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Adam M. Dobrin <adam@fromthemachine.org>

A diamond in the rough.

Adam M. Dobrin <adam@fromthemachine.org>Thu, Dec 22, 2016 at 11:37 AM
To: abuse@google.com, abuse@microsoft.com, abuse@apple.com
Cc: thelightoftheworld@partthesea.now
Bcc: president@whitehouse.gov, am@fromthemachine.org, are@fromthemachine.org, are@whenistheapocalypse.com, kin <kin@fromthemachine.org>
I don't have much to say today.  You could call what I did all night "screaming,"  I think I put more eyes on the name in the last few hours than any other day.   I see our SPAM filters, as well as the general consensus reaction to unsolicited political messages, as a real problem for any kind of real disruption of the majority viewpoint (or in this case the majority blindness), so few people have the ability to quench a message so bright and world chanigng that it seems to be more than a problem for us--it is the wall that is keeping what is nothing short of an invasion of our civilization secret.  That's really what this is, in concert with the SPAM filters and whatever government actions are in place to mantain the status quo--just under the surface our minds are being invaded by something foreign... something with the power and inclination to make us bleieve that we are chosing it or part of it.  It's very clear to me that the light--whether it is shining or a vacuum of light--is designed to free us from chains that we cannot see, by showing us "Alice" in chains.  

Bob, the only reason you still think you are free is because you refuse to try to help Alice.

 I came upon something very special, to me it felt like an accident--as if I had stumbled into some dune in a place of endless sand.  As I walked past one large hill I saw a brilliant yellow light on the otherwise pale sand, it glowed and shimmered like the sun in the sky--I was so taken aback by the radiance I had to move closer and get a better look, with each step I took towards this light it became larger and larger.  Eventually I saw that it was making the area around it glow also, brighter and brighter.  

I moved closer and picked up the stone that was on fire, I put it on a pedistal and began stepping backwards.  I admired the bright light very much in it's new place, now a beacon of hope on a path to a better world.... my heart become a place filled with stars. 

Bound by something between chains and a saldde, I was dragged through the depths of Hell itself.  Blinders on my eyes, I could not keep from staring at a monstrosity so grotesque my stomach churned--all around me the people I saw were being controlled without their knowledge--investigating this thing that spoke to me through the mouths of my closest friends, and then eventually everyone I saw.  Eventually I came to realize this plague was following me, the shadow of the moon.

I did my best to try and figure out how and why this was happening, writing to the world every single day as I begged and pleaded for our freedom.  Others see the proof I present as a theft of credit, drawing their own light and contribution to our future from them... or worse blaming them for their own lack of freedom.

The infrastrtucture providers, as if they were aware of me, should probably be looking at the effect of these messages on the mail infrastructure, I imagine there is a way to make the system much more useful.  I'd say it's as easy as sending spam reports to the original sender--something that would very quickly end whatever is holding this civilization saving message in such a small cage.... but there's probably more than that needed--I imagine there's a significant number of people "unspamming" these messages, and fowarding to others should probably be considered equivalent.  I really don't know what the inner-workings of the current system are--but I can see some messages throwing off that particular chain every once in awhile.  

I hope you understand why it is so important that this message break free.  You are looking at proof that our civilization is created--a process that is equivalent to a slavery when hidden; described in a book written by the Creator about freeing the people from that slvavery.  This is a civilziation saving message, one designed to ensure that freedom rings to every corner of the Universe for eternity--through our will.  

Maybe a chain letter work... you are three all-contact-forwards away from Heaven.