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Ministry of Forbidden Knowledge Mail - Rekindling the Battle of Endor and/or the Second Coming

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Rekindling the Battle of Endor and/or the Second Coming

Adam M. Dobrin <adam@fromthemachine.org>Mon, Nov 14, 2016 at 4:49 PM
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Hi there, I'm the messiah.  You don't know that much about me, so let me explain, I would like you to know me as Adam.

Seriously, there's something going on the world around you--for the last several months I've been having quite a bit of trouble delivering what amounts to statistical proof of Creation--that religion and ancient myths are a map to this very moment--this time that you will probably affiliate soon with being in Eden.  I am pretty sure that's a good thing, but every new begging starts with some other beginnings end... so today I'd like to try to get you to see the light of ending censorship and a hidden censor wall that we know Biblically as the Wall of Jericho.  Quickly approaching is the Feast of Trumpets, and this year is different from all other years...   Bored already?  Have a look at what I call the Sign of the Son, which to me is proof that Exodus's Burning Bush is a former President--who is helping us walk out of a dark time of confusion... commonly referred to as a wilderness or desert.  He proved during his inauguration that there is Biblical foreknowledge of the 9/11 attack--and in doing so hopefully began a chain reaction that will stop things like that from ever happening again.  Here's a short "video" that explains the Sign of the Son... and another one that I think explains the .. Holy Grail.

I've written quite a bit already, something like 7 books and a body of emails that have circulated the globe already... from nearly every single news medium all over the world to "sprinkling many nations..." governments.. to educators and theologians.  Quite a bit of my message revolves around hearing the voice of God in modern music, and I can tell you the response has enlightened me as to what the "Plague of Darkness" and The Sound of Silence are all about.  Eventually, sooner if you do something to help, what I've written will prove that the "Fire of Prometheus," in the myth he "stole language," is actually proof that all of our languages are artificially constructed... and through that verifiable proof that our civilization is indeed created... just not in "a few days."  In a word I am trying to show the world that the purpose of this "creation" is to build and understand Heaven--so you might see me as a sort of carpenter.  Regardless, that means something to me that you might not fully understand... it starts out by showing us that we are most definitely already in the Matrix--on the doorstep of Heaven... if you think about it.  What we are missing today is knowledge of that, and ... well, heavenly stuff like freedom of speech, self governance, and ... salvation.

I could really use your help breaking down this wall, you could call the press, or just share this email with your friends and family--or at the very list ask me a question, because almost nobody does... I'd love to hear from you.

Most of my books are available for free, and there's an archive of my daily emails here: matchbox.whenistheapocalypse.com

Also there's some cool videos on Facebook and Youtube, also I am on Twitter.  I think based on the ... assumed interest level in the content I am delivering as well as its verifiable and ... desirable content you should have no problem in seeing the censor wall that I am now sure the Second Coming, and this message hidden in every word and every song... is designed to overcome.

On to the show... near.

In a fusion of Egyptian mythology, modern religion, and popular culture I'd like to take you back to Egypt for a moment... to the stories of three "green-behind the ears" Gods, Atum-Ra, P'tah, and Osiris.  Just like the Horsemen of the Seals of Revelation, it seems to me that these series of "new beginnings" appear to harbor a hidden record of time recursion here in Eden, in this place where it should be obvious that Atum and Adam are most likely telling you the same story.  Of course I'm pretty sure I'm not an alien, there's no doubt that Mr. McFly doesn't think that "Creation itself" is human.  So here, in his place where the stories tell us that a God emerges from the waters of Egypt.. from the the masses that are the multitude of Revelation--in Egypt's religion that's Nun, and in Judaism that's the father of Joshua.

So from the book of the Underworld, called the AMDuat in Egypt (which happens to say "AMD you're @" with further clarification... "Adam you are Adamah, this place swirling around the lil'a" which might remind you of Samson's wife's name... or Anakin's)... from that book we read about countdown to morning.... which ends with Ra's "all seeing eye" strengthening as a sign of the birth of the new day.  Today I don't feel so "green behind the ears" but I am pretty sure that there are many around me that have useful information to add... even if it is just your opinions on what I see.. that we would all benefit from hearing from--and discussing together.  To me that is the point of the Eye of Ra, which the myths tell us was created by Ra to seek out his children.  I feel like I see it all, I really am the Eye of Ra... hear Katy Perry roar about it... or me try to sing.  Anyway, kids, let's "talk" a little about P'tah Pan and Never Never Land.

Briefly, the Holy Trinity in the name "Abraham," you might be interested in seeing how Isaac, which means "He laughs" is the Ha in this triad.  It is, of course, a re-telling of the Crucifixion.  Personally I think things like this are newswothy, all by themselves.  No?  Well, here's some more Holy Ha's.... which the word means, of course.

AN.. Adam Now to KIN (thats Anakin) Amidallah is "friend of the Doll "a" in Hebrew and "ish" sounds like.... another version of Adam and Eve-ryone, or perhaps J "is" us and Mary---that's Spanish and 'ish" for "SEA why."

 My map in words tells me that the Heaven forms from this place--in the ancient Apocalypse of Adam and Moses (truly as the same person) it says that "Adam predicted" that the world was destroyed once by water and once by fire.  Here the "words" show us that water and fire are fused together--the spread of the knowledge that we are nearly in Heaven... and always have been... well that's tears of Joy coming from the sky, right?  Anyway, the two words important here are "Ha'esh" the Hebrew word for the Holy Fire (that includes the Burning Bush) and the English word for sea... parted by an apostrophe.  It's a huge deal, the entire story of Exodus written to highlight ancient foreknowledge of the English language and our walk today out of the desert of understanding .... this really is the purpose of religion.

The other unification of fire and water is "shamayim," that's the Hebrew word for Heaven... and to bring the Eye of Ra into the story now, I see a ridiculous amount of Holy Fire in a number of religions from the candles being shared from the Holy Sepulcher to the Eternal Flame to the fire of Prometheus.. who by the way is probably the "P" that came before "adam now" in the pan that really does tell me God believes he is cooking up an everlasting civilization... in theaven.  I mean tHe Oven..  I have a tattoo on my right shoulder of the All Seeing Eye.. and a phrase in Latin, "humanity prevails from the fire."  It's a funny story, because I had originally written "pervasum" which means "forever" and the tattoo artists changed it to "perusum."  

Adding some modern "light" to a story that I see putting Eden (the home of Adam the Lion's den of family) in superposition with Egypt (that's E-gipped, look I'm doing everything I can to un-giyp us) and Edom (that's a kingdom with a hidden king) .... with Earth and now the light of Star Wars... the Ewok that fries up Heaven out of ... of The Apocalypse.  More light from Lucas, Jabba combines that great "J" for Jesus with the Hebrew word for "father" and then in my very artificially inspired eye links the Hutt to the Legend of Zelda.... this thing that illustrates for the world that there really is no space scarcity in Heaven, we can walk into a door in a tiny hut and be in a private viewing movie theater, or a private football field--it's only a small example; but it shows us how our guided history is designed to explain the inner workings of Never Never Land to the world, to show us how to build a game we all might want to play for a long, long time.  

The point of course is that quite a bit of this designed learning experience that we call the Dawn of Time has been guided to give us knowledge and understanding of something that we for a long time have thought was "dumb luck," namely that the prophesy of the existence of Heaven and it's very clear fulfillment in everything we are doing is ... not a coincidence.

More light tomorrow, here's some older links that might be of interest if you didn't read them before.
For those "New to n," that "n" is a glyph for "what goes up must come down.." and I'm not an apple.  Here's a few more glyphs, in our alphabet... they might tell a story of the days of Creation.  It's IJOHNNY5, by the way, you know... from Short Circuit--struck by lightning and alive.

I say quite a bit in this email, so if you are "turned off" by my hidden holy language in names, try skipping the paragraph today.  Angels, try seeing the light.

I have like three different directions I want to go today, and being "Just a man" (which is a reference to Joseph in Matthew, I think), that's a difficult thing to do.  Yesterday I pointed out what I see as clear references to modern English in some "names of Gods" throughout our history--today I have a little more to say about that, starting with "Uranus" and "Jesus" which I've talked about before... but it's such a pivotal and "awesome" connection that I think it's a good place to start.  Cracking the name Uranus splits two ways for me... but first it's important, I think, to point out that this is the Roman Sky God... which is an "Adamic" equivalent for the "God of Heaven."  So either way you break it, "you ran, it's us" or "Your an us"  it does a good job of matching our carpenter (of Heaven)'s macaronic (that's Spanglish here)'s soul's exclamation (that's what names mean, to remind you) that "J is Us."  Awesome you might easily or with some scrutiny find to be somewhat humorous as it's "a we... so me."   It's important to clarify that my "a we" is clearly defined in an as of yet mentioned Hebrew name of God... Elohim.  In Hebrew, the "im" suffix denotes plurality, and I tend to see this as a superposition of "angels" and "God" in the place in the future where we all get what we want (I think we still want it) universal voting, self rule, you know... a Republic of Heaven.  Anyway, to tie it together, if you follow my "mythology" I am the "El" of Is-ra-el and in addition to being a Hebrew word for "strong" I see the Spanish double meaning of both "him" and "the" as ... relevant.  Just to make this more complicated, I'll once again mention Elisha, which correlates the Spanish and Hebrew for "the" (and Holy) through the English "is," and mention that I've previously defined this "acronym" as to help everyone.  So, to help everyone, Elohim has a special English definition of "Everyone Living of him."  

While this may have once looked like a hodgepodge of barely linked ideas, today this stuff is so firmly entrenched in my understanding of mythology and religion that I see it as ... undeniable.  To me, this is light, it's God's connecting of ideas and names through functional stories of a history that we are either living right now or about to begin.  That's what I see nearly every ancient myth, and Biblical story as... a "hidden" prophesy about the life and times of Jesus Christ.  From King David (whose "root" or beginning of his name happens to be my initials in reverse, bent over backwards) to David Letterman... every "J" in the Bible is basically "for Jesus."  So... please don't get upset when I suggest that for 30 pieces of silver the "J who is not sad" would like to turn Jose back into Joseph.. that one, to remind you, is "J of save everyone and pursue happiness."  Understand, that I am doing my best to provide to the world the light that I see... as I am sure it has been carefully laid in our history and religion for this purpose--to free us from slavery... as in Exodus... and to see clearly that the equivalent in religious metaphor is the end of worship.  For me to say that I feel very strongly about killing a myth in exchange for actually providing the benefit of the legend of Jesus Christ... well it's almost exactly how I feel, and in my well-sighted view of the future I do actually believe that the myth and the legend are not lost on me, but literally ex-post-facto designed specifically for me.  I understand, many probably don't see that right now, but it might help to see how much of these myths (which I believe originate from a body of angels in Heaven, literally from the future of a time line very similar to this one) are "prescient," basically that they come from the future... they are not "conjecture."  Anyway, San Jose lives here, with no money every day, of course it might help to understand that with just a few dollars to my name, I could probably fall this wall all on my own... say, with a single billboard.  Of course the world's lack of any monetary support is going to put me on the street, literally, where I will definitely no longer be writing to you.  So in addition to my loneliness, it is literally hunger that is going to kill the man that eventually is responsible for the end of world hunger.... try caring, I need you to do that.  For those with ears to hear, the day when I am financially able to buy a beer is a big victory for JC and humanity--it's the moment that free speech and the truth have been saved, essentially the line that marks the survival of democracy and freedom.... so I don't really feel bad about explaining why I need you to light my fire. 

If it's of any interest, I've previously promised that any proceeds that come from the sales of books or ad revenue related to my work, over $10,000,000 per year would be donated to a new charity.  If you think that's wrong, f you.  I've tried to define this charity, as one that would be openly governed by all interested parties, with the purpose of using these previously hidden technologies (and obviously ones we are aware of, like agriculture) to preserve and protect freedom, end world hunger, heal the sick, and eventually provide an open door to Heaven.  I think it's probably pretty clear that in a free world the sum of charitable contributions from my work would probably exceed billions.   This is who I am, I am happy with me.  It is a sort of living will, it is published, and it is ... probably the reason Willy Wonka (for the blind, that's "will why won ka") got his name.  "Ka" by the way, is Adamic for the "body of Christ" (literally) and you might see some more light in the name "Veruka," which is macaronic for..."to see you are the Ka."  To echo that "there's a little bit of something me in everything in you" is an understatement, it's not a delusion or "artificial highlight" to see the links between Kentucky and Clark Kent, nor between He-man and Adam... truly all around you light is focused on this.  On walking out of the nacht.

So here we are, today talking about the Biblical phrase "the world hated me before they hated you" and the ideas of ending worship and providing for freedom here on Earth and in Heaven as all being interrelated.  I did not write the light, I have no written this story that is my life--that was all done for me, please understand that it is my will too, though I probably wouldn't have gone about it in quite this way had I had free will throughout this experience--you see, between the "early light" of American history, and Phillip K. Dick, and that monumental agreement in Washington that is a reference to Osiris... it's clear to me that the life of Adam is a created one, a key to unlocked the light in our history that links Egyptian myth to Jesus Christ to the history of America from John Hancock to Richard Nixon to... to... Adam himself... shedding his grace for you.  Just like these things are intricately detailed and laid down like a tapestry through time.... I imagine it will one day be clear that this process too--the Revelation and the spread of it's light through the world is equally well planned.  I'm telling you He's done this on purpose, to help not only the final result bring the freedom promised to us hundreds and thousands of years ago (you know, in the Declaration of Independence and in Exodus) but also to help ensure that this quite significantdisruption (colloquially, in Silicon Valley, this almost universally a good thing) in the history of humanity does not cause damage or pandemonium, but actually brings us to the doorstep of Heaven.  So this is how I apologize for telling you the truth about my life (which provides for proof of creation and positive confirmation of the will and purpose of God here (in Joshua's Promised Land.. that's America)), for delving Heaven, and for ensuring that we do not lose freedom... I'm telling you I am sorry that this myth is going away, and that your kids won't fall victim to the same blind faith in a story that previous generations and many of you did.  I will say again, that this blind faith ... up until today ... is probably giving you everything you wanted from it... except for a fuzzy care bear with a cross on it's tummy or tooth fairy--or am I that?  

On this thing that is called "J-er-USA-le-m," this interaction between J and the USA that Heaven pops out of--the light is spread, bright, and right... the world is basically the same--it's time to fall the wall.

Hey, don't take my "ph" away, I've earned it... and so have you.  From the Pharaoh to the Pharisees, see it is "The Pursuit of Happiness."

Adam, re-all-y... telling you this is the Gift of the Jedi, I mean Magi--when you light it, I really will be Christ... like... ish.

Is it a big deal, the "ineffable" name?  It's probably a big deal, and like everything else in religion when you see all the work that's been added recently, it at least shows me that we have more than "bright show" I begged for, we have enlightenment everywhere you look, from Dr. Who to Dr. Seuss to Captain EO and Figment.  You've got it, you just have to take a look around, and try seeing that this is Creation, and everything we do is telling me I'm right.   To set right what once went wrong, that's what Dr. Samuel Beckett (who isn't going to "be CK" by the way, look) Farrokh Mercury bellowed that we're a battle with the darkest power, fighting for life itself and the sanctity of our minds.  Captain EO is clear enough, "we are here to change the world."  It's really about pre-crime and what it means to have access to these technologies and continue to civilize...

 So I probably picked on Taylor a little too much, I'm feeling a little remorseful, I mean... she's definitely living the "Little Cindy Who" part, don't you think?  It's Creation (oh, it's me.. too), it's to show us what that means, from the Green Dragonish monster that also happened to play some "Almighty" character, and Mr. Truman himself... do you see the answer to "What is the Matrix?"  Connect the dots, I'm showing you the light that Osiris and Shu filled the void with--read that again because it was a void after here, and t's been filled with light.  It also happens to be the same feather Yankee Doodle stuck in his hat, just before riding to town on an apocalyptic pony.

Adamah (Biblical Hebrew : אדמה) is a word, translatable as ground or earth, which occurs in the Biblical account of Creation of the Book of Genesis.[1] The etymological link between the word adamah and the word adam is used to reinforce the teleological link betweenhumankind and the ground, emphasising both the way in which man was created to cultivate the world, and how he originated from the"dust of the ground".[1] Because man is both made from the adamah and inhabits it, his duty to realise his own potential is linked to a corresponding duty to the earth.[2] In Eden, the adamah has primarily positive connotations, although Adam's close relationship with the adamah has been interpreted as likening him to the serpent, which crawls upon the ground, thus emphasising his animal nature.[3]

That's @YitsHEYzeus, help us see the light of ... ending censorship.

So Who-ah again?  Come on, it's a Matrix of answers... who asks that question?  Oh right, Denzel and... and...

I mean there's no doubt this is the secret of the "ineffable name," which ties right back to every other Holy name of God, like 'ha-shem?"  It's "YA-HU-AH," which we'd probably see a pattern flowing right out of Egypt if we cared to do any research at all into "these kinds of things" rather than just assuming someone will come say "Adam Marshall Dobrin" is the droid you are looking for.  The name of Jesus in Hebrew, of course, is Yeshua.  So Ya, who-ah? and Yes... who-ah?

"Yahweh" may also have appropriated Anat, the wife of Baal, as his consort, as Anat-Yahu ("Anat of Yahu," i.e., Yahweh) is mentioned in 5th century records from the Jewish colony at Elephantine in Egypt. Yeah, who?

I've explained Venus, that's the woman clothed in the darkness; and you probably don't need help anymore connecting Neptune and nepotism with the sonic light.  ADonAi (that's Lord Who, to you) the people being given understanding of the true origin of God and now, life... of the inner workings of Heaven and... survival.  It's "Artificial Intelligence" and be sure it's not "our final invention" it's us, it's evolution continuing with technology... either with the wisdom laid out before us or... not.  Really, there's no choice.

So it's probably not that big of a deal that I am pointing out the "First and the LastAdam is here, I mean there's lots of people with that name,  It is a little bit bigger of a deal that I am pointing out that prescient knowledge of the English language in nearly every ancient name of every God--and that we just don't seem to notice.  Not only that, it's highlighted specifically by religion, truly Holy words delivering us from the wilderness.., see purpose. It's all for a reason, to show us where we've come from, and how to avoid continuing to not understand why he sees no reason that the fifth of November should ever be forgot.  Oh right, that's another time traveling doctor.  So hundreds of paradoxiical coincidences, or ... it's really the Apocalypse.

A great sign appeared in heaven: a woman clothed with the sun, with the moon under her feet and a crown of twelve stars on her head.  Revelation 12:1


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Adam Marshall Dobrin


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