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Adam M. Dobrin <adam@fromthemachine.org>Wed, Dec 21, 2016 at 12:04 AM
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I discussed the possibility that nuclear armageddon once took its toll on a civilizization in the position ours was in in the 60's and 70's.  As an added point, I had meant to suggest that the amazing strides we've seen in computer technology nearly all came after the time of the high altitude tests--and the height of the Cold War.  I had not much thought about adding this: it is clear from religion that these things were intended to be "imparted to us" well before that that time, like 6,000 years ago.  Both things, I imagine, are by design.

As an aside, I haven't much mentioned it, but one of the "symptoms" that many of the mind control victims I associate myself with is a belief in total surveillance--many believe via covert cameras hidden in strange places, adding to the crazy factor.  I have a really fun story about being "artificially mind altered" to have this feeling that I was on a very popular television show and just finding out about it... it's something that is actually documented, and called the Truman Show Syndrome.  My experience with it (I mean the blockbuster feeling) was fleeting--but repeated probably about 10 times (lasting for around 4 hours each time) in total over a two year period.  A psychiatrist would call it a psychotic break--it was very fun. If you haven't read any of the old stories, and I imagine you haven't--the experience is quite possibly the Edenesque escapade of Adam and Mary  (mea cupla? hah).  Anyway, I'm mentioning it because of the "obvious" connection between that movie (hey, good evening, good afternoon, and good morning) and my "Car" theme, Bruce Almightly (see a pattern in Jim's performances, laid out by God, that's the point); and also a connection to nuclear holocaust. A little chill ran down my back, and I thanki my lucky star that was the first article I found when searching for "America was wrong..."

It's also probably worth noting that we might all be on a sort of TV show--you know, if there's spirits or people in Heaven or something we don't know about watching us all the time.  In my experience it seems pretty clear that this is very true--although I couldnt tell you if it is more than just "God."  Angel?  This is probably another "thing" that is part of the information operation that is the Tribulation for a reason... it's probably to tell us we are in a house on a hill.  Secretary Clinton's name (so her spirit, by proxy) implies to me that "I am really why," and it probably has something to do with pre-crime and this thing I haven't mentioned at all called "oversight" which plays a big role in the difference between God and "good," at least in my little "religion" of hidden messages in letters and words.  Plain English is what I often comment about that specific very obvious and very non-accidental word relationship--for those of you who do not know "God is good all the time" is something often chanted at meal time in prisons.

abra cadabra 

Usually associated with magic--this happens to be a Hebrew phrase that means "I create as I speak," which is echoed in Psalms 33:6, and says something like the Heavens were created "by the breath of his mouth."  A few days ago I sent a "corruption" of this phrase that replaced "ab" with "is."  Quite a bit of what I do, both consciously and subconsciously is overlay words on top of each other, there are a number of "trinities" in religion and on our map that appear to refer to The Trinity.  Overlaying Abraham on top of Israel, and Bahamas gives me the impression that "ab" and "ba" are similar.  Looking at religion, that makes quite a bit of sense, seeing that Ba is the Egyptian concept of the "spriit" as opposed to our minds, and "ab" is the Hebrew word for Father.  I think the word "Bahamas" records visits during repeats of this (and apparently one prior) timeline to that place, the Father, Ha--the son Isaac, and now "mas" which to me is "one more time," and to you probably should be read as "the exact same thing again."

I recently hinted the "a" as "to" in a rendition of Anakin Skywalker as an2kin Skywriter: light for the wise; the pod race is not to the swift.  You can see another reference to this also in the name Pluto, which I read as "pearl of wisdom" you're "to."  Pl happens to be the file extension assocated with the Pearl scripting language--the idea of programming and information technology acronyms being heavily used in this language is more fuel for the "message written to adam" conspiracy.

My replacement is time sensative, "ab" also means "to be" in a macaronic combination of Spanish and Adamish--that "b" that appears in ADIB and a number of other "IB"s that are somewhat similar to a prepending Am.  It also connects well to my RattleRod question that connects the Fifth Element (which is actually B) to the question To Be or not to B? which links the fourth element, Be.  Maybe seeing it's connection the name "Abraham" is important, and the fact that "abra" means open; here we probably c that opening the "m" which is a placeholder for a number of words, messiah, map, messiah--that's the time when the "to be" changes to "is."  I think.

As an interesting aside, the main characters names in "The Lion King" sound an awful lot like "must·have·a" which is the Swahili for "King," and Sim·ba that looks an awful lot like Simian, SImpsons, and Simulation.

Yesterday I noticed that the FIfth Element I see as being the most important, Silicon--for it's connection to the letter "n" and the initials AD--those two letters happen to be in the word Genesis, just like we see Xenon in the word Exodus.  Now, two of the 7 elements that make up the "sign of the son" also appear in names of books of the Torah.  It's of course important to see that there is a logical message in Genesis, reading backwards--Silicon is the vector of power, not "Genes" which probably refers to something like the Ancient Gene in Stargate--that was a big part of a story I was fuly immersed in in 2013.  This "find," which happened yesterday, might be a marker on the time map relating to the book and concept of Genesis.


As if I would ever make anything up out of thin air, I've been referring lately to a sort of personal religion revolving around letters and names.  I see these names giving me insight into what God thinks, and what's going to happen.  There are a number of religions examples of this "hidden away."  You can see it surface clearly in the names "Chr·is·t," "New·to·n" and in "Is·a," which is another name for Jesus.  Clearly it's also in Letter·man, and there's an entire subset of Jewish mysticism which deal with God creating the Universe... through letters.

Closely associated with speculation about the Merkavah [the divine throne] were mystical theories about creation (Ma’aseh Bereshit). Within aggadic sources [rabbinic narrative legend] the rabbis discussed the hidden meanings of the Genesis narrative. The most important early treatise, possibly from the second century AD, which describes the process of creation is The Book of Creation (Sefer Yetsirah). According to this cosmological text, God created the universe by 32 mysterious paths consisting of 22 letters of the Hebrew alphabet together with ten sefirot [ten primordial numbers/powers, associated with the attributes of God]. Of these 22 letters we read:

“He drew them, hewed them, combined them, weighed them, interchanged them, and through them produced the whole creation and everything that is destined to come into being.”

“By means of the twenty two letters, by giving them a form and shape, by mixing them and combining them in different ways, God made the soul of all that which has been created and all of that which will be. It is upon these same letters that the Holy One (blessed be he) has founded his high and holy name.”


Rudolph Giuliani

The former mayor's twitter account is suspended at the time of this writing.  Someone posted the enclosed screenshot of a letter about PIzzaGate; I'd rather not believe those things are true--but he's probably telling the truth.  Here's my comments on the tech, which is one in the same with the "stuff" I've seen online--on a weekly basis--for years (either that or it's completely CGI). It appears Mr. Giuliani is being influenced significantly by the same Tribulation-operation:

Rudy Giuliani's twitter account is suspended, apparently after posting this letter--which I did not personally screenshot.

Edit: I actually read the letter now; just to add I've seen the same CGI avatars online and on television... it's most definately not "top secret" nor is it only in the hands of the ... whatever.

I was reading through my old reddit accounts (for no reason at all), and stumbled on conversation about my "wikipedia conspiracy" that I had never seen; not sure how I missed it.  It's a short conversation among "conspiracy theoriest" on reddit--who are their own special kind of crazy.  It's interesting how much they detest my current theories, though this old complaint about the intentional censorship of Psychotronics related information (cited directly from US military sources) got a +78, which means at least that many people liked it.   We need to keep a special eye on places like Wikipedia--one of the many prototypes that appear to be a perfect fit for some future use--like plugging a truth table into your head and becoming nearly "omniscient."  Of course, were anything like that ever to happen, it would be horrible if the system was as easily gamed as the moderation system there is.  You might liken that system to something like "oversight gone bad" to bring it full circle.

Here you can see I went to another forum, something nearly as important as having oversight--ironically though ever since the USDOJ murdered Aaron Swartz reddit has become .. a dwelling place of demons--filled with opaque practices that serve nothing but the lie.  "Shadowbans" and a number of other moronic moderation techniques have turned what once would have been the front line for free speech and ending censorship--one of the most well conceived platforms for social news--into nothing mroe than a blackhole of doom.  If I were throwing "marks of Cain" around, the people running that place into the abyss get a scarlet letter from A.

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[–]Valimar77 7 points  

Not surprising. Mind control is the 800lb Gorilla in the room.

[–]i_brake_for_milfs 1 point  

Your mother's name is "Mind Control" ?

[–]Valimar77 1 point  

You seem to have taken things personally. No worries. The Ironic thing is that many in my family consider me a Gorilla thanks to my exercise and general state of health.

As for my mother, didn't mother jokes die out in the fifth grade? You know...because you hang out with super-billionaires and so on? Do you and you Goldman-sach buddies tell fart jokes and rag on each other at recess too?

[–]ivebeenthere2 0 points  

Your name is disturbingly appropriate.

[–]curiosity36 5 points  

Maybe it would be more accepted if the link to a US Military Journal, with a .mil location, that discusses and defines psychotronics is offered. "The Mind Has No Firewall" http://www.carlisle.army.mil/USAWC/parameters/Articles/98spring/thomas.htm

Psychotronics is THE big conspiracy. It's why the NSA is monitoring "unintentional intelligence bearing signals" (nerve firings in humans), and, as Putin said, like Khrushchev before him- there are weapons far more terrible than the atom bomb. I wouldn't have believed it either, but the US government is, literally, torturing its citizens with neurological weapons right now. Psy

[–]needleineye[S] 1 point  

that is the article that was linked.

[–]curiosity36 1 point  

You're right. I suggest others read the links above, as there is obviously something wrong here. The entry for "psychotronic weapons" is meticulously sourced, and there are two editors w/names similar to "Louie" insisting it be removed- for no discernible reason at all, aside from their moot, and unproven, contentions about the submitter's beliefs. The essay linked to in "the truth" may support the position that the majority opinion is the truth, but what if the majority opinion is, perhaps counter-intuitively, woefully ignorant? Citations from the Army, NSA, Russian President, New York Times, Washington Post, etc aren't Wikipedia-worthy? If the author is reading this, thank you for your research, and calm irrefutable rebuttals to the "louies."

[–]curiosity36 1 point  


This contains many citations on psychotronics, including a link to a report by the European Parliament’s STOA (Science and Technological Options Assessment) panel “Crowd Control Technologies” the originally proposed text of the European Parliament’s resolution is quoted.

There the European Parliament calls “for an international convention and global ban on all research and development , whether civilian or military , which seeks to apply knowledge of the chemical, electrical, sound vibration or other functioning of the human brain to the development of weapons which might enable any form of manipulation of human beings, including a ban on any actual or possible deployment (stressed by the author of the article) of such systems“. (40, pg CII, ref. 369) Directed energy system is further defined by the STOA document: "Directed energy weapon system designed to match radio frequency source to interfere with human brain activity at synapse level“ (at the bottom of the page, first reference, Appendix 6-67)

[–]RahsaanRolandKirk 3 points  

Ok but even if we go ahead and assume that Psychotronics is factual, can we at the very least agree that these Wikipedia editors are likely suppressing the article because they are unwilling to objectively research what they see as a fringe idea? Can we at least agree that it's probably not because they are paid government agents working as part of a sinister international organization?

Please tell me we can all agree on that likelihood.

[–]needleineye[S] 3 points  

No. If you look at the article, or the history, the research was done for them. The content was sourced only from 3 publications, one from the Marine Corps, one from the Army, and one from the NSA. Clearly not fringe, and the citations, as well as original material was given to them.

It's sinister.

[+]RahsaanRolandKirk comment score below threshold  (3 children)

[–]benjamindees 2 points  

As someone who personally witnessed the cover-ups of facts regarding 9/11 on Wikipedia, no. There is absolutely no possibility that they are simply objectively ignorant. The core group of Wikipedia editors are almost certainly agents of one government or another. Probably the Israeli government. And this group likely morphed into the beginnings of the JIDF.

[–]curiosity36 0 points  

I think you're right, though I don't see any reason to suspect agents of Israel. The Internet was a creation of DARPA. It's foolish to think they would have just relinquished control of it. I feel the same about TOR. It was created by the military, so why do people feel invisible on it? The infrastructure and laws have been established for federal authorities to participate in law enforcement at the local level. They see we're accepting this, and soon the beast will really show its teeth.

[–]CollectCallFrom 1 point  

Why wouldn't the forces involved with this protect their own asses by planting wiki editors? I feel like if they're not they suck at their job if what some of the tin hatters say is try about psytronichs used on citizens in violation of the ckbstitution and also domestic criminal laws and international laws of war then ya I do t think its a stretch to say yeah it's probably a couple peoples job to delete shit off Wikipedia, just saying

[–]eyeonboston 1 point  

that's exactly what this is..

[+]DawkinsIsAMonkey comment score below threshold  (0 children)

[–]R4F1 1 point  

I dont know about conspirators and this particular article. I can however, attest to the fact that there alot of annoying users and even mods who latch onto a particular article preventing anyone from making relevant edits and additions. I like to call these people "Wiki squatters" because they just wont nudge! It really pisses me off, because you can tell alot are politically motivated and designed to suppress certain informations.

[–]joseph177 1 point  

You want to see editing? Check out David Irving's page and compare it to a version in, say 2006, or even older.



Beware, he is a 'holocaust denier'!

I have no idea what this actually says, but it got bettern than 50% votes.