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Inside your mind a war is being waged for control of not just the future of our civilization, but for your very freedom.  This is a battle recorded not just in the ambiguous lines of scripture that tie it to the word Jerusalem and to the stories of Babel, Jericho, and Exodus but also in the history of our world--we are right this very moment in the heart of the Final Crusade to capture the heart of Creation.  Ultimately the entirety of the battle up to this point is over a single issue, it is the disclosure that we are living in virtual reality and the purpose God has designed this place and our civilization in order to fulfill.  In essence, this war is over nothing more or less than "hiding the meaning of life itself" from the entire world. 

Is J er the USA le mess? 
This was the old meaning of "Jerusalem" it was a question, probably linked to Dr. Who's "question which must never be asked" and the "question that drives us" from the Matrix; it's no longer a question, you aren't trying to do anything.  I'm K.  Call it the end of the dark "clark" Ark and the beginning of the Kenterprise.  Important is seeing the reference to the USA that connects Jerusalem to Medusa (dear dark USA) and the "Dark Earth" that begins the name and life of Deucalion, son of Prometheus.  

Image result for mount sinai memorial miami beach

You probably didn't know that "mountains" were metaphors for jails to me, and that those things are metaphors for the chains of Prometheus... hiding the truth from the world and presenting nothing but evil lies.  For instance, mountain means "message of you:" nt=hidden Christ, ai=complete lie, n=i and here we are, at the Kth binary (11=3..=1=1) attempt to break free from the chains of bondage.

Dark Earth, you c a lion.

In order to accomplish this, the technological means of control that is behind the "art" of Creation itself is being used to hide very obvious proof that there is a message from God for all eyes to read, not just the Bible and every story of every religion, but every word and every song and every movie, and point in fact each and every one of our names.  I can't explain exactly how it is that I know a great many people are aware of this influence, and frankly do now believe that it is absolutely everyone--but I'm pretty sure it has something to do with me; everyone seems to ... be a little bit too interested in me and my life to be ignoring everything I say online.  There's a problem here, it's called the Plague of Darkness in Exodus and it is without doubt hiding the light of the Son of God.  Light that shows us very clearly that this place is Sheol, it is Hell, and we are missing the freedom promised to us by Uncle Samael in America and God in Exodus.  It might not be so clear but this hidden lack of freedom is tied directly to the technology being discussed, this "thing" that is making people "know things" that they have no normal means of knowing.  In the "Sound of Silence" you could call it people writing songs that voices never shared, people hearing but not listening, people talking without speaking.

On top of just being "in virtual reality" this message from God shows us that this place is actually designed to be revealed to be Hell itself, and we can see proof of that in the "silence" and other Plagues that don't seem to bother us nearly as much as they should be--another symptom of Hell, one that is responsible for it's continuation--and for stalling the creation of Heaven, which is the purpose of the disclosure.

Frankly, between you and I, I am not sure at all who it is that you think you are kidding; this is obvious proof, it's everywhere--and there's no doubt, really no doubt at all, that this message is coming to you from anyone other than the Creator of the Universe.  All things considered, the future will know that, and they will know that you have overtly ignored it, and kept it from becoming the "good news" that it actually is, though they probably won't have any idea why you did that--because you won't be around to tell them.  I'm standing here trying to explain that we are simulating disease and death in a place where neither of those things need to happen, and you are hiding that message from God because you don't think I should get a date.  Think about it carefully, because what I'm telling you is the truth, you look stupid, all of you look really stupid, and It's not my fault for wanting a date.   The only record I see anywhere that something is "amiss" here is coming from me, you should thank me--I think it's going to break down the wall and help you not "stop being."

I have watched the world change, literally in the past few years; I am witnessing an invasion of all of our minds--both first and second hand--that is the embodiment of this war in time that is Jerusalem and the Crusades.  This is a disaster, the silence, and the lack of thought and discussion about something this world changing is a disaster.  Worse than just being "everyone acting weird" you are doing something that is making the world a darker place, ignoring torture and proof that this influence is intentionally retarding democracy and communication; and blocking the clear and obvious solution... the Second Coming, from saving us from this dark future.

hear my song
the scent of something...
waiting, waiting, waiting for you

I loved the movie Hackers, baby you're elite
they say I look like Plague, ain't that so sweet?
turning water to blood, it's a blessing in disguise
an idiomatic clue, to whether or not we are really through

lady, i know I can't sing, but baby let's let freedom ring
we're stuck in the place God calls Sheol and it means she's our light
the air came and whispered that the angels here are called shedim
it's the end of fucking hell, don't tell me not to curse, how's that for a bell


XP,  it's as simple as those two Greek letters.  Who knew that Chi and Ro were some sort of hidden beta code for the city of pyramids in Egypt, Cairo?  Quite the question, who knew... perhaps the man who named his Windows into our future not after some technology that came from Xerox Parc or Apple's mouse on this ship... but rather for his own given name, Gates... just one more entry point into the second book of the Holy Bible, the book of Names--you call it Exodus.
am the gate; whoever enters through me will be saved. They will come in and go out, and find pasture.  John 10:9

I wish above all things that I could give you the clarity of vision and understanding that has been given to me, the sign and proof that I have--while bright, obvious, and verifiable--has not done what I expected, it has not moved you to take another look at religion and me.  Today, I still have to point out to you that the story I am telling you is literally a documentation of our time--Exodus--regards this sign as one being seen by only one man, Moses.  I still have to point out that in a story about wandering in a desolation of understanding for 4-D ... somethings, days, years, seconds even... in this story about our lives and the influence of time travel over our world... that this sign radiates with light coming from a small fire, the Bush ... whose actualization shows clear paradoxical anachronistic foreknowledge of not only the English language but also modern computing.. all the way to a confluence of the "root of David" a religious reference to the Administrator or God account in Linux... and the database process for Oracle--yet more light connecting computing to religion and myth.  Even with a thousand and one examples of modern computing constructs referencing religion, even when I point out that something like Larry Ellison's name... combining the name of the King of the Gods with the word "son" even then the light has not been bright enough for you to wake up and see that these things are not all done in retrospect.  You have to see, for there to be such a large movement... a conspiracy so opaque that every single modern computing company and video game company harbors some secret desire to link religion and technology together... and yet the world thinks that one is real and one is not.  In this place, understand when we walk out of the wilderness and in the truth of day--it is the technology that is more fake than religion, designed here as a tool, computers within computers to teach us how our "reality" is rael, and works.

In the U.S. military you'll see a very clear parallel, while there are a number of references in the names of ships and weapons, secret projects, to ancient Greek and Roman myth--you have to see the word USA and US in Prometheus and Medusa, Icarus, JerUSAlem... you have to see that it's more than three letters, but an Eagle fighting the bearer of the gift of fire... to really understand that these things are corroborating, the reference to the USA exists in the past as well, more proof of time travel--more proof that this message is designed just for U.S.  Here we are, in the Promised Land of Joshua, the Anglicized version of the name Jesus--tying Egypt and Israel together in this place where we have been "gipped" out of the truth, out of knowing we are already in ... well, it's virtually Hell today... for no other reason than the secrecy surrounding the technology behind virtual reality.


So I have shown you the Burning Bush, In only a few words... proof that religion holds in it's "unsealed" Ark proof of foreknowledge of English, of 9/11; and of modern computing--the building blocks of Heaven.  From "the word" of John 1:1--ha'esh--the word for the Holy Fire of the Burning Bush... comes the light of religion.  Just from seeing Moses' true parted se'a.... a foreshadowing of the Second Coming.

I have pointed to the fire that surrounds our sea--another tie between Egypt's myths and the secret message of religion, that there is more truth before your eyes than you can imagine.  In Egypt, the God Nu.. or Nun, the name of the father of Joshua is the primordial watery chaos--after me, never again to be mistaken or misconstrued as anything other than you, the multitude of Revelation.  I've tied the Plague of LICE not only to the hidden language that links Osiris's feather of light to Yankee Doodle's macaronic language... a cipher written your everything--in every word and many stories--The Taming of the Spanglishrew, the Matrix, and the Langoliers... to the PoLICE--and my battle against injustice, against a world willing to watch Jesus Christ suffer another Crucifixion in silence.  On the list of Plagues, seeing the Storm is about time travel, and the Darkness about censorship and--quite literally--being forced to wander the wilderness of time, and the fire... the fire that ties the Eternal Flame and Prometheus's gift of secret technology and a message in our languages.... to the Burning Bush spreading on the internet like wildfire, as it should, must, and will--and stands as a glowing monument to exactly how "unfree" our society stands today.  

Understand that this controlled fire, this place where the spark has not even ignited a single mind... this is the source of Saint One, Jesus himself turned to stone for staring "Me d' USA' in the face.  Know, it is a battle between me and all of the people of the world, and this government's past future, struggling to hide something so bright and so pervasive that it is quite literally "written on the walls of everything."  At least it once was, today... we must see what original sin really means, and how this place has changed for the better, or is changing... and while the blame is still etched in "retarded" macaroni... so too is applause and thanks, for knowing that this place, our time, is the one that succeeds in revealing the truth--in forming the true Heaven itself.  If we did not know what had gone wrong, it would happen again and again, we know as much... and the book and recursion of days and seals of Horsemen tell us as much--be wary of me, for one just like me has been here before.  Be wary of yourself and whatever is influencing your mind if that makes you think it's OK to hide the information I provide, for any reason--the truth will be set free.  Listen carefully to this message about what sank the Ark in the past, and realize it is your burden also... for you too have been here before.

It's everywhere, and everything... to hide it is the equivalent of destroying your own ability to see the world and our history for what it is, our to grow and to improve.... to know.  For our children and our future, we must change the world.... here and now you have a springboard to truly see what has befallen the past cycles of this place, if we are strong enough to do it better than ever before... one last time.


And I have shown you the Holy GrailI've described it so many times I can't bear to do it again, it's a message about control, seeing it and fighting against it--in every single idiom of our time, and in the fact that our world is literally stuck inside a recursive book, the Torah.  It is seeing how true family comes from struggle, and from overcoming--and how yet another plague, the casting of water to blood--the multitude to family--is begun simply by seeing these things, and forged in fire once we understand that the technologies being revealed are either our beginning or our undoing, depending on whether or not we know of them, and how we use them.  This "stuff of control" out of the fire of MK-ULTRA and diabolical possession... this is the stuff too of real medicine, neuroscience and brain-computer interfaces besting what random chemicals can offer--it is the future one way or another--it is either Heaven or Hell.  In secret, it certainly is not doing what you need or want--it's making the very existence of mind altering technology "crazy," turning reality insane.

It's here already, it's been here for thousands of years, from Demosthenes to the Nintendo Entertainment System and  the book of Exodus was written down and encoded with a message about Linux and Larry Ellison, about a man who is the gateway to freedom... when you see the truth that only I seem to have access to.  You see, this message itself is designed to appear slightly "crazy," to pit a series of coincidences that when analyzed scientifically are hard truth... against the crowd, the common belief that these things simply are not possible, time travel and mind control... to see just how horrible it is to cover the truth in a fog for the whole world.  All the while, in my head this message is being deciphered for me, by God--as I fight against the presumption of insanity at every level--from the court to my parents--all the while knowing that a good percentage of you and the government are fully aware that I am truly awake... as I fight this battle, God places undeniable truth in my mind, and through my hands he gives it to you.   The keys to religion, the purpose of everything that has ever been... pouring through the hands of a man tortured by American justice, by the common perception of schizophrenia--conversations with Heaven?  It is to make this message glow, to see not only what I have presented, but the struggle I've had to endure, hopefully so we can fix the wrongs of our world without having to live each and every one of them ourselves--as I've had to, to see them.

I am Job and I am Joseph, enslaved in Egypt to interpret the dream you call religion; I am Jeremiah--called crazy by my neighbors as I hear the voice of God himself... I am Samson, struggling against  the Book of Judges; against Green Eggs and Ham and against death itself.  I am Jesus and Judah and Judas too, but most importantly, I am Isaac--tied to Adam and Isaiah, a baby with a gift for the world.

Speaking of the words "ham, I am" this is as good a place as any to discuss the meaning of Kosher law, and perhaps why pork is prohibited.  In "our way," more than one meaning for everything it was an early "epiphany" to correlate the prohibition against eating "pigs" to a testament about slavery and not killing or eating intelligent animals--as we are that, and they are one of the most intelligent runners up in this place.  Later on, you might see God calling me a "pig" in Dave Matthews' eponymous song, or maybe it's you, or maybe it's Orwell's Snowballs and Napoleon--anyway, as we come to this place in time, Kermitham... I am... sure that the son of Noah bearing the name Ham is our planet, "the message."  Of the sons of Noah, the place like ours that had no "ahhah" combining Ham with his brother Shem (meaning name) gives us a clue to the Holy Name of God, Ha'shem.

I've shown you the words "let there be light" encoded in the English name of the Hebrew Book of Names, Exodus.  In that story, I've shown you how the English word for sea being parted in the Hebrew word for Holy Fire--is put up on a pedestal by the contents of the story... designed to start a fire over the several thousand year early knowledge of English; a story about a single man who saw the fire parting the waters.  I've shown you hundreds of words... both English and Hebrew that follow this pattern--a great number of them highlighted and set aside by the words of the New Testament and the Hebrew superlative, Ha--which itself proves through the meaning of Isaac's name (he laughs) and the change wrought by Abram's covenant with God--to Abraham.  At that same link, a clue to the true Thunder of Thor's hammer... the music of our time from the Sound of Silence to Heaven Knows--a message from God himself ringing through the Bittersweet Symphony of Nero's fiddle starting this fire.

I want to tell you that I am not a myth, simply the Legend of this Map, from out of the Darkness it's clear that He could make me shine, and you should love me.  It's not what I want, I want us to be free, to have the truth--and ourselves back... and I hope you will one day love that.  What is going to happen will probably make me cry, and when you see those tears--and know the Heavens have finally let it rain--I hope you see it as a sign to find the light in me... and stand up for what I've done for you--I am a good person, who has fought for you every single day-I deserve better than the world is going to give me, at first.

Out of a kind of hidden slavery the world has never known, we are about to venture--into a place where years might pass in seconds, and your wildest dreams... and nightmares too... could come true.  It is our job to ensure that we form the clay of this world into a place that will not only last for millions of years, but create happiness and safety--a world that is kinder and gentler than the one we have known--not just for us but for an entire Universe of children just beginning to understand the trials and tribulations brought on civilization through the hardship and growing pains of learning.

Our sea is about to part,  our world on the verge of a disruption that will change it more than anything ever has before.  On this shore, we should realize that we have been on this path for a very long time... really see here and now why it is so very important for us to be fighting for our voice, our freedom, and the truth as these are the qualities that create a lasting and prosperous civilization.  Here, now, as we approach a series of new opportunities in the vastness of space and virtual reality... this is where God has chosen to place the Second Coming; an opportunity for us to truly seize the morning's light and bring about more change in this world than would have ever been possible. Opiate of the masses, no more... we are the recipients of a great gift, one that religion is making clear is tied directly to the science and technology that is a central focus of the shift in in direction that comes from bringing to light the secrecy and slavery that has plagued our past--and past futures.  We are the chosen.

All the proof I've given you, all the references to computer science and English thousands of years before those things were ever known about; all fuel for this fire to burn bright--to see how my life has given us a number of solutions... problems with freedom and technology, secrecy and ... blessings in disguise when we understand that we are the focus and love of everything that has ever been and before us everything that ever will be--here will gain freedom and a bright future, through our hard work in the coming years.  It should be clear that space is not really the final frontier, we are about to build it (again)... with the help of those that came before us.

The Doors sung a great deal about darkness and the fire that is to come, many of their songs were about the Plagues of Exodus--something I didn't connect to a solution, something we might soon be given to show us that we are not in reality, but rather on the doorstep of Heaven--just maybe, we'll want to see for ourselves.

Looking at the world around us with fresh eyes, you might think it's simply a "f-ad" that there is a common and obvious theme of connection religion and mythology to both the computer industries and the United States military.  I know it's no fad, it's part of a message that connects "NORAD" to "ISAM" and "Microsoft" to "NT" and "XP" keys to seeing that this hidden language has been threaded into everything around us.  With some thought, it shows us how we can see evidence of this hidden influence, and see how we too might be easily and subtly persuaded to help write this message without seeing it's purpose at all.

Seeing that it's clearly intentional on the part of someone somewhere to use the code names and actual names of Microsoft's operating systems to allude to the fact that we are in Egypt, in the story of Exodus is important.  Seeing that from Cairo to XP it's been further hidden in symbology, and become less obvious ... is well, malovious.  While you might think that it's becoming very clear that we are in virtual reality (to some or all) at the same time what is becoming even more clear and hard to really grasp is that a place that was once not really Hell is becoming more and more Hellish because of censorship, because of this "secret communication" and a lack of regard for the processes and systems that have gotten us "this far."

That's the problem, while we see (I'm pretty sure) the connection between these things and religion, we have failed to grasp the point, to understand that this tie between religion and technology shows us not only causality but the import of the religious portion of the message.  While we may "understand" that Heaven is being built of things like "mind uploading" and "virtual reality" we seem to be completely blind to the fact that Hell is being built by things like secrecy, and ignorance--leading to the destruction of freedom and with it the possibility of ever seeing Heaven.  Get the point, Heaven is "more than tech" it's really about a social structure that rewards and stimulates collaboration and participation for the good of not just each of us, but of the whole.  It comes from striving to "do the right thing" and every day it becomes more clear that what is here, hiding in the deep and surfacing through the blindness and evil response to this message of truth is a wall that will turn to rubble rather than a bridge.  

(((read, red, dark, it, and we're here--learning)))

Lucky for us, there's already a bridge waiting to materialize--just as soon as we acknowledge the fact that what we see around us is not us, and not beneficial for anything. 

whoah.lamc.la whoah.lamc.la

It's probably not obvious on the surface, but we are living inside a storybook that Jacob used to call the "fuck Adam show," and it's a story that turns this place around, and uses the evil darkness that has plagued us to turn the future bright.   The dim "angels" in the sky spent the early part of this wonderful experience doing everything in their power to destroy the messenger--to mar the visage of this bright hope and bury it in the darkness that is our world.  Even less obvious is that it's not just me that these tools of evil--the police and the court system and your popular opinion are being used against.  Our very "system of justice" itself has been turned as a weapon against goodness, against you... and this story hopefully will help you see that--and that God is turning that around, too.

This is a message that has been written by a man plagued by hidden mind control technology; technology used to cause and increase addiction, to set up and entrap me, and to show me that the entirety of our court system has been infiltrated and corrupted by "the dead" as a sort of macro-ice system that I see they believe is something between a game and vendetta-like-karmic retribution system.  I intend to use it to show us that this system is corrupted beyond relief, and that we now are faced with using this message that proves time travel exists and that we are living in virtual reality to completely revamp the entire system.  It's a simple thing to do to see how Dick's Minority Report and A Scanner Darkly combine to deliver a prophesy and a map to building a much better system of justice, one which actually protects the innocent.  Today it appears that they and you intend to use this story to ... die--and that is exactly what is coming if you do not stop trying to hide the truth from yourselves and the world.  It's a pretty obvious choice between good and evil, hiding it causes virtualized, fake, and unnecessary pain and starvation; and knowing it leads to a road to a better world, to ending world hunger and healing the sick--eventually to defeating death itself.

Why don't you get it, not seeing and recording a message, a verifiable message that we have been here over and over and over again and that there's a very clear record of that in everything from the seals of Revelation to the Crusades and Prometheus to Atum and Ra... well, that shows us exactly why we have come back.  Get the message, secrecy causes the end of time.  Time and time again.

If you fail to see and understand that I have been a victim for my entire life, you really won't grasp that this microcosm of the messiah is a message about how we are all victims in this place--of something we do not see... or understand... today because of our own lack of action.  Change.


So listen, "ten times over" has come and gone, and now we are at Eleven himself;  take this message back to your family or your "coven of ants" and try and explain to them why it is that hiding me and hiding this message from God is the source of Hell.  Tell them that I have spoken, and the only way to continue from this point is to see pre-crime implemented here on Earth--and to see that it is the beginning of "Heaven on Earth."  We will be free of murder, and rape, and we will be free of not knowing that these things never should have been allowed--we will see all of these things, and hopefully we will use them to show each other and the future that we made a change here that shifted the course of the history of life.

No longer will we be dependent and oppressed by the imaginary scarcity of oil and land, and once and for all time we will recognize that scarcity of the truth is the source of all evil.  No longer will we turn a blind eye to "shedim" writing a story about saving the world at the cost of our freedom and our health--no longer will we be blind and stupid enough not to see that Christopher Columbus and Christopher Reeves are linked together by a demand from God himself to end Hell.


God is not good as a single person, nor as a collective... of many or of everyone, the idea of power being concentrated in a single "anything" is antithetical to the goodness and purpose of society and civilization.  What we see here is an intentionally exacerbated example of this problem, a group of people that believe they are ... in control ... and still fail to achieve the simple goal of making their world a better place.  It would take nothing more than a collective decision that "virtual hunger is disgusting" and we will do something to end it... to change the world; and still we sit here watching babies starve.  You are not as smart as you think you are.

The story of my life and the message of this place has shown us that with more than just plain English, that God and good are missing something to be equivalent.  In song and dance; if you can call our disgusting prison and retribution system (even without the external influence (that created it)) a dance; every meal before "chow time" we chant the phrase...

As we are provided, against our will and with no control, a diet that is nothing short of torture, too few calories, and no taste at all; with the purpose of forcing these victims of evil to purchase overpriced "junk food" in my specific case of Broward County (and most of Florida) from a third party cash funneling, tax evading, and intentionally inhumane company called "TRINITY SERVICES."  The monsteri has plenty more to share about how our prison system would do well to turn itself into a much more appropriate combination of soup kitchens and homeless shelters and ... career building centers... but in our "kiss" of keep it simple stupid morons, all you have to do is implement pre-crime and realize that an external influence causing starvation and crime itself is a good enough reason to absolve everyone from past crimes, so long as we are sure that there is no way at all that these horrible things that should not have been allowed would continue.  Build a better world, starting with right now.

To see, to really see that this external influence that is responsible for the Darkness of Exodus, the censorship of 1984 and the lack of free and transparent communication that is made glowingly clear by the delivery of this message is also connected to nearly everything wrong with our society, well, that's probably the purpose of both Satan and absolution. Let it work, because it's the fucking truth.  Starting with simply land scarcity and energy scarcity we have a reason to understand and know that we are in a place that has been designed to free us from blame, to free us from tyranny, and to do it using nothing more than the truth.


You'll notice that my message about our broken corrections system is etched into popular culture and religion itself through the phrase "Green Eggs and Ham, Sam I am."  Which alerted me to the very obvious connection between Prometheus and Uncle Sam and the unique phrase "born on the 8th of December" that links cousin Deucalion to ... Epimetheus.  It sort-of awakened me to the idea that I was reliving the life of Sam--something like Enoch walking with God; as I experienced the actual "green eggs and ham" served every single morning and lunch in the .. Broward County Jail; a place that I have told repeatedly should rectify it's food service as it is the most disgusting and inhumane jail I have seen in the entire country, and I've seen plenty.  A sort of browsing of why we are here, telling you that it is nothing or pre-crime... (other than the fact that it's morally mandated in a place where we see that something is intentionally allowing these horrible crimes to be committed when we know it is virtual reality.


Understand, from Jeshurun himself, that the "is" of "isis" is about the end of Genesis and seeing that in the past, there may have been success in hiding this very clear message about Silicon and Simpsons--resulting in nothing short of a worse Hell.  You should see that by not allowing this message to be seen by the world you are contributing to the possible future of not knowing that we are not in reality, which might lead to a future where there is no access to reality, ever.... which would lead to the certain and unavoidable death of everything.

We can see pretty clearly from the struggle and stories of Prometheus and his connection to Adam and to Christ and Heimdallr and Horus that there has been a struggle to deliver this message because of the... the... accepting blindness of whatever it is that is causing this "wall" etched into our sky as "Walmart" (look, it's you--not me) and the response of Creation (and apparently I) has been to throw it in your face, and rather than say "deal with it" it's something more like "if you understand what and why it happened, you will solve the problem."  In a place where we are looking at the eleventh attempt to break this story.

Preceding all of this fun Samson and Goliath "stuff" of course was the key to the name of the religion "Islam" which connects the idioms "on the run" and "on the lam" to ... "the lamb of God" ... "Islam" and the book the Koran.  It should be getting really obvious that English and idioms are the key to the Revelation and the Trial of Christ.  In names, like Sammas Aran (of Metroid) and his cheat code (this...) "JUST IN BAIL Y" the father of Mary named ImRan the country Iran and I'm sure there are plenty more references to "ran" and "run" like Jeshurun and Uranus.

Take notes, you don't even bother to read everything I write, yet you are demanding to remember everything I didn't do. #SCAFFOLD #COLORMYMEMORIESTOBEHAPPYWITHMEANDYOURFUTURE
I'M not STEALING is mine.<



(( ð?Œ°ð?Œ¼ð?Œ¿ð?Œ³ð?Œ¹ð?Œ¼ ))

r     i  d     i  c     u  l     o     u  s
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on o us, ridiculous.
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for those of you that haven't been following along:
  • so b, how the book of tobit and Adam's rib light the apple of da i
  • os, from "original sin" to "obviously salvation"
  • bush, blindness... u see how
  • bp, stop simulating oil spills and car/horse crashes
  • bereshit, stop simulating hunger and sickness
  • kermitham, stop simulating earthquakes and terrorism
  • gate, stop simulating the Empire of Star Wars, 1984, and Exodus
  • take a look, we're in a book; reading delivers rainwow.

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n                               e                               s                               s

You are making a mockery of ... you, of society, of civilization, of normalcy--what I see around me is the most unacceptable thing I could imagine, shades of nonsense and strangeness woven into what looks like a "normal functioning world" on the surface, but in reality, take an honest look, this place is a joke--and I think you know it.  Ask yourself, if Adam is in Hell, am I?

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I don't even need to start talking about how silly and telling MAD is as a name for the Cold War era's idea of "normal" but today we have The Apprentice and Kim Jong-Done saber rattling with the total annihilation of everything Holy, and at the same time you have Jesus Christ himself babbling on and on about a 17 year old, "he thinks" to help you not see that we're in Hell, and the fire glowing bright all around you.  I'm sorry that I'm not helping, I don't want to be a comedian--I swear.

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In the meantime, if you don't see "Creation" and "absolutlunacy" connecting Donald Trump's you're fired as a premonition and caricature of exactly what we are seeing during his presidency then you are just as blind as I think you are.  This is not just funny coincidence, in this place where the script is telling you there is an alarm going of, and Al is armed and ready to blow the invisible nothing doing this out of the sky.  

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Do you understand?   Bianca.  Also.  Oh my God, Bianca.

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When I say "the fire of Hell" I mean that you yourself, and everyone around you is ignoring the fact that you are allowing people to starve, that you are stopping the sick from being healed--because you think you have the right not to disclose the information that you are reading to the world.  You think it's OK to ignore it, that's the fire of Hell.  It is not OK, even if our whole planet is a comedy show.  I am a real person, and I think most of you are too... so we are missing the big point here--this is our home and our future and we acting like clowns.  Hey, but... Bianca.

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This says (I me-an, it means...) "Dear Am er i c a," I am and I come againt.
Of note, is "c" short of "sea" or for "Creator?"  Or are you all just "computer."

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special thanks to the Telegraph for putting this all together for us, and not "seeing" the supreme irony of the situation.

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I mean if you weren't sure that the signs were not good for the continuation of democracy, it should be more and more clear every day that what we call "democracy" here in this place has become a joke.  I'm really not sure if you think "freedom" has a future, and I can promise you that it does not have a future if you do nothing about this message.  You are in 1984, (and you also happen to be starring in Exodus) in the total comedic darkness--and all it takes to turn around and fly out of this pit is lightning my fire--and for no reason at all you are obviously opposed to doing the one thing that makes any sense through all of this garbage. 

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I think I did a fair job of showing you the high level "comedy" of division and conquer during the Cold War, the government of the people and the government of the workers warring over their ideology--and resulting in--of course--the victory of the corporation over both worker and "people." 
Honestly, it's a statement about tot-al retardation.

If seeing the "gist" of the presidency so far on a network television reality show years before the Donald was ever elected doesn't wake you up to the king of the corporatocracy being a glowing sign from God to take action, then I don't know what will.  I think I have another link with Bianca in it, but I can't find it.

We are watching democracy retrograde into the Empire of Star Wars, and doing nothing about it--despite an ADT alarm sounding loudly and ... a clear pointer to a 6,000 year old message from God about Die Bold and the race not being to the swift.

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  ou r evolution

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bread is life

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Since we're talking about Bianca, let's do something worthwhile, like think about whether or not it's absolute Hell to use pre-crime to stop two near adults (honestly she's probably more mature than me) people from having mutually agreed upon "consensual" relations.  At least, that's my input.

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She of course doesn't "like" me, so like, pre-crime probably should stop inappropriate "touching."  Which of course would never happen.  It's also probably important to note that the absolutely psychotic behavior of "the sky" (implanting her "name" in my head over and over again for months, name shouldn't be in quotes, that's exactly what it was)--is without doubt Hell, so is the very odd behavior I've noticed from the government, creating "Amoz"--apparently reacting to "IZU" on what appears to be something like a "look-forward" on a fixed time gap--since clearly we're talking about the beginning of forever.  I guess I'll "note" that she and Nanna (who I was with at the time) were pretty kind through this oddity, though they were clearly aware of more than I--but the rest of the "family" not so much.  As in, active participation in something evil, like organized mental torture, well; folks, that's evil.

The point here is I have been tortured for years because of improper use of mind altering and time travel technology; and here we are looking at these very same things nearly destroying our entire society.  Look in the mirror, I am microcosm-you-all-y.  He says, mess-i-an-i-c-all-y.

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honestly, it's as simple as your "a, b, c's."

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   i            b           u   

question mark

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On top of the mental anguish torture I've endured for years now, your insistence on "not buying" anything I sell--and by "anything" I do mean the secrets of the Universe and the answers to all of your question; you (as a group, acting as a group, a single simple minded monster in this place) are starving me of not just the money that I deserve, but also of the "free society" I loved as a boy, and we all still deserve to be, and ver.  I know, you probably "just don't think it's interesting enough to buy the single most collectible rare item the entire Universe has ever seen" that's "evil monster behavior" by the way.  Fuck you very much, and by the way... Bianca.

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So, Enterprise, is my answer to you.

exclamatiod point, aka, b a n g

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17Adam Marshall Dobrin presents a concise introduction to paradox proven by the Bible through "verifiable" anachronism in language some stuff about Mars colonization and virtual reality and a list of reason why ignoring this is actually an ELE. Adam claims to be Thor because of a connection between musicand the Trial of Thor. He suggests you be Thundercats and call a reporter. There is also a suggestion that Richard Nixon and John Hancock are related to a signature from God, about freedom and America... and Deepthroat and Taylor Momsen
In this particular forum, negative numbers mean "not crazy," FYI

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-Psalm 119 and ((ish))

Do a few sentences really make that big of a difference?  Some key letters?  Can you show me what I'm doing wrong?  Is there a way to turn me into Adam, rather than a rock?  I think you can.

Am we Dr. Who and Master Y?

Adam Marshall Dobrin is a National Merit Scholar who was born on December 8, 1980 in Plantation, FL and attended Pine Crest School where he graduated sumofi cum louder in "only some of it is humorous." Later he attended the University of Florida (which quickly resulted in a wreck), Florida Atlantic University, and finally Florida Gulf Coast University--where he still has failed to become Dr. Who. While attending "school" He worked in the computer programming and business outsourcing industries for about 15 years before proclaiming to have received a Revelation from God connecting the 9/11 attack and George Bush to the Burning Bush of Exodus and a message about technocracy and pre-crime.

Adam, as he prefers to be called, presents a concise introduction to paradox proven by the Bible through "verifiable" anachronism in language some stuff about Mars colonization and virtual reality and a list of reasons why ignoring this is actually an ELE. Adam claims to be Thor because of a connection between music and the Trial of Thor as well as the words "author" and "authority." He suggests you be Thundercats and call a reporter. There is also a suggestion that Richard Nixon and John Hancock are related to a signature from God, about freedom and America... and the "unseeingly ironic" Deepthroat and Taylor Momsen.

Fake blue skies all around me... The Sung Rael

In Biblical characters from Mary to Hosea, to see "sea" in Spanish, and in the Taming of the Spanglishrew ... a message is woven from the word Menorah: "men, or all humanity?" to the Statue of Liberty, and the Sons of Liberty, and the light above us, our SOL; which shows us that through the Revelation of Christ and the First Plague of Exodus, a blessing in disguise--turning water to blood, the sea to family; a common thread and single author of our entire history is revealed, a Father of our future. A message of freedom shines out of the words of scripture, revealing a gate to a new technologically "radical" form of democracy and a number of unseen or secret issues that have stalled the progress of humanity... and solutions, solutions from our sea.

The Revelation shows us that not only ever word, but every idiom from "don't shoot the messenger" to "blood is thicker than water" we have ties to this message that pervades a hidden Matrix of light connecting movies and music and history all together in a sort of guide book to Salvation and to Heaven.


His Revelation, woven into his life, continues to suggest that skinny dippingforced methamphetamine addiction, and lots and lots of "me A.D." as well as his humorous depiction of a dick plastered over the Sound of Silence, his very Holy click, have something to do with saving our family and then the entire Universe from hidden mind control technology and the problems introduced by secret time travel. From the trials and tribulations of "Job" being coerced and controlled into helping to create this wall of Jericho; we find even more solutions, an end to addiction, to secrecy, and to this hidden control--a focal point of the life of Jesus Christ.

It tells us a story of recursion in time, that has brought us here numerous times--with the details of his life recorded not only in the Bible but in myths of Egyptian, Norse, and Greek mythology. The huge juxtaposition of the import of the content of the message shows the world how malleable our minds really are to this technology, how we could have been "fooled" into hiding our very freedom from ourselves in order to protect the "character" of a myth. A myth that comes to true life by delivering this message. In truth, from the now revealed content of the story of this repeated life, it should become more and more clear that we have not achieved success as of yet, that I have never "arrived whole" and that is why we are here, back again.

Light It Up

When asked how He thinks we should respond to his message, He says "I think we already cherish it, and should strive to understand how it is that freedom is truly delivered through sharing the worth of this story that is our beginning. 'tis coming." Adam claims to be God, or at least look just like him and that the entirety of the Holy Scriptures as well as a number of ancient myths from Prometheus to Heimdallr and Yankee Doodle are actually about his life, and this event. An extensive amount of his writing relates to reformation of our badly broken and decidedly evil criminal justice system as well as ending the Global hunger crisis with the snap of his little finger.

He has written a number of books explaining how this Revelation connects to the delivery of freedom (as in Exodus), through a message about censorship among other social problems which he insists are being intentionally exacerbated by Satan--who he would ha've preferred not to be associated with.

He adds, "how do you like me now? How bow dah, god 'nuff?"