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Ministry of Forbidden Knowledge Mail - So, you found God; on the corner of First and "Am I Saint A.D." ??! Who?

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Adam M. Dobrin <adam@fromthemachine.org>

So, you found God; on the corner of First and "Am I Saint A.D." ??! Who?

Adam Marshall Dobrin <adam5@reallyhim.com>Fri, Dec 2, 2016 at 1:22 PM
To: smokinghislastcigarette@ohgodno.notthat.com
Bcc: kin@fromthemachine.org
I'm really, really bored of this.  You have enough, try "happy birthday Adam."  I think we're pretty "lit" by the way--it's bound to happen... you know, a statistical analysis or NASA coming clean or... who knows, maybe Donald will do it.

I see there is something new under the sun, a race... to prove that I actually exist.  Imagine that. 

I wasn't going to send this, it's just reiteration of the same old story, after all... then I happened on my old Wikipedia page, and wondered how many of you actually took the time to look at it.  It's a thing of beauty, what I see in my wake--this story he's written for you to find.  I really can't take much credit, you know--I'm just a guitar... and yet as I look at the logs, I see the crowds really are getting thin (bread, Guitar Man).  So I look back and see a reference to Psalm 119 on that user page, edited only a handful of times around May of 2013.... with the key, of course, in plain sight.  

We are standing at the beginning--literally--once upon a time this place was probably the beginning of a war for freedom and truth.  Here, we have a chance not to fight that war, and you are letting it slip through your fingers.  Hearing it from me makes this so much easier, give the world that opportunity--care about your freedom.  

All around you tens of thousands of people are being tortured with technology that you and the rest of the world doesn't even really believe exists.  That same technology is affecting you each and every day--it's responsible for your disbelief, and for your wariness of religion if you are that... with the wave of a hand ... you can dismiss thousands of years of history and followers (proof, of that control in itself)... just because you don't... have a reason.  Religion is here to set us free, to see how government and technology and heaven all came together to ...

Is it Heaven, the place you want to go?  Do you think?


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The sum of your word is truth.

-Psalm 119




kinda, sorta, hopefully not.

Adamah (Biblical Hebrew : אדמה) is a word, translatable as ground or earth, which occurs in the Biblical account of Creation of the Book of Genesis.[1] The etymological link between the word adamah and the word adam is used to reinforce the teleological link between humankind and the ground, emphasising both the way in which man was created to cultivate the world, and how he originated from the "dust of the ground".[1] Because man is both made from the adamah and inhabits it, his duty to realise his own potential is linked to a corresponding duty to the earth.[2] In Eden, the adamah has primarily positive connotations, although Adam's close relationship with the adamah has been interpreted as likening him to the serpent, which crawls upon the ground, thus emphasising his animal nature.[3]

After the fall of man, the adamah is duly corrupted with Adam's punishment of lifelong agricultural toil. This explains why Godfavours Abel's sacrifice of sheep to Cain's offering of the "land's produce" - Abel has progressed from the sin of his father, while Cain has not. The adamah is also complicit in Cain's later murder of Abel, swallowing Abel's innocent blood as if to try to conceal the crime.[1] God punishes Cain by making the ground barren to him, estranging him from the adamah.[4]

In Hebrew, adamah is a feminine form, and the word has strong connections with woman in theology. One analogy is that the adamah is to man as a woman is to her husband: man has a duty to cultivate the earth in the same way that a husband has a duty to be fruitful with his wife.[5] Irenaeus likened the Virgin Mary, who bore the Christ, to the adamah from which Adam came.[6]


Adam (אדם) literally means "red", and there is an etymological connection between adam and adamah, adamah designating "red clay" or "red ground" in a non-theological context.[7] In traditional Jewish theology, a strong etymological connection between the two words is often assumed. Maimonides believed the word adam to be derived from the word adamah, analogous to the way in which mankind was created from the ground.[8] In contemporary biblical scholarship there is a general consensus that the words have an etymological relationship, but the exact nature of it is disputed. The word adam has no feminine form in Hebrew, but if it did, it would be adamah.[6]However, it is considered unlikely that the word adamah is a feminization of "adam", and the prevailing hypothesis is that both words originate from the verbal stem "adam" (to be red) and were chosen by the author of Genesis to convey the relationship between man and the adamah.[7][9]

There is additional relationship between the words adam and adamah and the word dam (דם), meaning blood.[10] This justifies the presence in the Kashrut of the prohibition of the consumption of blood: the blood of a slaughtered animal must be returned to the ground, and covered with earth.[11] The concept could also date back to primitive woman's "birth magic," or the making of clay manikins and anointing them with menstrual blood—the sacred "blood of life"—in order to conceive real children. Women were still making clay manikins to represent people by sympathetic magic through such manikins, in the Middle Ages when such pursuits were redefined as witchcraft. Clay was always a "feminine" material, sacred to women because it was their substance earth. Pottery was a woman's art because of this time-honored association of ideas.[12]

Yes, who ah?

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