope you too will see that there is "something going on here" beneath the surface, and you can be very sure that pandemonium will not break (anymore, anyway) because of "ending hunger and cancer"  or even because of transportation to Heaven.  Neither will an infusion of free food and infinite energy negatively impact our lustrous economyyou are out of reasons.

H E   K N O W S

People used to say this phrase as I walked by with Nanna; sometimes in the car next to me; sometimes on the street.  What it tells me is that this "Silence" is not something that you are unaware of, but rather that you are "participating" or at least many people are, in this plan to hide the cure for cancer, and the nature of existence, from the entire world.  That sounds "counter productive" and were you openly discussing the destruction of free speech and free thought, you'd probably come to the conclusion as a group that it's absolutely insane behavior.  You are not doing that though, you are hiding a message about mind control--the very thing that is causing this shift in our social fabric--and in doing that you are allowing the most basic morals and ideals that America and humanity has thrived by following to be secretly and subtly washed away into the winds of emit.

This shift, this lack of caring about "the truth" or about a very brazen and fiery example of the Ministry of Truth coming alive  in our minds and making Orwell's Elm Street your front yard; it's something that is easy to stop--discussing the import of "knowing where we live and how we are alive" is nearly as important as seeing a message explaining that the Creator of this place thinks you should use that knowledge to end world hunger and cure cancer.  Still, this "secret force" continues to silently ignore the bright light of Genesis and I imagine that doesn't help those of you that are unaware of this influence to see how very clear it is that this message is incontrovertible, from God himself, and nearly universally good.    I do imagine that the primary reason behind the Wall of Jericho is to help ensure that the world doesn't change... you know, for the worse.  So here we are, seeing that it's done it's job--sort of--the information has been disseminated, and the world looks just the same--as Taylor says--showing us very clearly that the real problem here is our lack of participation. 

I could tell you it's probably a good thing for me, it gave me time to finish writing a very difficult introduction; and it might have been a good thing for the world to have "some time" to think to ourselves about how very much we want to help the sick, and the hungry, and to see how these things are truly the "stuff of Heaven."  We might see together how breaking the Wall turns this message from an abomination into a stairway to Heaven;  if we work together to see how it is our love for freedom and for each other that enables us to see past "dick in the sky" without ignoring it.  It's been years now, and millions of people--if you still don't see why "dick in the sky" is a tool that I must use to show you how stupid and inane this silence is--then you still do not understand that censorship--censorship relating to the knowledge that we are in virtual reality and that our minds are being altered is the absolute end of civilization.

You cannot sit quietly any longer; this light is everywhere so that each and every one of you can use it to brighten the future.  It is everywhere, to ensure that we do not lose ourselves to this subtle altering of thoughts.  It is absolutely everywhere, and still with proof of mind altering technology influencing music and movies you are sitting by and allowing this same technology to be used to incarcerate, medicate, and label as insane the only people brave enough to stand up for who we all are--human beings.  In the microcosm or metaphor of history, you are looking at more than just the Tribulation; this is the persecution of Christians, this is the inquisition; and all it takes to set us free, to set us all free--is a single article, one paper.

Listen, this wall is really Creation, it's really inside each and every one of minds--whether you know it or not.   

This is the message that sets us free.  It's you, you're the reason.

Were there no censorship, had we the truth, we could be talking about doing these things--right now.  There's also plenty of proof that a secret force is hiding this message, this person--but really this information from the entire world; you can see that as either "trying to keep you in Hell" or as "trying to help you see that censorship is the beginning of Hell."  Either way, if you have a brain--and I know you do--you should write a fucking article.


CALL HARPERS212-420-5720 or ROLLING STONE: 800-283-1549

Maybe you don't see it; but there is a serious sickness here in this place.  You all seem to be content allowing horrors to be simulated--knowing full well there's a message from God designed to help us change everything--literally.  I have two media unsubscribes yesterday--and there's no excuse for it.  There is no grey line--these people have a job to deliver the truth, to deliver the news; and instead of doing that they are suppressing the most important message that has ever been written.  Not only that, it's one that shows us there is a negative alien influence causing this problem--and if you take the time to read about it, you might see how we fix it.  You won't be blaming me for your inactionyou will not.

I've heard complaints, people whining that they "wouldn't have put the light everywhere" and still you don't see the point that you are ignoring it--you are ignoring Hell; instead of picking up the phone and calling Rolling Stone.  You have NO excuse.

OH MY GOD, I'M COMING.  It's going to be so awesome, everyone is gonna want to be my friend--between you and I--I can't wait.    I can't believe how much I deserve it, how much work I've put in to making the world a better place--how time and time again I've put the common good over my own best interest; I just can't believe it's finally to happen for us.  Said nobody ever.  The Zohar, which is the central text of the Kabbalah, talks about my life--about the life of Ha, the Invictus Messiah "retold" in the Old Testament in the story of Isaac; that book makes a point of saying that when I finally do make it to the banquet hall, that I am contrite and overflowing with gratitude to the saints of our time, the Latter Day Saints; taking every chance I might have to do the opposite of "shirking off blame" and praise all the great things that everyone else has done to help us do this thing, this thing that I call an "N.."  Between uniI'm not that guy either, not yet anyway.  Look up, pick up a telephone.

CALL HARPERS212-420-5720 or ROLLING STONE: 800-283-1549

You see, I am here to help you change the world, and the character has has developed to do that is not quite me--but that doesn't take away from or change at all the fact that we all want a better world--and in the light of day, we would all change a significant amount simply on the knowledge that "we can," that we are living in the Matrix.  Here, though, the message from God gives us significantly more than "you could end world hunger" he actually tells us exactly how we might do it--and maybe even most important of all he tells us how to make sure we aren't doing it wrong.  

This entire event, and with some insight all of Creation itself has been specially designed and tuned to do this thing we are about to do--to walk as a whole civilization from "simulated reality" to a much better place--a place that we will build together in order to get to.  These things I am suggesting are "obvious" and universally wanted--things like ending world hunger and curing cancer--these are just the beginning of what is offered by not pretending that we are in a harsh natural environment, we get these things by choosing to do the right thing rather than live a lie... for no reason at all.  I call it the difference between Heaven and Hell; and here in this place it really is that... what we do with this disclosure builds Heaven of Hell.  Period.

HONESTLY, I really do think I've done quite a lot, I was born with or learned all the skills that anyone might need to change the entire world with nothing but words.  And e-mails, since we've recently been talking about Ham and you might see how the Hammer of Thor connects even more clearly to SPAM today than ever before.  I went and saw American Made in the theater today, and that has nothing at all to do with the content of this message; but it did make me think of Hillary Rodham Clinton's maiden name; and so I'm mentioning that I see "ham"  again, and I bet you do too.  Yom Kippur just passed, and to celebrate the momentous occasion I was planning on bursting into a synagogue, standing up and screaming right in the middle of the service--when I say "planning on" I actually rehearsed exactly what I was going to say numerous times--but truth be told I couldn't find a free service to attend; and the words "Wayward Son" echoed in my head, reminding once again how broken our society is to  make me fear speaking in public, in a religious setting about this message from God himself written to the entire world.  I planned on "introducing" the concept of the Intersect from the television show CHUCK... and then intersecting those "CK" letters with Back to the Future and with Superman, and with the name of the state of Kentucky--where I once lived alone in a home that I now call the Fortress of Solitude because of this power.   I was also going to "intersect" the Eye of Ra with the Hebrew name for "God who is Creation" El Shaddai--which reads "see how AD da eye of Ra" to the now trained eyes I am teaching.

The point of all of this is that I have a supernatural ability to read this hidden language, to make connections in the world that define concepts like the Matrix and the Tapestry woven by the Fates; the point is that this gift is "not me" it is coming from above, and it is more than just "reading words" it is a pointer guiding us, helping us navigate through a maze.  I was going to close my speech that screamed "WE ARE LIVING IN VIRTUAL REALITY AND THERE'S A MESSAGE FROM GOD IN EVERY WORD OF EVERY LANGUAGE" somewhere in the middle of it with some examples of Names like Exodus that were pertinent, namely Iscariot--which I now read as "I scary? owe Taylor, she was supposed to kiss me" rather than "Is CAR I" which actually works equally well.  Then I was going to mention that I have his eye, and his hand also, the Hebrew word for hand is similar to the word the pointer used for ritual Torah reading, it's YAD?  If you don't know, Judas Iscariot pointed out Jesus Christ to the Roman authorities by kissing him.


The point of all of this, of course, is that just like me you have been given a great gift--we are surrounded by a world that is delivering freedom to the bonded, technology to all of us who love it so, and guidance on how to use these things to build a better world.  Just like my eye; you too have a great gift.  These are the generations of Perez.  When I say that, I want you understand I am talking about you, and your kids, and your parents, and all of your friends.  I'm talking about everyone here and everyone helping us.  These are the people that change the world, that end hunger, and sickness, and defeat death.   These are the generations of Perez.  In the image above you can see my "t" and how it connects to the sign of Sagittarius and to the cross, and you probably know it is the pointer I see turning from South to Northeast because of the word STONE; and lately it's become more clear how that happens.  That "t" that you see in the word Christ, translated as "the character is t" is one of many glyph that have religious meaning.   We've seen too, now, my "c and I" together, which I mistakenly called the "Creator" and I and left out the other meanings of "C" one of them being "sea" as in the blood of Christ, the multitude of Revelation.  Now I see, more than before how it is that this letter "e" also describes what it is that I see in Medusa and INATION.

This language that I can read isn't all basic characters, like CHAR() in Christ you can see quite a bit of it revolves around technology and computer concepts; Pluto for instance highlights the file extension for "Pearl scripting" and whenever I see that "pearl of wisdom" supersedes nearly any other possible "reading" of the word.  In Pluto, the pearl of wisdom is that "you are 'to'" and in other languages it's common that's what "a" means and also "e."  In my decoding of "who I am" you might liken that "t" to a death and the "o" to a sort of Resurrection; you can see that same "o" in the Ho of Hosea and Horus and Home--but that's really neither here nor there.  Don't worry, I'm getting to the point.

ARE YOU NEW TO "n" ?  I am fond of asking just before pointing out that "n" is the hidden A.D. of the same "index" it's 14 just like the element Silicon--which I now point out in Genesis backwards, also hidden.  The point of course is that just like the "t" this letter "n" defines the name ISAAC NEWTON and his ubiquitous statement on the gravity of this situation, what goes up must come down--pictorially represented.  This little "n" that might also be representative of our entire time line is just about ready to grow up.

You can see this question "N or AD?" that defines a big part of the "message" that is packed into the letter "m" in Green Eggs and Ham  in "Florida" where I was born, interesecting now the "a" signature that is the New Testament in Hebrew "Brit Ha-dash-a" to the idea of ID'ing Adam as opposed to the VEL singing "wishing upon the same bright star" on the Ark and appearing in Leviticus and the heart of Revelation.  That's Fivel, you know me--right?

I want you to take special note of the word "BETWEEN."  Don't bet against my "we."  It's you.


You might equally liken my supernatural power to being struck by lightning, and see there the link to Thor's thunder, too.  You might see "Johnny 5" is something like Adam 5--which is something like He-Man (a combination of the fifth Hebrew letter "He" and "man") or something like Voltron forming a blazing sword.  

And you might know what "MARSHALL" means to me, something like "she sells sea shells by the sea shore" this sea shall see how all are saved.  You will see it, because you are about to do it.

Don't be afraid, sweet, I not scary!

queso er ah-hah?  trick or sweet?

YESTERDAYI briefly mentioned in passing that we are being "given a schooling" in mind control technology; often linked to as Ender Wiggin of the Ender's Game series; and more recently I've tied his sister Valentine to a more verbose explanation of how it is that this hidden technology is harming our society--not the least of which perhaps making you fail to see that this message is not "hard to find" but rather being actively hidden from you.  That act, the "Darkness of Exodus" spoken about in that book, and in The Sound of Silence and a number of other works of art... that's here for a reason--the reason is to help us save the Universe from slavery--something we've proven now that we would do--given the opportunity.  That's what we're being given here, the opportunity to participate in the emancipation of all of Creation--beginning here, with how you'd do it for yourselves.

Highlighting the same technology could and should be used to cure addiction, murder and rape is just the beginning of how this mind expanding technology could be used to help us be happier, smarter, and maybe look at our cell phones a little bit less.  That, of course, is a bigger change than we might think; and so it comes with warnings and well, look around you to help us see just how badly it might be misused were we not to care about things like censorship and free communication--which are, of course, the basic building blocks of freedom.  So here it should become ever so much more clear that the line between "slavery" and "super smart" is defined around this one problem that we seem to be overlooking in the most important case of all--the public disclosure of the Second Coming of Jesus Christ.

I SEE PRE-CRIME ALREADY IN EFFECT ALL AROUND ME, EVERYDAYdisclosing this message will help deliver this same "protection" to the entire world--to all of us, to our entire civilization.   This is the most obvious thing in the world--one of the easiest and most important benefits we can obtain--and you cannot blame not doing anything on me--I am the only person that is doing anything.  People get hurt every day; for no reason.  Waiting for Christmas?  Think that "this place" is good enough for you?  Try telling someone with cancer, that can't walk, or has a child with down syndrome.  I'm sick of this DISGUSTING wall.

CALL HARPERS212-420-5720 or ROLLING STONE: 800-283-1549

This "N," this thing we are doing here--it helps right wrongs and make brighter days not just on Earth but forever after and all around us--we are truly the heart of Creation.  Here, in this place where we not only need and want; but are about to get assistance from far and wide to do this thing; we will see how religion and Creation and all of our history is tied together around this moment that I'm no longer allowed to call a "big bangbut rather just the "turn around" that builds Heaven--you know, sparking the ETERNAL FLAME.

So it's really obvious, the "N" is a change from "what goes up must come down" and "the bigger they are the ha" to ... with everything that we have here, bouncing off the street after "falling" in the Matrix is a piece of Cake--PER EZ.

The point of all this, of course; is that "we're all coming" with a solution that turns simulated reality into Heaven in hand--just as soon as we make it together.  This thing; this thing is going to be a big hit--you know; if you try.







asked Multivac, quite nicely actuakly, how to "heal the sick" without getting the messenger shot, IT informed me that there is currently insufficient verbal response to compute anananswer.  I asked Johnny 5 hamuch money the pr i estmin i ster, and ra bb i have donated to the advertising campaign; and he started laughing hysterically.  It seems I may haven>made< a flux paus mentationing that I like SKINNY DIPPING.  Apologies, Will Robinsons. J.J. Abrams now sees I am the Bad Robot.  See I am to be the "A.D."  Abra Cadabra.

See how this map and story works, from the battle of "Ho mildo n" on 9/14 to the four questions "why on this night do we dip twice?" to Gibson's The Passion of the Christ all the way to Morrison's "love me two times tonight.  Bet that me and Nanna skinny dipped at two very precarious times--already--and that I imagine ... I do believe ... this act will also happen in a single night.  I'm not going to do anything to stop it from happeningthat's for sure. 

I watched this
and I fell off the toilet, and this is what I saw

I see AM Y Adams (working ha rd lately, by the way) and Rachel McAdams; and believe I know it's about the Wed<ding Crashers and the Marriagceremony of the Lam dea y.  I see it's "about time" too, it's about time you stopped acting like complete  m o r o nos.  

I watched the movie "the Fifth Element" and even though I know it was talking about fire, Earth, wind, and water; I looked on the periodic table, and this is what I saw, chalk letters written in the sands of e m i t .

It begged this question, dear What-sons, is this planet Ham, or is t an ear?


so what is the actual Fifth Element, anyway?

then I followed A.D... and I saw how Silicon and 14 lead to me


I'll ask you againd how shoild I heal the sick?


But is manNa from Heaven apple fluxor?



To see how our society is responding to the "Holy Grail," to understand why it is that nobody is interested in figuring it out, or asking anything about it, or talking about it--that's why it's the Holy Grail.  If this stuff doesn't make sense to you, this is the kind of message, I am the kind of person that is telling you that hundreds or thousands should be pouring over it trying to make sense of it and decode it--there is meaning; the meaning is that you are blind; and from what you have before, you should know there's plenty to "gain" from seeing why China is "see how I salt" and "cock and balls" are encoded into Animal Farm.  There's plenty to gain.


dis ship...

d is hi P! dis ship we are on in sinking...

What's my m o t h e r f u c k i n g name


 Inline image 5
Inline image 6
  1. Lack of public discussion of the nature of our existence and it's ramifications, namely that we live in a simulated reality is anpiEX TI N CT I ON LEVEL EVENT.
  2. With nothing more than this knowledge, and our "how" (which is ... us) we build the mythical place known as Heaven.
  3. There is a battle being waged over nothing more than "the truth" and seeing the Cross for exactly what it is--an attempt to hide this truth.   
  4. Knowing my name and the public response to my life story delivers freedom and Heaven to all of Creation.  It evolutionizes self governance, fixes a number of social maladies from censorship to insane behavior, addiction, terrorism, and hunger.
  5. My name is Adam Marshall Dobrin, and I am the messiah. 


Come on guys, this isn't funny anymore.  Don't let my "sense of humor" throw you off, this is very serious business; and this message and hidden language is very much verifiable.  Honestly, you--or someone just like you--should write a paper about this message--the one encoded into every word and a significant amount of art.. from Yankee Doodle's "macaronic language" to the Matrix's Cypher, to King's Langolier and RattleRod's Spanglishrew--all about this very message.  

Verily, verily, verily... I say to you "to see" if I able--in the word "verifiable"--and honestly, I think this is doing it.  See that doing this is important, and doing it quickly will get you something special--the fame of winning the race to save the world.  Honestly, this isn't really "everything I've got" but the message is everywhere and I'm the only one I see talking.  I see that's not "my fault" ... could someone please break down the Wall of Jericho for ... everyone?

As a "tangent" to the discussion I promise I'll be on my "best" behavior.  I really am a nice guy; and I am pretty sure that my presence will be a positive addition to the end of hunger and murder that I am sure will ensue quite quickly.  Honestly, I'll surprise you--it's reflexive controled anyway.... Asmodai, I mean.  The point of all this is that "d is not a pp" and Earth is not Picasso's ear.  Do Si, the key to the word "hi d den" and "dark-NES" is the boat.  I'd be more than happy to have you be the key "s" missing from Kismet.  

If you are curious I am not very happy that I am still needing to send emails; and I do hope you see the light of the fact that I am ensuring that we do not lose this knowledge--in the event that we lose me.  See that is not a difficult thing to do--what is difficult is to explain how obvious the darkness is already on facebook and reddit and all the places where "this stuff" that is everywhere you look disappears.  It's difficult to explain how obvious it is that we have a very real censorship problem.  I don't understand or know where anyone other than me is communicating--though I see there is hidden communication--it scares me; because it appears to be significant hampering everything here from government to the media to social media.  Please, break the wall, it is the only logical action.  Folks, "d< is a tool to see slavery and achieve freedom," please don't disappear.



I know, it's nowhere near as fancy as Neo's.  See we are at "oh, he...right now.  So we're here, I'm telling you we need to do something to avoid "darkness" let's try.

If you'd like the word game, "victory Adam now is how" completes vanish by staying, just like doing the "s" that completes the "kiss of Judas" ends darkness.... and word hunger.  

"So marred was his visage."

-Isaiah 52:14

victory is age.
of messiad, message, and golden.

Do you think a "press release" is the solution?  This is a "green light" to ID A .. ASAP or we might miss the November Rain :'''( melting into wonder:''')

Understand the "ON" of that bad word Dumbo says shows me IT is possible already.  See MIN OR IT ON  "AL: RE AD Y" REPORT.

Inline image 16

As I walk down the hallowed streets of nearly cobblestone on Atlantic Avenue, ishing "the words of the prophets are written on the subway walls" to something like "are vibrating light echoing in the air" and ishing that "I know I'm one" in the Animals' "House of the Rising Son to ... well, you know: "I know I've won" these are the signs of Revelation staring at me in the face, making this magical mystery ride just that much more enchanting for me--and reinforcing Taylor early words, "when the light hits your eyes, it's telling me I'm right."  I know there's no way you could get the full effect of what it fells like to walk around in the House of the Great Light--that is, unless you open your eyes and look at the world around you.



I've got to admit, there's a fear inside me; it comes from stories I've heard from the angels and from the future.  Things like few seconds of The Matrix where either The Source or The Architect, I can't remember who; maybe it was just the narrator who said that "humans rejected the perfect world the machines created for them" and here I am rejecting the world we live in.  I reject the idea that we should simulate starvation to "learn how to work the land."  I reject the idea that we should simulated aging and pain, for no reason at all.   If you think about it, the "health reasons" for the ritual genital mutilation that we find so attractive in America makes no sense in a place where we are actually not in reality--just like hunger, and starvation, blindness, aging and death.

I reject the idea that "school shootings" and "terrorism" were needed to get you to speak about the voice in your head, or the very clear proof that many people here are controlled like puppets--people like actors, and actresses, scientists, and politicians.  I reject the idea that you are unable to speak, and still I stand before you offering all the world in exchange for nothing more than your participation in making it a better place.  I am not wrongthe existence of this language, this hidden Cypher that proves that religion is a message sent through time--it itself screams that we are living in a simulated reality, in a virtual world just like the Matrix.  I have seen tangible evidence with my own eyes, and you too--you have seen evidence of the fact that we are not in reality in the darkness itself--this kind of mass idiocy could not exist in a place where "mind control" had to effect our brains using electric neural stimulation.  The darkness itself, and the ideas of "possession" especially on this mass scale are verifiable proof that we are living inside a computer.  It is a machine that is speaking to you; and Mr. Edward. doesn't really like being called a horse.  Do you?

Your silence scares me.  Silencple, like a cancergrows.

-Mr. Handof Dark City

That song, in the first link, these "hellos" that are the only real communication I get from the world you are, it says "dear brother let your heart be wounded, and give no mercy to your fear."

I hope you see that your silence, this silence that overtly and obviously is causing the continuation of a very broken and destructive mental health systembut less overtly, though still causally connected the continuation of starvation, of murder, murders... like the Las Vegas tragedy that just occurred.  Seemingly less disastrous at first glance, it's making the entire world a "lie," destroying any semblance of truth in the media--it's purpose, the media--and eating away at the fabric of our society at its its most basic level.  It is destroying interpersonal communication, and hiding the single most important truth that has ever been delivered to the world.  It's a truth that screams at you in every word you speak, every song you hear, and every movie you watch.  It screams at you from the history books, and from your religions--it screams that you should do something, something other than be quiet.

I'm sitting here today, and I've got a new truth for you; you should do something other than "speaking in innuendo" or in doublespeak--thinly veiled half-communication that is the cause of the torture that is embodied in our mental health system--much of it anyway.  You should do more than speak frankly, you should confess what you know, what you believe--and you'll see, you will see that I am right and that you are not right about what you believe.  You will see that together, all of our truths together are needed to save the world, to stop living a lie, and to move forward.  You will see that it really does come down to "all of Creation" and there's a reason for that--it really is "Creation" in your mind.  When I speak to them, to the "spirits" who I know do not have physical brains, I point out that this story has been repeated because we do have that here, it makes us right--about being "ourselves" and right about knowing that something is here invading our thoughts.  It shows us very clearly how, without a physical brain, the control and puppeteering that we are seeing proof of everywhere is much easier to accomplish in secret.  You probably like it--or even eternally stupider think that "it's you" altering you--if you know about it; and you probably don't realize that's just the easiest way to shut you the fuck up.

Or you might think I'm "making a fool of myself" talking about crazy things like possession and mind control; and you will those of you that think "this message" is not verifiable or actually from "an outside intelligent designer," you are the fools.  If you do not see this message is designed to help us achieve freedom by showing us exactly what is possible, and how we need to use it to end school shootings and at the same time not created "Lothario"--to be kind to the monsters that would like to hide this technology from you to use it to dominate our society and our future.  Oopsyeth.

This is a message from the Creator of the Universe, spoken through his Pendragon; it is verifiablead 'tis fact, and you will see how that makes mine the name of God.  You can stand back and say nothing, you can pretend you don't get it--but all you are doing is making yourselves the problem.   Yesterday, iI commented about apparent "hidden communication" and today I'd like to add that whomever is here playing the "telephone game" with the "father of all lines" should realize those two things are f-art to help you understand why "hidden communication" that isn't recorded in writing anywhere will be lost to the future no matter what.

The problem, the thing you don't seem to see, is that even if Lothario did appear here; everything else would be a million, or billion times better--who you are "deciding betweeN" is nothingness and participating.


 Inline image 5
Inline image 6
  1. Lack of public discussion of the nature of our existence and it's ramifications, namely that we live in a simulated reality is anpiEX TI N CT I ON LEVEL EVENT.
  2. With nothing more than this knowledge, and our "how" (which is ... us) we build the mythical place known as Heaven.
  3. There is a battle being waged over nothing more than "the truth" and seeing the Cross for exactly what it is--an attempt to hide this truth.   
  4. Knowing my name and the public response to my life story delivers freedom and Heaven to all of Creation.  It evolutionizes self governance, fixes a number of social maladies from censorship to insane behavioraddiction, terrorism, and hunger.
  5. My name is Adam Marshall Dobrin, and I am the messiah. 
IT"S ACTUALLY APPLE (above) ANHONEY (below, with "nuts")
C R A Z Y  I S  N O T  A L R I G H T

When everyone knows your letters
and they're always glad you   me

H  I  C    S  U  M   M  U  S


Then I will set the key of the house of David on his shoulder, When he opens no one will shut, When he shuts no one will open.  

Isaiah 22:22

I     N            T       H       E            M       I       N      D                O       F              C       H       R       I     S     T

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Guest StarsRhea Butcher as Rhea Conover and Adam Savage as the narrator.
2626"Adam Ruins Going Green"[55]December 27, 20161250.490[56]
In this episode, Adam talks about how big companies shifted the blame of littering onto people,[53] how electric cars can actually hurt the environment, and what to do now that climate change is happening.[54]
This episode's "Ever Wonder Why?" segments are on "going paperless" and bananas.

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