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Ministry of Forbidden Knowledge Mail - So dumb & Gone... or he A... Lot's wife, the Salt of the Earth... and 2Na hearting "n"

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So dumb & Gone... or he A... Lot's wife, the Salt of the Earth... and 2Na hearting "n"

Adam Marshall Dobrin <adam5@reallyhim.com>Wed, Aug 10, 2016 at 8:55 PM
To: are@whenistheapocalypse.com
Deja vu? So dumb why? Sodom and Gomorrah are really about gonorrhea... and medicine coming out of the virtual garden of solutions. 

It's in every word: Know Everything.. FL E  X

from the garden of eden, antibiotics come
speedy gonzales? the... the.... s
savior... it's "savior," mEl-is-sa
Pillars of Creation on the way?

Do you C the WELL of bright light? (<- follow me!)  Guess where Kal-El's wisdom came from. (vid)

AmishAmozAmkoAmbienAm-y Adams… America and how; Amduat Cat, Am Aran! Sam… I AM. Prometheus, Adam, through Nero now: Billy Joel, Jim Morrison and Taylor Momsen… we’re starting the fire… (music)

ADonAiADonIS, the year ADIB and believe… it’s really me. Re: A.D. it’s about breAD… on your foreheAD. After Dark… it’s A.M… bright eyes: it’s proof of Creation.

for e he a.d.

    a    d o
    r    a b
    t    m r
    h      i
I see no reason Y the Fifth of November should ever be forgot...

Hi, Nanna Rose...

Wish upon a star today, and ID "A" (that's Florida)
... the Fifth Hebrew Letter dash Man (Prince Adam?)  I have the light.
V-oltron? ​It's a blazing sword... (vid)