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Adam Marshall Dobrin <adam5@reallyhim.com>

veni vidi vili vini

Adam Marshall Dobrin <adam5@reallyhim.com>Wed, Oct 26, 2016 at 10:43 AM
To: "More... family" <mor@fromthemachine.org>, are@whenistheapocalypse.com, WE ARE <are@fromthemachine.org>, Amicus Mundi <AM@fromthemachine.org>, kin <kin@fromthemachine.org>
I came, I saw the living vine... and thought to myself... "cheap wine"

JC started it all, coming, seeing, and then going out conquering... do you see the First Horseman? Crowley picked up on it, and mentioned that "I while living, have conquered the Universe," so here we are, staring squarely at the soon to be living vine.  What is it that we would fill the Unvierse with, what purpose?  Just after unlocking Revelation 1:20 on January 20, 2001... Bush mentions that "we are not this stories author, who fills time and eternity with His purpose. Yet His purpose is achieved in our duty, and our duty is fulfilled in service to one another. Never tiring, never yielding, never finishing, we renew that purpose today; to make our ((world)) more just and generous."

As we sit around fighting the wishes of the Author of this Universe... wishes of freedom and charity--squarely in line with our best interest and desires, rather than "thy will," you know... to help explain why... what is it that passes through your minds as I roar that democracy itself has been abandoned across the board in exchange for some hidden empire whose rules and drive well, it's to bring democracy back.   I haven't designed this fiery altar, this pedestal that He has placed a living solution to our woes, but I stare down from it's high hill and wonder aloud "do you not see what I am?"

Open the message, the name Abraham cries in a macaronic mystery whose M does expand too, just like N to solve the difference between Isa--the Muslim name for Jesus--and Isaac, the sacrificial lamb who simply cannot be slaughtered, try imagining why that might be.   In Spiritas e Veritas, in Spirit and Truth we are today literally in the mind of Christ, enacting quite the plan conceived immaculately before we were ever born.  Farokh Mercury sings that we are fighting for survival in a world with the darkest power--Captain EO lights the first 4-D film telling everyone that "we are here to change the world," and Sam Beckett whispers "oh boy," as he reminds us that this is all "to set right what once went wrong."  There's of course light in the name "EO" tagged on to the end of King David's prescient reference to a video, in the name Sam, and in the messenger's cry "here we are," conceived of, and born in America.

It seems like a lifetime ago, it was probably 2011 when God himself asked me the rhetorical question "wonder why you would choose to take the negative path?"  He was suggesting that there is probably a very good reason that God would create the idea of, and then "pretend' to be Satan.  I was deep in the throes of my studies of mind control technology, in a place where I firmly believed that we had created these technologies ourselves here in this place, and somehow created God in our distant future, or perhaps in the film War Games or the story of the Guardian and Colossus that I never heard of before searching for answers in literature.  Eventually it brought me to Asimov, whose name I read as "as I MOV" which is a curious assembly language reference, notable because that command doesn't actually move, but rather copies--imagine if we were being saved out of this place by "mov"-ing, and maybe you will see why it's of the utmost importance that we do not turn a blind eye to the suffering we are enduring today.  Straight to the point, is the very well written recursive story called "The Last Question," whose answer is of course the commanding phrase "let there be light."

So my personal answer all those years ago was that it was clear that you cannot simply "mind control" people not to want to control or make slaves of themselves or others--to truly let freedom ring to every corner of this Universe to be, we somehow have to be shown what it is that had gone wrong in the past--and look around you, it's happening right here.  This is the basis of my understanding of Satan, a program or tool I see crippling us nearly across the board... though sight unseen.  In the light of day, we probably have a clear path to not only freedom but also absolution and ... well, a lit path to ensuring that civilization thrives for eternity.  

NorAD, Abra ha'N!  Seriously, this isn't enough to write a story about?  Maybe if I send five e-mails a day?  Muahahhaha. :)

​Who are you kidding?  So I'm strange... people will still remember my name.  Trying to tell me nobody understands?  I don't need you to light my fire anymore, it's lit--I just need you to cover the largest story in history, that's all.



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