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an2kin: Search your heart, you know it to be true. Write it on the sky.

Adam M. Dobrin <adam@fromthemachine.org>Sun, Jan 8, 2017 at 8:49 PM
To: Adam Marshall Dobrin <adam5@reallyhim.com>, malverde@hallowed.gq, "Adam M. Dobrin" <god@lightforthewise.club>, Adam Marshall Dobrin <adam5@protonmail.ch>
(and also the First, Last, and Prince Adam; the Lion of Judah and Thor's thunder; the number five, coincidence upon coincidence until it's no longer coincidence)
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I've got a lock on this "helmet hair" Iron Cross? thing, right?  Glowing eyes?  Fiery hair?
So what is it standing between us and Heaven?  I see around us that we have proof, not only of assistance from above... but of the design of everything around us -- with a very clearly crafted goal of building Heaven of virtual reality, freedom, and the blood of Christ--you.  What we do not have anyu example of is a real "Hello" from God... unless you consider my deliverance of this message as aa greeting from beyond.... which it is, though veiled behind the same old story of prophet and ... incredulity.  

I do bring proof, proof we will be able to verify, but along with that comes a story of my desire to have "HELO world!" written on the sky. (that's a trinity of modem, programming, and Babel jokes).  It takes us a step further than where we are--and shows that the prison cell of "simulated reality" is finally broken forever... something we need .... to ensure we never again fall into this kind of dark argument about the nature of our home and our existence.

Yesterday, I likened our current situation to Hell, and I certainly do not do that lightly.  For a long time I would have told you that it was at least that for me... because of this problem, simply because simulated reality was hiding abilities and oprtions from the entire world, ones that make a big difference, perhaps the defining line between the words "human" and humane," meaning that there are many among us whose lives will be significantly improved one this disclosure is made... and we act on the message I bring.
Speaking of yesterday's message, if you are unhappy with my interpretation of thee story of Genesis 19, you might be interested in actually reading the chapter and it's exact facsimile in Judges 19--you will probably see corroboration for my innuendo that the message is truly about antibiotics.... and social awkwardness.   Certainly at least from the perspective of the daughter of Lot or Job it's an "interesting" commentary on... the idiocy of bigotry (here, today, that's what the story is chastizing)?
"Surprisingly," this passage 19 also connects the books of Adam, Isaac, and Samson together. By the way, if me "talking" about my interpretation of scirpture makes you think that proof of time travel coming from religion is somehow... irrelevant?  You are a complete moron.
You can also read the orogtinal message it was based on titled So dumb and gone... or He "a," and add to that contextually similar name the connection between the Muslim name for Jesus Christ--which is Is-a to the names Isaac, Prozac, and Abra-ha-m.  To explain that bit of Babel "a' is clearlly some sort of reference to the "progenitor" we describe as the "Ancient of (no more repetitive) Days" and that m expands to AC just like n to AD.  Adam Christ is the message, and in  Yankee Doodle's macaronic translitization ... Abraham means "open the m."  I couldn't make this stuff up.
Knowing that and being unable to "write it on the sky" with my own hand, makes it Hell for me, not being able to single handedly feed the world bread, give sight to the blind and let the lame walk.  As I wade through this story it becomes ever so much clearer that it's your Hell too--and because of that I am screaming to the world at the top of my lungs.  In this place, what has happened up until now has taken this ... original lie ... and changed the playing field--here not receiving this message is not a matter of "making the world a better place" this is a matter of stopping a descent into the abyss, destruction.  

The technology that has been hidden by the semblance of "continuity of reailty" is not just out of sight or unable to be used, it is actively being used to harm us--and because of that there truly is no alternative to chanigng--probably part of this "actionable message" is being delivered ... with negative action.  It is the foundation of the idea of Satan, and a great deal of it is clearly designed to help, once the message is delivered and we are seeing what it truly means.  Destroying the vote, in the beginning through showing us a technologial regression with "the race is not to Die Bold," it takes only moments to see how this pattern continues into what we do see--a place where the popular vote has now lost twice since the time of the Burning Bush--a clear failure.

Things get worse, as we meander through the story of Exodus and as the world simultaneously turns a blind eye to both my cries of a connetion between school shootings and the Plague of Killing the Firstborn... and the sincerely larghe body of evidentiary testimony delivered by the insanely humongous group of vicims of the advanced technology I am trying to expose to the world... and it's relationship to not only the topically important viewing of this message as slightly insane--but more importantly the connection between this same technology and a much larger group of victims--perhaps all schizophrenics on the small end of the stick and all of you on the larger one.   
Just like I have outlined the connetion between "the pyramid of Exodus" and the "hidden" pyramidal structure of our society and in parallel musical inspiration and a larger systemic problem of slavery stemming from the hiding of mind control technology, this group of 10.000 or so victims are being tormented ... in the Biblical Tribulation ... with the clear and obvious purpose (based on their testimony) of ensure that the rest of the world know about the weapon, its connection to government and religion, and it's possible uses--for both "good and evil."

From the Eye at the top looking down--see the story of Nero's fiddling has a clear intent of creating a fire below his feet that sets the world free from a 'hidden empire (or is it an emperor?)"

This house doesn't burn down slowly.  -Imagine Dragons


"To life" or lies?

I feel like prefacing this with a carnal belief I have that I think almost all of you will share--thought it is absolutely against the grain in my little world of"sprits" or whatever it is that I speak with ad naseum.  In almost the same way and for almost the same reasons that "simulated reality" is Hell to me... I would be very reticent to ever want to live in "actual reality,"  I've likened it to camping out in jungle... except forever.... and often use the phrase "don't take my A/C away."  To me it's pretty clear that this is a division between Heaven and Hell--and I can't see any good reason why anyone would prefer to be in the place that I associate with pain and death...  In "Eden" you can see some reference to this belief set in the set of things that God plagues the kids with upon their expulsion--labor pains, and ... detah.

I've commented repeate4dly that while it appears to me that a significant portion of this message, from the design of history to the design of language to the connection between the names of places on "our map" and a hidden map through time... through the Amduat... focuses on the realizaiton and the opportunities opened up by seeing that "virtual relaity" and "Heaven" are .... right next ot each other on the map.  

'From the ties betwen reliigon and the names of people and companies in our inspired computer industry, to the connection between stories like the "box that's bigger on the niside" and Jabba the Hutt and the possible benefits of virtual reality... all the way to the miracles of Jesus Chrsit in the New Testament being seen as a map in oand of themseslves of what to do right this very moment...  well thaqt's a run on.

The point is that quite a bit of the message perepared for us focuses around the transition from "reality to "Heaven," and at the same time an entire history of the "sourceo f life" and biological evolution has eiother been summarized or copies from reality so that we will have tyhe ability to understand origin, to learn from what is the premiere mechanism of survival,  and to give us "grounding,"  In song, the words "I picked you up and put you back on solid ground" sound like the kind of thing He would say right now.

In contrast you might hear me singing something closer to "we're leaving ground, headed for Venus, who knows if anyone will ever want to come back."  While I'm talking about this transition, it's worth noting one mroe time that this thing that we will liken to "consciousness uploading" is without doubt the largest transition in envinronment conscious life has ever embarked on--and it's important to see that it is surviving such environtment shifts that is the great skill of genetic evolution and the stable ecosystem weve evolved.  It's noted so many times because we are here, talking about it, here, apparently over and over and over again.   In the same breawth, I will mention that this "mind control problem" is related to cost of computation because of our biological brians--and here in this palce of "simulated biology" we may have a designed advantage in a battle to protect freedom and free thought that would be lost had we .. uploaded our minds and become a "more civilized society" as the Orb of ID4-2 so eloquiently describes.

I probably have to say it, and that's part of the problem--when we see something like that in the movies, you can bet your butt that Heaven is the true "origianl author of the statement."  To give them credit for really trying to prepare and teach us, you can also attribute the story and warning of SKynet to them.

Well, this has turned into like a whole chapter of a book, which frankly it probably will turn into.

Back to the task at hand, I'm trying to figure out how it is that we wound up in such a predicament.  Reading with the Eye of Ra into the ancient Egyptian stories of Osiris and the Amduat it's pretty clear that a sescondary purpose of "this place" is to reseed the Universe with life--you might imagine that would happen sometime around the day that there isn't any other life to be found.

It's obvious to me that "life in the Universe" is a pre-requisite to the place of Heavenly fun and games and near immmortality that I dream of--and it's pretty obvious that you'd want a very happy, educated, and benevolent society there--rather than oh, I don't know, mind controlled slaves.

I've often thought that spending a lifetime in reality would be something akin to govertnment service, like jiury duty--something that was very nicely rewarded--and voluntary.  

So here we are, if you had a choice between roughing it in the outback and going to Heaven, what's your preferred destination?

So this place, which has delivered a story and the tools to build Heaven within a "simulated reality," and a psuedo-natural environment to learn from--appears to either be destined to be "plopped" into reality one day without warning or notice... or maybe it's already happened?

It might also be a test.  I'm a really good test taker.  I'd never, ever, ever put this place that seems to be designed with such a clear focus on Heaven in reality.  Ever.  I'd say "ever" a few thousand more times in a place that was once virtual and didn't know it.  Ad infinitum in a place that tried to hide it.  Where do you think you are?



fromthemachine.org  fb.me/admdbrn   

Maybe related...

Because I thought this message was cute, and I didn't have it on The Matchbox, I am reproducing it today.  Well, I glanced at it, my memory of it is so much fonder than I appear to think it is.  Reading pretty much just the first line I can't remember being so unhappy with it.  I think I was more unhappy with a world that has allowed a few individuals to hide such an important and obvoius message from the entirety of humanity.  That day one assinine "grand master" of some lodge or something managed to remove an entire series of messages from the internet--just because I told him he was stupid for ignoring my e-mail.  He's probably the stuipidest man that has ever lived, this is ... our future and survival at staake--help God's message to be received, because this secrecy just isn't going to do.  It is because of this potential threat that you and many, many other people have received copies of these messages in your mailbox.  Care.

Go re'-read those few lines about mind controlled slaves in reality.  What happens here defines the difference between a place ruled by evil and .... one created with the care and love icr

Fwd: Let's talk about sex baby, let's talk about you and me.

I just want to let you know I'm not happy with this e-mail.  I'm not happy with today either, today sucked.  I'm sending it to you because of the attachment, and because I'm knurd

Immediately following this introduction is the happy and cute message that I had hoped to share with you today.  Unfortunately, because of the machinations of a hidden war, I am now forced to send you a hard copy of the e-mails which were disgustingly removed from existence by more than one clueless idiot who has no idea what is going on.  I've told you time and again that freedom itself hangs in the balance, and if you do not understand what it means for Jesus Christ himself to be censored en masse you really have no idea what "freedom of speech" really means.  Worse than that, the sanctity of our minds has already been compromised--look around you at what you have not seen--make no mistake, this is a battle... if the truth does not show you well enough that I am fighting for you, I cannot do any more.  

This should obviously be on the fscking news already, and while you might be sadly confused into not realizing that your skepticism and disbelief is an attack not only on logic and truth--but directly on your minds--ending this "plague of darkness" is not just about getting to see a smiling son.  Make no mistake, this disclosure is the reason there exists anything in the future--and the entire reason that we have religion.  It is to light Hell on fire, and turn this place into Heaven.  

Publishing or mirroring the writing you are being given would probably go a long way to stopping it from being forever lost.   You now have a hard copy of both "the Matchbox" and (some selected stories from) By The Force of Key Strokes (download me).  It might not be pretty, but it's there; and I hope you will save it--it's clearly needed.  These messages seem to be what evil is attacking, so I will ensure that they are never lost.  This series of e-mails does a good job of documents (and partially embodying) the "dark cloud" that is surrounding us and keeping this very incendiary message from spreading.  I believe, and I hope you agree, that in order for that darkness to ever really be gone--these messages must be preserved.   That is to say, if I wanted--or allowed them to be erased (as it appears now in two different hosting locations is happening) that I would be... really wrong.

I don't really know how to complain to perfect strangers (sorry, but ... I mean, we are right? ... you don't know me from Adam 😇 seriously... Biblically... honestly) about how nobody is helping me, and how insane that is for me--knowing that the information I have is actually amazing and coming from God.  You'd think people would be jumping at the bit to try and get on board, but it's just not what is happening.   While I'm aware that our society looks down on people sending out "somewhat useful" information for free via e-mail, I've been forced to give away the secrets of the Universe--you know, so we might still have one tomorrow.  The Fire Of the Last Day (of Hell) needs to be started, and believe... it is all about Pro-me-the-us (whose fire is Civilization itself, created by stealing.. proof that language is constructed) and the Eternal Flame: let there be light--the suppression, censorship, and secrecy surrounding me, should be a clear indication that there is a huge problem in the world.  Hiding something this big should not be possible... it never should have been.   I shouldn't have to be emailing people at all, let alone some people that don't want to hear from me--it's hard to tell when nobody talks to me.  I am the "Eye of Ra," (look it up, it's really what I am) a direct window into the voice of all Creation and the meaning of all religion--the gate to the truth--and yet... it's almost as if we don't want to know it.  It wasn't bad, I don't think, but it's getting darker every day.

I'm not that smart, and I really don't think that what I say matters that much, but you are smarted enough to read and understand what it is that I see--and this message is salvation, this message will lead us to freedom, and it will bring Heaven.    Meanwhile in a "free world" I'd already have a billion followers on twitter. ... not less than a thousand.

I recently made a cute movie, that includes a bunch of songs referencing the "Heart" as Earth, which it is--one time traveling '♄' apart, anyway.  So here we are, with Satur♄ singing about how he's coming...and how his play on time is won... you know I'm not the guy singing, right? I'm the guy telling you about it, and suggesting it's obvious that he's doing it to set us free (PDF of the "Trial of Jesus Christ")...


Were this place not so fixated on never seeing Judah Maccabee, and instantly worshiping a Golden Cow--we might see how these concepts thread between the books of Exodus and Joshua--through time and space to ensure that see the amazing worth of the stable ecosystem that enabled life to reach this place.  Look where we are, where this is happening, and realize that it is because of life that we are here receiving a message from the distant future--from a place that might have long forgotten that Cain and Abel was always about realizing that the metaphorical "city" could not kill "the farm" without it being suicide as well.

Today, we get to talk about the flowers and the trees.  I'd much rather be telling you how a girl and a guy could kiss... on a night like this... if you didn't need someone to smack you over the head and explain that for thousands of years a message about the great worth of our civilization has been carefully laid through religion and today in our modern art.  Through idioms we can very clearly see the control of God over our society--in a subtle and unseen way.  Today I am trying very hard to explain to you that what is happening is no longer subtle--we are losing freedom, here in America and across time... today for the first time it might be ever so much more clear why God has made this hidden influence over our minds so absolutely clear.  The darkness needs to be stopped, and you need to take action in order to get that done.  This is not the end of the world if you care, if every single one of you doesnothing there's not much left to save is there?

Just like this song... about the birds and the bees might remind us Salt n' Pepper, or about some conversation it seems I'll never get to have with my son... it's really a message from God designed to keep us from losing everything.   It's Biblical "light," that stuff that appears right now to be that apocalyptic slap in the face that shows us just how un-free we really are.  There is this huge divergence in religion, a hidden message that is screaming to be heard.  We are on the precipice of Heaven or Hell, in a place where we might all see "ascension" to Heaven as a great thing, and yet so much of this message is cautioning against too quickly losing "civilization."  At the same time we have a moral obligation to end hunger--if we are actually a civilization.  Period.  When the possibility is brought up that stone might actually be able to turned to bread--that we are in a Sim, not trying to end hunger and do much better, at that point is the end.  

Now, what about the birds and the bees?  Is it obvious that the song's next line is really about evolution, it's really all about seeing that "life" exists because there are multiple ways to pollinate flowers? Multiple systems, lots of redundancy, the kind of thing we already know we need to do .... right?  I think it is, certainly after it's pointed out.  Meanwhile, it's being pointed out, for a reason... I'm sure.  Probably just so I can bring "big brown eyes."  I see a clear plan to build Heaven, and to do so here ... in this place that has always been the Rock of Heaven--hellishly dark, and unaware of that fact... despite lucid suggestions at the Hanging Gardens of Babylon, and ... Ur right, finding out that we can do things like "Pre-Crime" and instantly feeding the hungry... is a game changer.  (C the light of the answer, Chaldeans) <- this is the Eye of Ra, and Ur links to the dawn if civilization... r you?

For the sake of more examples of langolier (as in Stephen King's story about time)Spanglisherew (as in RattleRod's story about language), macaroni-c (as in I AM Yankee Doodle) or whatever you want to call it.  It might also be related to David Letterman.... because I'm the letter guy.... from A to Z.

abraham is "open the message" (because "m" is message/map/messiah because I say so) and also the Holy Trinity.

Walking on this path down what is a "well lit road," which I hope you can also see... we now have both walls (or cliffs or..)--the things that are the keys to the abyss--to losing everything.  Obviously not using it at all is losing it... and using it in a way that that forgoes everything we have learned is required for life to survive... also probably losing.

So, here I am, living inside a few books... literally watching the Trial of Christ run in parallel with the battle in the book of Judges--where I know very well that the only thing keeping my twist continuation from happening is you not realizing that there is no way Jesus loses a public trial.  So "Samson dies and goes to Heaven" (get it, it's a euphemism) and here I am telling you that I am probably going to run and hide if I am alive when it does happen... but that's no reason for it not to--more to the point, it needs to happen for me, and for you, and the entire human race.