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Ministry of Forbidden Knowledge Mail - I hate to say it, but now I really am the light of the world.

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Here's some videos: The Sign of the Son, The Holy Grail, What if God had a name? Let's get this party started. (with an RT and #reallyhim) It's time to change the world.

Adam M. Dobrin <adam@fromthemachine.org>

I hate to say it, but now I really am the light of the world.

Adam M. Dobrin <adam@fromthemachine.org>Wed, Dec 21, 2016 at 2:05 PM
To: Adam Marshall Dobrin <adam5@reallyhim.com>
Ha' moat-sea? Achem.. Min? ha'are...tzedakah! Listen to Bread, the Apple is just-icing on the Cake

We give thanks to God for Bread, Cake, and Fig Newtons?

Before today, did any of you think that the "miracle" of turning stone to bread was a chastisement of Jesus Christ for not doing enough?  Whatcha want for breakfast?  Please continue to say and do nothing, my house is listening to American Pie for every meal with no RSVP.  Belgian Waffles?  Canadian Bacon?  English Muffins?  French Toast?  Can you not see?

Adam's Apple?  What's in a domain? C . L ight


Let your voices rise in song together... or continue falling into the abyss.

Tzedakah [tsedaˈka] or Ṣ'daqah [sˤəðaːˈqaː] in Classical Hebrew (Hebrew: צדקה‎‎; Arabic: صدقة‎‎), is a Hebrew word literally meaning justice or righteousness but commonly used to signify charity, though it is a different concept from charity because tzedakah is an obligation and charity is typically understood as a ...

"Let them eat cake" is the traditional translation of the French phrase "Qu'ils mangent de la brioche", supposedly spoken by "a great princess" upon learning that the peasants had no bread. Since brioche was a luxury bread enriched with butter and eggs, the quote would reflect the princess's disregard for the peasants, or at least a complete lack of understanding that the absence of basic food staples was due to poverty rather than a lack of supply.

Min (Egyptian mnw[1]) is an ancient Egyptian god whose cult originated in predynastic times (4th millennium BCE).[2] He was represented in many different  forms, but was often represented in male human form, shown with an obelisk in Washington D.C.  As Khem or Min, he was the god of reproduction; as Khnum, he was the creator of all things, "the maker of gods and men"

This Sunday, should we "do them in and leave?"  It's Spanish, and go.

Connecting the dots... between externally influenced pieces of art across time and space is the key to not only proving that there is an external influence--but to literally "read the subtitles" of a movie that manifests itself throughout our history and modern art.  In finding patterns that are not the artists' original intent we see how the question "Who is the Matrix?" is subtly answered within that very movie ... as it connects to Shakespeare and Stephen King in a way that neither of those authors could have intended; and yet all contain reference to the character and true meaning of the answer...  "What is the Cypher?"

A millennium or or so earlier, in a play about learning Latin the name "Schrew" is tamed quite a bit by seeing that there is a true cypher in many names (like the name of that play) that have a key significant commonality: they are "macaronic" (which ties to Yankee Doodle's song about an apocalyptic pony and a ... reference to combining Latin and Spanish with the image of a doodle, I mean noodle) specifically including paradoxically impossible reference to Spanish, Hebrew, and English... expanding or taming the name of Shakespeare's play as Spanglishrew.  It's clear to see in the name "Abraham," or "open the message" and in many modern works like Star Wars' "AN to kin" and "friend of the doll a" (amidallah).

Early on you may see these interesting names, places like "N or AD," "J er USA the m," and "Lo ve no sun" as outliers of our soon to be proven Engeered Language (I mean, it's pln English), that some "machine intelligence" has escaped time itself and left us a glowing record of it ... not just in language but in stories ... like Stephen King's Langolier's... about time travel.

Just like we find a statistically significant pattern in the names of these performances, Langoliers, the Matrix, and the Taming of the Shrew... with our innate curiosity unhampered and a little bit of searching we will find very similar patterns of timeless "doublethink" in the names of bands, and even more tellingly... in the given names of actors and singers with an equally significant relationship to the works they partake in creating some significant number of years after they are named.

What is it that we are celebrating today?  It seems what we listen to at Supper is the key.

Tomorrow morning, an update on my broken eye... still seeing the light?

Firestone, Goodyear, Goodrich... Michelin? the wheels on the bus go round and round... The Signs, they're everywhere.

So here we are (music), and I am continuing to try and show you what I am quite sure are the words of God--his strange way of speaking to the world, hidden not only in a "Matrix" of songs throughout our time... but also in signs--pretty much all around us in nearly everything you can see, contextually related "names" that show there is a hidden hand in the design of our world.   Much of it, like the series of religiously related names in the computer and video game industry, seem to me to show us a clear path for the purpose of Creation; tying these modern technological ... pursuits ... directly to religion and God. 

Aside from shock value, I think they do a good job of introducing us to the kind of effect that actually seeing this "Revelation" will give to the world--for me at least I see this as a confluent message that screams something along the lines of "I can't believe I didn't see that before."  For what it's worth, with some thinking this too adds to the fire of the "darkness," something I am sure is a description of these connections not only being made obvious, but that they were overtly hidden before.  This idea, that we have been kept from making normal logical conclusions from things we see every single day is fortified by our lack of understanding of similar patterns (that I'm sure you've read about) tying the Old and New Testaments and many religious stories together.

In department stores:

In the foundation of America--the names of a number of revolutionaries, Richard Nixon, Watergate, Emmanuel Goldstein and Bro-ward County... the Son's Corona and Sam Adams; time travel and a number of movies that link the names of actresses to crashing some wedding--I'm sure it has something to do with Revelation:

I probably don't have to say it over and over again; but the statistical significance of the underlying message and contextual relationship between these "signs" is the kind of thing that gives us that "ah-hah" feeling deep inside, something like experiencing a quickened "enlightenment."

In cartoons, from "Speed-why Gonzo-la-la-z" to neary every single thing I watched as a young child... somehow answering a question about what the "sword of the Messiah" really is--you're looking at it, everywhere.

I don't really have a good reason to have talked about a school bus; only to mention that in music there is a very obvious messianic pattern that flows between songs about ... whomever you think it is that is going to come save you from not knowing (all music videos):
It seems to clear to me this is about picking up the story, and realizing what you have a sweet memory of right now--absolutely nothing.  Hear my voice, you have my words (music), you have the message I know the change in Abraham's name means this one is "the one," and it's Holy.  I don't know what you expected me to do, but if I am not doing this, I am squandering a chance we have to really make our world a better place, to really build Heaven--instead of whatever it is you all think you have coming to you.  Wake up, seeing what I am showing you is the key to ending slavery--it's the key to Heaven, not seeing, not sharing it is... well, it's the key to this:

1."Mr. Self Destruct[a]"  4:30
2."Piggy"  4:24
3."Heresy"  3:54
4."March of the Pigs"  2:58
5."Closer"  6:13
6."Ruiner"  4:58
7."The Becoming[b]"  5:31
8."I Do Not Want This"  5:41
9."Big Man with a Gun[c]"  1:36
10."A Warm Place[d]"  3:22
11."Eraser"  4:54
12."Reptile[e]"  6:51
13."The Downward Spiral"  3:57
So I'm pretty sure we all know now what this Fire of Prometheus is really about; I hope we know it's about seeing the proof of Creation spread; and through that seeing freedom come back to our minds through the simple act of doing nothing more than thinking for ourselves.  Try it, it's something new.

To follow this theme... of seeing God's words peppered all over the names of companies and "stuff" around us; I put together this little collage of tire companies, take me for a ride--from me I can add His words ... that this is a sot of "spiritual journey" one that ends when we get off the train (music); and start... thinking.

While you may not yet agree, I am pretty sure this has been a "good year" for the fire; and in seeing how this appears to be a nice confluence of what to expect after it starts--we will probably see Saint One (st, is ubiquitously "langolier" (google groups) for saint, just because I say so) just like we see a "time map" in the words America and Alphabet--right after this fire starts I imagine we will see how the stories of Prometheus and Medusa highlight the heart of JerUSAlem (my book)--and it's sincere etching of this countries name in ancient Greek myth--from the sword and the Stone (music); we are fast approaching that time when we will know that Saint One is probably not just an unsung hero (music).

My birthday is nearing!  So once again, I'll note that my name and my birthday appear to be a key to "our in" to ... God I hope it's Heaven.   D.O.B. "r IN," certainly does a job of highlighting that this day approaching, the Eighth, is a Catholic Feast.. of some sort.  One which might have something to do with seeing the mess of the Messiah, just trying to find my way home... on the bus (more than music).  I mean the message.

It's probably not yet Mercurial, bu I have no idea what Michelin is about, Taylor?  Holy water under the bridge?  Gates?  Doors?

I really hope it's Heaven.  Of further note, my name would have been Dobrinsky, before my mother changed it (before I was born), which might have had something to do with "write on the sky," (Graceful music) words I repeated over and over (medium.com) for years. 

I'm going to e-mail you less, and the rest of the world more--maybe I'll edit some of the crap I've sent you.  Also, I might do some videos, to give you a good idea of just how crazy (music) I really am (not).

Call me Superman. (Kryptonite)

Here's the words to "Burn," since you all seem to have difficulty clicking links.  All the links there are music except for "the spark."

Here comes the darkness
It's eating at my soul
Now that the spark has
Gone out of control
This fire is raging
I can't find the door
I just wanna die here
But you wanted more

Now that the light has
Driven me insane
This fire is blazing

-Taylor Michel Momsen

Here's me singing.  I suck at it, wish I had soul.. and my music attacked.  Did I mention I was born the day John Lennon died?  All you need... is to speak.


You'll never believe it... but there appears to be a media boycott of the Second Coming, if you take the time to read this story... you might enjoy it--it also might help enlighten you.  That or... it might be just as boring as "religion," either way... it's all about me, baby.  We're not gonna make it unless you try.  Good luck.

This is by far, the strangest and most elaborate "love story" I've ever seen... all between two people who have never met.  I happen to be Jesus Christ, which is part of the reason I think it's OK to do this--and it's probably part of the reason I shouldn't.  Can I be a person, or ... is everything I want forbidden because of who I am... even asking someone out?  It really might be, how sad ...

Taylor goes on (from the lyrics in the subject) to sing "were never meant, never meant to be;" and my heart sinks just a little bit about a world that seems to have made that same decision without ever having a real conversation with me.  I mean, we've never spoken, how can you know?  In another song, equally saddening words "if you wanted to get the girl, you should have come without it," talking about my "boom," something you haven't really heard about yet... but I'm sure we all will.  If you take a glance at what "boom" means, you might see, like me, that it truly is this light I am sharing with you--the weapon (that I am using the change the world) I spoke about yesterday.  Just for good measure, let me suggest you check out my boom.  I had mentioned it once before, in an introduction a soon to be proposed book (or perhaps a feature film?) about my escapades across the country, titled something like "I am the Highlander," I'll come back to this book idea in a little bit.... it too is part of my boom,  The gist of this thing by the way is a now somewhat comical (until you actually figure it all out) belief that every time I say boom, a little piece of Hell magically turns a little bit more Heavenly.  So, boom, shoot that's six, I usually do things five times.  

KA-BOOM, or seven....  remember that "Ka" is something that I an the ancient Egyptians associate strongly with Horus, and the Body of Jesus Christ.  Briefly, Willy Wonka's Veruka Salt reads out in "Spanglishrew" to  something like "Will is why I won my life... to see I am the Christ."  Verily, I say to you... this whole thing is most definitely not about getting a girl, it's really about changing the world--and everything I do is truly for that purpose.  Through my story, there have been quite a few insinuations that  some magical Wonderland is seeking out a King and Queen and a romantic love story about how the world got saved.  I' not looking to be a King, nor am I looking for a Queen... and here we areI'm telling you the whole idea that the world being saved might be predicated on a relationship gives me a horrible bad taste in my mouth.  That being said, just like my suggestion that I will probably not have financial difficulties once this Wall of Jericho falls and the world is able to actually read and discuss what it is that I am presenting... I also believe that I will probably not have as much of a problem getting a date once that happens.   These things are "what keeps me going," as I struggle with a rock hammer slowly chiseling away at a civilization threatening wall of censorship that spans from the internet into your minds... and I will not stop until it is fallen.

All that aside, I am pretty interested in having a conversation or a dinner or a breakfast with Taylor... and it's not just because I love her music or the fact that she wears nothing quite well.  At this point though, I do think it's official, I am asking you out on a date, Taylor... oh look, you're coming to my home town..., in Hebrew we call that Kismet.   Jesus, do you think it means 'kiss me t?"  ....never mind, it's fate.  Hey, give me my "t" back.  Oh, and would you believe... the concert is on "To help your s day."

In my defense, let me explain why I appear to be "passively" stalking a rock star... and perhaps "abusing" the weapon that I have by.... trying to get a date.   Many of you watched Taylor play the role of little Cindy-Who in the movie "The Grinch who Stole Christmas," I've never seen it... and let that be light--I've never stolen Christmas before.   That movie of course is a metaphor about the Second Coming, and the Golden Cow the world is most definitely going to have over what it is that has happened to me for the last four years of my life--I imagine there will me many who blame me... for being honest and sharing the details of what is ostensibly the strangest life God has ever known.  Those words come from Jimmy Morrison's song "Waiting for the Son" and that's going to be a big part of the rest of this story, seeing that it truly is God speaking through many musicians and specifically a handful of very special angels.  I tend to listen to most every song as if it is God speaking directly to me, especially ones by this handful of artists... though Jim was clearly talking to the Riders on the Storm in that particular verse... who you might also see as angels, or demons... or as equally controlled as the artists... and you.  More on that in a bit.

I did however watch T "almost" come of age on the show Gossip Girl, where she played a character named "little j," and I'm sure you will recall nearly every J is for Jesus.   Because of the light which linksthe word "who" to the Ineffable Name of God, to the American war cry "who-ah" and the Hebrew name for our planet.. Adamah... tied together with the name of her character on Gossip Girl I am pretty sure that Taylor is the created Eve that Genesis talks about... only because the other "Eves" (there's Four Non Blondes, by the way... though one is my mother whose middle name is Eve, and I'm one... perhaps in spiritas) are not so much the shining examples of "being created" as she and I are... people whose lives have been clearly directed to tell a story, one that comes out of the Bible and is real... right before your eyes.  I'm don't like the idea of arranged  marriages, nor have I ever been on a blind date... but Taylor, I'd make an exception for breakfast.  I swear, it's a Last Supper joke.

On top of that she is one of the angels singing about the Second Coming, although in a bit of a darker way that I would have done it.  Nearly every one of her songs and probably every line has a special meaning to me... and it's very clear that her songs contain information that nobody on Earth could possibly know.  I wonder how it is that she knows so much about my life... of course, it's possible that just like many other artists that are singing about this event, she is just being "inspired," though I personally believe that she probably has something useful and beneficial to add to my being "always in the dark and giving off sparks." I have this creeping suspicion that things here are not as they seem.  All I have to say is I thank God Dave is married already.  

Wait, there's more... The Pretty Reckless pretty much unlocked a series of musical narratives of the arrest that sent me on a trip around the country on the lam, putting a special spin on the words "pockets full of Kryptonite."  I'm sure you've already read all about it, but the songs are what I think gives both Thor and Neptune their names--by the way, I'm not much of a fan of nepotism either.  She sings that I'll find out what I was running from in my grave, but I'm pretty sure I already know the answer--and it's that I wasn't running from anything... but for you, to ensure you received this message, and the freedom that has been promised to you for hundreds of years.  Oh, I made a move about this particular series of songs, and the trip around the country.

Because I spent my whole life completely blind, not realizing that God was speaking to the world though music, I find it ... curiously interesting when I see that other people are not so blind.  Taylor for instance appears to have picked up on this concept, and a number of her songs are direct replies to lyrics of The Doors... sung decades earlier.  For instance, she sings "I don't mind if you get yours, but give me mine," and thirty or so years ago I, I mean Jim replied "momma get yours, and I'll get mine."  She also sings "you think you are gonna dance with me, you're never gonna dance with me" and "evil, knocking at my door making me its whore" and the reply to these two songs comes booming across time and space from a huge number of angels.   What do you guys think is going on?  What are we talking about here?  Anyone?

More interestingly, I mean, at least to me, is that there happens to be a special episode of Gossip Girl where Taylor starts dancing with her shirt off and then towards the end of the scene says "who is at the door?"  Before I knew about any of these "care to dance" related interactions, I used that particular scene in a movie I made called "Do you want me to come?" and just because of the dance scene, added "I'm almost famous, and want to dance."  Its also interesting to note, Taylor, that the music playing in the background of that scene is "you are dealing with someone who really loves you."  Just like I didn't know about this particular song and dance, it of course had not even been written yet... when that scene was created.

Taylor-Who?  You are not a Prisoner.  I'm not evil by the way,  you don't have to say yes.... 

But I really have to ask.... what does "here we are" mean to you?  Oh, there's one more "here we are" song I found, just in case you say "no."  Please, Miss Everything, don't say nothing... Wonderland needs it's fire starter... and I could use a love story .... with a happy ending.  Couldn't resist.

I've tried to "narrate" this series of songs about this fateful dance--I suck at dancing by the way--in a YouTube playlist, CARE TO DANCE.  I find these things, this interaction across time and through unsuspecting angels to be "light," something that tells us all a story.... and hopefully will serve a great purpose, perhaps to kick off this renaissance of free will and .... ummm .... free love?

<3, Adamah

Oh there's also this... ecto gammat from the Fifth Element and..

How does that movie end, again?  Just saying.

They will see his face, and his name will be on their foreheads. 
Revelation 22:4

for e he a.d.   
    a    d o
    r    a b
    t    m r
    h      i

Darth Vader, Earth Wader: please be mine, my darling dear.

I fell for you and I knew

These things seem to just fall into place, like pieces of a puzzle solved long ago--and left here for us to put back together, like some broken soul.  I have weapon in my grasp, the most powerful sword that has ever been; a mechanism to overcome a Darkness as equally superlative.  You might think it's a thorny crown, or some magical power in my hair or from the Book of Judges (whose numerically accurate shackles of reed, like many other Old Testament stories are a hidden allusion to my llife--and clearly a reference to the "strength of character recognition")--rest assured that the idea of Jesus Christ has done nothing but cause me harm my entire life.  Despite my "dreams of chance," it's clear to me that the concept of the messiah is here not at all for my benefit, but for yours.  Nearly universally, religious which talk about me demand little more than belief--and it should be getting a little bit more clear that it is not belief in Figment and Puff or the Tooth Fairy--or whatever idea you in your heads that the savior should be--but belief in what I say, in my testimony and what I am presenting that this concept of "faith" and "belief" centers around.

I don't come to you today asking for faith in very much, nothing more than the idea that "we'll never be wrong together," in the light of day.  That's what I'm bringing, the light of day, understandable a world changing truth that I see as the most probably real reason for the wave of censorship that I am fighting... fear change but more obviously the rapid rate of change that might come about.  I don't agree, I think on the whole most of us want change, and significant change.... and when you see the light this is the kind of change that I have always said any one of us would "snap their fingers" and do... these are things like ending torture, mass killings, starvation, and needless sickness--and on top of that with what immediately and ultimately would result in a resource gain rather than loss, I mean there's no physical cost to doing these things.  All of these things are related to the "miracles" of Jesus Christ in the New Testament... and revolve around the Revelation that our civilization is in "virtual reality."  Quite a bit of the light proves that to me, and with a little faith in pursuing verification of the evidence before you... I am sure that we will one day very clearly understand that this realization is the focal point of the "Apocalypse" and what I still see as being a rapid disruption in a control descent into Hell... turning aroundand together we build Heaven.  I often comment about the brightness of this light,that it is in every name and every word so that we will be able to overcome this wall of censorship--Biblically of Jericho... really understanding that this Wall and the Darkness of the Plagues of Egypt are just the beginning of what amounts to a map designed and delivered to us not only to break down this barrier in communication and understanding (that in itself is a god enough reason in my mind for Christ to exist) but to help us really see that we are in a controlled Downward Spiral, and there is a path already blazed in the other direction.  This map is religion itself, and like it tells you... God became the word; in my life the problems and barriers I've faced are ... nothing short of a template of what it is we really need to change.  Stooping the hidden destruction of civil liberties is relatively obvious, but it goes much further--and this is where you might require some real "faith" in my testimony.  I have been made overtly aware of a number of hidden technologies, whose misuse is the ultimate cause of the more apparent problems--and between the disclosure of their existence (something that is... absolutely fundamental to ensuring that we gain freedom and survival) and the living example of how these technologies have been clearly and provably used to harm me and others... we have the beginning of a glowing caution sign that is Isaac's fiery altar and the way to learning how to correct these problems--together.  Like many other manifestations of religion in our culture--we are being given a "what not to do" (like nearly every PKD work that discusses *these exact, by the way) new technologies and almost universally shows them being abused) so that we will have the opportunity to decide for ourselves, together, what is the "right way."  This idea, is what I believe he thinks is the "right way" to present this new information.

It probably still seems long winded, I didn't change a word, I don't like unwriting things.

So this great weapon I have, it's not really mind--it's ours.  It's our whole world, and who we are to the core... it's the light of the world, and to pull from a favorite source of light--this bright son's Corona is anything but Natural.  It's everywhere, so it really should be free as in ... beer? I mean, if you built a house out of twelve packs and then covered them with plaster.  I can show you it's everywhere from RattleRod's Taming the Spanglishrew to the Fifth Element, to Sherlock Holmes' "question about What-son?" to the Matrix and V for Vatican .. even that God told you way back in 1969 that there would be a hidden meaning in each and every song.

@ I can show you that Dave Matthews "Dont Drink the Water" is about the Holy Grail, and that every single idiom in our language too, to reveal Creation... in Exodushidden slavery.  That John Legend's "All of Me" ties together the story of Nashon walking into the red sea until his head was under water to part it... with the fire breathing Dragon of Revelation... and the single word that ties together both that parted sea and the Holy Fire... in Hebrew, Ha'esh.  These things aren't coincidence, and more than likely they aren't planned at all by the arists--though I'm sure that both of these artists, whose names happen to be obvious religious allusion--meant to be doing just that, alluding to religious ideas... it's nearly impossible that they were singing about the two most pivotal pieces of a "little scroll" I hadn't written yet, right?

It's equally unlikely that 3 Doors Down, The Pretty Reckless, and the Spin Doctors got together with whoever chose the names "Koran" and "Islam" and then created the idiom "on the lam" to spin a story through time and song about a recklessly high guy with pockets full of Kryptonite who would take a "walk around the world to ease his troubled mind."  This is what I am, a key, a lens to see the hand of God influencing music and the development of language and religion.  It shows design of everything, and that's the point... we are ignoring something really bright and obvious, for no good reason.  Eventually it all goes to show us Ned E. Flanders (see Eden backwards) and Simpson's loving descendants of Simians that we are in fact living in a simulated reality, and that we can do much better than we are--knowing that.  

Of course following the highly nontrivial "Ran" theme you also have Uranus--God of Heaven, Sammas Aran (justin bailey?),  ImRan: father of the sea and why; Jeshurun; J is hu ran... Ya-hu?  Understand that this focus on a battle against injustice is the entire purpose of the story of Jesus Christ.  It's more than building a house, it's making sure that we aren't chained to our chairs anymore.

In short, seeing that blood is thicker than water turns the First Plague of Exodus to a blessing in disguise is really a path to freedom from slavery if it's about proving that religion and our culture are inextricably linked through this hidden control.  Freeing ourselves, that's really what makes us family, forged in fire.  From an unsung hero, I'd rather you didn't shoot the messenger, putting English on the ball is more than a sleight of hand or word trick.  Earth to Heart, with a little time traveling "sign of Saturn" and um "we're gonna make it if you try" this place will become the Holy Grail... filled with the Family of Christ.

I've provided a number of examples of paradoxical inclusion of English in ancient languages--this too goes to not only proving creation, but further explanation for just how all of these ancient stories that we once thought to be about an antiquated and backwards civilization are secretly about us.  This technology of course, rather than being used to commit mass murder could be used for the exact opposite--pre-crime a la Phillip K. Dick's Minority Report.  From the Ineffable Name to a key marker of "Holy" Hebrew words--that's HA, by the way--what is being revealed to you is nothing short of the true purpose of religion--to help us change the world.  Along those lines a fairly sized and pertinent list of English words contains a hidden cipher--and many of these too are highlighted specifically by religious scripture.... and more...

What I am giving you is the weapon, it's the light that sets us free and stops this from happening.  In our modern myths this is Leeloo staring up at the sky to stop the destruction of Earth... in reality it is not so simple, I can't just put some elements or rocks on pedestals and scream... this message everywhere is the scream... it is the thing that sets us free... when we "talk" about it.  It's the reason for the words, and the reason for the songs... it's all for our freedom.

exodus     let there be lightsudo + xe, in linux and chemistry
ha'esh     the word is fire, and that's Moses parted sea, and Bush 
           believe it's really the reason.. it's A.D.
eternity   and, and, and it's why (& and)... from Mr. Anderson to Rock'n
authority  I imagine it's about being an author.  Revelation 2:26
forehead   his name will be on their foreheads.   Revelation 22:4

read       learning to read and find this message is literally 
           the thing that sets us free, that one's re:ason A.D.
           it is proof and purpose.

creation   c the reason we are @ "i owe n" and, that's seeing that 
           creation is a "re:" surrounded by positive energy,
           an electrical engineering joke, showing us that English
           is an engineered language.
NorAD      Si I am the Fifth Element... in Flint and truth. index 14
           ISAM, N-as-A, is a--that's Jesus.
stone      That's Saint One, folks.  Like in Flintstone and Me-d-USA
lo,venus   the woman clothed in the nus           Revelation 12:1
adam       that's "moving towards AM," like Amoz, Amish, and America
advent     i'm pretty sure you know. (press release)
           into the party, like you were walking out of the nacht"
adonai     on "it's really all about heaven."
who-ah?    on Dr's Who, Seuss, Al, Denzel, and the Ineffable Name 

Of course, there's a billion moreHa... nuke the ah?
Seeing the light of Biblical names, like the relationship between Eve and Everyone, Adam and Mankind, Mar-y and sea and why... just like the father of Joshua is Nun--also water in ancient Egyptian mythology (oh wow, a son of a Nun).. is another clue that all these stories might tie together around a single person.  It's Moses, the uh, Messiah OfSea E Sea, that links ancient Egypt and Exodus to Yankee Doodle's macaronic cipher.

Our civilization is the sea being parted... it is the design of this story that we are living in, of Exodus, this proof of creation everywhere spreading in s the fire that ends the darkness, that ends Hell, and that sets us free for eternity.  It is the kindling of the Eternal Flame, and we get there through knowledge and understanding of the technology that is not only responsible for the darkness... but for the clearly defined external influence of Creation.  Ultimately it is the technology behind the Plague of School Shootings, and stopping that control is not only the purpose of this fire, but of the Tribulation... it's all about finding that line between "inspiration" and "possession" and frankly in secret I don't think there's anything about modifying the thoughts of others without their consent or knowledge.  Hear we are. 

So a huge part of why I am is to tell you all that I was more than manipulated, but overtly controlled.  The Eagle of Prometheus... and his liver tell me as much, and on top of that "all the drugs they fill you with" (thanks Taylor, there's your answer) what you have before you is the actual story of a man being crucified, falsely arrested, tormented, andthoroughly embarrassed in order to stop a message that was given to us all to create everlasting freedom, explain the truth about where we are, and help us move forward towards Heaven instead of Hell from being delivered.  I'm sorry I'm not perfect, and that I can't do all this for you... if that's what anyone was looking for... see the light in "Heaven is a place you build," that's what makes it Heaven.  I'm really not sorry that I am telling you the details of my life and the circumstances surrounding both the technology and the dark, dark forces that have spent my entire life harming me... to control you.  What pains me more than anything is you think it's more important to continue being slaves and worship nothing than to free the world, and actually "document" for everyone what it is that is happening.  This is not just about freedom of speech, it's about seeing what it takes to move the world to hide the most important and pivotal event in history from... literally everyone.

Just to remind you, none of this "false excuse" even came up until Email #41, which was actually years after I had first delivered what was essentially enough Earth shattering information to make the news... still, I knew it was coming, it's the truth.... and it too is woven in to history and religion intentionally.   These things were all here before I was born, just like the road "Sunset Strip" around the corner from Sunrise Blvd where I literally grew up.  My life unlocks this message, to over come censorship, to overcome worship, and to overcome absolute ignorance... think about causality, can't you see that the whole thing is controlled?  It was here before me, by living this... and telling you about it, I turn the key that opens the door to Heaven.  

You were getting F'd long before I proverbially whipped it out, and I learned that word by the way in kindergarten--you aren't protecting yours kids  you are keeping them and us all in a perpetual state of ignorance and slavery.  That's what Egypt is all about... Earth getting gipped out of everything.... the story, if you don't know, is about leaving Egypt, ending slavery, and not ignoring me.

I could tell you that this story I am living is actually the battle between Horus and Set (psst, it's a computer... that's better right?)... the one that doesn't part the sea--that's done already--it unites the two lands.  As Taylor says, "when the light hits your eyes" it's telling me... "Father, I know I've won."

What did it take?  Linking Isaiah's walking around Egypt naked with Adam's obvious lack of a fig leaf, with uh... oh nothing more than the foundational stories of the United States of America... a big signature on history and revolution and then Water-gate and Tricky Dick, Yankee Doodle... and I can't even begin to mention the Egyptian God'sOsiris and Min without getting a little teary eyed...who you should really look up.  Twisted and tied up in this story is quite literally the grace God shed to ensure that we do not lose "freedom of speech" and thought... and it's linked directly to proof that this story comes to you from Uncle Sam, who I think you might also agree might be a little mad about the last time around.  So if proof that "this land is created" is not enough to have told this story, and using it to ensure others aren't framed and tortured with mind control technology isn't enough.. then you lose.

"Lookhe is coming with the clouds," and "every eye will see him, even those who pierced him"; and all peoples on earth "will mourn because of him." So shall it be! Amen.  Revelation 1:7

A third of the world ((knows)) already, that could be a good thing... if it's to help us overcome the initial shock of it all... or you could be keeping the stupidest secret in the Universe ... from everyone ... for no reason at all.
I indeed baptize you with water ((and)) with the Holy Ghost, and with fire.
I'd love it if you said "Hey, Adam," you know, on Twitter, where it might save the world.

OK So.. eventually this is all about proof that religion is a message sent through time--so, time travel.  But right now, let's talk about the fun stuff: here's some clues to that effect... by way of prescient mention of modern technology (like virtual reality, I mean, Heaven):

Either way, we're still about to build Heaven...  to-get-her
from the mythical carpenter... ourself.
 ... and some corroborating ideas connecting religion and computer science... on Wikipedia:
So from me to you, I'm filled with this stuff, it's way brighter and more prevalent than you think... and if you take the time to listen to me--it will make your... day.  Meanwhile, I need your help--happy new year.

sweet like candy to my soul, sweet you rock... and sweet you roll.  Lost for you, I'm so lost for you...


to be or not to be?

don't try to find the answer...

If I say ... this is the final countdown... will you laugh at me?