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it's more than ending terrorism and senseless murder, more than ending rape
it's more than ending hidden slavery, more than you could imagine
even more than a small step for democracy, a giant leap
more than annihilating starvation, more than that
they may say that Rome wasn't built in a day, but...
in your hands, the plan is in your hands.

snap your fingers.




These are some key letters, the two singular graphical representations of "the King and I" combining the "c" of Creator with his eye, and his dick; respectfully (sic).   It took me quite awhile to come to the realization that I was "e" for the messianic sea to see; the shining pearl of wisdom in the word "complete" has something to do with this Revelation, with this message; with the unsealing of the fact that every single word of every language is a key to seeing the "hidden code" of the Matrix, a sort of guidebook or walk through to the definition of our world.  Pretend I am "on empty"  because I am alone, and try and realize that this map has been opened up for the entire world to read--and at the same time I've done my best to use the last drops of Holy Oil to help us see that it is action and change that are the goal--the are the Creator's purpose, to help us to overcome this roadblock that comes from  just "not knowing what to do" with this new definition of Heaven and Hell telling us that it takes nothing more than our effort and knowledge of the truth to take a "hello" that begins with how do you like me now to turn a world filled with needless suffering into Heaven.   If you need some advice, Peter Pan suggests you "do Ra" while we are all working together to figure out how we can accomplish this world changing task.  

I kinda want to take that "do Ra" thing out, but I can't seem to bring myself to do it.  Do you understand that this message is about freeing us from hidden slavery--about seeing that this influence is being actively hidden--and frankly that you are doing it... it's my personal belief that in a "normal free world" doing what I am doing is the kind of thing that would make me ... I don't know, maybe somewhat desirable to know.  The place you are in, where this could continue to be hidden for all of eternity, that's the place where Cupid and Lothario have something to do with Arthur and Isaac and not needing game--get the message--I don't know those guys.  I do, though, have reason to believe that I am "king-o;" well, he wasn't real before I got here--and neither were you. 

Get the point, you are zombies, everywhere I go; people seem to acknowledge that they "know" something--and yet nobody seems to want to say a word; this apparently is how I talk to darkness, hello metaphorically my ex-wife, I've come to skinny dip with you again.  I know you understand, I know you listen--I'm telling you to "speak," you know, if you wanna.  If you don't start talking ... you are going to wind up in a place where people don't speak.  Wake up and see you are halfway there.  I keep telling him that I have a ... fear ... that I am going to get to Heaven and "angels" are going to try to "think to me," and it's honestly because that's what it seems like you want.  Is that what you want?  It looks like that's what you want.

dig it, "os"  tua  d is rum pa m

   o i  e   
 r s  s 
    k cu sage 
I am trying to show you that this message from Creation itself tells us that oui ha'v infinite power, that the things that we have fought wars over--land is not truly scarce, that we can without need for delay all enjoy a significantly improved quality of life instantly--overnight--with the snap of your fucking fingers.  What this message is showing us that we are lacking in is carting about each other, about ourselves, and about the truth--we are lacking in the logic needed to see that everything he is trying to teach us--to end censorship, to take a more active role in government, to care about senseless murder, those that are hungry for food and for light; to see that in caring about everyone we are giving ourselves a great gift.  If only we are willing to try.  I am trying to show you that he has built a monster here, he has built a weapon against the problems that he believes cause the end of civilization--and he has made a weapon that has done a good job of making it look like you are that problem. Point in fact, today, you are that problem.  This is how he changes things, I need you to see that we are being made to act illogically--whatever the lie, whatever the reason or the drive, we are "giving up" Heaven in order to prolong "Hell."  We are not that stupid, but in case you might be--Ra's heartfelt advice is to c "doamd."

MA "IT'S NOT A MAG... G, I E?"

  Image result for maggie
You are @ "enli" when you c i, when you si the m... that proves that this sim connects light from the Simpsons to the Simple Life; when you understand why Hilton and "that's hotbecause you are at the magical end of Hell that comes from c'ing the d because you get why "just thinking out loud" and "i'll keep on ((showing you the same mistakes until you get it))understand that hiding this message, hiding little old me--it is the end of civilization, when you get "thinking at loud" you are at the fictiitous end of enlightened and you are @ ig.  There is no "us" at the end of Prometheus that is not "pro me" there is no "us" at the end of Prometheus that is not pro meth.  There is no us that is not pro-SPAM, there might be "an us" that thinks I should have gotten high more often, and should have sent you two emails a day, instead of just one for your daily bread... I like that "us," I hope they will see why I am trying as hard as I can to show us that the changes that we need to make here should have happened thousands of years ago, and that every day we delay is another day of Hell.  I hope all of us, understand that these are huge changes, that are almost absolutely morally mandated by the change in circumstances that this message delivers an understanding of--an understanding that it is changing our perception of the truth--not the truth itself.  The truth has always been that we are in Creationtoday, this final day of Creation, this day that is both the First and the Last--we are seeing how and why the purpose of Creation has always been to help us to build Heaven, and to revolutionize how we continue to thrive and grow to build a better Universe with the knowledge and understanding of technology that has caused this "delay."
It takes nothing but the truth for there to be one Holy us, and it takes more than this intricately designed and woven message, more than a pen that speaks aloud... to make that "us" all of us.  This is our day to glow, your day to shine; it's about time you see that if you do not act, there is "no us."  From the tips of your fingers this message will spread to the world, from your mouths; to your family and friends; from this place--this point in time--where we see that "n" is the heart of the end or the beginning of enlightenment our "us" will grow, not just to all of us here, but to all in Creation ...  and then beyond.
That "e" is the beginning of everyone, victorious Earth; you are the "ve" that will see the son.  I am resolute, I am the end of desolation. 


i g n is  accéndit

Don't worry, we won't lose Adam on arrival.


 I really don't want to do this, Dave sings "realize what you are, seeking more wisdom than I have to give away" but that's not it at all.  The problem here is every new drop of proof that I give you detracts for the purpose and the glowing import of this message.  This is a message about freedom, about the truth; about changing the world... and while each and every day I might change one more of your minds, for some damned reason that's not enough for anyone to act.  It really goes to the heart of freedom, and of humanity--it should be clear as day that someone should have broken this story by now--it should be clear as a night sky with no moon and no stars that something is keeping you from acting.  That's not just a problem for my libido, that lack of individual freedom is a problem for the future, for each and every one of us--it's "the problem" it's is the manifestation of the darkness of "I am all" in the world initially.  Look around you, because your lack of action is the "Y" he's trying to pass off as logical--it's a catch 22, it's a self-worsening problem... it is the downward spiral.  

You might not see it, but we've had an awful lot of help getting this far... coming to this place... and it is that simple fact that you probably don't see it that is the beginning of a problem that becomes even more apparent and debilitating when it keeps us from being able to get advice from the Universe--and to work together to build a place that is not walled off by blindness and from that blindness a lack of caring.  Beginning with this message, beginning at the tip of your fingers--opportunities open up for communication and assistance--perhaps a movie that is better than mine, or an Atlantis that is just a little bit more robust; if you didn't notice, this message is "contact" to the entire world, to a place that was worried it was all alone, and is now clearly seeing that it is not.  

... bom chica wa wow ...


Here, let's look at some "new light" to figure out exactly where we are in this puzzle, to find out what's going on.  I know I've told you that that this "code" is in every language, I know I've said over and over--and I know that you believe everything I say.  I have concentrated though on this Engineered Light in "English" and we all know English hasn't been around for more than five hundred years.   So let's look and see if there's any hidden messages in "Latin" that might apply to what's going on today, as if that's possible.  So I keep telling you all, I keep telling you that the plan here is for us to build Heaven which I keep telling you is a good thing for you, and for the future--and that they'll happy you did it.  I keep telling you.  So the future's back, to help this problem a long a little bit, they've sent you a message--and hidden it... in the words for "the founders" in Latin.  Because, you know, that's a good place to hide a message.
Exceptusque a Conditoribus, you might have seen those words gracing a couple of emails you got--I doubt you took the time to translate them, you probably thought I was talking to the spirits behind your eyes, or to the Illuminati, or something like that.  Take a good look, my fellow founders, at the words that define who we are: except us, what?!?! and to the sea of ND, (you are tastyIT, or I bus.  I know, all of our languages today really have come to us through a natural process of linguistic evolution, I'm sure there's a perfectly normal explanation for this English sentence about your lack of action appearing on the peace train ride to to the Doors of Heaven.   Oh right, that is the explanation, I keep forgetting.  So, listen up, because "it" just isn't good enough for me, I don't know what "or I'm a bus to nowhere" means (other than diverging their timeline, which clearly we are already doing) but my "it" has something to do with you--"it" is changing the world, "it" is changing the entire Universe.  That's my "it"--so--am I Christ, for crying out loud?  I know you think my hammer is going to smash the ground one last time, and the world is going to magically change--flowers will be in the air, songs playing on the sky, and maybe a movie, maybe da video.  I know you are waiting for that to happen, but I really do think you might need to be involved in changing the world, too.

this, apparently, is how I come.

redde mihi irrumabo



Adam Marshall Dobrin