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Ministry of Forbidden Knowledge Mail - If any man will do his will, he shall know of the doctrine, whether it be of God, or whether I speak of myself. John 7:17

Adam Marshall Gerson-Dobrinsky <amg-d@letthemusicsetyoufree.tk>

If any man will do his will, he shall know of the doctrine, whether it be of God, or whether I speak of myself. John 7:17

Adam Marshall Gerson-Dobrinsky <amg-d@letthemusicsetyoufree.tk> Fri, Feb 3, 2017 at 10:18 AM
To: erica@dasgroup.com, mgray@npr.org, Roxana Saberi <roxana.saberi@aljazeera.net>


Through music and it's connection to scripture I am showing you how I see God's message and will written through time; it is my answer to John 7:17; and my hope is that you will see the light shining as I do and seek to understand and search for these patterns that turn to speech with thought and a kind of interpolation that we seem to be failing to connect between recent events and the lessons of history.  Far more than just music, His message comes to us in ... literally everything ... from Nintendo to RattleRod ( it is to be...) to the Fifth Element , to Phillip K. Dick's  Minority Report and Do you think Android dreams of Electric Sheep ?     It takes time and analysis to even glimpse His words, and Holy tears that turn from sadness to wonder with understanding .   See clearly that this shows a common author and will that brings us from the SEA of initials in Eden to the shining sea of the generation of Revelation, you .

  Inline image 1   legend.lamc.la    
'tis the Hammer of Thor's thunderstsanding ; a symphony of vibrating light to accompany ... freedom .  Help this message reach the entire world , and we are nearly home.

Every now and then, Taylor's pants change everything.  Words, I mean words... what did I say?  Please look directly at the Neuralizer.

For I have given unto them the words which thou gavest me; and they have received them, and have known surely that I came out from thee, and they have believed that thou didst send me.  John 17:8

The epic battle between good and evil, God and Satan, right and wrong, want and need... wages each and every day in my mind.  Torn between what I think is considered normal now, and what might be considered normal a thousand years from today ... by myself and a whole society whose credo of "I'll try anything once" has shifted and morphed after years of experience to something very different.  Today I come to you speaking words of wisdom that I say   are imbued with the Spirit of God himself.... and maybe colored and swayed after years of hard chiseling away at the outer exterior of perfection by the dreams and wants of a Wayward Son.

Walking into this mess of a situation there was simply no hope of being perfect in the eyes of each and every one of you--whose ideas of perfect are so different from one set of eyes to another and even the same set... one century from the next.  So as we dance together here on Ground, you will have to settle for what the Holy Bible calls "perfect in the eyes of God," and believe me when I tell you those Hazel eyes are smitten with me.  

I can Haz El , right?  Is the apple of my eye ... i am only 36 years old, a baby in the eyes of the smiling old man whose soul sits behind these eyes... and I'll try anything once... if you let me.

Not sure if you heard me, but my self-appointed perfect job is helping us all find out what it is that is morally OK and what is not, in the place where that is a group decision ... AKA Heaven, so here i am, sharing my dreams and wants and needs and what I think are yours too, sometimes,

I'd like to go over some of the ideas presented in "rocking the world with an Iron Rod" and explain how I think my vision is nothing short of the actualization of the verse in the subject.  These ideas have come to me independent of scripture (in most cases), dreams that I have had, day dreams about the possibilities of virtual reality, and in nearly every case of what I have presented to the world they have later been affirmed or corroborated by what I am presenting as "the True Word of God."

I am beginning this list with what I think appeared to be the least well spoken subject in that -mail and so I noted it in the introduction there and am again reiterating the idea of "eternal youth" as being something that I want, and I can imagine that most people older than me will probably think is a good idea.  In the e-mail the Hammer of Neo's Light comes to us from the fusion of the name of an author and content of a novel (Feed, written by Anderson) to Neo's name in the Matrix (Mr. Anderson) ... throwing in some linguistic spice we add the word "eternity" which combines the Latin, Cinematic, Musical, and Spanish words for "and" around a word very topically relevant to this discussion.

My vision is of a "room" (in the context of John 14 ... and see AD and Silicon in that number ) or ... a realm , in Heaven, where when you enter you can choose to appear as you did in any age in your life; maybe older in some (sad) cases.  As corroboration that this vision is shared by the Creator of the Universe I present the lyrics to "Forever Young" and note with a passion that Rolling Stone recently published an article about this very song being covered by Anderson East.   Yeast, you will recall, denotes that it comes to us as a message from the future--in this case tying Mr. Anderson directly to the Feed/Matrix concepts of "divine inspiration" ( I know kung fu ) and the inclusion of this particular detail in the Iron Rod message... where it probably wouldn't have been otherwise. 

Between the messages of the New Glowing Bush and #netERson  I used a similar logic to explain how the idea of divine inspiration is functionally related to the deliverance of those messages--both Bush's speech and the content of the novel Feed--and the divine marker of the names Bush and Anderson in the two authors.  Again, divine inspiration is part of not only the messages but the mechanism behind the messages.  

Here , the lyrics of Forever Young give some real insight into how this specific idea, a Fountain of Youth, might be related very much to this moment in time that we will eventually know is the Second Coming.

May the good Lord be with you
Down every road you roam
And may sunshine and happiness
surround you when you're far from home
And may you grow to be proud
Dignified and true

And do unto others
As you'd have done to you
Be courageous and be brave
And in my heart you'll always stay

May good fortune be with you
May your guiding light be strong
Build a stairway to heaven
with a prince or a vagabond

And when you finally fly away
I'll be hoping that I served you well
For all the wisdom of a lifetime
No one can ever tell

But whatever road you choose
I'm right behind you, win or lose

For, Forever Young

Taylor, you keep using this word never ; I do not think it means what you think it means.  Laying down the rungs of these stairs together, I ask you all now that since Taylor has given me verbal permission to use her her body, and I think it's OK to do so; venturing up those spiral stairs you will find 2 twin copies of Taylor controlled by Ai skinny dipping in the King's Pool had you ventured up our spiral stairs?  Trying anything once; what if I put my soul behind those gorgeous blue eyes and instead of her, a copy of me was controlled by Ai for the few minutes I'd spend exploring that scenario in the King's Pool?  Honestly, I am trying to show you what I call the lines on the road--I can't tell for sure if these are the dashed lines that show us the way to go, or if they are the solid lines that define which way the lane is traveling.   

In all honesty it is just such a scenario that I may have found myself in at one time; if I had "gone ahead to prepare a place for you" rather than hoping we build it together here and now; all alone and listening to Britney Spears ... do believe though it is the very next line of John chapter AD that talks about this particular journey to Atlantis.  So, in the world of virtual reality and video games--when we can be completely submerged in the Pool and the moment, what's right and what's wrong?

As Taylor points out so eloquently; there is a grand focus here in this place and this story on the sacredness of consciousness ;  one that would most certainly preclude the possibility of her actually being in the King's Pool and never remembering it--just like the idea of me or you reliving this same life once or twice... or three times ; would absolutely never be allowed -- if we knew it has happened.   Somewhere between a blow up doll and the computer discussing Special Relativity in the clothing of Albert Einstein lies the seat and line of sentience.... and there at that place the question of agreement comes up, every single time.   Trading Places... Taylor     Big ?

Take note because without this little public display of affection you might not realize how big of a deal it is that we ensure that nobody (( ever )) steals a copy of Taylor and re-runs the same "first kiss" scene over and over and over in their minds.  That's an ever , booming with the authority of Thor's hammer.

oh  my  god , i might not  let  you take  it  back.

[ Caption Contest ]

These two details I mention, as they did not appear at all in the original rendition of "Sharing the Iron Rod;"  I believe that hearing the number I chose in 2013 in Kentucky in the Fortress of Solitude as I discussed what it was that I thought should happen in light of the new information I had received--it was this exact number, and hearing it echoed in the hallowed halls of the musical accompaniment to scripture and Revelation gives me the strength to know that God agrees; that I am presenting to you not only on my authority but His as well.  In my mind, in my story, this idea of immortality has always been part of the thread that matches in context to the fate of Christ; an Adam who lives for almost a thousand years, and some hallowed words; believe... " the best is yet to come. "
Inline image 1

About as close to immortality as I could imagine today; and yet it's hard to imagine to live even twice as long as I have right now--so what else do you think there is to do in Heaven?  For work?  For play?  Surely we can't spend all our time talking to not-Taylor and trying to merge new combinations of furniture and musical instruments.   While we're here looking at the word "rapture" blown up; I might comment that the best solution... one day in some future that might be a year or a decade or three ... not a century .. away; two-way Doors might alleviate the fear of your best friend disappearing until the day you die.

And on (( this )) day
When my strength is failing
The end draws near
And my time has come
Still my soul will
Sing Your praise unending
Ten thousand years
And then forevermore

For some closing words, let's talk about voting ... I can't even convey to you how surprised I am at the number of people that think ... for one reason or another ... that this idea is either not practical, not possible, or would never be allowed.  I've got to again point out that it is not my light or my authority that glows bright in the company Die Bold; but it is thename of my last written book; and in my .... insightful vision it is not only nothing short of inevitability... it is the single most important step and change that brings us out of Hell and starts building Heaven.   Honestly, I live in the twilight zone--what happened to the land of the free, and the angels that overthrew a King to advance the state of humanity (and not pay their taxes) .  Where are men and women who fought and protested the Vietnam war?  All for what?   Take a step back, a deep breath, and some solace--we know what we are doing.

Inline image 1

Just to refresh your memory; the link to the authority of God and Jesus Christ comes here from a direct connection to the words of Revelation 1:20 which heralds the Second Coming with a mystery about bright light resting on lamp stands of chemistry elements--pointing out a connection between science and religion and proving that time travel exists.   Intertwined with this proof, comes Holy reference to type face and type style--a prescient tie fperhaps directly to the idea of voting machines "winning the race" fo connecting Die Bold and "the strong" by way of Yankee Doodle's macaroni , a little German and some geek.

Connecting Anderson's "thought inception" to the ideas of divine inspiration and the New Covenant of Adonai is pretty easy; seeing it come to us through the Matrix , and Feed , and this e-mail  is nothing short of realizing that scripture is coming to life right before our eyes.

A New Covenant
32 not like the covenant which I made with their fathers in the day I took them by the hand to bring them out of the land of Egypt, My covenant which they broke, although I was a husband to them," declares the LORD.  33 "But this   is the covenant   which   I will make   with the house   of Israel   after   those   days,"   decl ares   the LORD,   "I will put   My law   within   them and on their heart   I will write   it; and I will be their God,   and they shall be My people.   34 "They will not teach again, each man his neighbor and each man his brother, saying, 'Know the LORD,

Inline image 4  

I hate to tell you all this sad news, but I won't be able to e-mail you so often.  It seems that I am going to have to do most of the development work on this thing that I will probably akin to the Sword of Our Revolution all on my own.  As you know I like to "ish" Holy   words to make them just a little bit better... in this particular case there is no "ish" needed, but a change in everything to make this phrase just a little more accurate when changed.

If you want something done right, you have to do it all by yourself. ( wink )

Here's another "ish" for you of John Legend, " even when you lose I'm winning"  believe me when I tell you that the silence and inaction that I see nearly universally when in the context of God's message and reaction from everyone related to these technologies is equivalent  losing everything  in the eyes of God.

To remind you once more, I am looking to develop a distributed content publishing platform, something like "medium" say--that incorporates voting and Reddit style content rating and selection which those of you who have not seen in action won't realize is a wonderful double-edged solution to the problem of "fake news."  

I used Grammarly for this latest e-mail was it easier to understand?  It didn't suggest a comma there where I'd have put one without a doubt and it even let this sentence go without any suggestion. I guess I won't be asking Grammarly anything about Special Relativity on the holodeck .

I wonder if any of you see "Satan" (or Samspa ?) as a sort of Inline image 1  of very poor taste.


... and a sword to light the way ...
Genesis 3:24

fromthemachine.org     fb.me/admdbrn      

On Thu, Feb 2, 2017 at 10:45 AM, 311  < 311@devilsadvocate.tk >  wr ote:
I've gotten an abnoramlly high number of unsubscribes from the "other group" about yesterday's message; which I thought was... good.  If anyone has feedback, I need it now--a message that discusses anti-aging, near immortality, and ideas for the creation of heaven that are tied to scripture in fifteen places seemed like a good idea to me.  I'm a little baffled.  Does anyone have feedback about the "rocking Doors?"  Better ideas?  

I imagine it's possible just because of the frequency and source address changing breaking filters but; like 5 in one day is strange.

Thanks.  Maybe this will get some out of you? :)  Kidding, kidding.  Honestly, I am going to shut up for awhile and spread Exxon/BP's oil over the rest of the sea--get it?  Ignite, the third time is the charm!
Whether or not you see it clearly, there is a fight going on here between one man and the entire world; taking a step back and really understanding what that means in context... there is a fight here between the entire world and a message the brings you the truth.  I think that between the construction of our history and world that we see clearly defined in this history, and the few artifacts of scientific evidence that amount to another wall--a widespreade lack of understanding that quantum mechanics is the exposure of the inner workings of a rendering engine and a "cheat code" for moving information and energy instantly--begins to open our eyes to exactly where we are.  

This is a place with a hard lock on it, not seeing that these things have already significantly harmed the world of advanced physics and thought about the world is a problem... not seeing that this harm places us in a position where we do not understand the true laws of nature--a key--the laws of nature, makes this battle one of life and death for consciousness and civilization.

There is no logical reason to be fighting the disclosure that we are in virtual reality--one designed to help us use that information as a tool to build Heaven, to make the world a better place... other than the slightly "upbeat" idea that perhaps this world was designed to be dumped or printed into reality giviing our world a sort of one-up on Heaven and the virtual Creation from which we would be coming.  That upbeatness is fleeting however, seeing a world like this one, darkly confused and hiding the truth from everyone just simply "printed" into reality would not look humane or... helpful to anyone that might be watching--specifically the civilizations more advanced than ours that have harnessed the power of time and would see this "print' happening.  

Imagine that's the truth, and everyone here this moment has a choice between building Heaven of our home using the tools that have clearly been used to retard the assimilation of technology by our civilization--or hiding the fact that we have that choice right now, and placing our entire society in reality, a poitn of no return, something akin to kicking everyone everywhere out of the city and even the suburbs and telling them they must rough it in outback or die with no choice.  There's really no choice here--nobody in their right mind would print this world in its current state of mass delusion into reality; on top of that, the resources to print an entire world would be astronomical.

On the other hand, using Mars or another colonization as a sort of teaching tool and prototype for the exit of a civilization from a virtual crucible makes much more sense.  There is no hiding where you've come from, nor is there any reason to hide it if everythingt is done... on the "up and up" from this point on.  We have been lied to, en masse, and because of that we have fought wars and made decisions based on a set of truths that make our "reality"  a false one, a new truth taht acts just like the existsance of  this "retardation machine" that most people will probably call Satan  ... to provide the religiously promised ideas of absolution and salvation once this message is truly received.

While the more logical among us probably would have considered the idea of Satan closer to Figment at Disney World (and believe, just like that character Figment is doing a good job of pointing out the light of things to change) we are in a place where we will soon realize that thing does actually exist.  Here, clearly seen in the assimililation of computing technology for the purposes of democracy--the Bible highlights specifically that the lack of progress linked to "Die Bold" through Ecclesiates 9:11 and the fiiery opening of my dialogue was forseen (and point in fact obviously created).  Figuring out "why" this would be done is not a difficult thing to answer; clearly once we see the effect and the possibilites we will move to correct them in a much swifter way than had this been the first time around and this lack of progress were due  solely  to the idea of "absolute power corrupting absolutely," to the actions of lawmakers and heads of state who wanted to maintain a much higher degree of power over the people.  In this story, it becomes even more clear that the problems we face are more widespread than that; we also have a mass sort of apathy towards self governance, low voter turnouts that would become lower and lower as the voting frequency increased.  It seems that as a group we do not give much credence to the idea that our participation is meaningful or can "change things," and because of that... as we face a change that would significantly increase our control of our own govertnment and ability to "change things" we are apathetic and laxidaisical about it.  It's a silly thing to be today, in this place where the truth of the matter is Satan is doing everything he can to ensure that we are keen to participate and understand the  concepts and issues facing the highest level of government right now.
See this entire event as a sort of " press and release " on a spring, that we are designed to bounce the other way and take part in self governance and great care in the issues occuring before our eyes--and then see that those two words are the root of the word "print," a new key to me further pointing out that we are quite assuredly in "t," we are  in the mind of Christ.

There is a commonly mistranlated understanding that A.D. perhaps means "after death," when in fact it means "this is the year of our lord."  It is no mistake or coincidence; there is probably a faction of people who think it would be wise to suppress the Revelation of Jesus Christ until after he has passsed, to seize the sword from the living hands of the man who--credit where credit is due--has spent his entire life working towards sharing the knowledge and power that are associated with the word "Christ." It seems silly to me--looking at this spectacle--that this entire world would choose unanimously (see that, because it takes only one reporter to break this story... this unanimity is very much a glowing sign of something inhuman and contrary to the workings of our society in play) to postone the betterment of our world and our transit to Heaven, ostensibly what hiding this message today does. I believe that I have done a fair job of communicating my desires as well as in deed destroyed the possibility of Lord Christ ever fulfilling the final words of the "Once and Future King" prophesy which so eloquently connects this sword to the Stone speaking to you.  It is because I agree with that purpose, of creating a better democracy, of truly understanding how "here we are," Sam the I AM and being born in America focuses on my deep rooted love for the values and great strides made during the time of the American Revolution.  

Think back to that oil metaphor at the beginning; this is Holy Oil--like from Chanukah, and the fire is bound to start... there's just no way around it.  What will they say about me and this time when it does?  Hopefully we will be thankful that we didn't miss  this chance.

Sadly, we are standing here and I am telling you that without my disruption you have lost absolutely everything promised to you by God--no coincidence or mistake.

You have proof that an Oracle of God speaks to you, a window into the soul of all of Creation... one that understands what is going on, and has an optimistic path that I believe will help us reach the hallowed halls of Heaven more quickly than you could possibily imagine.

I suggest you  listen to  the messiah  (was  mess age) , and  seize the day.

Listen to the mess we have here in our world, it is in one moment both speaking to us and showing us a better way.   My initial comment that this is an "argument" between Adam and the world is not a mistake either--see in this e-mail how it is that the Second Coming is designed to rock the status quo, to help us to cahnge for the better and seize power that we rightfully have... if we are willing to speak up and participate. 

For 16 points find the Interrobang.