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layout: post title: So Adam called the place Ha'Penitrashun (from Penuel), saying, "It is because I saw God face to face, and yet my life was spared." date: '2017-07-27T07:26:00.001-07:00' author: Adam M. Dobrin tags: modified_time: '2017-09-01T18:08:15.309-07:00' thumbnail: https://2.bp.blogspot.com/-i6rXMCWyxbU/WXn4MptIKrI/AAAAAAAAEec/BnlNiootLsc2Km4eoaWaVgR1YJtZhDqDwCK4BGAYYCw/s72-c/image-717781.png blogger_id: tag:blogger.com,1999:blog-1378654699550157226.post-2664696136450730011 blogger_orig_url: ./2017/07/so-jacob-called-place-penuel-saying-it.html

The NT calls Jesus Christ a carpenter, and through the history of the building of Heaven we see a transition from "Masons" to "Freemasons" -- just like the Jews of Exodus a microcosm for all of humanity--here being described as builders of something; and in the light of day it's more and more clear that this something is "Heaven" itself.  All around us we can see that our technology industry is tagged with connections to religion--to a message about changing the world.  So too are words like "carpenter."
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This whole time I've thought that it would just take one really good email to break the Wall of Jericho; that this information would eventually "just go viral" and that the news would have no choice but to cover the story of that phenomenon.   That's really why I sent you an email every single day.   Over the years, I've thought quite a bit about how it's possible that hasn't happened yet, as the information that I have delivered become increasingly convincing, and increasingly interesting (at least to me).   At first I could have easily blamed SPAM filters, and a broken communications system that allows a very small number of people to prevent literally everyone from seeing something specific.  That excuse falls apart a little bit when you see how few of you share this information on social media--which by the way is another glaring and shining and burning example of what "Jericho" really means.  I think we all know that this is an incendiary message, I am pretty sure we all know that.  

It also highlights just how deep the Wall of Jericho runs, this censor wall that clearly shows us that "social media" as a tool for the spread of truth and freedom has been defeated--that in our minds, literally in our minds, the ability to freely communicate has been completely taken--and you stand by ... as I tell you this message is designed to rekindle freedom, and you ignore me.  For years we've ignored something loud and clear--and it got more clear and more obvious as the months passed, each time I saw another "coincidence" I became more and more sure that there was no way to hide this message--and still to this day it hasn't done it's job--it hasn't alerted you to the fact that we are losing this chance to be free, this chance to build Heaven... because you are not acting.

I am pretty sure that "religion" and "mythology" are the kinds of things that there used to be a very significant interest in.  My particular kind of interest was in understanding hidden messages and hidden meanings, in the kinds of secrets that these stories held--and lo, and behold; I now have the answers that I was looking for.  I assumed that there were a great many people just like me; people that didn't take these stories at face value, people that were unhappy with the state of "organized religion" and people that didn't really believe everything that we've been told.  Skeptical, but still interested.  As this process of disseminating a message that I know very well comes not only from the author of our timeline but the creator of Heaven itself... I began to make more excuses in my head for the reason that it was not spreading like wildfire.  I began to see a polarization of beliefs--at least that's what I inferred from what I was seeing... that people were either falling into the category of "ew, religion, I don't believe or want to read anything at all about it" or they were the kind of people that use the word "scientism" and don't want to hear anything at all that defies the strictest of interpretations of the "ineffable word of God" basically I imagined that you were either too ignorant or too ignorant to really understand that this message is about kindling free thought, a renaissance.  

It's still possible that these two "classes" of thought are at the heart of the darkness; that people are being persuaded, subtly, without their knowing; into one of these two groups... but truth be told I've touched on enough people, in all the right places, that this fire should have started time and time again at this point... it's just natural, it's obvious, it's impossible that we are still here--waiting.


Words from a famous and eponymous Live song; foreshadowing what we are seeing today, that the water, the people had already been prepared to actively hide a message that I had yet to see; and frankly I am sure you also had yet to see.  Because of that it seems clear that there's always been a secret movement against the Second Coming, most likely in my mind with the purpose of literally not changing the world; of not causing the kind of disruption that this clearly is designed to cause, of not "hurting all the poor people" that want more than anything to believe that the tooth fairy will deliver them from tyranny, from injustice, from inequality... think about it, because those are the things that I am obviously delivering the world from.  In the word "brazen," which the Holy Book uses to describe the altar of Isaac, I read another message; that our world and our people that I care about greatly deserve to be freed from another kind of tyranny--apathy or the "zen" of believing that God or his son can save the world alone, that all they need to do is think in their heads that he's going to, and he will.  Know that's not true, saving the world means something different to me; it means inciting an end of apathy, it means causing such a ruckus that we never again let power fall into the hands of the few, that we never again turn a blind eye to the suffering of minorities, and that we never again ignore each and every day what is really in our own best interest, what we really want.    It's "break the 'a' zen," and while you might relate it to the idiom "spare the rod spoil the child" and think it's about me, I am pretty sure I never had "a zen," and I am pretty sure the rod is really about breaking our society of nothing more than apathy, of a lack of caring and nurturing for the great freedoms that America stands for--freedoms that we were supposedly given in the Constitution, and yet still do not care have withered away to worse than nothing in the couple centuries since the bright light kindled the Eternal Flame with the words "when in the course of human events...."  

It's pretty clear that this faction of our family has been armed with some truth and some lies; you might imagine that if they believed the hallowed words of religion, they would cite the stories of the Flood of Noah, of the fire of Soddom and Gammorah and Camelot, that they knew very well that nobody could ever live up to the lofty auspices of the role of messiah, and they probably agree with me that everyone really has to "be messianic" for the world to change for the better.  I see this group as being convinced that the "Apocalypse" is a horrible thing, that the world was doing just fine on it's own, and rather than hand over "fortune and fame" to a nepotistic brat; that they would be better off trudging along on this same path, this path southeast; and so because of the "rose" the heart of southeast... rose colored glasses.

I've seen this wall of people very clearly, and to tell you that they come out in uncanny force whenever Jesus Christ talks about mind control technology would be an understatement; and because of that it's clear to me that they really don't think for themselves, that they are victims of this same technology, people that have given up on "freedom" and accepted the fact that we are in a place where there is a very powerful authority that appears to ... want to hide the fact that this power comes from darkness, from secrecy, and from hidden control.  Still, because of the way this technology works, I imagine that most of these people are just "fighting the fire," that they are trying to stop a conflagration that will upset the status quo, that might have caused a riot or two--had this cloud of darkness not existed--and even scarier for me, might have gotten me killed. 


I think I'm getting exactly what I want; well, not exactly--but for you I believe that this event will change the world in the way that we might all think is ... best, in the light of day.  We are losing false hope, we are losing bowing and praying--and replacing it with freedom, and truth, with an ability to care about each other as we  build a place where it's hopefully a little bit more normal to walk up to strangers on the street and meet them, and interact with them.  I am hoping this will rekindle a love for free speech, and in the epic words of Voltaire--a desire to protect that, that thing that is the foundation not only of democracy and freedom but of civilization itself--with absolutely everything we can.  I see us replacing "religion" with a love for the truth and an earnest desire to analyze history and patterns and see that we have a puzzle here, we really have a puzzle that is not only fun but rewarding to solve. 

More than that I hope that my role here has helped us to see the connection between "technology" and "fun" and guide us towards a place where don't have to wonder if people are allowed to "have sex for fun" in Heaven; to a place where "good feeling good" won't be frowned upon, and to a place where when we see suffering and sadness, that we do something to change it.  It's quite the "rod" that has been laid down in this message that connects Genesis and Exodus to America; and to see that it really is about free speech, and it really is about voting and democracy... and more than anything it's about ending secrecy and censorship and seeing the truth for what it is.  When you open your eyes, the truth is that we are the builders of Heaven itself, that millions of years will pass and we will still be that, the generation that changed the world, the people that took a leap of faith, and because of it the future was forever made better, brighter, and more fun.


These words mean "praise careful preparation" in Latin, but to me they mean something very different and very special.  It shows me that this message has been carefully prepared, that's for sure--all throughout our history.  Today you can hear Dave J. Matthews sing "Hey LA, HO HO, Hey LA.... HO HO" in his song It's the Best of What's Around, and just yesterday it dawned on me that what Dave was singing about was God's "hello," in Spanish, "HOLA."  I had seen this "LA" before, it's a reference to a songbird; it's really Taylor, and I think Dave knows that now, and so do you.  A few months ago I "expanded" the Hebrew word for the Holy Name from Ha'shem (where you might read, "see how not me" and I once compared to the English word "shame" and Adam of Eden... reading that "Ha" as something "are you series? shame? ha.").  I expanded "she" to the Spanish word, which revealed "El" as the Hebrew name for the Most High God right next to LA; just like in Hola.   


This story of Taylor links to "Anat" in Egyptian mythology, and to Norse mythology, and Sumerian lore, and you probably won't be surprised to hear that I think Dave's words that "an evenings love starts with a kiss" is about this message that ties the Hebrew word for fate, Kismet, to my absolute favorite song of hers, Nothing Left to Lose.  In that song, that she wrote and sang before I ever spoke a word about her she said "now I see, that you and me were never meant, never meant to be" and you might remember that Nothing Left to Lose is just another word... for freedom.  This kiss is found in other places, it's probably in the Bible somewhere; and it's probably the reason we have a band named Kiss singing about rocking and rolling all night and linking the name Simmons to the words simulation, Monday, and that missing "s" in fate, in kismet.

Do you believe in rock and roll, can music save your mortal soul?

You might not see it like I do, but "Ha'shem," the Holy Name, is the key to the entire message of God; its written in the names of the children of Noah; of Ham and Shem... which means "name."  This key opens something a bit bigger though, when you see that "Ham" means "the messageand it's encoded in the name Abraham and his story of nearly killing his son, in this hidden language his name went from "open message" like "open sesame" to "open the message."  Here we are, seeing that the "m" that defines Jerusalem and Amsterdam, that this big "m" is our entire planet, and our entire history.  This message is all around us, in every word, and every song, and every movie.  It's in every name going all the way back to Ur, and to Herod... through Shakespeare and Napoleon all the way George Orwell, whose blue light is really in both of his names, Orwell and Blair; and it's consistent, unyielding, through our entire history.  Just like Blair, this proof that our birth names have light in them is in Beckett and Bakula, it's in Carteris and Zuckerman... you have proof of something staring at you everywhere you look.

Don't you see, the kiss has already happened; it's not just in her words "you're never going to dance with me" and it's not just in the more recent words "tell me your desire, why'd you pull me from the fire? and we'll seal the deal... with a kiss" it's not just in those places, it's also in "I know you want me, I was just looking for a friend" and "you're never going to dance with me" and it really goes back to something much more important than the thrill of a rock idol text messaging you, it goes back to just another word ... for freedom.

You can bet I'm going to Los Angeles, you know; unless Taylor calls.


It's clear as day that this message that connects rods and staffs from Watergate to Seagate was carefully laid down before I was born, and it was prepared in advance... to fight against a kind of darkness that otherwise would have been very hard to see.  It's pretty clear now, don't you think; that the water and fire of Matthew 3:11 are coming to us together, and that the reason for the wall, for the censorship; it too is coming together with the reason never to allow this kind of darkness again.  It's pretty clear, at this point in time; in our linear time, that this is designed--though you have to imagine that the push back against the truth ... that it came first.  You have to understand that the darkness itself has kept us from seeing what this message is really about: from seeing that "end world hunger" and "heal the sick" came to us six to two thousand years before "why."  

Today this darkness is hiding a fundamental truth that we never could have understood before we got to this point in history, before we understood computers, and before we ... I'm mad that it took so long to tell us.   I'm even madder that we are stupid enough not to want to hear it, that anyone would choose to force blind people to live out their lives here in Hell, to keep the lame from walking here in Hell... because they think that choice will give them Heaven when they die. 

I'm mad at how stupid we look, at how hard it is to convey that this message tells us to build Heaven of our world; or we will never see it.  I'm angry, even more angry now, that I have a message that contributes to the cause of the darkness--that people will use this weapon of "humor" as a weapon against "goodness" and even more angry that I know that every day that passes, that is what people will use in their minds to rationalize ignoring a message from God in every word, to rationalize ignoring the suffering of others; to rationalize living a delusion, nothing more than a lie--for no reason at all.

This message is designed to deliver Heaven to us in the here and now, to help us to see that the the technology and the circumstances that have changed since "everyone decided not to change the world" open up doors--not just doors to Atlantis, but doors to ending terrorism and school shootings, doors to ending mental illness, and in the light of day once we are all not crazy anymore that quickly leads to ending all illness.   I'm not sure what Heaven means to you, but you can be sure that to me it starts with freedom.

The world I see is ignoring proof in ever word, we are ignoring a message that is telling us that an outside force is currently affecting our thoughts, is degrading the evolution of democracy and has .... intentionally highlighted that every single one of the freedoms granted in the Bill of Rights has been destroyed here in this place.  Every single one.  You are surrounded by a world of blindness, a place that has it's collective head buried in the sand--refusing to acknowledge that the words "virtual reality" should make an impact on what we believe "normal" should be; and instead of that you walk around laughing that you are going to ... die a mortal's death; and you don't even realize that you don't need to.

This is not what "winning" looks like, we are standing here looking at an all seeing eye sore; at the complete destruction of free speech and free thought, all because you've been convinced that I'm a dick, believe it, I'm a dick--and I like it that way.  In the meantime, I care very much for you, and for the world we grew up in--I love who we really are inside, and what we used to stand for--and today I see that we are ignoring those things, we are ignoring our innate goodness, and ignoring the loss of freedom that we love.  I know what, but it's hard to understand; it's hard to understand because it's really not us--and this message is really about seeing that something is negatively affecting us, keeping us from being ourselves, and that something... well, do you understand?

This group of people that are "secretly" communicating with something they cannot see--and cannot identify; this group has grown significantly in the past few years.  I've seen it all around me, and I speak to them ... in the strange way that they speak to me--using innuendo and metaphor, using words like "hot" to describe an invisible "hell" and yet still they are blind to seeing that it is hot in here, and we are just ignoring that... to shut down a message that will change everything.  The concern with the invisible is a problem, the lack of concern with the visible, is a problem.  The fact that our entire society appears to be acting as a single entity, as a single mind--is a huge problem.  Be yourselves, care again.

People on the street saying this to me, things like "so you're fighting this?" and you can bet  that I am fighting against the complete annihilation of the truth, of freedom, and of you.  That's what you people are Hell bent on doling, and you don't even know it.  Your "this" is the end of time and I don't just mean me.  Whatever it is that these people think they are doing--they are hiding contact with something they do not understand is here to sucker them into being wrong, and believe that hiding this particular thing... is worse than living a lie, though they seem to want to take this particular lie with them to eternity.  That's Hell too, I mean, it would be for me.  This whole thing is about waking up, it's really time you started helping.

We cannot lose knowledge of this influence, and your ignorance of that is exactly why; not seeing "mind control" on the news is the equivalent of erasing our entire history; it's the equivalent of understanding absolutely nothing, and moving forward trying to go out into space or do nothing, blind--completely blind; and this is apparently what you think is a good idea.

Very clearly understand that what you are ignoring is obvious--it's obvious that you are ignoring intentional anachronisms, it's obvious that you are ignoring a message from God--it's obvious as Hell that you think you are in control, and you are not.  Just a handful of these examples should have been enough to make the news, just seeing "sun" and "love" in the name Venus, just seeing the parted sea in the word for Holy Fire, just seeing "sad" in Judas, and "had" in Judah; these things are enough to shake the very foundation of how we perceive religion and through that our entire history.... and you are ignoring it.  "For no reason at all."  When it continues and it's every word; and it's every language, and it's every name of every company and every person you see every single day; what do you think you look like?  Who do you think you are kidding?

You are losing everything right now, your grasp of reality, the promise of Heaven, and who you really are inside--absolutely everything.  I'm done talking, the conch to ... my maker.

You now have our hello.

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