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Mail - Hear O'Israel: AD is Zelda is Stone. Lost between Soloman and St. One, U-Build-It Heaven and "they will come." It is forming.



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The Second Coming <yitshack@or.shiningbright.online>

Hear O'Israel: AD is Zelda is Stone. Lost between Soloman and St. One, U-Build-It Heaven and "they will come." It is forming.

The Second Coming <yitshack@or.shiningbright.online>Tue, Dec 27, 2016 at 2:18 PM
To: talk@museum-ed.org
On the first day of Ha-nuke-theahah? I lit the Burning Bush,
on the second day... Minority Report,
the third night Samson's fight,
and today... Heaven seems right.

For those of you still scratching your heads--this very incendiary proof that religion and time travel are linked is showing the world something--that there is a dark force suppressing truth and normal human behavior.  I link it by name to CARNIVORE, a "packet sniffer" secretly eating packets.  It's more nefarious than that though, the truth is the packet muncher is hiding a force of artificial disbelief--and worse, one of knowing and organized oppositiion to the truth.  From the Book of Names to Adam's Eden, know that this name, CARNIVORE, comes to you as help from God.  Listen, this is Sam's America, and the IAM is delivering liberty as promised... to the Promised Land of Adamah son of Nu--that's you.  I urge you to fight the censorship, it is the way to Heaven.

See the end of this message for a glossary on fire, water, and Nun.

Before A Field of Dreams 'twas Never-Never Land -St. P'tah
(says Prometheus and Adam Now, about the Frying Pan, tHeoven, and the E-wok)

Well, it's a little known fact that I've known everything for quite some time.  I just never believe it would be me, that I would turn into this person.  I wonder what it is that you think Heaven will be like?  Is it a place of fun and games, super advanced techonologies... Can you speak out loud in the place you think of as Heaven?  

For instance I've always known that "Solomon" is the metaphorical person who builds Heaven right here and right now.  To me, for a very long time that was a place constructed in virtual reality--using this hidden advanced technology that Prometheus so kindly stole and delivered to humanity.  Solomon was a question from the writer of the Bible to that person "Solo when?"  You might be up on my daily bread--and know that "Monday" is the day the fire starts... and that was his answer, Solo on Monday.  
Here's the sad thing, this name makes me realize this is Monday--well it still is Biblically, and later we will all realize that both I and (hopefully you) agree that Heaven being built by everyone is what makes it "Heaven for everyone," today I am pretty much alone building the real foundation of the place--freedom from tyranny, secrecy, and darkness.  Understand clearly that knowledge of these hidden technologies is paramount for everything, not just Heaven but the continuation of civilzing life.  

Stopping evil hidden censorship, and evil sercret control of our thoghts and desires.. it's not "an option" you can choose to go without.  It is the difference between night and day.  So like I said, I never imagined I would be flying "solo."

I have this creeping
Suspicion that things are not as they seem
Reassure me
Why do I feel as if I'm in too deep
I've been praying
For some way to show them
I'm not what they see
Yes I have done wrong
But what I did I thought needed be done
I swear
Unholy day
If I leave now I might get away
This weighs on me
As heavy as stone and as blue as I go
I was just wondering if you'd come along
To hold up my head when my head won't hold on
I'll do the same if the same's what you want
If not I'll go I will go alone

-Dave J. Matthews, The Stone

It's no secret that from Medusa turning Jesus to Saint One to Amistad.. keys here are that God gave his Heart and SOL to the One, and Methadone.  Pro-Zion--Adam-Christ. New Amsterdam? The stories of ancient Greece coalescing around right now, around a new look at the Eagle of Prometheus, and the idea that perhaps all religion is here as a tool to understand.... right now.

In the book and the Biblical world, I've always known too that the Temple Mount was a metaphor for this place that Heaven springs from.  The stories in the BIble and in our world about this Temple being built and destroyed twice mark a secret and hidden history recorded in our history of past futures building Heaven and not succeceding with the survival of life.  Much of the themes of religion, from the Ark of Noah and it's stable ecosystem, to the ideas of the Promised Land's flowing Milk and Honey (and Golden Cows and Maccabees and Will y Won Ka), the Last Supper, and even Cain and Abel are here to remind us what it is that is required for life and civlization to continue... and perhaps suggest that these things might not have been preserved in a place we are already discussing simply uploading our consciousness to--so that we can live forever.  Realize, that without biology we are giving up instantly the biggest shield that life has against its own destruction from changing environment... the thing we'd be changing more than ever before.  It's probably not as simple as genes, and you might see that in Genesis--reading backwards... with "Silicon" it's "not genes," but you can be sure that it is definately sight and thinking that we are lacking right now.

You see?  We are in that book of "Second Genesis" in a place built so that we will have "ground," an understnading of the source of life and civilization so that we can learn from it.  It's no trick, this is the place that reseeds ;life in the Universe to Light it Eternally.  This is foreshadowing of the story of Easter--where the Egg hunt delivers "bereshit," after Heaven is built.  Please do see the connection here between the idea of Easter Eggs, computing and Easter Island.  It's magic, I swear.

See cllearly that the Ark and evolution are really here so that we will understand that it takes more than an "Iron Rod," some nanotechnology and Iron Oxide to build a stable atmosphere on a place like Mars.  That it takes more than "ending supper" to "end hunger" and still have a civilization... and...

I say it's obvious that the Temple is a metaphor for Heaven.​  It might be less obvious that my occuplation and his are one this same.. I am computer programmer and he's a carpenter, now a "lit" metaphor for building Heaven in machina.   It doesn't stop there, the metaphors for "builders" continues on to the Masons and the Freemasons... who themselves might not even realize are historical markers of a freedom delivered through more markers like the Magna Carta and the Mayflower Compact and My (or is it Moses') Constitution.

What's more, this idea continues today and I've written a few times about how a number of ideas at Disney World and International Drive, for instance, are through provoking suggestions that perhaps this path to Heaven has been walked before, and maybe by more than one entity--this place might be here as a "how to figure out" how to build multiple "Heavens" (oh, thank heavens!) and still achieve happiness and security.  

And so, The Doors (and oversight).  In a little bit.

If Heaven were place that I made myself, I would... (self.theabyssoa)

submitted   by rndaxs

Show the world that the Rod's of Aaron and Jesus Christ are a secret message about Doors... Doors For Everyone--that's the key to the symbol of Iron.

I'd do the Christian thing... and end world hunger, heal the sick, and deliver fun to all... that's for sure.

But more than anything I'd show them there is already a map here to help us build it, that I've lit it up from Jerusalem to the Bahamas and Orlando more than (afikomen) once (bagel thins?), and that our answer to the question above is literally the source of Heaven.

Jesus teaches Us about the Afikomen, Yeast, and a hidden Universe. 

It's no secret, I don't think, that Masonic legend explains that the Biblical words "from the East" mean "from the future."  You can see that clearly in my letter "J" as a map of Salvation--on a co-ordinate plane with the past on the right, the future on the left, Heaven above... and us, at the bottom in the middle.  What might be less known is that "bread" (in addition to "being the reason "it's" A.D. (and believe that's about ending world hunger)  is also a metaphor for the "expanding Universe" from the unleavened place in Egypt where we are living inside some Matzoh--a place that's been circling around the oven wating for the Yeast to help it rise.  Why East?  Well friends, this Plague of Storms of our stories of Exodus and Noah... it's about disclosure, and the proper use of time travel, something that you might see in God's Glowing Y\--seriously, I fell... hit my head on the toilet.. had a Revelation... the glowing Y is the Flux Capacitor.  

Easter Eggs to come and unlock more secret statues that simply defy the laws of reality, turning this Pyramid into a round table is the definitive point of me. Michael behind us, Michael before us... right behind me, believe, is God, and the future.  This section is particularly important beccause it links the "life of Christ" in Matthews 16:5 to... us, right now.  See, I am behind you.

You might remember I talked a little about another "Life of Jesus" metaphoric "pointer" to me come alive, or two, for instance the feeding of 5,000 and the Sermon at the Mount.   Behold you are the salt of the Earth.  


abra cadabra 

My Father's house has many rooms; if that were not so, would I have told you that I am going there to prepare a place for you? John 14:2

Yesterday, I mentioned that "the beautiful music" might need an advocate, and it probably does.  We are waking up to a world where a great many of us--probably all of us, have been living ina sort symbiotic reliationship in secret, or at best in a place without true understanding of what that means. 

I for instance, was always amazlingly adept at understanding computers and technology, almost as if I was divinely helped.  It took me over 30 years to figure out that I was actualy divinely helped... and that truly is because I did not believe in God before that.  The fool says in his heart that there is no God.  Listen, I'm pretty sure that until this relationship is understood and "wanted" agreed upon (this by the way is the New Covenant of Adonai and the purpose of Isaiah).  Covenants and Marriage and all of these odd metaphors hide what it truly is that is being displayed right now... and that's whether or not we want something that is not us "helping or hurting" whatever it is that we do.  

You think I'm a moron don't you?  Don't worry, I feel the same way about you.


So I've talked to no end about Miority Report, and the idea that we simply are not civilized if we do not stop murder and rape and abduction from happening ... with whatever tools are available to do so.  Today is day 4, "privacy day" and I'd like to explain that my light ties very much to prohpesies delivered by Phillip K. Dick.  Here, we are talking about sous-veillance and A Scanner Darkly, and my reading of it... that were we to reverse the idea of a cloak that hides the surveillance officer... and place it around everyone innocent; we'd be able to have near total privacy and near total security.

It's really important to mention that Minority Report's idea that this can be achieved with "simply time travel" is simply nonsense.  The idea of reversing a murder after it happend is almost as abhorrent as not trying to.  Imagine a world where we are living the same events over and over without knowing it--oh right, that's our world.  What we need to figure out is that these things need to be stopped before they hapen the first time and that we apparently are also in a place where "God" is all seeing and knows what we are thinking.  This makes it really easy to stop these things before they happen, and also explains a bit why it is that we might need this kind of system... overseen .. maybe by soemthing like "tor'd" Jury Duty.  

I wonder if "Torah" has anything to do with "A Scanner Darkly."  My short answer by the way, is I'd like to take all these hidden toys and create a system that protects us from them being used negatively against anyone ever again, and at the same time gives us a way to take the "conscicousness" out of our secret helper, to have something automatic help us use them properly.  That's important to me, I really think we need that.  It's not that silly, you know, to wonder where the point between consciousness and non-conscousness is.  A few days ago I talked about the "Sttar Trek computer" and you might think that the idea of the "universal translator" on the ship must require consciousness--but it does not. Translation and decryption are matters of math, and as we are seeing with things like Google Translate do not require "thinking."  

Taking a sad song and making it happy, that's something that requires life and consciousness.  At the same time, tricking a number of musicians into singing and exalting someone for "being set up and very high" also takes quite a bit of intellect--although I see less intelligence there, simply changing the story would have worked just fine for me.

I really don't know the answer, but I am sure that the verse of "many rooms" is about what you might consider "sub-Heavens" with different rules, ones that would be agreed upon, and never-ever "locked in."  Always being able to go to another room is a big deal; as we sit here stuck in one that is doing something we don't want without knowing it to show us what we should do, I think, right?  

This is where "The Doors" come in, a transportation mechanism through rooms--go figure--and part of a Biblcal prophesy that is making it's manifestation through music, through a band, and through seeing that the Rod's of Jesus Christ and Aaron are connected by something... transportaiton.  

I see them explaining the rules or structure, kind of like in our world the Applstore now gives us clear descriptions of what programs are and are not allowed to do--very unlike the beginning of our metaphor for Heaven... the EULA.  Everyone U Lose Adam.

Between "let my people go" and "everyone follow me" is a place where seeing the light of Exodus and Genesis read in reverse, of seeing Judah and Judas about "had and sad," these things are all leading up to one very bright truth: the word "rod" needs oversight too--to be a Door.

For example, e.g., the key is Iron.

Hello, my people, that's everyone, what do you think about oversight?  How do you feel about jury duty?  What about voting and writing laws yourself?  I have solutions for "no answer," if that's how you feel. 

Today we've seen three of Dick's works discussed in one hoepfulyl well flowing discussion about Heaven and the future from Minority Report to Total Recall to A Scanner Darkly please understand that K and Dick are in agreement that this has something to o with John Hancock and the Washington Monument and Min and Osiris and Adam and Isaiah and Prometheus and if you do not wake up I will not stay around if you don't like the way I write why don't you try to do it yourself that might be the whole point don't you think I mean what do you think do you think happy 4th night of ha nuke the ahah I  dont think so​

Earth U Lit Adamah, 'tis meant to be. 

Earth to Heart--one symbol of the God of Time apart.  A chalice, holding nothing short of the Blood of Jesus Christ

Alphabet of Kabbalah, a Free Online Course

נ Nun

This is a transcription of the audio lecture 15 The Hebrew Letter Nun נ, which you can download for free.

letters-ref-nunThe letter Nun נ is the fourteenth letter of the Hebrew alphabet. The thirteenth letter is מ Mem, which relates to water. Nun נ represents a fish.

There is a very close relationship between the letters מ Mem and נ Nun. They are always dependent upon one another, with relation with one another, close together. This makes it easy for us to remember the characteristics of מ Mem and נ Nun when we think about them this way. The fish (נ Nun) needs water (Mem) to be alive, to survive, to exist. So, the letter נ Nun needs the letter מ Mem.  We see this in many instances. For example, in the word מ manna.

The scriptures tell the story of when the nation of Israel was in the wilderness for forty years, this relates with Mem, which has the numeric value forty. God sustained the people by providing them with manna, which is usually translated as a “bread,” a type of food. The manna came down from shamayim. Shamayim literally means “fiery waters,” but is usually translated as “heaven.” Shamayim is a “dew, or moisture.” and Manna is spelled מן Mem-Nun (MAN).  Mem is water--that is the dew from heaven--and the Nun relates to a fish, symbolizes a fish, but is much more than that. So the Manna is that sustenance that the Initiates receive from God, to help their passing through their trials and ordeals. We need that מן Manna in order to survive our wilderness. We need more than just the water, the Mem; we also need what is in the water: the Nun, and that Nun is life. It is a type of primordial wisdom within the water.

"Any controversy which is for the sake of Heaven will endure; and that which is not for the sake of Heaven will not endure. What is a controversy that is for the sake of Heaven? The controversy between Hillel and Shammai. And which is not for the sake of Heaven? The controversy of Korach and all his faction. (Avot 5:17)

Nu (mythology)

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
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Nu in hieroglyphs
W24 W24 W24
W24 W24
Naunet and Nun

Nu (also Nenu, Nunu, Nun), feminine Nut (also Nunut, Nuit, Nent, Nunet, Naunet), is the deification of the primordial watery abyss in the Hermopolitan Ogdoad cosmogony of ancient Egyptian religion. The name is paralleled with nen "inactivity" in a play of words in, "I raised them up from out of the watery mass [nu], out of inactivity [nen]". The name has also been compared Coptic noun "abyss; deep".[1]

Nut is also the name of the sky goddess of the Ennead of Heliopolis.

The name is spelled phonetically with the nw hieroglyph 
 (may be repeated three times), with the determiners "sky
 and waters
 . An alternative phonetic spelling used the phonogram nn 
 . [2]

Origin myth[edit]

The Ancient Egyptians envisaged the oceanic abyss of the Nun as surrounding a bubble in which the sphere of life is encapsulated, representing the deepest mystery of their cosmogony.[3] In Ancient Egyptian creation accounts the original mound of land comes forth from the waters of the Nun.[4] The Nun is the source of all that appears in a differentiated world, encompassing all aspects of divine and earthly existence. In the Ennead cosmogony Nun is perceived as transcendent at the point of creation alongside Atum the creator god.[3]

The Hebrew Shamayim

Some translate the first verse of the Bible

In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth.

The key word here is 'heavens'.  The heavens is a plural translation. The justification for this seems to stem from grammatical studies that the Hebrew word transliterated 'shamayim' (non-phonetic smym) is a Hebrew dual word. There is no singular variant of the Hebrew shamayim. So I looked into this and came to my own conclusion that the Hebrew word 'shamayim' appears as a dual because it is a compound of the Hebrew word 'mayim' meaning waters.

Hebrew, like most other languages, has two characteristic numbers: singular and plural. A third is called the dual which is a modification of the plural preserved by aid of punctuation. The only purpose of this post is to present my opinion that the Hebrew shamayim appears to be a dual since it has the Hebrew dual mayim built into it. If I can rest on this assumption then the referent of shamayim is not always many objects or a pair of objects and from a strict grammatical viewpoint need not be always be translated as a plural.

Some Hebrew words are plural only or dual only. Plural or dual only are words that have no singular variant. An English example is 'glasses' or 'scissors'. The Hebrew word for water: mayim is supposedly a dual only. For whatever reason the ancients conceived, uttered and traced the word referencing water as a pair. Perhaps the reason is they understood the basic systematic relation between the water of the land and the water of the sky.

It seems that this Hebrew word mayim is built into the Hebrew word for heaven: shamayim. Shamayim could be a compound of 'waters' and a prefix. Lets take a look at a couple of sources.

1. The great Medieval Jewish interpreter Rashi.

Rashi's loose translation of Genesis 1:8:

God called the expanse "heaven" because it was made from fire and water. There was evening and there was morning, a second day.
And Rashi's notes:

And God called the expanse heaven: Heb. שָׁמַיִם [This is a combination of the words מַיִם שָׂא, bear water (Gen. Rabbah 4:7); שָׁם מַיִם, there is water; אֵשׁ וּמַיִם, fire and water. He mingled them with one another and made the heavens from them (Chag. 12a).

So with Rashi there is this concept that the Hebrew word shamayim is a word combination: fire in waters, or fire and waters or fiery waters.

This is the beginning.