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Ministry of Forbidden Knowledge Mail - Fwd: We are now approaching lunar *Sunrise, for everyone back on Earth... a message from the Heavens


Adam M. Dobrin <zeuslight@thunderstanding.tk>

Fwd: We are now approaching lunar *Sunrise, for everyone back on Earth... a message from the Heavens

GMass_Sent_Copy@gmass.co <GMass_Sent_Copy@gmass.co>Mon, Feb 6, 2017 at 9:13 AM
To: grad-womeng@lists.gatech.edu
the words in the subject were first spoken to the world by the crew of Apollo 8 on Christmas Eve, that's something like tonight.  

the time is always ripe to do what's write -MLK 

Write therefore, what you have seen. -Revelation

How many times do I have to tell you? -Imagine Dragons

this message will keep the world from self-destructing, read and share it. -Dr. Who

Hello Israelin my world of magic words that tells the story of the Second Coming, that's all of you.  It's the group of angels or demon that are asking themselves the question "Is Ra El?"  In plain English, read that as "is God really him?" Understand that whether or not you are an angel has nothing to do with your personal answer to that question; but it really might have something to do with how you treat the content of this message.  I am cautioning you to take it seriously and separate its sender and what you believe your savior to be from the content being delivered because you will be making mistake if you ignore it for any reason other than not agree with what is being presented.  That being said; I have plenty, and I mean plenty of proof... and Holy purpose.

Let's start with this, we are not in reality, and wave-function collapse and it's correlation to a video game rendering engine "catering to consciousness" is the beginning of the message; it is one that must be delivered to the world, the alternatives are things like living until the power randomly goes out or permanent midnight.  Period.  More than just the obvious scientific issues of physics wasting their time and our future trying to unify a virtual set of "mechanics" with the actual laws of reality... a significant part of this message, from the true Fifth Element being Silicon (to match the index of my initials, which grace our timeline and names like Adonai-A.D. on Artificial Intelligence) to my initials matching a computer chip maker is designed to ensure we do not lose this grounding in where we actually are... and not knowing this truth is keeping us from building Heaven So the beginning of Holy Purpose here, help this message reach everyone... like, on TV.

In the way of "proof," let's bring this Ra concept forward to the name Abraham, which in light of the meaning of Isaac's name "he laughs" clearly shows the Holy Trinity... many years, or millennium before that idea was "invented."  Ab is father in Hebrew, the first word in the Strong's Concordance, actually; we're all somewhat familiar with the God of the Rising Sun, and there's quite a bit about the Holy Spirit's laughter coming our way.  I've got this in spades, take the time to look if you have any interest in the "secrets of the Universe," and Abraham (changed from Abram due to his Covenant... with his son) is joined by the prophetic name Elisha to logically equate both the Spanish and Hebrew for "the" through the English "is" as well as the God of all Gods, El; linked here directly to him (psst, it's me).

In your head, now imagine what you think the world's natural reaction to verifiable proof of Creation and God's existence would be.  Now look around you, and realize something here... is very wrong.  Morning is half-broken.  This proof before your eyes today has "sprinkled many nations," their governments, scholars, scientists, theologians, and nearly all of the English speaking press on the face of the Earth.  Think long and hard about whether or not you want to spend eternity and give to your children a place that could hide this kind of information, when it's plastered in every movie, every song, and every word of every language.  Stand up and shout, the silence and darkness--censorship and secrecy so thick it can be felt--that I see is disgusting.  If you were worried about a disaster, be assured, it is the wall stopping the truth and our ascension to Heaven that the big bad wolf.  Unchecked, it's also the end of freedom and eventually civilization in sum; thank your lucky star that I am here... or so the story goes.  Until you see my name on television, be very sure that this is Hell and it's only getting worse.

carpe diem.
Seriously, wake up, take this gift... it's absolutely everything.  Hey, you've got an an audience tonight... light my fire!

I am getting sick and tired of writing you e-mails, and seeing absolutely no action, in the words of Imagine Dragons--I've woken up to action dust.  This is a battle between me and the "Holy Sea" to actually live up to that word and take this message and change the world with it.  To build Heaven.  Specifically in detail, I am presenting God's Holy suggestions that we start working to create a technocracy, an advanced system to enable self governance rather than "representative democracy," that our justice system be pulled out of retrograde with Minority Report style pre-crime, again along with proof that we can do that.  I demand we wake up and see the needless starvation and sickness that surrounds us and work to put an end to it forevermore.  

I can show you "my" Heavenbut you need to take part... or that word is meaningless.  Want proof?

The beginning ... starts with sight of the Burning Bush, highlighting the Hebrew word for Holy Fire, that describes it... H a'es h

Within that word, the true parted sea of Mosesin reverse--and parted by an apostrophe.  In our world, that's little old me, parting the waters. 

Let there be light, those words are described in the name Exodus, read in reverse, and transliterated from Linux jargon, and chemistry elements.  In those two-letter symbols, the key to Revelation 1:20, the mystery of the Lampstands in the hands of Jesus Christ.
With just a little bit of research into what it is that I see, proof that 9/11 was predicted not only by our Shining Bush,  but that you are the shining sea, the multitude of Revelation.

In some very obvious places, like seeing Love and "sun" in the name of the Woman Clothed in the Sun with the moon at her feet--proof that English was known when Venus was named in Greek, and Revelation 12:1 written... or seeing our idiom "on the lam" relate directly to the story of the Trial of Christ and see that the Lamb of God "islam" bright light coming from the name Koran, some lyrics I hold dear, and freedom coming from my story.  

There are tens of thousands of examples of similar anachronisms, and in truth a secret language written into the names of many people, places, and ... everything... just waiting to be read by the world.  Yankee Doodle would call it macaroni, this macaronic fusion of acronyms Spanish and English in Hebrew that Shakespeare--Rattling a Rod now--would call Spanglishrew, now tamed.  Stephen King would probably say they are outliers and call it "Langolier" and in the Matrix you'd probably just see a Cypher--one of the characters. 

 Either way, it should start becoming clear that this is much more than "names" or a "hidden language" it's in our art and our history... it is our everything.

In the links of this e-mail I am providing clues to a series of events in my life which are predicted in the Holy Bible and a significant amount of ancient mythology.  Along with these details, you are being given a ridiculous amount of evidence that the English language and modern computing were known at the time of the writing of these stories and that the intent of that ancient record is to prove to you that we are not in reality and that time travel does exist.  With only a little bit of thought, you can see for yourself that this message has been laid out all over "our everything," from the names of video game and computer companies, department stores and tire companiesto nearly every single modern medicine--with the hope that we will seek out God's words and advice ourselves... and see that there is a map to a golden future in everything around us, in everything that we are.  It's a kind of answer to my cries and wishes from the very beginning of this story for me... that proof be "written on the sky," see clearly His answer is that the sky, Heaven, is all around us.  It's probably worth noting that these names are contextually "important," adding significant information like the relationship between video games and computers... and Heaven.

We stand at a place in time that has been written and etched into the messianic map that is this world as the name of the city Jerusalem, read it "is J or the USA the Messiah?"  I've got an easy answer for you, today it's most definitely not the USA; when we start, when this really begins, the answer changes to seeing that the USA is the heart of a map, and I am the Legend of that map.  Love me or hate me, I am providing you with proof that we are living in a virtual reality at a place in time that has been selected for thousands and thousands of years as the recipient of a technological singularity that includes not only proof of time travel but of other advanced technologies like mind control.  Proof, you have proof now; even if you have only read this far.  Each and every day that passes you lose a little bit more of the help I can offer, and each day is another day spent wallowing in Hell instead of taking control of our collective destiny.

Note the intentional reference to the USA thousands of years before it existed, in this story created... as America and Exodus was, by God to deliver freedom to the Universe.  See that "er" in the Anderson from the Matrix and Feed; and now take a look at the word "eternity," that's and, and, and, it's why... in Latin, Matrix, Rock 'n Roll, and Spanish or "Adamish acronym" depending on whether or not Y is another and or an answer.  Bet on both being explained in this land of Y.:)

Through nothing more than the stories of my name and my lifethis proof is fortified with more details and Holy Purpose that shows that we are here to help our civilization gain promised freedoms that have remained out of our grasp due to nothing more than secrecy and ignorance for thousands of years.   This is verifiable scientific evidence, patterns that can be proven to be non-random and are in effect maps to the life of Jesus Christ--take them and use them, and this designed disruption, to change the things that make this world Hell--you have our input clearly displayed in my struggle against the loss of freedom here in America--one rendition of the Holy Grail.  In the aftermath of the battle, it's clear to me that it was an attempt to suppress changing the world by throwing me into "legal hot water," (see Isaiah 52:13, "he will be setup and be very high" and my name and the name Jesus Christ crossing directly over it in Bible Code .. and in nearly every other book) it's become clear that a grander design has instead brought to full focus the serious flaws in our legal system and law enforcement... a number of Constitutionally... and God given rights being abrogated in this day by the American... "government."

Exodus itself is a story about this generation and specifically about this event; we are being lead out of a slavery that we still cannot see clearly; but will just as soon as we overcome it.  Through this event, a great number of social justice problems and systemic disasters have been highlighted--ones you see and know about, but don't really realize how big of a deal it is.  Things like media censorship have been put on a fiery pedestal in a world that has ignored this proof for over a year now.  Make no mistake, the anachronistic paradoxes in language are nothing short of proof of the Creation of Humanity and the existence of God; and they and I have been hidden by something dark and sinister... whose true purpose is to keep Heaven from being created from our world, to stop this place from being helped.

Sound the Horn of Revelation, I am coming--and I will plow through anything standing in the way of the truth and free communication.  Hear me, this message of vastly improving the quality of democracy in our world and of our participation in the creation of laws and self governance ties very tightly to your participation in helping this message to be heard.... and then continuing to see and write it together, the way it was intended to be received.

I need your help, make no mistake the conspiracy that this message has created and exposed, both intentionally, reaches through the Vatican, through your government, and higher in the sky than you can imagine.  This is our time, and seizing this day, working together, and sharing our light is what saves everything that ever was and everything that ever will be.  Share my words and your thoughts with your friend and family, send an e-mail to your local press or government representatives--they've probably already heard from me... it's time you got involved.

In the beginning... God created the heaven and the earth.

Those links in the big bold line are all movies, if you happen to find yourself bored at a Superbowl party, or if you happen to work for FOX and you want to single handedly save the world by broadcasting something special, we'll thank you--I promise.  Please, make some phone calls, today.  Try now, we have it.  

Genesis 3:24