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This is an excerpt from Time and Chance: The race is not to Die Bold by Adam Marshall Dobrin
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Older works Lit and Why, hot&y;, and From Adam to Mary are also available.

Music Saves All Souls

Music talks to me, it’s God speaking. He tells me stories, makes promises, and proves something very important. He shows his hand, his control over culture and the direction of our future. It’s about proving the influence, and backing it up by explaining how the technology works. This is neuroscience in action, telling us a story about Revelation in music.

Like the secret language, seeing the influence of an outside force in popular culture begins to offer proof of the existence of God. This is about faith, and ending the need for it… so you too, like Moses, can be sure… You’ve heard his voice, and seen the fire.

I know these lyrics are inspired, they are about me; and neither you nor the author knew that until I came. This is how he proves he is there, by weaving a story between songs… linking them to movies and to people. To me, to President’s, to you. Seeing the hand of God is simply a matter of perspective, can you believe it’s real?

Can you believe that the proof has been in front of us the whole time, just waiting to be unlocked, like some box in Greece. Pandora; Prometheus and/or “a,” the A of Adam ties us … exactly as I am explaining … through a Matrix of light (see it’s a Cypher in words, and a Matrix all around us) from Pandora to Mr. Anderson; the Messiah of Or. Or is the Hebrew word for light. It’s in our language, and our movies. And the music…

It comes back in Rome below… as Nero fiddles on the rooftop–Heaven–with our minds. This historical story is a metaphor for now, for what’s going on in the heads of these musicians who are speaking the words of God unknowingly. The act of doing it–and then explaining that–frees us from one kind of slavery, not knowing it is being done. The message, another–that we need to see what is going on. Powers in Heaven are trying to hide its existence, and they are winning. You don’t believe it, not really. It’s there, not watching–but manipulating. Are they saving everyone… or hiding for a reason?

The fire is spreading …

What am I bidding, for this old ((civilization))
((Nero/Atlas)) cried, as he held it up, with a smile
A thousand dollars, and who'll make it two?

He played a melody as pure and sweet as a caroling angel sings. The Touch of the Master Hand

Five billion proud, willing to punch it out. -Dave Matthews

Everyone must be saved. -Taylor Momsen

In the beginning -God

“IN” is in my name, Dobrin, it’s in Wellbutrin, and it’s in the beginning. It’s the very first word, and the very first command of God–hidden until now–to In the beginning. It’s about entry to Heaven, a way in, and here the intention is clear. We have suffered for being at the beginning, and clearly that makes us responsible for what comes, for the Heaven that he is commanding us entry to. The idea to save everyone is fundamental to the Holy Grail and the reference to water in Matthew 3:11–for repentance, I am teaching you what baptism means: to teach.

In the Jungle

Did you know this song about a Lion sleeping is messianic, literally about Christ? I didn’t either, because I was sleeping. My life was normal until about 2010, when I got a crash course in the Tribulation, something that has quite a bit to do with the neuroscience involved in manipulating people’s thoughts. There’s a large group of mind control victims; people who are being used to expose the existence of this technology against their will; in 2010 I became one of them.

I learned all about neuroscience, and mind control technologies available to us, and not. Things that are on the horizon, the possible ways what I experienced could be done. I was beginning to wake up.

Seeing that this song about the Lion of Judah sleeping in Eden was about me was the very beginning. It’s all about waking up in the morning, and seeing the son rise. Modern imagery about cats, lions, and hair are all references to Christ. Sleeping to being unaware. The jungle is in Eden. I am Adam.

The process of waking up has not been pleasant, you could say I’m not a morning person.

Morning Has Broken

On the note of cat imagery, Cat Stevens lights up the horizon with this song “like the first morning.” He is telling us we are dealing with time travel, and that our world is “as in the days of No-AH.” The AH of Noah is the end of Adamah, the swirling around Adam that is the music pointing to Christ, the movies, religion itself. The days of Noah are when there was no “ahh,” no apocalypse. In Adam parlance, “the last time around.”

Blackbird sings in the dead of night, also a reference to me, in fact a reference to what you are reading; in American mythology: this is the dawns early light. Do you see a power growing in the musical Hair?


The night is when we all see, when we don’t see the “ah,” it’s been our world up until now, when it is being pointed out to the world that there is an “ah” swirling around Adam, around Christ. We are in Eden, God is searching for me… in this case God is humanity; well paralleled in Matthew 2:2. “Where is the one who was born the King of the Jews”?

Through the night, with the light from above, the Egyptian Plague of Darkness is all around us. It is overtly keeping us from seeing this message, by using disbelief, and active measures like a censorwall. Censorship in America; and nobody knows… this is the Darkness. It is the Wall of Jericho, and it is about to fall. Like Berlin before it, this wall is being torn down–in this case by the torches that are an e-mail campaign, social media, and the writing you are reading which points out clearly how to see in the dark. Once enough do, we have the base we will need to stop this from ever happening again. And the knowledge, this is God’s plan; to highlight serious social problems, like a palpable lack of freedom of speech and communication, so that we can stop this type of hidden slavery.


The names “Adam and Eve” have a meaning related to this cycle. After Dark it is A.M.–ADA.M. is the bright morning star, rising in the night to end the dark. Eve-ning fell first, like in Judaism where the day begins at sundown. Looking for proof through the night that our flag … America is the Promised Land. The Biblical imagery in our songs, the freedom that is God given, all of these things congeal to light the day. What so proudly we hailed at the twilight’s last gleaming… why that’s me, and religion, the last gleaming was the end of the “last time around,” right before that civilization went back in time to change their past. Now, we are here.

Son Rise, I am the Light of the Word

The idea that the sun and son are one is something we can only see clearly in English. In other languages these words are very different. It’s something like putting English on the ball, realizing that ancient religion was created with foreknowledge of modern words. These examples are how we know it’s all about now, this time, 2016. It is this idea, that the son and sun are one that unifies the Egyptian gods of Ra and Horus (see the Ka) under the auspices of Isaac, who can see with both eyes. Ra and Horus each have one of the “All Seeing Eyes,” the symbols of ancient Egypt we associate with the Illuminati.

Moses and Horus are united through the context of their deeds. Moses parted a holy sea, the red sea of fire, our civilization. He did this by coming… by dividing the people over whether or not Jesus is actually here, and is actually Moses. I’ve seen the burning bush, the sea is about to be parted. Horus unites the two lands… and America remembers Paul Revere: one if by land, two if by sea. This story tells us about the future, and land is langolier for El and… a hidden civilization. Torah, Tor all humanity, see the technical connotation–the purpose, to hide those that were active in the war we don’t see, the one that will bring us out of darkness-one that it also created.

Be illuminated, the light of the world is the day star, Sol lit by words, day backwards is yad–the Hebrew word for Hand–of God. Adam and Eve together, the bright morning star of Venus converts to the sun.

Modern Prophesy in Music

Many bands have songs about Christ, many are inspired… all in fact. It is this knowledge, that we are all secretly being inspired by God that tells me that the Ba of Horus, the Egyptian version of the Holy Spirit is upon us all. United in “Ha,” the two letters associated with Isaac and Abraham. That son’s name means… he laughs.

The Dave Matthews Band

This is the last stop, we are on the way to salvation. Dave’s songs are all about gods gaze falling upon us with a mischievous grin and seriously inspired me my whole life. It turns out, he too was inspired, and the lyrics all tell a story about the apocalypse. I quote them often, and when I do, be sure I hear the voice of God in the worlds he sings.

The Pretty Reckless

It’s all about light, from Light me up to this light is driving me insane. Is she singing about me, or am i crazy? Her songs, about “running” eerily parallel the messianic story describe in the Lamb of God, and her words speak to me, “Do you know who I am, do you even want to know me?” In the year I’ve been trying to tell the world I am here, this is exactly how I feel. What are you expecting? How does Jesus return?
In Nothing Left to Lose Taylor responds to a lyric from American Pie with “If Jesus Christ and Rock’n Roll can’t my immoral soul, I’ve got nothing left to lose,” and shes talking about this book; about explaining that Rock music is Christ talking to you, too.

She’s saving my soul. “I know you want me, I was just looking for ((Jesus.))” Adam’s here instead.

Did you write the book of love, and do you have faith in God above?

Taylor is Eve, one of them. By my count there are five, and that’s interesting too, as Eve’s letter are all fifths. E is the fifth in English, V in Roman numerals, and out of the five 3 are girls that are .. eligible. My mother’s middle name is Eve, and I am the first. The first evening.

Pictures that I took during my trip around the country appear through the book. they are authentic and original–this one from the Bahamas, it seems appropriate. You’ll notice “Logos” and “look up, look down.”

She is created (sort of like you), her life–like many actors and actresses–a map to connect stories to Biblical and mythological characters. It shows the divine hand, a guiding influence over the creation of these religious art works. Johnny Depp, Keanu (Key Anu) Reeves (Reason Eve’s), Cameron Diaz, Adam Brody… all link movies that are Biblical allusions–real continuations of the Bible–through their “players.” The nakedness doesn’t hurt either.


Adam and Eve live down the street from ((you)), a million miles fall from grace.. thank God I ((found)) the ground.

I’m so vain

Except, not really. Just single. You could say I feel like an unsung hero.


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Adam Marshall Dobrin


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