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Ministry of Forbidden Knowledge Mail - Raise your hand if you think Donald Trump should acquire the newspaper or TV station you (might) work for.

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Adam Marshall Dobrin <adam5@reallyhim.com>

Raise your hand if you think Donald Trump should acquire the newspaper or TV station you (might) work for.

Adam Marshall Dobrin <adam5@reallyhim.com>Sun, Dec 4, 2016 at 1:58 PM
To: Adam Marshall Dobrin <zero@shiningbright.online>
Put your hand down and carry on if you think it would be easier and more effective to just nationalize the press.

I want to blame you getting two emails today on my gmail scheduler, the "fire" was supposed to get sent early this morning; so it would be fresh in your minds on Monday morning for you to write an article, or a memo to your boss, or a colleague.   Instead i'll mention that the spark in that e-mail is designed to help you change the world--to do the stuff you want, to really make a change.  To break your company in half, or install a dictator of the Universe... if that's what you vote for.  For that link, I will remind you that I am very sure that the historical representations of the Anti-Christ (JC, NP, and AH are tagged verbosely) are a hidden record of previous incarnations of ... my life ... just like you might see the same pattern in the Horsemen of the Apocalypse, and the series of creation God's of ancient Egypt.. from Atum to Ra, through St. Peter.

Imagine a world where, like an overnight sensation this story broke on every network.  No need to give anyone credit for taking the leap, and caring about the truth more than the tooth fairy; so single person other than the President is responsible for "finding Jesus Christ."  Of course, he merely did the unthinkable and used his newly acquired series of defense contractors.. formerly known Lockheed, Northrop Grumman and Martin Marietta to strong arm Area 51 into opening their records of time travel escapades to the new America Illumination Corporation... and then instantly notified the public of the existence of a Time Lord (UOA) in South Florida... for capture.  Don't worry, the contract bidding process was taken into account for the decrease in number of bidders--and the results of those deals... an automated army of peacemakers to replace the recently "fired" police force was released under the newly modified "For Our Interests, America" Act. 

I really am glad we had this opportunity to work together, Donald... please, don't take it personally.  On social media, something my readers have yet to discover the value of, I've commented that this appears to be the start of "America's Darkest Comedy Hour."  In a world which I've been sure to describe as Satan's delightful land of highlighting the things that once caused a financial ice age" one of my prime examples has always been the loss of the "for the people" in our government by a campaign contribution policy that literally puts the financial and ... well, basically if a congressperson wants to keep their job, they have to follow corporate interests--something that is diametrically opposed to the "spirit of our great land."  Anyway, in this place... where these kinds of things are not just being highlighted by forcing "severe extremity" it only makes sense for one of the most well known business men in the world to be elected President... right in the wake of my sermon about Congressional term limits.  That website, countable.us, of note.. as the kind of thing that might turn into a "real democracy" were there .. you know, more than one of them and people just a little more interested in "commenting" about legislation they care about.

Back to the topic at hand, if you happen to be of the opinion that the recent consolidation in American media to only 6 companies holding 90% of the nation' weapon against totalitarian dictatorship... is having a negative impact on not just the reviews of Ivanka's book, The Trump Card (and mine), but a detriment to the entire process of "continuing freedom" not just in America... well, you agree with Jesus Christ.  It's probably time to start talking about using those Anti-Trust laws... you know, to protect the interests of the truth and the people  What you see before you is nothing short of the end of democracy, realize that--because this is your last, best hope for fixing it.

I'm not calling you a fool, that's my Trump Card, really.  I swear, that 0, that's the sign of the sun--I mean it's really it's symbol.  

Guys, this is a link to a website called "Twitter," according to God it's one of the places where you can really easily see that the government--or some force of invisible aliens--has implemented a censor wall... all over our internet.  If you care about that sort of thing, still.  If not, check your head.  Anyway, here's the link to the Office of Government Ethics suggesting Trump divest his interests to the Vatican--that's like a "mailing address" for sites on the internet--which is a fancy communications tool, one created by the American Military in order to prevent losing communications infrastructure in the event of... oh, sh!t.

See the light, this is not funny.



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The sum of your word is truth.

-Psalm 119

I keep telling you that the truth hangs in the balance, that the internet might just "disappear" one day... put two and two together and download or read these edits--this is the kind of thing that can transparently "vanish" overnight.  Printing things, an ingenious solution.  

Like in Back to the Future, below... in what I am asking you to save--you can already see the machinations of evil erasing the truth.... how stupid are you?

I have a nightmare about waking up one day and the entire world just being "content" with knowing that the technology being used to enslave them is "omnipotent magic."  You are making that dream come true.