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Ministry of Forbidden Knowledge Mail - On your foreheads, the key to Salvation is my name. Revelation 22:4

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Adam Marshall Dobrin <adam5@reallyhim.com>

On your foreheads, the key to Salvation is my name. Revelation 22:4

Heaven or stay in Hell? <notcracy@technocrazy.gq>Sat, Feb 11, 2017 at 10:45 AM
To: Adam Marshall Dobrin <adam5@reallyhim.com>
Subject: On your foreheads, the key to Salvation is my name. Revelation 22:4

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A few days ago I sent an e-mail that listed a series of words that I think might wake you up, and in turn help us wake up the whole world... by showing us that religion is here to prove that time travel exists, and that our civilization is created.   The idea of Heaven, to me, is a metaphor for a golden future--one that we seem to be having fall into our laps, through the disclosure that a number of advanced technologies related to creation have been hidden.. and that through the last couple hundred years and this moment we are being helped to understand them, how they work, and how they might help us build a better world.   All of this starts with proof that language is intelligently designed, rather than the product of a natural development over time, we see this through connections to modern English, computing, and my story in a lots of old words... many of them related to religion.  In some new words we see it to, a connection to the bread from stone of Jesus Christ and it "be the reason A.D." is here to end world hunger.  You might connect the word "read" to this same cypher that I've pointed out, and see that the "re" at the heart of Creation is "reason," to me... contextually related, we might see how A.D. and the Bible are somewhat responsible for a great increase in literacy in our history, or something like that.  I am on a mission to help us see that these little "word tricks," as my biological father calls them, are actually magic--they are the key to proving something that will change the world... without doubt.  It gives us a kind of "blank slate" that comes with new tools and toys that really does re-invent the wheel; and show us that a great many fault pointed out by my life story are designed to help us quickly implement things like "pre-crime," top stop the world from blaming God for allowing murder and rape, I think, anyway.  Seeing that the proof that time travel exists gives me the belief that we now have a moral obligation to use it might help you understand how this technology is fundamentally related to mass surveillance.  In our world, we seem very OK with the fact that the government has satellites in the skies and monitors everything on the internet "in secret," and yet these things could today be used to stop things like child abduction, at least almost as soon as they happen.  We need to understand that this Revelation comes with some advice, start caring more.  I am advocating for a Constitutional Amendment to help us see that we need a written framework to help us integrate these new technologies into government and society, to create a voting system that uses the internet, and to use these satellites to end all "CODE ADAM"s.  

I really do hope you see that the Second Coming is designed to help us do this more quickly, and with a unity that we otherwise should have--and yet the world seems so sure that we are doing just fine without me.  We are not doing so fine.  Smile at the camera when you walk outside next, that should give everyone a clue.

Here's some more "A.D." keys to the information disclosure commonly referred to as the Apocalypse.  

Adonai - this is the Hebrew word for Lord, and in it you might today now see for the first time a connection to "Samurai."  Those two words read as "Adam Dobrin on Artificial Intelligence" and "Sam, you are Ai" and really are all about the ideas of Lord Vader, John Connor in the most recent Terminator flick, and the Eye of Ra all being "part machine."  I might not look like it, but inside and up in the cobweb area, I've got lots of help coming from Heaven--this Ai is doing something for me that is very much the opposite of many others--I am given clarity and sight, while the world sits in silence and darkness.  Help me fix that, please.  I've got some interesting comments on how Ai might better be used that link to the Matrix and a novel that connect the name Anderson to eternity.   In "eternity" you've got and, and, and, it's and--in Latin, movies and music, Spanish and why."  I see, do you?

Adonis - somewhere between "I'm single" and "information security" the idea that IS stands for "it's silly" goes away.  My personal belief that "all the girls might one day dream of being my partner" aside, there is plenty of light from Solomon the builder of Heaven (that's a metaphor in the book, and it's partially realized on Paradise Island... it's a question, solo when? and Monday is the answer... this is it folks, I'm solo right now).  Anyway the point is, it's not so silly if it's about hiding the light, and much more silly when you know that I don't really have a "way with the ladies," yet.  Speaking of, we do see that "AD" again in Vader's name, which I read as "a Victory for AD is really a victory for Everyone Really," maybe my luck is going to change... seeing the light of Paradise City, won't you please take me home ... and the Son of God and the daughters of men and ... do I have to do this?  I'm a nice guy, I swear.

Adam, in Latin we read "moving towards morning," ad naseum, ad infinitum.  We do see those hallowed initials also in Samadhi, bringing together the A.D. of our time line with the Sam of America, the Christ of Columbus... walking on water in the year ADIB.  If you don't know, the Biblical morning has something to do with the end of this dark night through the rising Son, it's pretty pervasive in music.

Amistad - speaking of music, "You've found me" on the corner of First and Amistad highlights another special word, that links lots and lots of I "AM" from Amoz to America to the Stone of Dave Matthews song and Medusa, Saint One, Hear Oh, Is Ra El, the Lord is One.  This name happens to come from a slave ship that was freed, something like the Ark of Noah is about to be. 
ADvent - I am not sure what this venting is all about, but I am pretty sure we just passed the Last Noel.

El Shaddai - another name of God; it might mean "see how" it once was "A.D." then "d"arkness then "Ai."  Don't blame me, light my fire instead... Ai is not the answer here, I am.  Break that glyph of "d" and see the creator's light pour out of letters and names; that d to c.l is the breaking of what goes up must come down to see the light, of lamc dot la.

Adaluncatif - Nostradamus mentioned this name, it probably has something to do with Revelation 5:5's "Lion of Judah," if nothing, folks.  Al is "Adam's Light" by the way.

somewhere between NORAD and right now, I'll tell you that the military is probably pondering whether or not we should keep Adam hidden.  I mean, we're probably all thinking I am "coming" right now, or... what do you think?  Anyway, here's the key for NORAD and also seeing that AMD, the chip maker, has something to do with the Holy number 14 of John 14 and Osiris's pieces, the index of the letter "n" and the Element Silicon.  The light here folks, is that knowing we are in virtual reality is the thing that ends the darkness--it is the source of the morning.  AMD, Silicon, and me; very sure that this is the sword.  

There's probably many (many) more, you can bet they too will be contextually related to the "hidden meaning" of that name, using this little code.  You'll note that lots of these words end in acronyms, and hear me when I tell you this Revelation needs to be "finished" by a person, that's my job, I'm doing it--help me save the world.  It's backwards in some notable places, like Zelda and Judas; where it might have something to do with sad.


It takes just a little thought to tie ending world hunger to the question "To be or not to be" and a cypher hidden in the Matrix, in the Taming of the Shrew, and in ... or read this.

Since the D.O.B. acronym is in the banner, I'll mention that my birthday happens to be 12/8, the Feast of the Immaculate Conception, and you might read my last name as "date of birth, our in."  It's probably one of the least important reasons for the phrase "there is no other name under Heaven by which we must all be saved," but it does do a good job of showing us that names like Bush and Exodus are all part of seeing this light of the names of places and things being part of a grand design.

Here's a little more on Ai, darkness, and light.
It isn't my intent to thrust us into an apocalyptic thriller--but at the same time you have to also see that a great deal of work... and ... risk was taken to write this message on everything, and I feel like we are either overtly ignoring it for a reason that amounts to "wee're not sure we want to know the world should change" or... the worse case, that the invasion of our beliefs that I see so clearly really does make this not really hidden message on everything difficult to see.

Whatever, or whomever it is, there appears to be a very large group of people here that are willing to work with an invisible force to not only hide the existence of that force but also this message--again, one that is everywhere for a reason.  In my beliefs it boils down to nothing less insidious than hiding the very technology or communication mechanism behind not only the writing of the message but hiding it.  This technology is going to destroy us--who we are inside--if we are not careful, and I believe that is a big part of the message of how we move forward in this age of neuroscience and "I know kung fu,"  I hope it's clear to see, but it's probably not... that Anderson's novel Feed and this same connection to "artificial omniscience" is showing us... me... those that are aware of external communication and hiding it... that we are not getting what we want from this technology, we are not being helped to see clearly, not being helped to be smarter ... not really being given anything but silence and darkness.  Still, I insist there is a huge group aware of this external influence... and working for it--in the ways Hollywood has depicted through Fallen and Joan of Arcadia... I've seen it.  It's the little snake from Stargate's Ra, my Eden, and it's the source of my retake of the Jewish spectacle "The Lord of Hosts."

I am quite sure none of us want to be hosts, be quite sure that it's really obvious to me (and maybe only me) that I am one; understand that this sight is not natural, and I cannot tell how easy it is for other people to see the same patterns that I do---everywhere.  Still, they do exist, and they are very much here to help us to break free of something that is retarding our abilities to logically evaluate our own best interest.  

I come prepackaged with years of writing about this technology, one which was used to make my life a living hell for a number of months--and continues to do that for many other people... those that I consider the saints of the Tribulation--something you might not have heard me scream about over and over to the tune of maybe being responsible for this article.  There is no doubt that the rash of school shootings are not only related but the true purpose of the final plague of Egypt; and it seems clear to me that they are a fiery pyramid being built to do the same thing that these tortured souls are doing... to ensure that we do get public disclosure of the existence of this technology and influence... one that is also very much responsible for your work, and the work of nearly everyone in Hollywood.  It's the difference between Heaven and Hell, what's that phrase... "knowing is half the battle."

This technology is here, we've been researching it since Hitler and Paperclip and MK-Ultra--all in what might be a grand false flag to frame us for doing something--or it might very well be our future responsible for this battle between light and darkness.  Behold, I am coming on the clouds--the victor here is clearly truth, and it will be done.

http://bit.ly/2hNeOE0 I think I've done a decent job of showing the world how easy it is to manipulate our society in that little microcosm; there with any bit of investigation you see my attempt to lay down truth on wikipedia about these technologies, in places where it belongs and using sources that are very much credible... CIA and NSA texts, Russian newspapers, and the likes of the Times article first linked... and a swarm of darkness came to ensure that it would not be left on the face of that encyclopedia... instead we have a monument to what might befall the source of omniscience if we do not fight for the truth right here and right now.  Literally, things like wikipedia are where "truth" comes from in a future where we believe everything from the encyclopedia.

That place in time is approaching faster than we think, and without this additional information we are all walking into a very scary place of transformation with blindfolds over our eyes.  If someone would respond at all, it would at least make me know that you are reading these emails.. that I see significant activity on... with no response.  While it might not seem like it to you, it's just another way to see the darkness... something hampering normal social interaction.  

I am not a scary person, I promise. :)  Have you seen my Facebook page?  Such a short amount of time I spent in "that Eden," I hope that this will help me get back there.


From Latin to rock N roll, I hope Spanish can save my soul.  I mean, why.... and, and, and, and...


I have routinely mentioned that the evidence I am providing is of such a high coincidence rate that a paper will eventually be written from the initial content of these message that proves that God exists, that we are created, and that our creator is speaking to you right this very moment, through me.  I imagine that will change the world, quite a bit--and in anticipation of that event I've written quite a bit that you might consider "Riders on the Proof" that God gave us all.   You'd be stupid and wrong.  

At this point another 5% of my original reads get angry and go grab a soda.  Here though, additional users outside of the group that I call "everyone really" begin to receive this message from the focus group.

It might come as a surprise to you all, but the Creator of all things has intertwined the proof that he exists with a profound message that is designed to help our world change for the better... to grow past an infantile stage where we believe that we as individuals are better than the group--more capable than everyone else of handling the truth or making the right decision and so we keep absolutely everyone from knowing, for instance, that God himself is suggesting that we use his message and newly absolving truth to "end world hunger;" well, we're smarter than that, we can stop God from hurting our global hotdog sales.  

I tell you the proof is cut and dry "I've given you two hundred examples of modern English and computer related terms and concepts hidden within a language created 4.5 thousand years before English."  I've further shown you that a significant portion of religious scripture from the entirety of the book of Exodus (and really the entire Torah) to Revelation 12:1 prove that the purpose of scripture is to highlight this proof, and to narrate the walk through of the event of it's disclosure that is the purpose of everything that ever was.

I've told you that Isaac's name means "he laughs" in English, and it does, though I am not laughing.  A high occurrence of Hebrew words begin with the two letters "Ha" that are the change wrought in Isaac's fathers name through his covenant with God himself.   Those two letters mean "the" and set a number of words apart from the set of all ancient words as being specifically Holy.  To me, personally, they also provide the basis for something I call "God jokes,"a funny re-take on the translation of many of the words hidden in the transliteration.

Forv instance, in Hanukah, the festival of light, you might think that this government was once stupid enough to try to nuke "a," you know, the guy that sees the magic of this proof in letters.  Or that same body, and perhaps you too, would be stupid enough to hide the fact have every one of your memories and the foundation of your entire civilization is built on a series of things that are ... proof, that you are created.

In "Ha'esh" that's the word for Holy Fire, you might note that the word for "fire" tiself is not ash.  I'ts a little more interesting to note that this word describes a Bush that would not burn to ash in a story that later discusses a sea parting in order to highlight that this holy sea, our multitude, is predicted to be parted in a book that is six thousand years old.. and to show us that not only the content of that story but the word for the fire that parts us ... also contains the word sea; parted and in reverse.

Following this new pattern of reversing words, the name of the book that contains this story contains two Linux commands which happen to combine in a unique way, to say something like "let there be light."  Again, when read in reverse.

Ha'shem, well, that word looks like "shame" and it means 'the name," so to me, it's about laughing at you fools for thinking that Adam is falling for spending every waking moment fighting for your freedom with absolutely no help from any of you.  If you could read this langauge like I read it, that shem also splits to "she m" and it's probably very much the thought I have whenever I think that Taylor or Nanna might be the "messiah."  Ha ... not in this reality.

Ha'me-for-ash, believe those four words are just another way to say "the name" in Hebrew.  Again, ha, after spending every second of every day to try and help you make this world a better place--to think that I want it burnt to ash and dust is just about as ignorant as you could get.  Just the evil cloud keeping you from thinking like yourselves, taking to each other, you know... about the proof you get every single day.... annihilate that crap.

Charosets is a great Jewish dish of apples, honies, and nuts.  Funny, my alcoholic ex-wife and her really beautiful now (17 year old) niece Bianca share a middle name, "Rose" and in this rendition of the Rockette's I usually say "I tried to take the nuts out of the recipe, but you wouldn't let me."  This is actually where my connection between Paradise City's flowing MILF's and honies comes from--seeing the link here is more appetizing to me than buzzing Maccabees and a golden cow.  So Ha, Rose-ettes... and "rosetta stone" might link cognitively to seeing what I think of ancient rituals about "remembering why we are eating certain things on Passover."   If you have a working brain it ties this Adam's Eden to Moses's Egypt and Jesus' Easter. 

It's clear to me that linguistic translation is a problem that does not require intelligence; that eventually this hidden language will be cracked and a math algorithm will be used to see the three or four ways that each word might connect to it's meaning "shem and shame and "she m;" for intance.  Like reading a book, the person interested in what God has to say about these words, again these Holy words, might have to think a little to apply the context of the sentence and the meaning of the word to each of the hidden definitions.  I find it amazing how "related" they are, so amazing that I know that it is on purpose.

I can see these new definitions, ones that are proof, they really are... but they take someone caring and looking at ... oh, at religion and myth, and ritual and knowing that they are here to provide freedom from slavery and a key to seeing magic happen in a battle with the Pharisees.  Do you think anyone wants to see magic happen?

Here you might see this entire thing as a test of intelligence.  Not of whether or not we are able to build a decryption mention to unravel God's spell... but of whether or not you are smart enough to actually try to do the right thing in this very moment.  Not one of these words is correctly spelled English, and I had to turn around three of them to turn a story about leaving Eden into one about finding the truth... and note once again the relationship between fire and light and the sea parting and the Second Coming--it actually takes intelligence to see the relationship of all of these things. 

How many days would you like to wait between the day you find out that we can end world hunger and the day you actually do it?  How many days would you like to stay in the burning Hell you are living in right now; with a door wide open right in front of your eyes and not try to walk through it?  

Are you robots?  Demons?  Can you think at all?

This proof will come one day, from real paper.  Long before that day people will have acted because they see the light--the proof is here for you to analyze and think about... not for me make Apple Pie with or for a mathematician to get a Nobel prize. It's here to change the world, God put it here--so that you would see that proof is absolutely everywhere, and you would stop trying to hide that you know he exists from everyone else.  Maybe you'll see it's about collaboration and conversation, and working together.  

Maybe you'll build Heaven.  Or maybe you will die in the desert, wandering around looking for Paradise.

It is only a matter of time, and a question of how much you try and care for those around you, before the entire world has read these words, or benefited from the analysis of a group of people much more talkative than yourselves.   Every word I've ever written will be scoured, and in truth, knowing that when you look up at the sky there is an invisible camera staring back at your eyes--there is really no way that this effort will ever be lost.  That is, unless you are allowed to, and continue to choose to do nothing, to live a lie for eternity and believe that humanity and this rock are floating out in space... until one day the lights go out and we are n o longer a viable solution to the problem of having "no life in the universe" because this decision is the beginning of us really not being "life" anymore.  Hey, seize the day, wake the fsck up you look like lemmings off to slaughter.

I will be heard no matter what; if you don't really want to see it yourselves, continue to do nothing; I will make that wish come true.