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I have quite a bit planned to say in this message, important stuff--so I'm not going to beat around the bushI'll get straight to the point and begin by making it overtly clear that the question posed in "wish you were here" is very simply answered by seeing that when you understand the disclosure that our blues skies are fake, virtual, seen clearly in the word "is rael" and a message written on the sky by God himself you then see that the power to instantly end world hunger to stop all pain from being experienced and to stop violent crimes and fatal car accidents is in the hands of whomever is in control of "the simulator."
We have a clear message from God in this place, explaining through the simple phrase "force majeure" as seen as an act of God to clearly show us that "the majority" here is still morally incorrect regarding the disclosure that we are in virtual reality.  It should be very clear that this disclosure leads to the end of "natural disaster" also; and you can see the 3/11 earthquake and the 9/11 attack clearly lit in both the Bible and a number of songs... and you still sit here in silence--refusing to talk at all or respond as thinking intelligent people to the obviousness of this message.
I am sitting in what I see as a "hell averting machine" and by that I mean I see it as the purpose of Creation, and the design of our civilization to deliver a clear and concise platform for understanding why "being civilized" and "not creating hell" go hand in hand--and yet despite that I am sitting in Hell, staring at people "talking without thinking" that they are  the thought police.  Clearly, I am looking at a group of people who believe that they are in control of this place and this disclosure, and they are not; and these people are intentionally hiding something so obvious and everywhere from the world that it's hard to see how you do not understand how they and you are completely retarded.  
Bluntly, as I am here today; I believe that the progression of this disclosure, of the Second Coming will result in an end to all Hell; but that is predicated on my continued contribution, and most importantly of all on the people standing up and contributing to the process of making that happen.  Failure to do so... is Hell in and of itself.

Every day that passes you all appear to be less and less like my family; and more like a sinister group of alien body snatchers that have come here to do nothing all day long--I am losing patience and drive, and have no incentive to continue writing to the mindless darkness that you have become.  Worse yet, your lack of action is making me begin to think that you don't need my help--and by that, I do mean that I shouldn't be helping you.

Yesterday I sent this parablue to a small group, and because I had forgotten the first example I thought of, I used seeing the "glowing words end world hunger" on the wall as an example of why I know "Medusa" is here and inside you.  The original thought was "a room full of people in therapy stabbing themselves in the knee with forks" and do believe that I am very sure these nearly the same thing.  This is what I see you doing, sitting in silence stabbing yourselves with forks and then refusing to stop when it's being pointed out that you are unhappy.
This place I live in would continue going about their business, as if nothing had changed.  History and science books would be rewritten, and nobody would say a word about the Sun that used to be yellow, and then turned white right before our eyes.  This place is Hell, you are dumb, literally unable to speak or to see clearly that this is why "dumb" means that.  
I am sitting in "group therapy" literally, with all of you, and I am suggesting that the simple act of speaking out loud will set us free, that it will start a cascade reaction that links the truth to the cause of the beginning of "true consciousness" of self-awareness, and of free will--that we can overcome whatever this thing is that has put blinders on our world and made us gallop forward towards oblivion rather than speaking about the very clear signs that a turn here brings us to Heaven.
All at once, literally, all at once everyone in the room turns and glares at me--and in unison out of their mouths "I don't want to do that."
This is what I see.  Do you understand that your "I" is not to be?  It is not me, and it is not free, you may as well walk around chanting "We are Borg resistance is futile."  I am ashamg by what I see here--at your seeming inability to stand up for yourselves, and ashamd that whatever is causing this appears to want to be "linked" to me.  My only link here is see it, and I am doing whatever I can to help us be free of this, to move on and upward and see we are here to overcome this, not succumb to silence and apathy. 
I don't know what else to say, I can keep emailing you, I can keep saying the same things over and over, or show you that there's a map and a solution in our history, in our mythology, and in every word--but the truth of the matters is that this map and every solution it brings are dependent on you acting, you are the true solution, and you seem to be... unwilling to accept that you must act.
Act, write a story, do something; there's no better time to rock the night away.  
Then today....
  I'm trying to think of ways I can etch this in the Earth, this story; so that the future might come back and help us overcome it, and I look around and there is no way to "etch" this any deeper into our world than every word, than every story, than everything around us--and still you persist in ignoring it?  What are you thinking?  If anyone has any ideas on how I might draw significant amounts of attention to the Honeypan that I am; well, do send me a text or a reply, 954--667-8083.  
I'm brainstorming today.


Moving past the obviousness of "be re shit" describing an attitude of "i don't see it" or "it doesn't make sense" regarding the purpose and import of this message; there are a huge number of complaining victims of mind control technology, the same technology I believe is being used to cause the silence and lack of understanding of this message that are doing their best to save us from a world filled with morons that believe they are "fit to judge others" because they have aligned themselves with a clear force of evil that spends its time invading the privacy and the sanctity of the minds of others; you might see that this pissed God off so much that he tied it directly to the fiery altar of Isaac seminal work describing the apocalypse, Orwell's 1984; and this group of complete morons now will have a list of the reasons that they are not to be.
As I walk down the streets, and think to people against my will nearly every day; this group of people harboring the largest and most inane secret in all of history fails to see that while some people "spit on the street" and others "tip their glasses or hats" (which might be a good thing) and yet other girls shake their heads when I think about "saying hello" they fail to see that their negative responses to thoughts they have no right or "ability" to eavesdrop on cause a negative response, literally conditioning negative thoughts to continue.  It's torture, Pavlovian torture, plain and simple.
More to the point, it is missing the entire point, that this story is about freeing us from secrecy and from secret technology altering our thoughts and beliefs; and they are not realizing that "their secret" is total and undeniable proof not only that this technology exists, but that's its being used against them; and that it's always raining in my head explains clearly that the eye of the storm is being tortured with thought implantation ... just like them.  Not seeing that "nobody would want to watch a TV show in their minds filled with lies" that is, unless they were keen on seeing an innocent and good person tortured; well, it would be just about as stupid as not connecting an eye for an eye to the crossing of the sea in Exodus.  
Even worse, we are not seeing the Downward Spiral of Nine Inch Nails leading us all directly to the bowels of Hell in a p-lace where we should be thinking about having fun and using the significant amount of newly un-hidden resources that "virtual reality" offers to make the world a better place.  The point is that without the proper direction we are sitting in a "crucible" that will spiral into all out war and full blown Hell in a matter of days were you idiots to get what you want.  Try and stand, discuss the message and what's going on around us, and we are on a path to Heaven; continue to sit in silence and we are on a path to yesterday.



The final reason, one of the most important; is seeing how this storm of the eye is being used as a "divide and conquor" tactic to "split the sea" over inane, silly, and completely irreverent things like "whether or not I want to bang your sister."  Compare apples to oranges here; even if I was secretly the most hateful person in the world; I don't do anything hateful, and point in fact every single thing I do is focused on ending Hell and building Heaven and delivering power to the people--if you believe that my "deep dark thoughts" are a problem you are the problem.  The simple fact that our family is being divided over the inner thoughts of a single person is proof enough that you are weak, that you are easily influenced and too fucking stupid to see the big picture--people are starving, and we are sitting in Hell willingly instead of doing the most obvious thing in the world and figuring out that the disclosure of "virtual reality" almost assuredly leads us directly to Heaven at this point
Oversight of the fact that your silence and your inaction are keeping starving people hungry, keeping the blind from seeing, and keeping the sick from being healed; is nearly the same thing as "over sight" that you are not in ... in ... Heaven, something that the Bible predicts and I have written over and over we will be able to "merge" with Earth using something called "Doors."

As a quick example, of how lack of "thought privacy" affects the thinker, as well as the "listeners," Nanna is a fairly attractive girl.  Nash's story of "taking one for the team" and Game theory so beautifully described in "A Beautiful Mind" reminds me of this kind of scenario: normally I might glance or maybe even pause and look at a pretty girl entering the room--quickly to be hit on the shoulder or something like that by her.  After she completely destroyed my sense of reality and privacy by making it very clear that she could hear my thoughts (and that she was trying to kill me) that thought pattern changed to something like "wow she's so much prettier than you, dear" in my head, where there were probably no words before that.  Maybe it's a bad example. 

Oversight that probably a long, long time ago--there was a battle between "Creation" and "Adam" over the word "oversight" and the difference between God and "good" and this oversight has been settled; it is most definately something that we need without doubt to survive, thrive, and to continue evolving with technology.  At the same time, neither you nor I are fit in this moment at this time to "be oversight" and there is only one simple way to rectify that, we call it 'THE SECOND COMING.  You can call it talking about the truth, if you don't like the word "coming."
Superposition of words is "another tool" I've used in the past to understand this story, and this hidden message in words.  Today, the names "PEREZ" as in These are the Generations of Perez" and SATAN overlay with ELCRIC; as "tan" of Wontanconnects the words "SA TIS FACT U AL" to ME L IS SA, and I stand here doing everything I can to get you to talk, to converse, and to see that this "moment" has been designed to create a renaissance of democracy and contribution to change; in everyone willing to contribute directly to the building of Heaven... and that act, you standing up and trying and talking and working together, that is the beginning of Asgard--of turning around the "sa" and seeing that Aneas is I and is clearly also Baldr (connecting Norse and Greek myths about ... this repeated life) that's "an is to as" if you can't read langolier and it does mean "turning Satan around" by seeing the press release here is designed specifically to highlight social and governmental problems that normally may have ocurred and been rectified slower or never, like the destruction of democracy and truth among other clear and hilghlighted issues that pose a clear "polarization" over good and bad; like "murder or no murder."  There should be no question as to "what to do."

So succintly, the "how to un da eye" is standing up and doing the message, clearly defined here as the gateway to Heaven and you should really see that working together and "fixing democracy" and using "virtual reality" to make a better world--is... the gateway to Heaven.

Why, is because it's torture for you, and it's torture for me; and it's apparently keeping you from reading or acting.  Either that or you ar ... ????


I happen to like "Wontan" for it's play on the words "Satan" and "wanton" and even "wonton" but to see "N IS SAN" connect to Melissa, shows clearly that "sa" is inside "an" just like you  "San" happens to mean Saint, for those of that don't know anything about Spanglishrew;  and it's clear as day and day that it is equivalent to saying "one in five" of The Doors song, Five to One.  It's both of us in this "san" that is the hyamdai of all of Creation, and believe there is only one of me, I'm a person, and you see me walking on the street singing
(and now sometimes screaming, especially during The Sound of Silence)
Anyway, it is this fusion inside me that is responsible for the most important thing we are doing, and that's explaining that you are in a crucible stuck between "All Knowing Adam" and little old me, the Lone Eye connecting Peter Pan and Ewoks and THEOVEN and telling you all in no uncertain terms that you have a very clear and present opportunity to be the most important generations of any life that has every lived and do something amazing, and that it's nearly EZ to do PER I--all you have to do is start the Second Coming.

For what it's worth, I know that I am a good person, and that where I am and what I am doing is responsible as nearly a single focal point for turning around a spiral towards Hell and building Heaven.  In the map of all history that I have before me; there is the message and it's authors, before me, and while you are co-authors in my mind, you don't even see it, aren't acting on it, and are pretending it doesn't exist.  You are trying to believe yourselves into oblivion.  I'm just trying to dance with B at LIV, in a year or something.

These words, they're magic, I really get a kick out of things like 

seeing "RIC" (and RIB and RIO) and SEE I ARE connecting Amharic and 

If you didn't get it, it's a word play on Lothario, and Romeo, and Isaac; 
showing another hidden trinity (in Lothario, and lottery).  

You must not get it

because I'm still not on TV.  Wake the fuck up. -AF