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Ministry of Forbidden Knowledge Mail - Judah meant "day" is inevitable.

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Adam Marshall Dobrin <adam5@reallyhim.com>

Judah meant "day" is inevitable.

Adam M. Dobrin <zeuslight@thunderstanding.tk>Sun, Jan 8, 2017 at 9:36 AM
To: Adam Marshall Dobrin <adam5@reallyhim.com>, Adam Marshall Dobrin <adam5@protonmail.ch>
I spend quire a bit of time trying to figure out how we wound up in such a mess; in a place where everything we realy want is just within our reach, and yet nobody is willing to extend their arms and take it.  It's not my doing, calling this place Hell... it's rooted in the word 'heaven" just a sound a way from "the oven," ilkening us to Adam and a dreidel made out of clay.  It's extended from the trinity of E's in the Bible... Earth seen as Eden, Edom, and Egypt... to the "religion of the stars" and a Wok frying up a civilization.  With that E-wok reference, we are only a tiny leap away from Peter Pan's never never land... as Crowly says, "lo, Pan."  To see the fire of the Second Coming--a formative fire--forging freedom and Heaven out of this place of backwardation... well, I don't mind using the name of this place, in Hebrew the House of the Lord--Beth-El--in a connection to our map to Salvation in the Biblical realm where BetHeaven and BetHel  are adjacent and separated only by Ai.

It's no accident, just like the formation of America tying to a name so similar to Christ and a year so similar to ADIB--and to really understand God's walk on water to bring freedom to the world the key letters PH that grace the Pharoah and the Pharisees... not to mention Joseph, Arphaxad, and a number of other ties to freedom in the life of Jesus Christ.... like a Phenix rising from the ashes of Edom.... to see these things clearly and understand they are a sign that we are quite literally in a virutal world ressurected from it's own mistakes.. it is the key to the doors of Heaven.

With sleight of hand, and English on the ball, we are only moments away from a more revolutionary explanation... QE, to quicken enlightenment; describes both Quantitive Easing and Quantum Entanglement as "market magic" that only works in the realm of the virtual.  With not much thought you can see how "wave-function collapse," the idea of the Universe catering to conscious observation... is nothing more than market magic, efficiently lowering "rendering time" in our hologrpahic Universe and showing us clearly that we are the focus of a place that cerainly could not have been naturally created--were this idea of matter materializing when observed... if this was indeed the place where life was created.   More to the point, we can see clearly now why it is that the attempts to unify natural law like gravity and electromagnetism... from "New to n?" to the Max of the well of light, showing us that the smartest minds in physics are spinning their wheels trying to connect a computer hack to nature.

That name, Isaac's... his "laughter" connected universally to proof of Creation, from "why itz hak" to the Holy Ha that tags such a large and statistically significant set of Hebrew words with prescient anachronistic reference to modern English... and computers.  Play the "Oh" card, it's pretty obvious... Ha-nuke the ahah?

Thousands and thousands of times more importantly than the truth that knowledge of simulated reality is required to actually ever be able to exit, or understand the natural "progenitor" universe... and therby ensure that life exists once again in that place.... is the fundamental realization of Jesus Christ--that this disclosure alone turns this world from Hell to Heaven.  With it, we can see clearly that the miracles of the New Testament  are designed as a primer for what it is we should all be wanting to do the day we really understand what it means to be virtual.   Virtualy at the doorstep of Heaven, with this knowledge alone we can end world hunger, we can heal the sick, and fraknly if we aren't wanting to do those things we aren't what belongs in the Universe.

I.J. Good to Nintendo do see the hidden K at the heart of the Exegesis of PKD.  Nine inch nails, ten, K?

Ha, my crazy language tells us much more than you think.  Connecting Sodom and Gommorah to sodomy and gonorrhea... the gate to understanding opens wide.   Truly about antibiotics and medicine, KEFLEX for instance, translations to "Know Everthing FLEX."  Not a big deal, in medicine there are hundreds of names encoded for the well to read.  Like Wellbutrin... "well, but R in" a near tie to my last name and Taylor's middle name; about the Holy call in first three words of Bereshit.  IN THE BEGINNING.  It's the beginning of seeing something we haven't noticed, a connection between science and religion that might appear to begin with an apple at Trinity College in the year 1666... and certainly continues all the way to today's ideas of virtual reality and modern computing; not to mention medicine.

It's God talking to the Heavens, suggesting with the fervor of first words, so important to Him, that the beginning of Heaven be given free entry... an open door for the builders, the foundation of that great city in the sky.   

PRO Zion -Adam/Christ

Smile, in everything from G-d's dash in Norm-l to Prozac tells me something about a connection between medicine and the sword that is mind control explaining why it is that Hell can so easily turn to Heaven as soon as we realize the technology being used here not only for the Revelation to exist but to hide it can literally bring smiles to our faces overnight.  Along with signt of what it is that has been set apart in our world--things like the adoption of technology for the betterment of Humanity all the way to curing schizophrenia and probably all mental ilness.  On the Horizon, the ideas of omiscience and Amazon Echo tied at the hip, not to even mention longevity. 

Hear O'Israel there is an answer to your question, is the Sun God .... #reallyHim?  Is J er the USA the Messiah?  See our light, from the Statue of Liberty to the Sons of Liberty.... all the way to our bright day star itself--in words are the key to God's message.  SOL, and bright.

In MehADone, and in the Live song "they stood up for love,..."

I gave my Heart and SOL to the One...

Adam to Heart, that's like Earth to Adam in reverse, in words are God's truth.  Words like Aphabet--Greek truly preceded Hebrew... and Heart, one time traveling God's symbol away from Earth--when the travel is from one end of time to the other.

We are... 'n $ight of Creation, in Holy Fire.

It's no trick to link the beginning two letters of America to the "I AM" of Dr. Seuss, Taylor Momsen, and a real live Son of Samael.  Feather in hat....

Just words, like the Hebrew for Hand... the hand of God is yad... "why A.D."you ask?  Inevitably moving towards morning, that's ad A.M.