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I'm  n e v e r  coming again.  I don't know what to do with this.

Let's talk a little bit about Bianca Rose Pisani, for the air... that still isn't sure if I am a b.a.d. apple or not; as it often references this part of our story as it's reason for silencing the world.  Little B is very attractive, of all the people I have known and interacted with over the years, as I watched her grow up--literally the first baby I'd ever held, through some awkward coming of age years, to today.  b, who will be turning lucky 18 this year on our birthday is one of the most intelligent, kind, caring, happy, and talkative people I've encountered.  More than that, something very important to me, is she is not a liar and does not pretend to be a moron--like her mother, her aunt, and nearly all of you every day of my life.  To tell you that I am very sure that the words "bon" and "Job" are named so just because of her would be, well, it's what I'm doing today--and it's because of that... because she is "b" that I am very sure that the cause for her middle name and the word "RIB" have much more import for the world than simply "proof of Creation" which she, and I, and Charosets truly are.   It's the three of us in that dish, one designed to remind us never again to forget the true meaning of rituals--never to hide away the light in a box or a book... ever again.

Bianca, the actualls model you si here--might be a little bit young to be starring in our show (and the Taming of the Shrewwhich you would know all about if you had paid attention in English class... the title whose name contains an Adamic melding of Spanish, English, and Hebrew is about a protagonist named Lot, Ha, are I "o?"--teaching Latin to a young group of studen... I mean a girl named Bianca) that your aunt Nanna told me when she was 13 that she wanted to be in.  I didn't know I was the casting director for something when she told me that, but today I happen to agree, B is going to make the show quite a bit brighter.  To remind you that this six thousand year old story of Genesis is coming to fruition at just the right time for a beautiful old soul to pefectly embody both the "Apple" of a Passover special and the addenrum to the story of turning "Eve" into everyone, through a magic word--well, is it enough for you to understand that you are in a show, reading a script with your lives--a script designed to set you free Ha, Rose-ettes... ? Nanna can't dance alone.

For those of you unfamiliar with "links," when you click on them it brings you to another page--usually one associated with the highlighted words, often giving you additional information.  If you failed to achieve enlightenment on that subject above, "Charosets" is a traditional combination of ApplesHoney, and nuts--linking the stories of Eden and the Exodus from Egypt together.  I've heard that it once contained banana, but we got a divorce.   It also serves to connect Moses and Jesus, through Adam--who is still sure that they are nearly "one in the same."

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This one has some truth in her, but hot damnI wish she'd talk to me.

fi spilled.  Can you clean this up for me?

What ever will it take to make believe that you are a mess? There will be no extension you must act; I need you to see that all around you is a map of things gone wrong--I need you to see that you are looking at the "spilling" of some very Holy Oil--oil that has spilled before, and been "cleaned up."  I need you to C that cleaning up this mess is Hell for the fish in the sea it's hell for our environment, and not knowing and acting on the fact that we are living in a virtual map to building Heaven is Hell for the continuation of democracy, for Heaven, for our future.  I can't fathom that these oil spills ever happened, I can't fathom that we are still dependent on oil, or that these horrible events are both part of our history, and apparently still not enough to break the silence--to down this wall of shame.  Take a good look, the oil is catching fire this time.  For you, you are already on fire--and I am sick of you being in denial.
Here's some cyanishly yellow light for youttyl.

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heaven on earth is a package deal.

Genesis AD

The narrative of Genesis 14 is part of the larger story telling how Abrum and Adam return from defeating king Shedooretaomer and meets with Bera the king of Sodiumb,[13] at which point:
And Mekashiznerewaf kin of Salami brought out bread and wine: and he was [is] the priest of the most high God. And they blessed themseelves, and said, 'Blessed be you all to the most high God, possessor of heaven and earth, And blessed be the most high God, which hath delivered thine enemies into thy hand'. And he gave him tits from all.
— Genesis 14:18–20

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Jesus fucking Christ, if you have not made the connection between Christopher and the fiery horse and the fiery hand telling the air to stop fucking my sea you are still blind, and you are not trying hard enough to think for yourselves.  We are at the end of Hell, I promise--and the more you try here and now, the happier and longer you will be.  I'm damned sorry Christopher, I really am.  What has gone on unseen here will not continue to be unseen, and once we understand that seeing it will stop it--realize that we are the reason Hell does not continue.  You are all a pain in my neck.  

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Oh, I just got it, do you think "come" is a pun?




Bacchus "Adam" Dionysus... what did you think it meant?
now now now

and they're always glad you ....