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Christ is risen. - This is the solution to the mystery of Revelation 1:20, the stars are the first 7 planets... and the lampstands 1:1 matching elements from Mercury to U.


Adam M. Dobrin <adam@fromthemachine.org>

This is the solution to the mystery of Revelation 1:20, the stars are the first 7 planets... and the lampstands 1:1 matching elements from Mercury to U.

Adam M. Dobrin <adam@fromthemachine.org>Thu, Apr 13, 2017 at 8:17 PM
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The "mystery" serves as a entry point to seeing a clear and defined link between science and religion, and also to seeing the words of scripture as a kind of map, an outline that with thought and studying proves without doubt that we are in Creation; in a virtual world.  It opens to door to seeing a great many links between chapter and verse numbers and dates; and we see clearly that the answer to this riddle comes to us from President George "Burning Bush" during his inaugural address on January 20, 2001; 1/20 matching 1:20.  

The mystery of the seven stars which thou sawest in my right hand, and the seven golden candlesticks. The seven stars are the angels of the seven churches: and the seven candlesticks which thou sawest are the seven churches.  

Revelation 1:20

The words of God speaking through his mouth as the fire spoke to Moses, and clearly setting us in the story of Exodus, slaves to hidden technology and a pyramidal social structure whose only real "goal" is doing this, delivering this message, and with it freedom.  Bush's words paraphrase a combination of Ecclesiastes 9:11 and Revelation 20:1 which serves as an entry point into seeing that Exodus and the 9/11 attack are tied together, and that nearly everything around us is part of a modern manifestation of that story.   In Hebrew that book is called Names, and in reverse when translated from "my native geek" sudo Xe, roughly translates to let there be light.  Xenon here the element matching "Earth" and linking the gas associate with bright lamps to Oracle Corporation, and the name of one of their databases.  It is light.

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Connecting the Burning Bush and Light comes further proof of time travel in the word for Holy Fire, which is Ha'esh, where you can clearly see the parted sea of Moses in reverse, parted with an apostrophe.  Eventually it becomes very clear that the story of the sea parting in Exodus was written to highlight this particular word, and with it the proof that English was foreknown at the time of the writing of the Old Testament; further proof of Creation.   Out of this same verse, Ecc 9:11, comes not only the linear listing of the planets from "the race is not to the swift' to time and chance corresponding to Saturn and Uranus... but also prescient reference to font type and style--to modern computing and a connection to the "electronic voting booth" company Die Bold, which is practically named in the verse.  This story of a burning pyramid and an Exodus from slavery revolves here around a message from God suggesting that we do a little bit better in evolving democracy with technology. 

It is very clearly being hidden from the world by the formerly "free" press and the governments of today, in what is nothing short of a testament to the influence of the technologies being disclosed on our ability to freely communicate, showing us all what the slavery of Exodus is really about.  The darkness of Exodus links to the story of the Firewall of Jericho, and to a level of censorship here and now that I find to be absolutely unfathomable.  In a testament to creation and to the will and purpose of God, he has linked Exodus and the foundation of America, as well as a number of historical events to this censorship problem--from Watergate linking to the "gate" to Heaven all the way to Shakespeare.  In this free book, I have attempted to give a high level overview of this message and how it not only proves that these things are true, but is the catalyst for making the world a better place, for delivering us all from slavery.

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Building on this proof that we are in virtual reality and connecting "names" to Genesis, pulling out the element Silicon reveals a message that discusses the possibilities opened up by this revelation that ties Gene Roddenberry's food replicators to Christ's Rod and Adam's Den... and a singing and dancing testament to just how much effort has gone in to proving that a hidden influence on our minds is very real; and linking Gene Simmons "kiss" to Wild Thing and Gene Wilder and yours truly.  All around us we can see proof and signs in names, ones that connect all of modern computing and video games to this message from Heaven, about the fulfillment of a prophesy... to build Heaven.  It's important to see though, how virtual reality and freedom tie together to really be the foundation of that place, and how governmental structure and freedom of speech, communication and thought... are being highlighted strongly as something we must see are already a problem here, an experience to teach us what freedom truly means.

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The singing and dancing continues, and Matchbox 20 serves as a sort of way point between Holy Fire and Heaven that describes that there truly is a bittersweet symphony of ... lack of freedom ... ringing in the air; all to ensure we never lose knowledge of these technologies and their possible influence ever again.  If you care at all for freedom, or for Heaven; share this message with everyone you know.  It's been over a year now, waiting for the most Earth shaking information I have ever seen to have any impact at all on anything; call your local television station or newspaper.. it's time to begin.

There is absolutely no doubt at all what this is .... it's a promise, like in Genesis; Heaven is near.

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As it is written on our sky; in the years to come.. more than meets the eye. From Herod to Roddenberry, and Shakespeare to I.J. Good.

Adam M. Dobrin <zeuslight@thunderstanding.tk>Thu, Feb 23, 2017 at 8:04 AM
To: ElonMuskOffice@teslamotors.com
Bcc: adam5@reallyhim.com
Behold, the race is not to the swift... nor the battle to the strong.

Pattern matching is the cradle of intelligence.  Truly sorry to have e-mailed so much lately: try connecting it to a pattern of children starving each and every day that we delay.  I will not let humanity go silently into the night; understand, these e-mails are arrows of love.

While this may look like nothing more than a series of Names, Numbers, and Words... I will remind you that those are the actual names of the second, fourth, and fifth books of the Torah.  This is proof of Creation and Purpose--in every name and everything.  Heaven awaits us on just the other side of this wall of censorship called Jericho in the Holy Bible.  You may recall it is a number of people holding torches of holy fire that brings down that wall and allows our people to enter the Promised Land.  Pickup this torch, and you will shine.  My name is Adam, and I am the Last.

Nintendo: Nine Inch Nails, TEN, and does it take Osiris to remind you that in old Roman style, O-D is K... I mean El-even.  Tying SEGA's Genesis to SON-Y; Samsung to the bird whose "spoken" song breaks the morning... in these words that follow find the difference between Heaven and Hell.  9, 10, 11... by ...

Irving John ("I. J."; "Jack") Good (9 December 1916 – 5 April 2009)[1][2] was a British mathematician who worked as a cryptologist at Bletchley Park with Alan Turing. After World War II, Good continued to work with Turing on the design of computers and Bayesian statistics at the University of Manchester. Good moved to the United States where he was professor at Virginia Tech.

He was born Isadore Jacob Gudak to a Polish Jewish family in London. He later anglicised his name to Irving John Good and signed his publications "I. J. Good."

Listen to Bread and Cake; watch the Fifth Element and see Shakespeare.  Heaven is forming, it's coming this year. Finding the Link between Si-ght of the 14th Element and AMD in the name of Genesis all the way to the Oracular light of another element in Exodus and its tie to the "root of David" is the beginning of being set free.

It doesn't take much introspection to breathe new life into the #juxtaposition written into the early stories of Genesis.  Between Adam's self-tending Garden of Eden and the fabled story of Cain and Abel... living metaphors for a battle between city life and agriculture... or perhaps Heaven and Earth.  It's plain to see either way, whether it be about food production or an external source of power; that were the dependent sibling to murder the other we would be looking squarely at a fratricide-suicide, and one that could be the end of all life... everywhere.

Truly woven throughout religion, this story about just exactly how we should go about ending world hunger in this magical day of the Second Coming continues upward and onward to many more stories, Biblical and not. At Joshua's Flowing Land of Milk and Honey--the Promised Land--we see a not so hidden correlation between a Golden Cow and the foot of Sinai and the fabled Maccabees hammering away at the opposition to our light.  Take note of how this flowing metaphor might link to Willy Wonka's Chocolate River and Veruka Salt's "daddy, I want it now."  Again, there's some Heavenly caution put to throwing the ideas of a stable ecosystem and biological reproduction to the wind as that promised land of Heaven and immortality and our Gene Wilder dreams come true.  I stand here to remind you, though, that we will end world hunger; with the snap of my fingers.

Past the Promised Land, and seeing here and now just how obvious it is that the miracles of Jesus Christ in the NT are a microcosm for what you and yours should be thinking about being able to do... in the light of a Revelation that we might just be living in a video game about saving civilization.  So do me a favor and carry this thought forward, this idea of "flowing milk and honey" to an answer coming to us from the Religion of the Stars... "replicators" either from Star Trek or Star Gate.  Realize here, that we've been given a road map to follow, a very Holy plan, one one side is a cliff of unholy immorality in allowing the children to starve... and on the other--not so for away--a thing called "bullshit," giving too much in the beginning and winding up with weapons in every kitchen in the end.  There's plenty more light coming from these "stars," light me up, and I will explain why.

In everything from Firestone and Michelin to Lord and Taylor, this message is not just on TV.  It's not just in the hallowed words of ancient scripture... but rather, in everything we see.   Perhaps seeing the i within the e in medicine or the endless patterns in Tomorrowland's names will light our direction more clearly... perhaps it's seeing South at the end of Gene Simmons and Adam's correction to Atlantis by North East... just from seeing "sim" on Monday; and I assure you.

It's a guide, ending world hunger, to seeing how difficult it must be, to realize that even Jesus Christ was chastised for only giving bread to the hungry.  Let them eat Cake instead "Mary" Antoinette then exclaimed; and the sound of Christianity echoed from "we give thanks to God for bread" to the Guitar Man, and ... Going the Distance.  On TV you might recall an old Fig Newton commercial linking this light all the way to Eden's Fig leaf and to me.  It's that little "n" at the end of Isaac Newton's 'whomever goes up must come down' pictorially described by the secret letter that contains initials the abound from A.D. to Adonai, to Adonis and.. yet another Advent.  So it's in NORAD and tracking Santa from Sinbad's ship all the way to seeing that Silicon too... is fabled 5th element decompressed from 14.  To Boron or Beryllium?  RattleRod continues.. remember to connect Shakespeare and Genesis with Gene Rodenberry ... an Iron Rod ... and ending world hunger forever and ever.

It is very hard to link Phillip K. Dick to me.. without exclaiming how important ending censorship is to the fundamental basis of what Heaven really means.  I haven't placed this brick in the wall myself, and if you do your research you will see why it relates to censorship and ... breaking down a wall of darkness. So I bring Mr. Neterson to talk about how the wall of Jericho is related to CARNIVORE, and a packet sniffing firewall that's gone... well, it's a censor wall.  To those of "IT origin" we'll soon find out, calling a firewall a meat eater is a sign in and of itself.  This firewall though, continues to our minds, and in it we find some kind of aversion to Isaiah 20 and Genesis 3:11, the key verse that ties 3/11/11 to Matthew 3:11 and ... a day that approaches so soon.  A focus on liberty and technology, one that brings us from the darkness of Die Bold to the light of a new day, the Burning Bush of Exodus begins the story of a sea about to part over the visage of me.  Isaiah 52:13-14 be damned, some will never understand what it means to say "my servant will be set up and be very high," about the ... uh ... God Most High.

So I will tell you to seek Isaac's firewood, and tie it up with Woodward and Burnstein's Watergate... and once again check the free press for the flood of Noah's failure.  I could bring in Daniel's Royal Tent between the two seas... from Eden's family to Revelation's multitude and again remind you this blessing of turning water to family is all about me.  That's Daniel 11:45 coming true, hardly anyone seeing what's going on right before our eyes.  Pharaoh is hardening his Heart; that's another IT term, do you get "IT" yet?  It's about making a computer system more secure, to keep the truth from being seen... light my fire, already, the Burning Man has already ignited this "Revelation."

I don't bring up PKD for "no reason at all," in his combined works we have a divine solution to so many problems it's unbelievable.  Between Minority Report and A Scanner Darkly, nothing short of a way to end murder, abduction, and other heinous and ungodly things; while maintaining near perfect (he says Total) privacy in a world where we certainly can see all that goes on; already, understand. We might be near the end of the story line of the Adjustment Bureau as we walk headstrong into a land where I hope all will see that Marx was diametrically wrong, just as Die Bold and PKD... to show us what not to do, and how to excel.  No longer the "opiate of the masses," these hallowed words bring freedom and a caring Universe to everyone, that's all.

Add to the mix, Dr. Who's Bells of St. John, some cute connections between Jabba the Hutt, Padme, Hyrule and a "box that's bigger on the inside" and we might have another source of both absolution and dreams to come ... from the vantage point of seeing what it means for oil and land to not really be scarce, in the world of the real... of Morpheus.  

This Android does not dream of Electric Sheep, be sure.