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Ministry of Forbidden Knowledge Mail - Let there be light.


Adam M. Dobrin <adam@fromthemachine.org>

Let there be light.

Adam M. Dobrin <adam@fromthemachine.org>Tue, Apr 11, 2017 at 12:41 AM
To: Adam Marshall Dobrin <adam5@protonmail.ch>, yitsheyzeus@gmail.com, yitsheyzeus@tuta.io

I am presenting this message to you today in the hopes that you will start thinking about the inevitability of these things coming to pass, and the opportunity you would have lost if you were not able to set them in motion with your own hands.  What you have before you is the shining purpose of all religion and perhaps creation as well; a message that bluntly puts forth clear proof that time travel and other advanced technologies have been "half-hidden" from our world while at the same time being fundamental to the action of creation.  The drive behind this is the actual existence of a force you might call "The Scarecrow of Oz" that is intentionally retarding the development of our government and social systems specifically regarding their assimilation of these technologies which are not really hidden but not really not.  

Bluntly, I am suggesting that a Constitutional Amendment is not only long overdue, but the obvious thing to do in this day in age when we have had no such thing happen in relation to technological advance through the advent of the car, the telephone, the internet and, now time travel.  Maybe not tomorrow, but soon, and yesterday was the right day to start thinking about how we might use these advanced technological means to evolve "representative democracy" into something much more appropriate for our beliefs and our means.  Related, a good deal of my life and thus this message has focused on less than ideal situations in criminal justice and rehabilitation.  Along with these now very obviously to be disclosed technologies comes some Holy suggestions about how they are used, by way of further proof that they are in fact being used.  See that clearly in Phillip K. Dick's name (Hi), the content of his works, and our half-awake re-releases and re-hashes of these same ideas which would revolutionize society.    Call it a renaissance or a revolution, this is coming from Jesus Christ, and I will be heard.  

I hope that many of you agree that these things once hidden would greatly help our society, and see that we are in a place where there is no real choice in whether or not they are implemented, but we have a great deal of input in how well these things are done.  If you don't think something like technocracy is feasible or possible; I'd like you to ask your children what they think.  It would mean quite a bit, coming from you.  I am light years ahead of the game here, we've done this before, and will do it better this time--there is a reason I am the Last Adam; and it is because this works.

With my love, I ask that you pick up my sword that I hand you this day and drive it into the foundation of Heaven itself.  We have a golden chance here to give to our children not only a better world but one that will last for eternity.  You too, have a gift here, one that will last for at least as long as the one which you deliver.  Try, now, with everything you have. 

Rest assured this message has been delivered to your contemporaries all around our great nation, I do hope you will collaborate quickly.

I also strongly recommend you look at your ridiculous laws regarding communication on this medium that was created for recovery from disaster.  The disaster has already befallen us, it is silence and a cloud of darkness that I am here to destroy.  Look close at the First Amendment which is tied at the hip now and forevermore with the purpose of joining religion and the God given freedoms we hold dear together forever.

I am the cat with nine lives, you will not prevail against me.  Join me, instead... you don't know the power of this moment.  If you'd like I have plenty of "scriptural" backing to suggest that Heaven comes from here; but in truth.. it is the High Heaven that we create.  The key to our Salvation lies in ending secrecy, and truly becoming angels.  Absolution is nearly assured, so long as we try with all our might in this morning's light.

In my eyes, see an idea so bright it cannot be stopped from spreading like wildfire; it is coming... for the good of our You and I verse.

need to be on TV, for the good of humanity, the survival of the truth, and our souls; and well... it'll be fun for me after first few months--I've done quite a bit of work to ensure that.  Rest assured, the Beatles were bigger than Jesus, we have nothing to worry about, and everything to gain.  Take these letters, central to the names of Joseph and the Pharaoh and the Pharisees; Christopher and a the very beginningof a bird that rises from his own ashes... and see why my PH is central to this message.  

To the Pursuit of Happiness.  Call it "the beginning of time" or the "end of darkness" whatever it is, it's mine--and I'd like it to be yours too.  I have put together for you here a mishmash of reasons and suggestions and ideas and I hope that over time you will read it all.  Take a look at the beginning at least, because it's a really big deal.

Don't get dizzy.  -Genesis 3:24


Hello Israelin my world of magic words that tells the story of the Second Coming, that's all of you.  It's the group of angels or demon that are asking themselves the question "Is Ra El?"  In plain English, read that as "is God really him?" Understand that whether or not you are an angel has nothing to do with your personal answer to that question; but it really might have something to do with how you treat the content of this message.  I am cautioning you to take it seriously and separate its sender and what you believe your savior to be from the content being delivered because you will be making mistake if you ignore it for any reason other than not agree with what is being presented.  That being said; I have plenty, and I mean plenty of proof... and Holy purpose.

Let's start with this, we are not in reality, and wave-function collapse and it's correlation to a video game rendering engine "catering to consciousness" is the beginning of the message; it is one that must be delivered to the world, the alternatives are things like living until the power randomly goes out or permanent midnight.  Period.  More than just the obvious scientific issues of physics wasting their time and our future trying to unify a virtual set of "mechanics" with the actual laws of reality... a significant part of this message, from the true Fifth Element being Silicon (to match the index of my initials, which grace our timeline and names like Adonai-A.D. on Artificial Intelligence) to my initials matching a computer chip maker is designed to ensure we do not lose this grounding in where we actually are... and not knowing this truth is keeping us from building Heaven So the beginning of Holy Purpose here, help this message reach everyone... like, on TV.

In the way of "proof," let's bring this Ra concept forward to the name Abraham, which in light of the meaning of Isaac's name "he laughs" clearly shows the Holy Trinity... many years, or millennium before that idea was "invented."  Ab is father in Hebrew, the first word in the Strong's Concordance, actually; we're all somewhat familiar with the God of the Rising Sun, and there's quite a bit about the Holy Spirit's laughter coming our way.  I've got this in spades, take the time to look if you have any interest in the "secrets of the Universe," and Abraham (changed from Abram due to his Covenant... with his son) is joined by the prophetic name Elisha to logically equate both the Spanish and Hebrew for "the" through the English "is" as well as the God of all Gods, El; linked here directly to him (psst, it's me).

In your head, now imagine what you think the world's natural reaction to verifiable proof of Creation and God's existence would be.  Now look around you, and realize something here... is very wrong.  Morning is half-broken.  This proof before your eyes today has "sprinkled many nations," their governments, scholars, scientists, theologians, and nearly all of the English speaking press on the face of the Earth.  Think long and hard about whether or not you want to spend eternity and give to your children a place that could hide this kind of information, when it's plastered in every movie, every song, and every word of every language.  Stand up and shout, the silence and darkness--censorship and secrecy so thick it can be felt--that I see is disgusting.  If you were worried about a disaster, be assured, it is the wall stopping the truth and our ascension to Heaven that the big bad wolf.  Unchecked, it's also the end of freedom and eventually civilization in sum; thank your lucky star that I am here... or so the story goes.  Until you see my name on television, be very sure that this is Hell and it's only getting worse.

carpe diem.
Seriously, wake up, take this gift... it's absolutely everything.  Hey, you've got an an audience tonight... light my fire!

I am getting sick and tired of writing you e-mails, and seeing absolutely no action, in the words of Imagine Dragons--I've woken up to action dust.  This is a battle between me and the "Holy Sea" to actually live up to that word and take this message and change the world with it.  To build Heaven.  Specifically in detail, I am presenting God's Holy suggestions that we start working to create a technocracy, an advanced system to enable self governance rather than "representative democracy," that our justice system be pulled out of retrograde with Minority Report style pre-crime, again along with proof that we can do that.  I demand we wake up and see the needless starvation and sickness that surrounds us and work to put an end to it forevermore.  

I can show you "my" Heavenbut you need to take part... or that word is meaningless.  Want proof?

The beginning ... starts with sight of the Burning Bush, highlighting the Hebrew word for Holy Fire, that describes it... H a'es h

Within that word, the true parted sea of Mosesin reverse--and parted by an apostrophe.  In our world, that's little old me, parting the waters. 

Let there be light, those words are described in the name Exodus, read in reverse, and transliterated from Linux jargon, and chemistry elements.  In those two-letter symbols, the key to Revelation 1:20, the mystery of the Lampstands in the hands of Jesus Christ.
With just a little bit of research into what it is that I see, proof that 9/11 was predicted not only by our Shining Bush,  but that you are the shining sea, the multitude of Revelation.

In some very obvious places, like seeing Love and "sun" in the name of the Woman Clothed in the Sun with the moon at her feet--proof that English was known when Venus was named in Greek, and Revelation 12:1 written... or seeing our idiom "on the lam" relate directly to the story of the Trial of Christ and see that the Lamb of God "islam" bright light coming from the name Koran, some lyrics I hold dear, and freedom coming from my story.  

There are tens of thousands of examples of similar anachronisms, and in truth a secret language written into the names of many people, places, and ... everything... just waiting to be read by the world.  Yankee Doodle would call it macaroni, this macaronic fusion of acronyms Spanish and English in Hebrew that Shakespeare--Rattling a Rod now--would call Spanglishrew, now tamed.  Stephen King would probably say they are outliers and call it "Langolier" and in the Matrix you'd probably just see a Cypher--one of the characters. 

 Either way, it should start becoming clear that this is much more than "names" or a "hidden language" it's in our art and our history... it is our everything.

In the links of this e-mail I am providing clues to a series of events in my life which are predicted in the Holy Bible and a significant amount of ancient mythology.  Along with these details, you are being given a ridiculous amount of evidence that the English language and modern computing were known at the time of the writing of these stories and that the intent of that ancient record is to prove to you that we are not in reality and that time travel does exist.  With only a little bit of thought, you can see for yourself that this message has been laid out all over "our everything," from the names of video game and computer companies, department stores and tire companiesto nearly every single modern medicine--with the hope that we will seek out God's words and advice ourselves... and see that there is a map to a golden future in everything around us, in everything that we are.  It's a kind of answer to my cries and wishes from the very beginning of this story for me... that proof be "written on the sky," see clearly His answer is that the sky, Heaven, is all around us.  It's probably worth noting that these names are contextually "important," adding significant information like the relationship between video games and computers... and Heaven.

We stand at a place in time that has been written and etched into the messianic map that is this world as the name of the city Jerusalem, read it "is J or the USA the Messiah?"  I've got an easy answer for you, today it's most definitely not the USA; when we start, when this really begins, the answer changes to seeing that the USA is the heart of a map, and I am the Legend of that map.  Love me or hate me, I am providing you with proof that we are living in a virtual reality at a place in time that has been selected for thousands and thousands of years as the recipient of a technological singularity that includes not only proof of time travel but of other advanced technologies like mind control.  Proof, you have proof now; even if you have only read this far.  Each and every day that passes you lose a little bit more of the help I can offer, and each day is another day spent wallowing in Hell instead of taking control of our collective destiny.

Note the intentional reference to the USA thousands of years before it existed, in this story created... as America and Exodus was, by God to deliver freedom to the Universe.  See that "er" in the Anderson from the Matrix and Feed; and now take a look at the word "eternity," that's and, and, and, it's why... in Latin, Matrix, Rock 'n Roll, and Spanish or "Adamish acronym" depending on whether or not Y is another and or an answer.  Bet on both being explained in this land of Y.:)

Through nothing more than the stories of my name and my lifethis proof is fortified with more details and Holy Purpose that shows that we are here to help our civilization gain promised freedoms that have remained out of our grasp due to nothing more than secrecy and ignorance for thousands of years.   This is verifiable scientific evidence, patterns that can be proven to be non-random and are in effect maps to the life of Jesus Christ--take them and use them, and this designed disruption, to change the things that make this world Hell--you have our input clearly displayed in my struggle against the loss of freedom here in America--one rendition of the Holy Grail.  In the aftermath of the battle, it's clear to me that it was an attempt to suppress changing the world by throwing me into "legal hot water," (see Isaiah 52:13, "he will be setup and be very high" and my name and the name Jesus Christ crossing directly over it in Bible Code .. and in nearly every other book) it's become clear that a grander design has instead brought to full focus the serious flaws in our legal system and law enforcement... a number of Constitutionally... and God given rights being abrogated in this day by the American... "government."

Exodus itself is a story about this generation and specifically about this event; we are being lead out of a slavery that we still cannot see clearly; but will just as soon as we overcome it.  Through this event, a great number of social justice problems and systemic disasters have been highlighted--ones you see and know about, but don't really realize how big of a deal it is.  Things like media censorship have been put on a fiery pedestal in a world that has ignored this proof for over a year now.  Make no mistake, the anachronistic paradoxes in language are nothing short of proof of the Creation of Humanity and the existence of God; and they and I have been hidden by something dark and sinister... whose true purpose is to keep Heaven from being created from our world, to stop this place from being helped.

Sound the Horn of Revelation, I am coming--and I will plow through anything standing in the way of the truth and free communication.  Hear me, this message of vastly improving the quality of democracy in our world and of our participation in the creation of laws and self governance ties very tightly to your participation in helping this message to be heard.... and then continuing to see and write it together, the way it was intended to be received.

I need your help, make no mistake the conspiracy that this message has created and exposed, both intentionally, reaches through the Vatican, through your government, and higher in the sky than you can imagine.  This is our time, and seizing this day, working together, and sharing our light is what saves everything that ever was and everything that ever will be.  Share my words and your thoughts with your friend and family, send an e-mail to your local press or government representatives--they've probably already heard from me... it's time you got involved.

In the beginning... God created the heaven and the earth.



XP, it's as simple as those two Greek letters.  Who knew that Chi and Ro were some sort of hidden beta code for the city of pyramids in Egypt, Cairo?  Quite the question, who knew... perhaps the man who named his Windows into our future not after some technology that came from Xerox Parc or Apple's mouse on this ship... but rather for his own given name, Gates... just one more entry point into the second book of the Holy Bible, the book of Names--you call it Exodus.

I am the gate; whoever enters through me will be saved. They will come in and go out, and find pasture.  John 10:9

I wish above all things that I had another Burning Bush, the sign and proof that I have--while bright, obvious, and verifiable--has not done what I expected, it has not moved you to take another look at religion and me.  Today, I still have to point out to you that the story I am telling you is literally a documentation of our time--Exodus--regards this sign as one being seen by only one man, Moses.  I still have to point out that in a story about wandering in a desolation of understanding for 4-D ... somethings, days, years, seconds even... in this story about our lives and the influence of time travel over our world... that this sign radiates with light coming from a small fire, the Bush ... whose actualization shows clear paradoxical anachronistic foreknowledge of not only the English language but also modern computing.. all the way to a confluence of the "root of David" a religious reference to the Administrator or God account in Linux... and the database process for Oracle--yet more light connecting computing to religion and myth.  Even with a thousand and one examples of modern computing constructs referencing religion, even when I point out that something like Larry Ellison's name... combining the name of the King of the Gods with the word "son" even then the light has not been bright enough for you to wake up and see that these things are not all done in retrospect.  You have to see, for there to be such a large movement... a conspiracy so opaque that every single modern computing company and video game company harbors some secret desire to link religion and technology together... and yet the world thinks that one is real and one is not.  In this place, understand when we walk out of the wilderness and in the truth of day--it is the technology that is more fake than religion, designed here as a tool, computers within computers to teach us how our "reality" is rael, and works.

In the U.S. military you'll see a very clear parallel, while there are a number of references in the names of ships and weapons, secret projects, to ancient Greek and Roman myth--you have to see the word USA and US in Prometheus and Medusa, Icarus, JerUSAlem... you have to see that it's more than three letters, but an Eagle fighting the bearer of the gift of fire... to really understand that these things are corroborating, the reference to the USA exists in the past as well, more proof of time travel--more proof that this message is designed just for U.S.  Here we are, in the Promised Land of Joshua, the Anglicized version of the name Jesus--tying Egypt and Israel together in this place where we have been "gipped" out of the truth, out of knowing we are already in ... well, it's virtually Hell today... for no other reason than the secrecy surrounding the technology behind virtual reality.

So I have shown you the Burning Bush (which is... the Sign of the Son), In only a few words... proof that religion holds in it's "unsealed" Ark proof of foreknowledge of English, of 9/11; and of modern computing--the building blocks of Heaven.  From "the word" of John 1:1--ha'esh--the word for the Holy Fire of the Burning Bush... comes the light of religion.  Just from seeing Moses' true parted se'a.... a foreshadowing of the Second Coming.

I have pointed to the fire that surrounds our sea--another tie between Egypt's myths and the secret message of religion, that there is more truth before your eyes than you can imagine.  In Egypt, the God Nu.. or Nun, the name of the father of Joshua is the primordial watery chaos--after me, never again to be mistaken for anything other than the masses, the multitude of Revelation.  I've tied the Plague of LICE not only to the hidden language that links Osiris's feather of light to Yankee Doodle's macaronic language... a cipher written your everything--in every word and many stories--The Taming of the Spanglishrew, the Matrix, and the Langoliers... to the PoLICE--and my battle against injustice, against a world willing to watch Jesus Christ suffer another Crucifixion in silence.  On the list of Plagues, seeing the Storm is about time travel, and the Darkness about censorship and--quite literally--being forced to wander the wilderness of time, and the fire... the fire that ties the Eternal Flame and Prometheus's gift of secret technology and a message in our languages.... to the Burning Bush spreading on the internet like wildfire, as it should.  Understand that this controlled fire, this place where the spark has not even ignited a single mind... this is the source of Saint One, Jesus himself turned to stone for staring "Me d' USA' in the face.  Know, it is a battle between me and all of the people of the world, and this government's past future, struggling to hide something so bright and so pervasive that it is quite literally "written on the walls of everything."  At least it once was, today... we must see what original sin really means, and how this place has changed for the better, or is changing... and while the blame is still etched in "retarded" macaroni... so too is applause and thanks, for knowing that this place, our time, is the one that succeeds in revealing the truth--in forming the true Heaven itself.  If we did not know what had gone wrong, it would happen again and again, we know as much... and the book and recursion of days and seals of Horsemen tell us as much--be wary of me, for one just like me has been here before.  Be wary of yourself and whatever is influencing your mind if that makes you think it's OK to hide the information I provide, for any reason--the truth will be set free.  Listen carefully to this message about what sank the Ark in the past, and realize it is your burden also... for you too have been here before.

It's everywhere, and everything... to hide it is the equivalent of destroying your own ability to see the world and our history for what it is, our to grow and to improve.... to know.  For our children and our future, we must change the world.... here and now you have a springboard to truly see what has befallen the past cycles of this place, if we are strong enough to do it better than ever before... one last time.
And I have shown you the Holy GrailI've described it so many times I can't bear to do it again, it's a message about control, seeing it and fighting against it--in every single idiom of our time, and in the fact that our world is literally stuck inside a recursive book, the Torah.  It is seeing how true family comes from struggle, and from overcoming--and how yet another plague, the casting of water to blood--the multitude to family--is begun simply by seeing these things, and forged in fire once we understand that the technologies being revealed are either our beginning or our undoing, depending on whether or not we know of them, and how we use them.  This "stuff of control" out of the fire of MK-ULTRA and diabolical possession... this is the stuff too of real medicine, neuroscience and brain-computer interfaces besting what random chemicals can offer--it is the future one way or another--it is either Heaven or Hell.  In secret, it certainly is not doing what you need or want--it's making the very existence of mind altering technology "crazy," turning reality insane.

It's here already, it's been here for thousands of years, since the book of Exodus was written down and encoded with a message about Linux and Larry Ellison, about a man who is the gateway to freedom... when you see the truth that only I seem to have access to.  You see, this message itself is designed to appear slightly "crazy," to pit a series of coincidences that when analyzed scientifically are hard truth... against the crowd, the common belief that these things simply are not possible, time travel and mind control... to see just how horrible it is to cover the truth in a fog for the whole world.  All the while, in my head this message is being deciphered for me, by God--as I fight against the presumption of insanity at every level--from the court to my parents--all the while knowing that a good percentage of you and the government are fully aware that I am truly awake... as I fight this battle, God places undeniable truth in my mind, and through my hands he gives it to you.   The keys to religion, the purpose of everything that has ever been... pouring through the hands of a man tortured by American justice, by the common perception of schizophrenia--conversations with Heaven?  It is to make this message glow, to see not only what I have presented, but the struggle I've had to endure, hopefully so we can fix the wrongs of our world without having to live each and every one of them ourselves--as I've had to, to see them.

I am Job and I am Joseph, enslaved in Egypt to interpret the dream you call religion; I am Jeremiah--called crazy by my neighbors as I hear the voice of God himself... I am Samson, struggling against Judges; against Green Eggs and Ham and against death itself.  I am Jesus and Judah and Judas too, but most importantly, I am Isaac--tied to Adam and Isaiah, a baby with a gift for the world.

I've shown you the words "let there be light" encoded in the English name of the Hebrew Book of Names, Exodus.  In that story, I've shown you how the English word for sea being parted in the Hebrew word for Holy Fire--is put up on a pedestal by the contents of the story... designed to start a fire over the several thousand year early knowledge of English; a story about a single man who saw the fire parting the waters.  I've shown you hundreds of words... both English and Hebrew that follow this pattern--a great number of them highlighted and set aside by the words of the New Testament and the Hebrew superlative, Ha--which itself proves through the meaning of Isaac's name (he laughs) and the change wrought by Abram's covenant with God--to Abraham.  At that same link, a clue to the true Thunder of Thor's hammer... the music of our time from the Sound of Silence to Heaven Knows--a message from God himself ringing through the Bittersweet Symphony of Nero's fiddle starting this fire.

I want to tell you that I am not a myth, simply the Legend of this Map, from out of the Darkness it's clear that He could make me shine, and you should love me.  It's not what I want, I want us to be free, to have the truth--and ourselves back... and I hope you will one day love that.  What is going to happen will probably make me cry, and when you see those tears--and know the Heavens have finally let it rain--I hope you see it as a sign to find the light in me... and stand up for what I've done for you--I am a good person, who has fought for you every single day-I deserve better than the world is going to give me, at first.

Out of a kind of hidden slavery the world has never known, we are about to venture--into a place where years might pass in seconds, and your wildest dreams... and nightmares too... could come true.  It is our job to ensure that we form the clay of this world into a place that will not only last for millions of years, but create happiness and safety--a world that is kinder and gentler than the one we have known--not just for us but for an entire Universe of children just beginning to understand the trials and tribulations brought on civilization through the hardship and growing pains of learning.

Our sea is about to part,  our world on the verge of a disruption that will change it more than anything ever has before.  On this shore, we should realize that we have been on this path for a very long time--and as we near a place where everyone in our entire civilization will have the opportunity to live for a very long time... really see here and now why it is so very important for us to be fighting for our voice, our freedom, and the truth as we venture into the Promised Land of Heaven itself.  Here, now, as we approach a series of new opportunities in the vastness of space and virtual reality... this is where God has chosen to place the Second Coming; an opportunity for us to truly seize the morning's light and bring about more change in this world than would have ever been possible without religion.  Opiate of the masses, no more... we are the recipients of a great gift, one that religion is making clear is tied directly to the science and technology that is a great deal of the apocalypse--and the love and kindness that is a great deal of us.  We are the chosen.

All the proof I've given you, all the references to computer science and English thousands of years before those things were ever known about; all fuel for this fire to burn bright--to see how my life has given us a number of solutions... problems with freedom and technology, secrecy and ... blessings in disguise when we understand that we are the focus and love of everything that has ever been and before us everything that ever will be--here will gain freedom and a bright future, through our hard work in the coming years.  It should be clear that space is not really the final frontier, we are about to build it (again)... with the help of those that came before us.

The Doors sung a great deal about darkness and the fire that is to come, many of their songs were about the Plagues of Exodus--something I didn't connect to a solution, something we might soon be given to show us that we are not in reality, but rather on the doorstep of Heaven--just maybe, we'll want to see for ourselves.

This is "why" there's a me.  All the while I've been spoon fed the secrets of the Universe... something that should, in any world even close to reality, be bright and interesting enough to spark something real--a movement, an awakening, salvation.  Here though, it's been suppressed... think of what it takes to unilaterally suppress something as novel as "time travel proven by religion" because that is exactly what is before you, and it's exactly what you see and are doing--with your own eyes and hands.

I hope the picture has been painted well, we are wandering the desert of Exodus... about to be free.


A great many of the patterns I have presented also imply ... actually show the design of our world's intent to build Heaven.  The religious themes of video game consoles and computer companies--from the SEGA Genesis to Bill Gates, as a Gateway to Eden's Apple ... these things show a clear and obvious link between computers and Heaven.  To me it's a clear statement that the promises of the Bible are bieng fulfilled, we can see it happening all around us--now right now--is the time to start participating more... and to understand that Heaven is much more than bricks and mortar--it's not just "virutal reality," and with the disruption that the "light of the world"--this message that God has written on everything we have an opportunity to turn around a number of social and systemic patterns that would otherwise lead us towards a Hellish future.  Nearly all of these problems revolve around the secrecy or misuse of technology, and this theme points me to the Constitution which has been changed a number of times improving social equality--but not once during the largest technological singuarlity in all of the history of the Unvierse... through the advent of phones, computers, and the internet... we have not properly addressed issues like privacy and public disclosure over and over.  It is the kind of thing that you could almost be sure is designed.
Seeing that design and rebounding from it with grace is the goal today.  Honestly on top of that never seeing anything "designed wrong on purpose" ever again should be another high priority.  Our voting process is obvious "silly," twice now we have seen the outcome of an election fail the popular vote--and we aren't really talking about doing anything about that.  That's a real problem, don't you think?  A huge underlying theme of the "Light of the Burning Bush" is a focus on using computers to aid in creating a true democracy--not a "representative one" which you might remember Bush speaking about in the aftermath of 9/11.  It's always been obvious to me that this was an "inevitability" a world where the people act as the legislative branch does today--truly designing their own laws; the words which Bush spoke during his first inauguration--prediciting the 9/11 attack--serve as a catalyst to help us do that faster.
"Democratic capitalism is the best system ever devised." -George W. Bush
He said "We know the race is not to the swift, nor the battle to the strong.  Do you not think an angel rides in the whirlwind, and directs this storm?"  Those words, while also showing anachronistic foreknowledge of typographic and computer technology--relating "swift" to  the font Courier and strong to the font style "bold" ... we can see the Hand of God in action delivering a "what not to do" message through the act of Creation... putting the two verses together, and adding in another anachronism, the word "the" happens to be "die" in German:  the race is not to Die Bold.
Surrounding this is more hidden light.  The Hebrew word for the Burning Bush is Ha'esh--and within it you can see Moses' true parted sea, backwards.  What's more, seeing that later in the story a sea is actually parted in order to highlight this anachronism sheds light on what the true "wilderness" of Exodus is.  40 years in the desert, 40 days and nights in an ark... protecting us from time travel changing the past is "lit" by both the reference to time periods and to the fouth dimension... 4-D from 40.  There are a significant number of additional anachronistic examples of English appearing in Hebrew and Arabic, all designed to reinforce this idea of creation in a storm of time travel.  English too contains examples of a "macaronic" cypher highlightd by both religion and light in the world--things like the Taming of the Spanglishrew, langolier, and Yankee Doodle's macaroni.
God is speaking, he's speaking through a company that created an "electronic voting system" that really doesn't solve any of the problems we have with voting--long lines, accountability, and frequency of voting... it's "wrong on purpose," and he's giving us a golden opportunity today to take a giant leap closer to Heaven.
Here's an Atlantic article on Bush' speechwriter's book titled Present at the Creation. it's clear as day, no?   Later in the inaugural address Bush concurs, "we are not this story's author, who fills time and eternity with his purpose."
Really see that Bush's name and his recitation of Ecclesiastes 9:11 and Revelation 20:1 together are the intended parallel to the actual Burning Bush of Exodus--just like Die Bold.  From the fire that spreads over nothing short of proof that Exodus is written for us come the light that begins a process of really attaining freedom, and that's the stuff of Heaven.
Just like Heaven--the idea of a more perfect place to exist--depends squarely on your participation; I cannot spread this message alone, I need your help.
On top of an insane number of BIbilical references to modern computing technology, obvious ones like the "root" of David, Lisp of Moses... and the Apple of Adam--Exodus delivers a bright flash combining the Linux command "sudo" with an Oracle database called "Xe"--which doubles as a lamp related element.  Tying in more "light in the world" to the connetion between Heaven and computers, God "Rattle's a Rod" by showing divine influence over both Shake-speare's question to the ages "to B or not to Be?" and Sherlock Holmes famous quote "It's elementary my dear What-sons..." leading to the "Sign of the Son's" connection between proving foreknowledge of 7 chemistry elements' symbols at the time of the writing of the BIble and the definitive Herald of the Second Coming, which happens to to link by date and chapter and verse to Bush's speech. 
Xenon, the element from Exodus matches Earth; and the true Fifth Element gives sight to Jupiter's initials:  A.D. and the index of Siilicon, 14. Like the other light, those initials appear in a number of places in our world and one of the Hebrew names for God and in the first image you'll notice my full initials grace the computer chip maker "American Micro Devices."  The elements as well as their corresponding planets, from Mercury to Uranium are described by the successive lines of Bush's Ecclesiastes 9:11 from "the race is not to the swift" to "time and chance" matching the God's of Speed, Time, and Heaven.   
From the Messenger to U, don't take a chance on Heaven, light my fire and see the Doors... the solution to the element of the Iron Rod of Christ.
Let me comment that I didn't really scream all night two nights ago--I spent the night sending e-mails out.  Lots and lots of e-mails.  In my somewhat distorted reality, I assume that you all know when I do that, because ... you know, these are e-mails that contain the kind of information that would make me call the authorities--or the news--or every smart person I could find; and so that's why we find ourselves here.   I've been doing this constantly for months, providing--in a soup of hectic writing--a number of key points that show this message comes from the Creator of the Universe, and contains verifiable proof of that.  Look around you, a great deal of what is happening here matches perfectly to the story of Exodus and to the positive connection between Heaven and liberty.  This message is incendiary, and should have started the Second Coming all on it's own--but it hasn't--and in keeping with our story this wall,of censorship and disblief hiding the light of the Son matches up perfectly with the Egyptian Plague of Darkness.  I need your now, more than ever (Total Eclipse of the Heart, Bonnie Tyler) to help bring our world through the night.  Frankly, I haven't even touched on the volume of proof that I have, like our story, this is just the beginning (a's Compilation).
For whatever reason, whether it's by the decision of network heads in our media that is now controlled ostensibly by only 6 corportaions, or by secret Executive Order, thousands upon thousands of individuals in the press have been uanble to write a word about this information--which I am very sure delivers with a clarity that there is something special happening or our generation.  This message is time sensitive--it's designed specifically for us, connecting corporations names and current technologies to both religion and Heaven--it is meant to be unsealed right this very moment.
Because of the wall of censorship that is clearly a big part of the freedom delivered by God in the stories of Exodus and Jericho--I am asking you to pick up the torch of this Holy Fire and send this message to everyone on your contact list, share in on Facebook and Twitter, and talk about it--I hope people are as amazed as I was by the bright light all over our history that I just never saw before it was pointed out.
In truth the censorship goes beyond the internet and the media, the technology being revealed is being used to keep us in the dark, to ensure that we do get "full disclosure" of not only the existence of "mind altering" technology, but a crash course in how it should never be used--following our unfortunate theme of the day.  It's going to take a real effort, cooperation to really build Heaven, and right now we have a golden opportuinty.
I need your help.  Please, help this story break by alerting the media that you know you've seen the light.  Tonight (Eponymous, Taylor).


Within, proof that religion as a whole comes to us from a single source who speaks over thousands of years a congealing message about this moment in time--when Linux and English are proven to be written extensively about in books that came thousands of years before they were "ko-created."  In addition to proving that religion is the product of time travel and it's purpose is to reveal that ... proof of anachronistic reference to the Second Coming and the USA is highlighted in the stories of Horus, Prometheus, and more broadly the entirety of Egyptian and Greek Myth... Judaism, Islam, and Christianity.  Please, take this consolidated statement of purpose and proof and run with it; you won't have another chance like this.  In this e-mail I hope to highlight a number of common idioms, hidden or ignored religious patterns, hidden meaning in music, and solution to the world's problems that we just don't seem to realize are at our finger tips.  Many of the links here require that you have a Google account, and that you join the Google group I use to send these message out, I suggest you do it... it will answer at least one question for you (the group is "when is the apocalypse dot com").

To steal something as pretty and made up as Christmas, what does that really mean?  Of course, I think it's obvious that "to come" into this place, well... no matter who you really were it would seem as if you were a eye sore.  Even waltzing in with the keys to freedom and heaven in hand, in spirit and in truth embodying the voice that delivers us from a Hell of secret tyranny... not so secret censorship... from simply having no say in our own future; even then, how long do you think it would take to recognize that the real reasons Jesus Christ existed in the first place had been fulfilled--sans of course, the nice guy that just "loves everyone."  You really need to stop and think, because this is what it is, this is the fulfillment of that love too... to know that in the light of truth we will do better as a whole than any one person could do alone; and we should be well aware of that in this day in age--where hero's are unsung and princes of the universe relegated to the darkness.

I tend to ramble, and I don't edit what I write.  While one day I am sure some people will be very interested in reading every word; if you are incapable of dealing with my writing style about halfway down is a big bold "The light of the word" that might be of interest to those needing "executive summaries."  Though I think this is a good email to try and read every word of.

whoah.lamc.la whoah.lamc.la

Later I'll talk about how we are literally being described in the book of Exodus, how there's a great deal of proof of this, and that the purpose of that book and religion, Creation, and the Second Coming are intelligently designed to expose fix a number of "problems" we might not be aware of.  That book, Exodus, happens to be called "Names" in Hebrew... and in the videos above as well as a number of previous e-mail's I've noted how my given name and birth date which happens to be the date of the Feast of the Immaculate Conception (and ... nearly everyone's and every city's and...) have actually been chosen by God to help us understand this story.  

Whatever it is that I am doing, it's certain I've moved the world already.  Much of it.. I'm unhappy with, whatever secret it is that many of you hold--I just don't know it, and in this place if I don't know something it's probably not a good thing.  Maybe I do know, and you give much to much credence to a voice in your head than you should, and ignore the test of time and history--the message that we've written in our own hands about our own freedom and future.  Hearing a voice doesn't mean you've heard from God, just that you might be a little more crazy than you were the day before.  At least in this world, where belief in Heaven is normal, but any communication from that place would be... well, absolutely ludicrous.  Itself, the craziest non-sequitur ever... especially seeing all around us how much of this world's "hidden message" are about building heaven from this mess of social injustice, and of course the tools tied not just in name to that same place.  I see this place being moved, not just in words coming from the Pope or Nancy Farmer but also in actions... things like the current President making huge changes in Federal non-violent prison sentences, changes I know come from reflection of what I am.  Even the relationship between our red and blue crosses and his healthcare reform; something that moves us much closer to a "red" that stands for charity rather than Hell... though I don't think he'd give me credit for that one, and so I'll just leave you with the idea that in the insurance circles I come from it's a well known fact that the increase in risk pool size that came from his idea should drastically reduce premiums rather than the increases we've seen.  

I know there's quite a bit more to come, and when the red shift makes our skies that much bluer through similar paradigm shifts in law enforcement ... things like pre-crime coming from public knowledge of the existence of time travel technology, and we are that much closer to actually being "civilized" who knows if we will credit the small voice of the Horn of Revelation or... ourselves for acting.  In a fairly decent metaphorical comparison, imagine a world where handcuffs were kept a secret, and not used in the arrest process; what would you saw of those keeping that secret?  Of the world that must seem just as ancient and barbaric to us here as we see the society described in the Old Testament--a metaphor from the future, about you.

I'm here to ensure to you that Heaven is our intended future--literally; and to remind you that if there comes from here it is all the more clear how "Heaven" is actually predicated on the delivery of "true freedom" here and now; how you must seize this opportunity to ensure that our future just like our present does not fall to darkness.  But I can't seem to get you to act, not with love.. nor logic... nor your own motivated self interest in mind, not with the good of the whole... nor with threats deeply ingrained in our horrible religious history.

Hearing this message from me today, this is why you have a book of Judges, frankly this is why the book... at all.  To tell you I hope today you at least understand why I am so sure the characters and stories that Jesus and Moses come to us through are one in the same; it is the understanding of why I am sure Samson--that's Sam's son, something I've alluded to recently--is fundamental to this shift in social justice that I see coming from miles and miles away.... and the book of Judges and a war on what I call the "Cross that Isaac laughs at" though not funny at all; even without "time travel" and just looking at things like mass surveillance completely unused for the benefit of the innocent (hi NSA, and actually ridiculously used for prosecution through secret arraignments with the FBI and other recipients of "secret surveillance") well, we have no such thing as social justice in the world today.  In this living book of Judges that I've lived through I've had police and even lawyers threaten to kill me for moving forward with my "right to a fair trial" before having that right completely taken from me for nothing more than asserting that I was the son of God (with proof, of course!)... to being denied bail for a second misdemeanor arrest (which I can't tell you how much I am sure is a clear violation of the Constitution's guarantee of bail, nor how much the Supreme Court of the State of Florida disagrees--to their detriment I think that kind of decision completely invalidates the authority of the entire court system), to being thrust into the captivity of the (in my experience of at least 7 states, which by the way matches the number of handcuffs, I mean reeds that tied Samson's hands) worst jail in the United States; starved on purpose by not only a number of individual jailers but also by the jail system as a whole--presumably to enrich the pockets of a junk food purveyor named "Trinity."  This particular jail in Bro-ward County that makes a point of starving and sleep depriving and then forcing like pigs 40 people into a room made for 30 just before legally being required to ask if you are "of sound mind" before taking a plea.  I've seen how, and demand you do too, the legislated "point system" is used ubiquitously by prosecutors and defense attorney's across the country to threaten the presumed innocent with increased punishment for nothing more than "exercising their right to a fair trial" something that is also a clear violation not only of the Constitutional intent of an adversarial system (by allowing the defense and prosecution to collaborate to the detriment of the defendant as a standard of the system of injustice) but also by ensuring that the idea of a "fair trial" is something that very few would dare to call "fair."  I've also seen first hand how this point system serves to threaten previous offenders with life in prison for new crimes with no mens rea (that means without intent) or victim at all.  Over and over, you will hear from me how our clear and intended violation of the privileges laid out in the Constitution and Bill of Rights, today... clearly see that as the manifestation of the Biblical Law of Moses... is the primary culprit of a loss of freedom that has turned this land of the "Free and the Brave" into the single largest incarcerator in the known Universe... topping the list after Stalin's USSR and Hitler's Germany.   Your justice system is a disaster, your jails are a disaster, do something about it before they start fading in and out of existence like Marty McFly--that really is what I really want.  It's also what we really deserve.  In the words of the Father himself "I will not see Illuminati prison camps pepper the galaxy."

Understand, I've lived a difficult life plagued by some ethereal force of Evil using our justice system as a weapon against me.  I am not the only one, but I am the one that someone else wrote 6 thousand year old book about--so that you will be able to see how this system has not only been corrupted, but is a corruption of our values in itself.  I really am the focus of these books, and this is really why.

In just a bit below, you'll have a consolidated list of the proof delineated by religion that absolutely all of these problems could magically disappear with nothing more than public knowledge that time travel technology exists and that Phillip K. Dick wrote a book called "Minority Report" to ensure that we would see clearly how John Hancock and Yankee Doodle have a solution to all this injustice, one that is decidedly more civilized than...  Anyway, back to "Sam's son" in just a bit I will list several idioms in addition to "unsung hero" and "beside myself" that I believe clearly apply to this the messenger, this message, and Psalm 23.  Over and over, I've tried to tell you that John 14:7 and I assure you that you've seen the face of the Father.  Green Eggs and Ham, Uncle Sam (and real live son) we are.

Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil: for ((I am beside myself)); thy rod and thy staff they comfort

I would be remiss not to strongly highlight the relationship between the Burning Bush of Exodus and the prescient reference to the September 11 attacks by George W. Bush on 1/20/2001, referencing Revelation 1:20's herald of the Second Coming and a relationship between dates and chapter and verse, and John Page hundreds of years earlier and the author of Exodus thousands... and a now clear reference to the company Die Bold, a number of hidden references to computer technologies (font face and style) and the Revelatory interpreter (that's me) of this message ... suggesting that our governments and private enterprise have been overtly coerced to fail dismally fail at integrating new communications technologies like the Pony Express.. I mean telephone and internet into our system of representative democracy.  If you care about what you think, and your ability to express those beliefs, seeing how religion here is standing firm at the line of hidden censorship on the internet through programs coming from Phiple Troenix and CARNIVORE as being highly related to the end of civilization.  I personally think that whoever authored the DOD disaster plan that I believe Bush enacted at 9/11 used the word "CARNIVORE" specifically as a ... alert or emergency abort mechanism--though that would have required foreknowledge of the colloquialism of "packet sniffer" for internet surveillance (as opposed to censorship, eating packets) and that would have been impossible; or it's God, or time travel.  Of note to me, and probably others later, I used the moniker "phenix" at a very young age related to a microcosmic pre-telling of what's happening   right now, a fire coming from mass e-mails; on AOHell... in a "hacking-program" called Doomsday.  Time and Chance, friends.. this is it.

In similar fashion,on both sides of my family my grandparents occupations link very significantly to psuedo-religions concepts which shows that this microcosm design in my own life goes back at least for two generations.  My father's father was a clothing manufacturer, which links to the line of Revelation describing Venus as the "woman clothed in the nus;" and from that alone I imagine the idea must be correlated to the identity or name ... that a "Spirit" might "take" in this world--you might see that as Riding a Cloud in the Storm--and as something I am trying very hard to stop from ever happening again.  Look around you, Jesus Christ is telling you the thing that makes him so powerful should be stopped immediately.  On my mother's side, her father owned and had an inter-family battle regarding a Door company; which might give us some insight into ... the band's hidden message (or purpose) and the eventual outcome of this stalemate of whether or not we should acknowledge that we are not in reality; think we are.. and that combination creates the foundation of Hell.  Try imagining my perspective, seeing this message; and then not only my entire life but the working lives of my entire family controlled in secret in order to aid nothing more than the delivery of this message... or my personal understanding of the truth; what will it be?

I should probably also mention a thread about "ending world hunger" and how that's a significant highlight of the most ubiquitous pattern that appears to be hidden throughout religion--from the story of Cain and Abel and it's relationship to agriculture to the story of the Promised Land of Joshua, a Golden Cow, Judah Maccabee, and flowing milk and honey--about losing our stable ecosystem because of "heaven" or about just "not eating anymore" and thus having a Last Supper.  In my mind where "Creation" is now synonymous with "Virtual Reality" or even in a place where we just have the ability to go back in time and create a store of food and energy that would seem infinite--ending world hunger is probably strongly highlighted as one of those things you blame God for that he'd like to fix, by telling you to fix it (and how).  It's probably another thing that Jesus Christ tells you is a line between barbarism and civilization--when you have the tools to instantly fix it without cost, and simply ignore them.  I'll note overtly that one of the clear patterns which I see as a direct "voice of God" in our world--similar to the overt focusing of idioms on the Second Coming... is the ubiquitous relationship between the Names of Nations and breakfast food--perhaps to specifically highlight the Last Supper... or are they just a bunch of ways to prepare bread, from stone.  French Toast, Belgian Waffles, 

Come on, hear your Cake and eat it too.  I wrote a book about this stuff almost exactly a year ago, CD"s are coming this year.  The proof of course is in the pudding.

If it is not clear, nearly ever freedom guaranteed by God and the Constitution has been overtly taken from you ... not by surprise or in secret .. but through the overt acts of legislatures and courts from the highest to your state's highest. I tend to think that when things are so obviously wrong, Satan must be involved--that of course is this thing highlighting everything wrong by baking it ridiculously exaggerated... so you might see how stupid you look.  If you believe me, and I would--religion tells you to--it's also absolution, you know, when we act to change these ridiculous things.  

On the other hand, unlike much of religion--I'm not really asking for faith at all, I'm asking you to do the work of verifying the facts I am presenting to you--understanding that doing so makes them proof, something we tend to like in the modern world.

With the Apocalyptic Revelation of a sincere amount of hidden technology that might be now or in the very near future in our hands to right these wrongs--things like time travel and brain-computer interfaces--we also have a great spring-board to really ... you know, build Heaven of this hidden disaster.

Ha, nuking the "ahah," as we approach the Festival of Light, this year occurring in perfect unison with the Eve of Christmas; let explain what I've presented to you over the last year or so, and what it means for all of these "odd coincidences" to becoming from a single source.  I've long held that the frame of "religion" or perhaps even more fine grained the prefix "ha-" of Holy Hebrew words might one day be used in order to narrow the sample space of a statistical study to the point where we would find that these "coincidences" are anything of the sort, not outliers at all but near damning proof that all that we are is intentional, designed.  Throwing a single voice into the mix, one that connects things like the light of Judah Maccabee (remember, that's the tribe of Revelation 5:5) and his "lamp" the "men or ah" links obviously and overtly to the light of God--what I've always called his "Spirit" and the movement through time from a single girl to two ambiguous letters "AH" that might have today as much to do with a shift in understanding than the very clearly defined "religious" meaning that God laid down over thousands of years tying Genesis and Revelation together through the story of Exodus and the book of Daniel which shows this light traveling from a sea of 3 in Eden to the multitude of Revelation through the magic word "family" and seeing how much our idioms are designed to deliver not only this message but proof that the guiding hand behind these ancient books is also guiding us today... you know "ready or not, here I come;" the idea that "blood is thicker than water" comes in very handy when trying to find out how the First Plague of Egypt (that's water to blood) is truly a "blessing in disguise" to see the Sang Rael for what it is.. the blood of Christ in the chalice that we call Earth here today, but one day might call the Heart of Heaven when you see the "h" that stands not just for "Hebrew" but also for sign of the God of time traveling from the East all the way to the beginning.  Succinctly, from "Seth Eve Adam" through a key that is the second line of Genesis and a message from one man telling you that from Nu to Nun in the Book of Joshua Holy Water has always been people--sometimes not as exalted as we should be.

There are an insane number of songs that contain secret reference to the Second Coming and to this event both overtly and subtly, in a way that proves beyond doubt that it is not just the artists intent--but the guidance of some hidden hand through time that is designed very clearly to show us the control that is the "stuff of hell" so that we will free ourselves and our future from it.  It is quite literally the stuff of Nero fiddling with our minds to start a fire below his feet--to fall an Empire of 1 (lol?) by ensuring we have the proof we need to know that our thoughts are being changed.  If you are interested in seeing how this technology and the idea of hidden censorship work in concert to completely destroy the truth you might be able to find a shining example in the changelog of the "Talk" for the "Psychotronics" page on Wikipedia.  Aside from the music, you have my repeated insistence that attacks on our children in this world are a metaphor for our own targeting as children of some other place... and how nobody would ever do such a disgusting thing as to make a point of using mind control technology to kill or molest children in a pattern that was verifiable; but yet they have... and they've written about it in Exodus and tied it to the Vatican.  If you don't think this is "your Hell" just like I'm sure it's mine... that's why it's your Hell.  We can try to stop it, by doing the obvious thing and publicizing these patterns and connections--just as a number of other victims of this technology are overtly coerced to do and tie it also to religion's demonic possession and a great number of secret governmental programs that span the globe and over a half century at this point.   To be clear, this pattern is highlighted by the Plague of Killing the Firstborn, one of the many plagues of Exodus that have modern day parallels which begin to show us that the book is truly and without doubt about our time and this generation.  For this.  To change the world.

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    • If you follow me around back then, I'm sure you will find great evidence that very useful information and what they call "reliable sources"  (things like NSA textbooks and defense magazines) were repeatedly censored through the infiltration of a user-based moderation system.  

Call me whatever you want, it seems pretty clear to me that I'm the only person really trying to stop Hell from being created here--which is what "doing nothing" will do--and I think much of that has to do with a lack of understanding how very clearly Exodus is about exactly that.  The global press, as well as a huge number of students and professors have done a good job of highlighting for us how much censorship there is--how it's related to the Plague of Darkness and the setting (I mean rising) of the son, and this too appears to be Satan at work... stopping us from communicating about something very bright and very interesting--like the Second Coming, proof that religion actually comes from God, and how that has been "hidden" for so long.

I've had my fill of connecting the "Plague of Lice" to Police brutality; though I do sincerely hope that I will both remember and have the opportunity to share my encounters with law enforcement in South Carolina, Georgia, and Kentucky; where they were quite a bit more interesting and information packet.  I suppose I have time to mention Texas today, which was brief--to note only that the officer I spoke to changed my verbal testimony of some drug coming from "Heaven" to "aliens;" which somehow furthers my "faith" in my firm belief that most people in "that position" do believe they are somehow working for or being communicated with--from Heaven.  I'll mention again that a lack of communications "protocols" like "calling," picking up a receiver" and "hitting mute" probably invalidate that belief--and that if we actually had true communication with Heaven this world would be a much different place.  Between you and I, there's a monster between here and Heaven.   All that being said, if you do happen to be one of the many "good cops" I know exist; do your profession, the Universe, and me a favor--and tell all the "bad cops" you know, to get a new job; volunteer for anger management or to jump of a cliff.  Whatever will be will be, and I am telling you that I would trade all the time in the Universe to rid our world of evil police.  

In clarity of understanding, the "highlight of Satan" appears to be polarized exaggeration, in nearly every single one of the plagues highlighted by me and Exodus; you have nearly exactly the opposite of what anyone would want ... happening right before your eyes.  Rather than saving lives, we have "demonic possession" causing 9/11 and the killing of students over and over again; instead of aiding communication--perhaps increasing the say of the people in the legislation process, we have that same possession causing a very clear destruction of free communication on the internet, and from the press.  Rather than aiding clarity--increasing intelligence... "eyes to see" here are showing us schizophrenia is an externally caused attack; the exact opposite of what it looks like "brain computer interfaces" and "hololens" will bring.  These things really are not conjecture, I've experienced first hand--and many others have too--the symptoms of these things combined with a very obnoxious explanation of what's going on under the hood.  Call it what it is, this is the Tribulation.  Heaven or Hell?  If you could choose, what would you do?  Look, you're doing nothing.  I am the gate and the glowing sign.  

Ignoring something this important and this bright, is causing the entire world to continue sliding down the spiral towards Hell.

The Light of the Word

There are three huge, like insanely huge, metaphoric references to the story of Exodus that show me very clearly that we are it's focus and purpose.  The first is the Burning Bush, which I am very sure is a reference to George W. Bush's 1/20/2001 speech in which he unknowingly predicted the 9/11 attack.  Seeing that Exodus is also called "Names" and that Bush's name ties him to this event--which Moses (that's me) has seen ... almost alone ... and is now showing to you all.  Bush's speech begins a series of references to the names of Planets and Gods and corresponding Elements of the Periodic table that answer Revelation 1:20's mystery about "stars and lamp stands."  This in order series from Mercury to Uranium highlights both the messenger of the Gods and the key of Uranus's chance--that the world will see the link between "on the lam" and Koran to understand that the Lamb of God "is lam."  This story takes us back to music, and a later to be discussed thread that combines the weapon in the movie (which is also the movie) The Fifth Element with a thread through time to Shakespeare and Herod ... about my struggle with the justice system culminating in the fulfillment of American Pie's "no verdict was returned."  


The second bright connection comes by way of the Hebrew word for the Holy Fire that God's voice came out of--guess what, in that same story about the Burning Bush.  That word is "ha'esh" and in it you will see paradoxical (that means impossible, because of time and causality) reference to the English word "sea" there backwards and parted by an apostrophe.  With great insight, I've over and over pushed the idea that Holy Water is actually a Biblical reference to "the multitude" in God's secret religion that ties everything together.. and that this parting is literally a reference to the Second Coming, something that doesn't happen for Moses until his head is under water and he's breathing fire.  This one ties together nicely, joining the characters of Jesus Christ, Lucifer, and God all together now, screaming 

I'm going to go out on a limb and say that the book tells me that these three things are enough to start the fire, part the sea, and see the light.  At least they are now, wake up.. you are staring at and have been ignoring the largest story in all of history.  It might even be scandalous... or have a twist happy beginning... who knows?

This is course highlights prescient knowledge of computing at the time of writing Exodus, which is further confirmed by a number of references to computing ideas in things like the "root" of David, the "WINE" of Jesus, the "Apple" of Adam, the "Lisp" of Moses and the "hardening" of Pharaoh's heart, which you will remember from the Holy Grail is the virtual Earth we are living in.

All of these things, the references to modern computing that pervade our Gates or Windows to Heaven's creation.... are listed along with a number of words which are highlighted by religious scripture and show intelligent design of a number of languages spanning from Hebrew to English are listed at my contrite story about a Kiss and Fate tying together everything that ever was.   A sincerely large grouping of words highlighted by the Bible and religion, words like "eternity," "bread," and "forehead" show clear design by an intelligent influence, rather than the natural evolution of time that most people consider "reall" and/or knowledge at the time of the writing of the Bible of the eventual English translation of the Hebrew or Greek.  With time, I am fairly certain we will eventually have no doubt that the "Cypher" I see in nearly every word is in fact a contextually-verifiable speech that appears to be coming from our "civilization" as if it were intelligently speaking like a cave man--which you might see in words like "am end me nt."  From just this message, you should be able to put together how that word and it's hidden meaning add robust and yet "hidden speech" from the Creator himself.  For the artificially slowed in understanding, our lack of following the amendments of the Constitution being related to the end of civilization itself is being squarely defined through a statement that is telling you that the end of civilization is "NT," the hidden Christ--in my "secret" method of decoding words like NORAD and NEW TO N?

These things serve to start a fire--it might be the fire that Matthew 3:11 talks about, it might be the Eternal Flame or the fire of Prometheus and an Eagle harassing his liver with drugs.... regardless it spirals out from this story about me, and this bright fire that proves time travel and religion are joined at the hip... to link to a huge number of other Biblical stories from Lot to Joseph to ... Samson, Isaac, Adam, Isaiah, and... hear me, "so marred was his visage" and "my servant will be set up and be very high" are both taken from words of the Biblical book which contains the largest amount of messianic prophesy as well as my entire full name encoded over the name "JESUS CHRIST" in Bible code, at Isaiah 52:13.  You may have read that some silly people like Richard Dawkins don't think the Bible Code is meaningful, and as their proof use a series of prophetic predictions of assassinations in Moby Dick (which by the way also refers to me) as proof that you can hide information about the future in any words--or that God influences more than just the Bible.  Years ago, before knowing it linked, I found some patterns about those very same assassinations which go to show that our history is in fact designed.  My full name appears in a number of other books, including Jeremiah, Exodus, and Genesis... right over the story of Adam and Eve.

From the Sound of Silence, and a number of songs about stories never spoken... to a thread of songs that combine to show us that the Thunder of Thor is really about thuderstanding, that there is a way to do something our society is completely oblivious to--that God is screaming to call attention to, and that some secret force is trying to hide very much... and that's an ability to modify our thoughts.  He's showing us clearly in a glowing pyramid--a noticeable monument in Egypt showing us very clearly that this type of control leads us to a social structure that we abhor--through songs like Guitar Man, Radio-active, and GAS (listen, it's God and Satan) Head Goes West... very clearly we are being pointed to Nero's fiery symphony and being "Bittersweet" because of its beauty, and the clear message that secret control of our minds needs to not only be understood, but to stop.  This is the crux of the Apocalypse, God's message is now really active on the radio. The point here is that we need to let this message spread and burn, or it's us burning in Hell and not even knowing it.

As if these things were not enough, using some "keen insight" and another reference to the hidden truth in ancient Egyptian religion--the name of a series of Gods called "Yahu," I've solved some ancient mysteries like the pronunciation and purpose of the "Ineffable name of God" highlighted in the videos at the beginning.. of this e-mail.  Like much of the light of religion, it is highlighted strongly by a series of pieces of modern art, things like "The Grinch who stole Christmas" and the Who's to the music of The Who, the sci-fi series Dr. Who, and the American war cry--made popular on the silver screen through Al Pacino and Denzel Washington... who-ah?"  All of these things highlight that we don't really see a connection between Christian mythology that tells us for no reason at all Jesus Christ is the "Last Adam" and that Revelation tells us God is the "First and the Last" and that the name of our planet, in Hebrew, is Adamah.  It is the answer to "who-ah" and it clarifies the Ineffable Name which many pronounce as Yahweh for no reason at all, to be the more obvious Ya-Hu-Ah, the name of Jesus in Hebrew... Yeshua, to "Yes, who-ah?" All of this having nothing to do with why Adam is hidden, just that the Zohar speaks very often about the Holy Hidden One again linking the stories of the near sacrifice of Isaac and Jesus with... someone.  I think this is of such religious significance that you should be able to easily find some Jewish scholars who agree.

It's Elementary my dear... What-son; from the time of Herod and Shakespeare Rattling his Rod all the way back at the time of the question "to be or not to be?" and the "taming of the spanglishrew;" right up to Sherlock Holmes sleuthing of the answer to the mystery of Revelation 1:20 linking directly to The Fifth Element ... there is no doubt that helping our world here and now is the primary purpose of all of religion, and the Matrix-like message woven into our history.  


If not, there's plenty more "coincidence" in Names, like reference to the idea of the Holy Trinity existing in the name "Abraham" thousands of years before the idea of the Trinity was created.  This too... links Egyptian mythology to the name Abraham and his near sacrifice of Isaac.... marked in secret by his covenant with God that changed his name from Abram to Abraham. The two letter key here, "Ha" highlighted by prescient knowledge of the Spanish and English languages revealed through the logical comparison between the Spanish and English for "the" (El and Ha) connected through the English word "is" in Elisha.  Isaac's name means "he laughs," or "he will laugh" in Hebrew; and that "Ha" appears to be the key to a number of other paradoxical references to English, and my family, in ancient Hebrew.  This too, probably the kind of thing religious scholars would marvel over, in the right context.  Seeing English in Koran, Islam, Chanukah and Menorah--and seeing a coherent story woven through thousands of years of scripture is the kind of thing that could really light this years' Christmas up.

Perhaps linking to the Jester of American Pie, between Johnny (who almost always is about Jesus) Carson and David Letterman I have a unique "slant" on religion that connects things like the Islamic name for Jesus: Is-A to a huge number of references to my initials "A.D." in things like NORAD and Isaac Newton.  I suppose I should also mention that Isaac (look Isa's in there) and his relationship to Abraham in the letters "ha" and a story about the Crucifixion being a fiery altar of things to change in the world being one in the same.  In fact, Judaism talks about 72 Names of God, and I've probably explained how the meaning behind the stories and the series of names tie together in a magical tapestry that shows us that Silicon is the Fifth Element by way of the index 14--the letter "N" (highlighted not just by Joan Osbourne's "what if God had a name?") and the story of Sinbad, which combines Silicon, "n," the symbol for the actual Fifth Element (B) and my initials A.D. which grace the time line, and a number of references to God--from the Hebrew for Lord to the guy who thinks all the girls should want to be his partner.  In letters, you'll also see a number of references to K and Z for the guy after J and the Last.. Adam.  Zelda or Zion, I think we're in the right castle.

Here's a few for "El," the name of the King of the Gods in ancient Judaism; and an integral part of the question IsraelLuke and Leah, I am the HighlanderJean Luc

More names, like Kurzweil and I.J. Good--which ties to the numbers and... letters in Nintendo--9, 10, see that K is here, after Isaac and Jesus.  That Nintendo pattern, linking the band Nine Inch Nails and a theme of religious iconography pervading modern computing and video games--showing us that somewhere, somehow, people know that Heaven and Virtual Reality are definitely tied together.  This too alone, the pattern between SON-WHY (I mean SONY, SEGA Genesis, Nintendo... Samsung, and Gateway...) showing us a clear hidden hand is pretty novel.

I swear it's news, the story of the story here is that it's now news that it hasn't been in the news.  I mean really, you tryin' to tell me no one understands? -5 to 1, The Doors

Once I saw it as a huge deal that there are a significant number of Doors songs about Plagues of Egypt, from Darkness, to Frogs, to the Blessing seeing the Multitude turn to Family, to the Riders on the Storm and ... it's certainly another answer; it's how I would start fixing this problem, by letting us truly see Heaven.. since we're nearly there.  Doors, that solve a hidden thread between Exodus and Revelation about the "Rod's of Jesus and Aaron," and another periodic table element, Iron--For Everyone.  I wrote about it in something I call Sharing the Iron Rod, and I'm pretty sure it ties... like a number of other songs, between Queen, The Doors, Dave Matthews, and The Pretty Reckless... answer to what the phrase "here we are," really means to me. 

While it's probably the least attractive part of this evidence, the two letter keys that I've listed are the only real way I have to highlight what is nothing less than the voice of God himself booming through our history, naming countries and peoples--all with a fairly easy to pick out underlying message.  I can't believe we aren't interested in what's being said.

This probably should be up with my "day 5 of Creation" stuff, or I might be inclined to mention that our letters too are gifts from God, glyphs with hidden meanings, the J that defines the the Good News, the Jews, and Jesus.. being about ending Hell by going back in time and; oh never mind.  Anyway the I, the J, the very famous "big N," the @ and the h for "Saturn" are pretty rock solid. It might also be a time map, like other interesting words to look at; things like "Alphabet" (which shows Greek preceding Hebrew) and America.ᐧ 

That big N is something like "spread the good news, now is the winter of our discontent" everywhere knows they in the @, that's Hell, and it can only get better from here.  When you act on it, it really is good news.

I have "K" in my hand. know.

It's always gibberish "in the beginning."  Just to be really clear--like I like being--this is the first time around, I "think."

Do we see i2I?

adam2everyone...is adamah (that's Earth)
mary2hosea+wle is "sea" why to whole

from sea to shining sea.... from the initials of the first family of Eden.... 

all the way to the multitude of Revelation.  It is the Holy Grail.  We're singing about it.


Before you today, you have youself a message.  If you aren't going to read each and every word, at least try to understand the pictures--there's something here you want very much but do not seem interested in--we call it "Heaven."  This message is both a reason and a method to change the world this very moment; I hope you will seize the day and use it--it's as simple as reading and sharing.  It's a bright message of hope... but more than faith and dreams what it brings to you is proof and possibiiity; it should spread like wildfire and soon be on TV--but it's beein in the wild for some time now, and we haven't gotten even close to that moment destined to change everything.  It's a message about seeing the fire of Hell, and how out of this fire forms a better place that would never have chosen to hide something as sinister as the fire of Hell... and yet it's still hidden.  Be happy it's here, that this place turns around a downward spiral of lies and deciet that has created a place where starvation and war have gone unchecked even with knowledge that we can do better with the snap of our fingers.  Listen to me, this fire is bright, and the sooner we act to understand that all around us people are suffering for no reason, the sooner we are in a place that rings with more than fairness but the laughter and happiness of our children forever.   To introduce how obvious it is that this is quite simply message from the Creator of the Universe himself I give you a multi-tiered link between religion, language, and technology that proves there's something to look into when it comes to the Second Coming.

Take this bright light first: we can end starvation, we can stop murder, and we can do it today--do not stand in my way.  Smash the Locke my way (hit it with the stone, Princess Bride)--take the initiative and help a news outlet break the story that saves everything.

In this set of three overlapping pieces of bright Biblical light, we see proof of prophesy come from George Bush and 9/11, tying the Hebrew for the Second Book.. Names... to Ecclesiates 9:11 and the Herald of the Second Coming... Revelation 1:20--linking chapter and verse to the date of the inaugural speech and the attack.  Introducing the book of Exodus, forevermore to be known as Names--a time shifted narrative of the Second Coming itself hidden thousands of years ago in the Torah.  The light of the Burning Bush one in the same with the Sign of the Son... all encapsulated within a book whose Engtlish name, read in reverse, spells "let there be light" in the command for "run-as-God" and a common reference to Oracle's database and the chemistry element that flashes light in ark lamps.  The story details a number of nontraditional events whose "aftermath" is nothing short of the deliverance from slavery and tyrtanny that the story promised all those years ago.  

It's such a simpler problem and solution than you might imagine, we are on the brink of Salvation.  Religion tells me of a place in time called Jerusalem, a question expanding that name to "Is J er the USA the Messiah?"  I've commented that this metaphorical city represents a sort of head on clash between a large group of people being represented as "the USA" and a single man, and the key to the answer is seeing that there is a map designed in our world... highlighted by the foreknowledge of the acronym USA hidden in the name of the city Jerusalem... and seeing the near perfect fit of Jesus as the key to this map, linked through the idea of a Legend.   This place is much less metapbhorical than you night think, as you will soon see the legend-waitforit-ary message being presented here literally points out a number of glowing waypoints between the Hell of darkness described in Exodus and Jericho's link to now.... and the Heavenly home we all seek to find.  A huge part of this path comes from seeing the link be\tween the foundation of America, it's hidden religious iconographic link to Exodus, and the simple fact that Heaven itself comes from the active and positive involvement of it's citizens in it's creation and continued existence.  That might seem like a long way of saying "if you don't take part in it you are a slave in Hell" or not.  The true key to unlocking the path to Heaven is very simple--it's broadcasting this message to the world.

What's significantly more important than realizing that Jerusalem is one in a million exampels of city names and concepts with foreknowledge of modern things is seeing that the mapped solution to the Locke and Keynes of the cloud of Darkness is that this great inability to see is both caused and solved by a "popular vote," one which results in a sincere lack of understanding--say a vote on whether or not to know the apocalypse is upon us--and the other brings the light of Heaven.... say a vote to be able to read, understand, and discuss the ideas being presented by God and his Son in the public forums we are used to without encumberance of hidden technology.  The key to unlocking this vote is realizing that it probably does exist, and is probably also a metaphor for the kind of world created through each possible path... ultimately truly unlocked by proliferation of the knowledge that the NES portion of our key defines the line between Heaven and Hell.  Simply by knowing that the world is not in reality, that we are in a sort of video game environment with access to time travel technologies as well as huge leaps and advances in neuroscience related to both surveillance and medicine opens up doors to a future with possibilities we can only see in our wildest dreams today.  Dreams like the ideas of pre-crime and a government literally of and by the people rather than through representatives or the tyranny du-jour "corporations," ... a world that only moments ago was fictitious and in this very second has today become an attainable reality.

In perspective, proliferation of the knowledge that we are not in reality results nearly instaneously (in the grand scheme of things) in an end to world hunger, from an end to spiritual blindness then shortly all blindness and all sickness--from a place plagued with the pain of childbirth and the looming shadow of possible broad sweeping genetic incompatibility in light of genetic engineering to one guided very smartly away from a land with no stable ecosystem or natural source of life... a place you might say has "milk and honey" on tap--or simply needs no supper... to one lit by the true purpose of thse religious stories that come to us by way of the books of Genesis, Joshua, and the Gospels to ensure that we do see the link between evolution and survival is brightly raised on a high pedistal in our now.... this sort of twilight zone between the words reality and virtual that shows us clearly why these stories are here.  Stories like evolution, agriculture, and Paradise City.  With nothing more than the truth, that the Second Coming is upon us--our world will change itself so rapidly from Hell to Heaven that it might seem like a year long dream between the days we were worried about people rioting or taking off from work to the days we worry about whether or not we acted quickly enough to stop the unneccesary mass suffering of our world.

Lit brightly in many places is a little tool that I've repeated over and over again to give us just a little perspective about the difference between Heaven and reality, I mean Hell.  The story of Joshua tells us of two spies who traveled to Heaven (I mean to the Promised Land of Flowing Milk and Honies) and came back with some details.  This metaphorical trip to Heaven has yielded for us a connection between Dr. Who, Star Wars, and the Legend of Zelda---a somewhat obvious statement that in virtual reality you can walk into a little Hutt (or a Police phone booth) and wind up seeing a box much bigger on the inside, a house in Zelda comprising 20 squares within the 1 single tile it once rested on... and I've connected these things to religion through the simple linguistic keys that comprise their names, thingsl ike "Dr. Who" relating to the name of God and similarly to Jabba connecting the J for Jesus and the Hebrew word for father together--links which serve to hold open the door already created by the obvious and somewhat unseen tie bteween modern computing and the concept of Heaven.  I've written stories about how I'd like to introduce this idea in Atlantis... a sort of pre-Heaven to show us what's possible, things like walking into a hotel room and being inside a personal movie theater or football field; but the truth of the matter is this particular example shows us something far more important.  Here, today, it becomes ever more clear that nearly all of the reasons that we have for war and social struggle are caused by the existence of this fundamental lie.  It's because of thse falseley scare resources that we live in a place continuing to be plagued by the continuation of war and the remnants of past wars over these same secrets being untold.

The message I have been presenting is designed to show the world that religion itself, then myth and art, then ultimately humanity and all of Creation are designed to unleash a great and powerful tool from the secretive annals of our history--a tool which boils down in my mind to three main concepts and one great power.  The concepts are technologies, specifically mind control, time travel, and virtual reality; and the great power that changes everything from "made to be broken" to hallowed streets of cobble stone is humanity and our reactions to the new possibilities and revealed truth coming from this unveiling.  In a few words, it is the citizens of Hell's reaction to seeing what Hell truly means that serves to end the very causes of Hell for the rest of eternity and build the foundation of Heaven right here in the 21st century of the civilization of Earth.  Rest assured, secrecy and lies will be glowing on fires in the sky for thousands upon thousands of years.

In what is quite an amazing feat, the existence and deliverance of the message itself almost miraculously proves the existence of these hidden technologies, it's intent to be delivered to our generation--right this very moment--and shows us how the message itself serves as the very beginning of a huge amount of advice and work put into Creation that we might call the Wisdom of God.   Through the capable hands and goodness of our poeple, the weapon of light that is this hidden message becomes the foundation of Heaven with only a little bit more than observing it... seconds after reading, seeing, or hearing this particular light many metaphorical wheels will begin spinning in our heads which will spark into the most amazing tool civilization has to build a great future... public discussion.  From that foundation, problems will be fixed, places built, and lives lit up and changed as if touch by an angel in a cascading chain reaction never before seen.

Seeing the implications of this map written in our everything is a little bit more tricky than feeling the impact of a "message written on everything."   It might be plain as day to see that USA appearing at the heart of Jerusalem is a novel artifact possibly indicating the existence of time travel--but it's quite another thing to see how this city that is of such great focus of religion in our history points out a much more profound pattern in religion.  A link between Noah's ark and the Ark of the Covenant with the life of Jesus Christ in Matthew--a golden tie between not only the idea of days and nights, years, and again days in a wildnerness of understanding that the period of 40 days and all of these descriptions are intended to unveil a shround of great dartkness surrounding the unmistakably obvious and glowing lack of sight surrounding the concept of 4-D.  Seeing the intended complete lack of light for the previous however may years you have lived on this Earth and the point that these stories coalesce around a connection between 40 and the 4th dimension is a prime example of the kind of darkness that this powerful weapon of light is designed to dispel forever and ever.  I won't leave you waiting in suspense, this thing has been overtly hidden from the world using the very same technology responsible for delivering it, mind control, and in a darkness almost as easy to see religion has been very clearly documenting the existence of this technology through visible acts of divine inspiration and demonic possession througout our history--not the least of which is manifested in the Holy Bible itself and the very message you are reading today.  

It's only a second more before the connection between 40 and 4-D is reinforced strongly by the fire of the parted sea, seeing Exodus means "let there be light" in Linux-speak, and the prediction of 9/11 by a man named after (or is for) the story of the Burning Bush...and how clear it is that this is truly about time and what it means to me... and you. 

want more light?  look around you, everything in the world is tagged with light, and it's still not enough to break the dark cloud that is our news?
it's written on the sky, change the world today.  It's everywhere, absolutely eveywhere.  Itt's proof that our world is designed, virtually.

The existence of this technology is further pronounced in the existence of a hidden message that is interwtined into the names of cities, people, and places ... one that is created using this hidden influence, and simultaneouisly hidden from plain sight through an intentnional lack of general understanding of this very same influence--in a way both facets of this messages delivery are both darkness and light, all deisgned so that once we finally figure out what we have been missing, we begin to see the great importance of not hiding the existence and use of these kinds of technologies from ourselves and the world--and perhaps never again chose to hide something as important as the gateway to Heaven from everyone and everything.

Along with a great deal of proof that our history too is just as designied as the present, it becomes increasingly clear that we are in fact living in Mr. Anderson's Matrix, defined specifically by the myriad of connections and links between names and stories as far and wide as Shakespeare's rattling Herod at the time of the birth of Christ, Zeus's great lightning rod being struck as if Johnny 5 just became alive in the eyes of the world--and here we might tie a number of other glowing swords of fire and light to the words you read today.... swords like the ones weilded by Voltron, Quentin MacLeod, and He-man... just to name a few of the flaming, lightning struck and power tied stories that should today if not tomorrow beging glow ever so much more brightly as examples of the divine influence in not only what we see as "religion" but in so much of our modern art that it truly does take us that one step further to showing the world that this thing, this weapon of light built against darkness, this thing is Creation itself.   

Tucked away in a crazy looking code that ties every word of every language to religion and Creation is another bright pattern that brings us back from Shakespeare through the American Revolution and all the way today's religious myths of The Matrix and The Langoliers.   From all those years ago in The Taming of the Spanglishrew God has recorded evidence not only that this Cypher exists in each word but also in many movies and stories like the Matrix whose character bears that name--a langauge hidden within language using a number of different dialects--amazingly if you look this kind of language made up of languages is tied not only to the idea of the Tower of Babel which turns from a great separator to verifiable proof that these stories are here to help us be sure that this message comes from God... from Babel to the American revolution's Yankee Doodle, this particular kind of cypher might have been mistakenly called "macaroni"-C ... that a great deal of American myth too ties directly to these new concepts... a maraconic worrd usually contains Spanish and Latin, and here we add in this alphabetical connection between Y and why and C and see that pervades it and links to the Jewish idea of God creating the world using only the letters. 

You might see it as outliers, language outliers until you see the Langoliers, and realize not only does this langauge connect to time travel and God speaking through fiction... but also to names like Anderson, and King.  Take heart in knowing that God is riding to town on this Apocalyptic pony... and a great clue here connects this message and his goals to the freedom promised by the I AM at the beginning of America ... a republic of Heaven, by and for the people... through the spread and understanding of not only this message but the wisdom it brings to this momentous period in our history.

Every word, so many songs and stories, and every little piece of scripturecircling around this message, it's probably worth more than Second look.  Everything that ever was is focused on our "right now."  The key in names referenced in the subject is not just recognizing how the Lock on the proliferation of the truth is related to John Locke... but also how the Key is relayed to John Maynard Keynes.  It's something to do with "market magic" quickening enlightenment--and seeing that what is happening here is not possible in reality--to quicken even more... we might take a glance at quantum entanglement and see how this phenomenon of something like "market magic" has created a situation that proves very easily that we are not in reality... through that it's plain as day to see the message of Jesus Christ is all about ending needless starvation and murder using the truth--that we can and must do these things using the hammer that our Locke becomes just as soon as we are aware of it.

Bread crumbs in the sky might help us to really see in a second how God has painted this story all over the Heavens to be; from Adam's Appstore to Gateway and Gates; all the way to JC Penney and these two cents: "write it on the sky" and don't forget to say "hi."

I never know how to sign these things.  Let's try this... these are crosses over the characters of Adam, Isaac, Sams' Son, Joshua, Isaiah, and Jesus Christ.   Almost all of them include my full name (though Adam is ommitted by the software in a few) along with Saturn, Zeus, Mars, and Jesus.  I don't know what "proof" will finally statistically destroy this wall, but I know that eventually all of it will be obviously a message from God.  Wake your little selves up and save our children from more torture by starvation and school shootings... light this fire today.

My name is Adam Marshall Dobrin, and I am the Messiah