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What we are witnessing is nothing shy of r id ic ul o i.  Staring back at a history of wars over unknowingly non-scarce resources, oil and land that are ... equivalent to "air" in the world of Heaven; at what appears (and is) nothing less than a map to the past futures of this place--seen clearly in the connection between "I came, I saw, I conquered" of Julius Caesar and the first Horsemen's "he came and went out conquering" the ties between the Anti-Christs and I do not stop with a simple eye of understanding and what becomes more of a map of aversion designed to help us all move forward in the light of Uncle Samael's message of freedom.  It becomes more clear that what we are looking at is not just a simulated history, but one that I seriously question whether or not was actually "lived."  Point in fact, as we stand at this crossroads, unable to budge our society to acknowledge and discuss what is without doubt the Apocalypse, the most interesting man in the world, and the most world changing disclosure our history has ever seen--I wonder aloud if we are "real" or the world around me is filled with "non-people."  You could answer that question, if you were to acknowledge that this is "important."  Without doing that, I don't think you are.

To see "Salt" appear connecting Orwell's Animal Farm to Napoleon Dynamite and see that snowball into "AD of light failed" it should become more clear that all of the anti-Christs in our simulated history have something to do with not "delivering power to the people" and you should see that's exactly what it is that you are keeping from happening by not ... by not ... starting to be people.  There isn't an option here, this light cannot fail, it is in everything that we are and everything that we do.  It should be clear that keeping "Si" turned around backwards as it is at the end of Genesis as we move into the book of this Exodus from slavery ... well, it's nothing short of "the thing" that defines the difference between freedom and living a lie for eterniz.




I guess what I'm witnessing around is something like "the gathering" of Highlander.  It shouldn't come as a surprise, though it does; that whatever this is is swirling around me, just the "at" sign of Mortal-Kombat's Atword tells us ... is the focal point of the Second Coming.  I do hope what you are witnessing is far less rattling, though I think it's pretty important to share with you that what I am seeing is a big problem.  I spend my days "screaming at the air" thinking out loud, literally; telling them to turn around just like you; turn around and see that our world is primed to build Heaven, and that we have a very clear map to do so--turn around and help us do that; help us deliver freedom, and ... maybe some friends; and frankly it's pretty obvious that the "hello" I seek doesn't come through my own mouth, or yours; but from the sky; where it truly does originate.  Hello world, we are living in Heaven; or so the Lord's Prayer implies, and it looks just a little bit too dark for me to be happy.   The "sign in the sky" that you might liken to the beginning of the word sister... which leads us to "you are" of Yeshuar, as in... you are the messiah, when you are seeing and acting on this message; well, it all starts with a sign of hope and welcome, something that I certainly do not feel for me or for your, or anyone in the human race, today.  


Dear sister, from Mor Gan Eden of Arthur, and L is A of Simpsons, my sister's name is Dawn, and this is it.  The sooner you realize it, the faster you'll see true happiness.  The truth about our existence and our very creation is being disclosed to you, and you are turning a blind eye to the fact that it includes verifiable proof that our world is being harmed--and that simply knowing it will change everything for the better.  Si that you are sitting around doing nothing, pretending you can "judge me."  Let there be light, take a look, you are in a book--Lisa means "El is God."  Which is also what "El" means; acknowledging that would probably be a good way to see that everything you are ignoring is proof of the Creation of humanity by "not just you."  When you open your eyes, you will see that everything you are reading is proof of the Creation of Heaven, by not just me.

What I am witnessing, this gathering of many souls in a single person; it is indicative of exactly what kinds of problems arise from the endless rewinds we have not experienced, hidden in secret--and that secrecy has led to it happening again and againt.  It might not look like Nightmare on Elm Street to you; but I see it clearly, this is "time travel Hell" about to end.   I don't think there's anyone on Earth that would be opposed to stopping murders and car crashes from happening if we could do it right before they happened--and that's exactly what we could do--with knowledge of who and where we are.  At the beginning of Heaven.

Even if it were possible, and it's not, that this place could be printed in reality--it would be nothing short of downright evil to hide the fact that we are currently "in Heaven" and force everyone to continue the torture that is this place--the pain and suffering that come from not knowing that the Virtual Garden of Eden is designed to end pain and hunger; among other things.  This the ERR at A, see that who is hiding this from the world is not OK, there is something seriously wrong with the way they (don't) think; or care about you or the people living in this place, or the future; or their lives.

Make a better place, Michael Jackson's "Heal the World" continues, and that starts with deror, the Hebrew for freedom, and undoing the "heart of red."  It has something to do with privacy, and the sanctity of our souls, or minds, in this place where the act of Creation itself; the "writing of this message" very much violates everything that we are told to hold dear... through the message, and our hearts.  Hold the truth dear, and light my fire.  Hold me closer, tiny dancer, counting the headlights on the highway.  I have a secret to share with you, this message about the Sword and the Stone of the Once and Future King, it is called "Asmodai, Sword of Samael" as message of da i, in Adamic revelation.  It is a weapon against tyranny, against censorship and oppression of all kinds; written here in this place to slice through the invasion of our minds and thoughts, as much as the Orwellian nightmare of a "Ministry of Truth" that calls itself.. INATION.  It doesn't take a genesius to see that it is the tool of Final Judgement, to clear the air of evil.  So when the smoke finally does clear, and you can see beyond the cloud, I hope you'll understand that it really is me--this message, once an early definition of "messiah" -- the message is a human.  That transitions, with seeing it and thinking about it, to the message is all humanity, and then the word messiah, means that too.  Seeing and thinking make all the difference in the world.  I hope you'll hear that there's a little bit of something me... in every one of you; and that I am on the outside looking in, and he can see clearly into who you are; and I think that he has made you too, just like me, beautiful inside.  Let the light shine through, you won't hate me nearly as much as you think you do.
You're gonna make it
You're gonna make it
And the night can only last for so long
Whatever you're facing
If your heart is breaking
There's a promise for the ones who just hold on
Lift up your eyes and see
And the sun is rising
Even when you can't imagine how
How you're ever gonna find your way out
Even when you're drabbling in your doubt
Just look beyond the clouds
Britt Nicole
You don't have to look far, 
"beyond the cloud" is signing to you

This Biblical Monday is coming to a close, and you probably know we are approaching 9/11, and 9/14--I/AD, to me... I hope you see that the faster the truth all around us is publicly acknowledge, the faster we will return to a "normal world" and have the opportunity to do the thing we were created for ... to build a better place; to bridge the gap between darkness and light, between "simulated reality" and Heaven itself.  


At ZION, this fabled point in time where the Universe turns around on a dime; by dezion... to come from this story and this person; who imagines a hidden place that is not quite as "filled with light" as religious describes--but closer to the obvious truth we see her, filled with a kind of hidden control; perhaps something that started foreign and quickly "felt more normal" (for no reason at all, understand, because it is controlling emotion)... to see how this place, our history and our story are the beginning of freedom is not a hard thing to do--when you are looking at history, and perhaps talking about how the thread of religion and America tie together to what it is that you hold in your heart's desire.  In this place though, as we approach that single point in time that I fear has already taken quite too long to get to; it seems we are hyper-focused on the mind and worth of a single person, and in the process of "being that" we are forgetting to see our own value.  Rather than working together to ... change the world .. we are waiting, waiting, waiting ...


for "him" to do it. 


Come and see
I swear by now I'm playing time against your troubles
Oh, I'm coming slow, but speeding
Do you wish a dance and while
I'm in the front
The play on time is won

I'm begging faster, I'm coming here

Only waiting
I want to stay
I want to play
I want to love you
I'm only this far
And only tomorrow leads the way
I'm coming waltzing back and moving into your heart

I wouldn't pass this by
Oh, I wouldn't leave you here in Hell
What sort of man goes by?
I will bring water
Why won't you ever be glad?
It melts into wonder
I came in praying for you
Why won't you run
Into the rain and play
And let tears splash all over you?