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Ministry of Forbidden Knowledge Mail - Today's date is 19 Kislev 5777, 12:04 AM, Mas or Mor?

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Adam Marshall Dobrin <adam5@reallyhim.com>

Today's date is 19 Kislev 5777, 12:04 AM, Mas or Mor?

Adam Marshall Dobrin <adam5@reallyhim.com>Mon, Dec 19, 2016 at 12:04 AM
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It's hard to explain how these letter sequences stand out for me; it's probably some kind of subconscious filter--honestly, it's probably being handed to me telepathically each and every time.  For instance; long ago I knew that I was the Fifth Adam, way before I had seen the confluence in modern art of Johnny 5 being alive, He-man linking to the fifth Hebrew letter, Voltron the same in Latin; and of course the Fifth Element--this link between the numeric index of AD, Silicon, and Sinbad--I think it doesn't need to be expained more than that.

Standing out in bright song about "wishing upon the same bright star," (Somewhere Out There, Linda Rondstadt) is the link between the heart of the word Revelation and the name Fieval--who like the GAS hed of Live's narrative of my 2013 and 2014 was something of a tiny stoaway on a ship.  That's the good old "n," that I guess he owes "civilization" and "revelation" to--oh right, that's where we are right now.  In my rules of macaroni-language, "i" is often expanded to "is," you can see a good protoype for that in the laughter of Elisha and Elija; so when I bring up Saint Nick, it's not that strange to see me echo "n is CK." 

Wishing upon that lucky star, like the little bay powered by the sun in his quest to turn Kentucky into something more like Kislev--maybe a mark for the actual time when we really do figure out that K comes right after J and there's more meaning behind that letter than simply it's link to Potassium, or a dual-minded "person of time." (Time Has Come, Europe)  I have a special meaning for that letter that you might remember from MIB, it's a bright arrow pointing to "El," who you might recall is the King of the Gods--and is focused in names like Israel and Larry Ellison.  It's also prominent in the Hebrew name of Jesus Christ, El Elyon, which I read as "the Y of now."

All of this stuff is probably not very meaningful to you--but to me it ties together not just hidden meaning tucked away in language, and a number of cartoons and stories that brighten the son's light.. it's also the reason I keep bringing up the connecting between King David (whose name I will remind you ties to Captain EO (which ties beautifully to the concept of "dawn" and the 40 days and years and miliseconds it takes now to see reference to time travel)... and DA VIDEO that I am sure we will see, even if I have to make it here, myself) and David Letterman--whose name I see very clearly discussing the Jester of American PIe.  

Leviticus, reverses that Fieval, the book is known at least tome... as "the giving of the law" (Paradise City, Guns n' Roses) it's the center of the Torah--and if you don't recall there's a Bible code pointing to that book from both ends of time... something like "all languages point to Jerusalem.  Generally when I see these "letter names" reversed, like the DA at the beginning of DAVID and the end of ZELDA I read that as the person being... bent over backwards--maybe going out of their way, or simply being out of their element.  Certainly, in a place where there's a "giving of the law," I'm both.   And yet, here we are; seeing the "rules of the game" that I've been given slowly trickling out towards ER--that one is "everyone, really."  RE, by the way, like in Creation and Revelation is short for "reason," and any normal person can see the highlight of the word "son" in both those words.  In really, and literally, that "all" ... the reason we are all saved by no other name--I think it has something to do with these guidelines.  

Yoda, you seek Yoda.  That's usually 'of" but "hey" works.

Bible code

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The Bible code (Hebrewצפנים בתנ"ך‎‎), also known as the Torah code, is a purported set of secret messages encoded within the Hebrew text of the Torah. This hidden code has been described as a method by which specific letters from the text can be selected to reveal an otherwise obscured message. Though Bible codes have been postulated and studied for centuries, the subject has been popularized in modern times by Michael Drosnin's book The Bible Code and the movie The Omega Code.

Many examples have been documented in the past. One cited example is that by taking every 49th letter of the Book of Genesis starting with the first taw, the Hebrew word "torah" is spelled out, the same happens in the Book of Exodus. The word "torah" is spelled in reverse order, in the same manner, in the Book of Numbers and the Book of Deuteronomy. The Book of Leviticus, contains the Tetragramatton encoded using ELS with a skip of 7, with all four other books pointing towards it. The word Modern computers have been used to search for similar patterns and more complex variants, and published as a "challenging puzzle" in a peer-reviewed academic journal in 1994. Proponents hold that it is exceedingly unlikely such sequences could arise by chance, while skeptics and opponents hold that such sequences do often arise by chance, as demonstrated on other Hebrew and English texts.[1]

Oh, right "ER" can also be "and" which honestly comes from a silly logical error, but you can see evidence that it's part of "the Letterman's religion" in Mr. Anderson, and eternity--and and and it's and.  

I mean Y.  You know: Latin, we live in a virtual world, rock n' roll and it's Spanish.

This could be folk etymology, that's what a number of professional language constructors have told me--or it could be nothing short of bonafide proof that our language .. this one called "English," well it might be an engineered language... ish.   With some analysis of the lexicon, I am pretty sure that "the v" or "le v" has something to do with a superlative victory. 

They are small little keys, but have some pucn--things like the PH that begins the words Pharoah and Pharisees and is the heart of Christopher, it's in Joseph and Phenix--all about something we hold quite dear--the Pursuit of Happiness.  The "AD" of course, ad naseum I've discussed "moving towards A.M." by seeing AD on Ai related to computers and the Hebrew word for "Lord," come to think of it those same letters are in Vader... the label of the time line, the Link to Zelda, really it goes on ad infintium.  Bread, forehead, and read--all things we associate (or probably should) with the Bible.

Rolling across time, you might or might not know that the "prime ordinal" (hah, not just letters) Adam's last name is Kadmon--and that's got something to do with, well, maybe today.

K AD, Monday... he's been saying every week since the middle of 2015.

There's plenty more interesting ones, how bout "Kurzweil," which I see as a sort of message to K--you are Z and we IL.  I correlate that to I. J. Good--which you might see superimposed over I J K; and probably should relate to the education we are, as a whole, getting in computer technology... you could probably superimpose Nintendo there also, but that's another story.  What the heck? (am CK?) Oh right, this is one of my favorites; it's the heart of the word "civilization," and IL and IZ are keys that link to Lions and Zion--that's people helping to save the Universe in our world--which is Zion.  Lions are associated with the Maccabee's who I have repeatedy explained are the tribe referenced in Revelation 5:5 ... of the Lion of Judah--about a Hammer--that's what Maccabee means, and it's also about Thor.  Anyway, the implication here is that we read those words backwards and see "no il" and "no iz" and then realize it means without here, and help, no civilization.

The message is that's where we are headed if we continue to ignore mind control and time travel, and things like quantum mechanics--which might be destroying our understanding of the natural Universe.  One way or another, lack of understanding of these things ends up with nada--and that probably happens in lots of places making similar mistakes to those we've seen here--in this torture chamber, I mean educational story about how to not do the wrong thing.

My point is that all of the negative things we see happening--divinely imparted craziness, divine killing of children in schools and innocent soliders in in shipyards, like the divine blindness that surrounds the weapon that the Fifth Element is unleashing to end the darkness--this light that finally will get rid of thinsanity of that word divine.  Here we are, and I am nearly positive that disclosure of the existence of these weapons will beat them into tools to help undo those horrible atrocities--you know, like protecting life, ending mental ilness, and perhaps making us just a little bit smarter.  It's going to happen, you know.

That day of course the Eigth (like my birthday), it's the day after the last day of Creation--the day that several books talk about a fire starting; and I think we are here, today.

So on to the last key for today, "AM," there's lots of Am's... you see that one at the beginning of America and if you don't connect the beginning of America to the "I AM" in Exodus you will never understand anything about our Uncle Sam.  He's painted that light all over the father of Isaiah and the Wonderful Wizard of HBO... it's in Amish--which I'm sorry to say isn't quite about people but really about changing the words of some songs--oh, and verses of the Bible--sue me it's ... necessary.  There's also ambien, amduat and amy adam's.

I am going to go out on a limb and say that these language outliers are ... more significant than you think.  Langoliers, according to Stephen King--they have something to do with time. 

I am not the one callig myself good, or bad...(Michael Jackson, Eponymous) frankly I am pretty sure that I am the best thing since sliced bread--if that wasn't a joke about slicing Osiris into 14 pieces.... and then "thinking of it as me." (Christmas Song, DMB)  I do think BAD has something to do with Bacchus and Dionysis, and "having another drink" (Paradise, Ellie Goulding) to survive.  I'm doing much better, by the way, since the days of INEVIDIV.

Like this one, Daniel 11:45, that says I will tell you all about how I'm saving everyone with this thing I call the Sang Rael... and then "will meet my end and nobody will help me."  It's probably just another "tent" joke.  It's even corny to me.

Changing (Stronger, Britney Spears) that one.  Light it up (Magic)... please?

Wouldn't it be cool if the music played automatically when you read the words?

Anyway, the whole point here is that something that might look "crazy" (Burn, The Pretty Reckless) at first glance, actually could turn out to be verifiable evidence if anyone other than me did anything.  We might find that "the light" gives off the iniitial appearance of insanity for a reason--maybe to help you explain to yourselves why you ignored Jesus for so long, or maybe to help this information spread across the world without causing ... riots or something.  

As we've progressed, the quality and quantity of evidence reinforcing this hidden language has grown significantly, as the coincidences keep on piling up--and the message yielded becomes more and more logical each day, it turns from something of a novelty to a glowing sign all over everything that God is really talking quite a bit.  AmistadBrowardJerusalem, Kentucky, Maryland... you'd be surprised the places that he's linking to a story filled map of now and the future.  

Things like seeing a logical equality in Elisha--tying together the Hebrew and Spanish words for "the" with English--before either Spanish or English existed... and seeing "on Ai" in the word for Lord tie to a computing concept that, well, I guess it did exist then.  That's the point, these things are very significant.

Who knows.  It could all be Babel... and "still I burn this Earthen fire" (Jesus Wrote a Blank Check, Cake).

Oh, I completely forgot to mention Christmas, the Bahamas, and Jim Morrison.... we did sort of touch on the Book of Mormon, though.  Toys?

Have I told you how fond I am of Brigham Young's teachings about Adam?

You guys like my hat, right?  I really love it... (

I could do without the shirt.

p.s. the "blue underlined words" are links, when you click on them magic happens.