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Ministry of Forbidden Knowledge Mail - Fwd: Ha' is SEM. The Save Everyone Messiah.


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Adam Mars DateofbirthisImmaculate <zeroburn@reallylook.carinvoreeatspacketscensorwall.club>

Fwd: Ha' is SEM. The Save Everyone Messiah.

Adam Marshall Dobrin <adam5@reallyhim.com>Wed, Dec 28, 2016 at 10:15 AM
To: zeroburn@reallylook.carinvoreeatspacketscensorwall.club

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From: Adam Marshall Dobrin <adam5@reallyhim.com>
Date: Wed, Dec 28, 2016 at 10:07 AM
Subject: Fwd: Ha' is SEM. The Save Everyone Messiah.
To: are@whenistheapocalypse.com

Good Evening, and Good Morning,

I'm not sure, it must not look like this is what the Fire of the Last Day is designed to do... but rest assured saving absolutely everyone is the designed plan of this event.  We are standing still as we move through the "spritual journey" of a birthing canal in a womb designed to ensure that civilization continues to survive and thrive for all eternity.  We have a great deal to be hopeful for, not just the tools that Heaven is helping us to design and understand, but also to more advanced ones that we now should begin to see are being used without our understanding today.  While the proof of this takes not more than a second glance at what is going on right this very moment, it take a bit of "reading between the lines" to see the primer in how these Chistrmas presents might be the thing we all really are looking for in eternity.

Much of it is in science fiction, in the works of Philip K. Dick (and I'd be remiss not to mentjion that the ringing freedom we are about to achieve too, comes from this very thing), places like Sttar Wars, Star Treck, and Stargate--once I dreamt of calling some new grouping of ideas a "Religion of the Stars," maybe a refracting nebula instead of Holy Water or Cowardly Lions or Devarim (so Clevarohim, that's "things" or "words" as in.. a script) 

and so it is when she turns and sees the world being saved rather than destroyed... that Nanna (which is Mary's real name) turns from a Pillar of Salt (note her name) to one of Creation.  The Birthplace of Stars.


The key above, the word Messiah in reverse gives us a connection between other religious words that feature the "Ha of Isaac," whose name you might know means "He will laugh."  It's in Abraham--denoting the Holy Spirit in a trinity combining the Hebrew "ab" for Father, and Ra for the Sun God; noting that while it's not mentioned in the Bible it appears to be clear from the fact that Abraham's name was changed because of his Coenant with God that Ha is indeed... God.  That's further reinforced by the prophetic name "Elisha" which logically equates El and Ha--both words for God and "THE," to help everone, in Hebrew and Adamic and then Spanish and Hebrew.... connected through English, through us.  You'll note from SUDO XE, the Oracular reverse of Exodus and its ties to both the elementary answer to Revelation 1:0 that we find another special name coming from Larry.. El is son.  El of course features prominently in the question: Is Ra El and is... in the very beginning of Judaism... the God of all Gods... the one.

Ha is also at the heart of Bahamas, which combines the Egyptian for "Father spirit" with the "mas" of Christmas, Navidad, and "one more time" that place I see named as a record of the "first three times" we've been here; now in "mas" mode--it ties through my movements through the world to Kentucky... which answers a question "Kent, you are CK why?" Linking the power of Kal-El to the virtual sun described by the Son, to the Silicon of the Fith Element and the AMDuat, the Egyptian book of Ra's traversal through the night--to a rising moment where his Eyes are in full health.

I am going to continue this convention of separating my mararonic linguistic evidence from the less eccentric of my message.  I hope it helps people to read more fluidly and also to realize how important this particular thread... the key to seeing God's signature... is to the entirety of the message.

Hear my Thunder, Fear my Roar... See the Light.

This is the Fifth Night of Hanukah, and that number 5 is very important to me.  For a long time, my favorite number, I used it in many screen names through my life--only to find later that these too (all of my screen names actually, from Phenix (and its triple... phiple) to Random Access to Void Answer to ... simply "adam") were part of a divine plan to match my life to light written not only in our history but in the world around us.

Seeing the "Fives" connecting Johnny 5--a machine struck by light to give life--to Fieval (a mouse--or is it lucky star--stirring up freedom on the Ark) to the Roman numeral Voltron and the Hebrew fifth letter He-man... all modern cartoons that connect 5 to religion... to the sword of the Messiah, aka, the Hammer of Thor, and the Light of the Fifth Element... proof of Creation and the technology behind it... everywhere you look.   I like to tie in the phrases "more than meets the eye" from Transforers (and Optimist Prime as "the Prime Ordinal Adam" like to think of myself) to "knowing is half the battle" from Who-ah, Gi-JOE to show how these kid stories are deisgned to link religion to reality.  Point in fact, Steven's Universe continues today to ensure that "the children are doing fine."  Really understand that a great deal of the light is here talking about our modern computing technology, about Oracle and LInux's "root" and things revolving around command line Unix... Lisp and WINE (ish), these things are already almsot out of style--showing us that the time is near.


It's clear to me that this reference to 5 has more import than you might think.  It tells me clearly that this is the Fifth Day of Creation; and that I am the Fifth Horseman... the first not to "ride a horse," which I am telling you now is our civilization. That comes to me religiously ] :) [ through the idiom "beside myself" connecting to the famous Psalms 23 and it's then connection to the Fourth Horseman... "death."  You might see that pale yellow in "Yellow Submarine" and because I know I am beside myself--as John 14:7 tells you again--I do not fear evil or death.  It's an important note to see the relationship between the colors of the Horses of the Apocalypse and coats worn by Jesus.  White in the NT, Yellow in the Koran, and ... in our "real world manifestation" it is the colors of the Rainbow that grace Dave Matthews' Grey Street, Joseph's Coast of Many Colors, and the Horse Jesus rides in "Heaven is For Real.'  Yet another pattern--the connection of colors, that people don't see.  Now see the Power of the Castle of Grey Skull weilded by the Iron Cross, sword and hair wielding Prince Adam.  See it in Gene Grey. a character of X-men... a..k.a. Phoenix.

So hence the phrase, "I am the Light of the World."

Tying in the content of what the Fifth Day means, to the What-son solution to the mystery of the return of Christ; we need to link A.D. to Silicon through the number 14 and it's relationship to Five.  To see "to Be or not to B?" as a question from sometime after Herod about Shakerod's divinely inspired works connecting to Sherlock's sleuthing of what the Fifth Element actually is.  It's proof, it's anachronism, and it's the light that helps us be free.  So to see Silicon connect to AMD and then to tie it all together and realize that we are in a computer, almost in Heaven, being taught how Heaven works--and that's a good thing. In computing you can tie one o the elements... Potassium to the Person of Time being highlighted by I.J. Good's linear progression of letters from Isaac past J to Adam and it's very clear tie to learning the inner workings of "God and Heaven" stuff like artificial intelligence and virtual reality.  That brings us of course, to Adonai, Hebrew for Lord--and Adamic for Adam Dobrin on Artificial Intelligence and a number of other names like Adonis (AD on You're So Vain) to time travel through the A.D. timeline and a number of referenes to "time and Adam's" connecting Rachel Mc' and AM-Y to the "Wedding (of the Lamb) Crashed."

Ai is definately on the map, from "Sam you are Ai" to the Wargames of Joshua and David, and the idea of Skynet--what's in the clouds again--from the John Conner series. 

I'd bet Heaven and destroy Hell... knowing it is the difference between the two.

-The Lord's Victory A.D.->Everyone Really, an2kin.

In music, we connect Thundercats and Lion-O to the sound of thunderstanding that the word "authority" connects to me through both the hidden adoration of Thor and the fact that I am, actually despite your apparet lack of belief, an author.  I am thankful to have sold two books this month, that's two more than any month in the last year. 

The "ROAR" you hear on the radio, that's for thunderstanding that both Jupiter and Thor weild vibrating light as a tool to save the world.  "I've got the eye of the tiger, and I can see how it all soon will be."  Through time, he has woven a story ... through Spin Doctors and American Pie he has ensured it's outcome.  The Lion of Judah's tribe Maccabee--it means Hammer... as in "of Thor," and the light of Chanukah... comes to those with ears to hear... and the patience to read.

Once again, it is reading, discussing and understanding the light that is fundamental to the process of securing freedom--understand, for those with brains to care should have the right to see it.


"a" is Godspeak for "God," and "ity" is always "it's why" and almost always connects to a contextually interesting reason for it being why.  For isntance "amendmendity" is not a word, and "eternity" is.

I should take this moment to connect "macaroni" once again to Yankee Doodle and riding on a pony into town to paint it free--the Feather linking to the Egyptian crowns of Osiris (who is me) and Shu; and meaning "bringing light from the void." and also to Rattlespeare's play "The Taming of the Spanglishrew" which happens to mention one of the Salt Sisters, or it Rose-ettes... by name.  As a rosetta-stone, context is everything... and so it is with context that I mention the dish Charosets and it's combination of Apples, Honies, and nuts .... and a link to the Egyptian God... Nut.  

Linking in The character "Cypher" of the Matrix (and it's "code visualization") to Kings langoliers, it's clear to see that what you might think are coincidental "language outliers" are actually highlighted quite strongly throughout our history and art.

ET ER N IT Y    From Christ in Rome, to Neo's cypher, to Nero's            
&  &  D    &    fire and Thor's thunder... to Spanglishrew
LA MA O    S    Et tu brute?  Three Shakespearean plays in one
AN AN L    P    word.  Maybe I missed two.
TD TD L    A
I  RE      N
N  IR      I
   XS      S
    O      H

Welcome again, to the Land of Flowing Milf's and Honies, the place where everyone is excited about building Heaven... and living in it for a very long time.  Hey, I didn't write the light.  I just make it right.

If Heaven were place that I made myself, I would... (self.theabyssoa)

submitted   by rndaxs

Show the world that the Rod's of Aaron and Jesus Christ are a secret message about Doors... Doors For Everyone--that's the key to the symbol of Iron.

I'd do the Christian thing... and end world hunger, heal the sick, and deliver fun to all... that's for sure.

But more than anything I'd show them there is already a map here to help us build it, that I've lit it up from Jerusalem to the Bahamas and Orlando more than (afikomen) once (bagel thins?), and that our answer to the question above is literally the source of Heaven.

Edit: No comment? So, what you are saying is... "Adam, you've given me nothing to think about and I would like you to make Heaven whatever it is that you think it should be like."

In a boys dream... all the live long every day.

To me, the Fifth Day means something specific, it's the day Earth was recreated from the ashes of Edom... virtually--in a place designed to explain that and show how it is nearly Heaven.  A place where our ecosystem is here to show us it's import--and for us to learn it too... has something to do with Heaven... and survival.  I believe firmly that my "5" might have something to do with bringing that 5th Day all the way to 10, the number of the letter J.  Through 7 days of Creation and three days in the ground... to ressurection.

I am the Living One; I was dead, and now look, I am alive for ever and ever! And I hold the keys of death and Hades.  Revelation 1:18

So once again, a toast to the shaking light of the Doors... 

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