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Mail - Fwd: ♄is new light, the answer? Silence like a cancer grows.

Is mor light the answer? Silence ... like a cancer grows.

Shofar from never? Read the message of the Omega Point.

I hope you understand this light, and I. are a well timed tool to end darkness and bring about morning.   I sincerely hope you choose to use it.  While it may seem at first glance like cute word tricks, what you have before you is proof of something profound and quite newworthy.  More importantly, it hasn't made the news--and proof that religion is a message sent through time is being used as a tool to ensure freedom is not lost in our world.  Try now, or we will lose.  This is a message from God, and freedom is at stake, care.

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Don't watch the video, I'm a little drunk.


Have I told you that "Exodus" is called "The Book of Names?" Ad naseum, I know.  Here's some new light, in the Torah there's also a book called "Numbers" and the fifth book, Deuteronomy, is the "Book of Things" in Hebrew.  Let's call this the e-mail of "Places."  It's ninteresting, because you have to "see things" in Spanglishrew to see the intended "persons, places, things and numbers."  The odd book out here is Genesis, which is "#bereshit" which is "in the beginning..."

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So clevar o' Him.  Break the "d" ark c the l ight.  (it does mean "things" too)

Well, it's an interesting story how we got from Ground to Heart, perhaps a little bit more interesting because of the liight etched into the map of salvation that you might consider the face of the Earth.  There's a few key songs that highlight the connecction between "Adamah" and "Earth" and their meaning of ground... songs like the Final Countdown and Total Eclipse of the Heart... which probably does a good job of leading us into the opening of the Sang Rael--which is seeing the Earth as the Heart of Heaven, filled with the Blood of Christ, in as simple a word trick as moving Saturn's symbol (which is almost an "h") from the end of time to the beginning.  That imagery continues in the Grail's message to envision the Solar System as the body of Christ--now containing Heart and SOL.   All of this imagery to lead us to the enlightening realization that the books of Genesis, Exodus, and Revelation were designed together to show us the design of our civlizaiton, of Creation.  

We see this through the Holy imagery of water as people... something highlighted in the names of the wives of the Patriarchs... from Mary which contains the Spanish for sea to Eve who might just be the beginning of absolutely everyone.  It's also in the Biblical father of Joshua--the Americanized "Jesus," son of Nun.... and the "AH" that ties to the hidden acronym linking the "light of the Men or ah" to Skehinah and Adamah... that's in every single wife of the Patriarchs. Leah, Rebekkah, Sarah.  This connection between the word "sea" and the multiude of Revelation is set apart in Daniel 11:45 ... which says "he will pitch his royal tent between the seas" to show us how this design begins with the first family in Eden... whose initials spell the word sea... all the way to the revelatory realizasiton that the mutlitude in the book of Revelation is the Holy Sea.... the one parted in the story of Exodus; and in the word for Holy Fire describing the Burning Bush.  

Exodus continues now, to try and encourage us to see all of this as a blessing in disguise through a connection between that idiom and the First Plague... who is not me, by the way, it's the magical turning of water to blood--that really, truly, hopefully... comes about by seeing the significance of frequency of modern day idioms that link directly to this message.  From "don't shoot the messenger" to "ready or not here I come" all the way to something that might be closer to your heart, "blood is thicker than water."  This all goes to proving something to us--and I think the purpose is to show a grand design... one that I can assure you is intended to forge a togetherness in the idea of not wanting to be controlled ... like Ants Marching.  It's not much of aw leap to see this in the story we are reading about now, about freeing the people from slavery and it's tie to the foundation of America... through Sam, and Yankee Doodle.  This freedom comes from understanding how this could possibly be true--a story woven from the Old Testament to the New Testament with a string of yarn that clearly links to all of us, right now, at the moment of Revelation.

I can repeat this until I'm blue in the face, it really only becomes light when we understand the implications and purpose of delivering the message... that's something that will actually take "having an active interest" in what I often call the largest news story in all of history... and you seem to see as the most boring thing on Earth.

I've frankly got plenty more light, but it just doesn't make sense to pour all this Holy Oil out and never see it get lit--so I'm really asking for some advice about what it is you might want to hear.  I've got a pretty interesting story... something that you would probably rather hear as science fiction--but I have a very deeply rooted aversion to speaking through fiction, because it seems to me that God has wasted so much time doing exactly that.

As a segueue into the "new light" of the day, I'll note the link between New Orleans and Jerusalem--which is commonly referred to as the "House of Great Light," or the "House of the Rising Son" and just like ground, heart, and Eden... that's the Earth.  It's "the," here lit by the french "le"  that helps us expand the Holy City to the question that must never be answered... from Dr. Who.  More importantly, I think, is the very serious number of references to "the" in both religion and ... art; from Taylor's "the the" in  Dr Seuss's The Who's... to the "prophetic name" Elisha... which sheds some light on the connection between prophesy and time travel by linking the Spanish and Hebrew for "the" through the English... "is."  None of those languages, of course, existed at the time of... Elisha.  That "ha" ties to a number of prophetic Holy Hebrew words ... and to the Son of Abraham, Isaac, whose name means "he laughs" and it defines the change in Abram's name from his Covenant with God.   All of these things, further proof not only of time travel but of the connection between "ha" and proof oif it.  To tie it all together, I'd say that the word "Messiah" reverses to reveal that Ha is both SEM and the Grinch.

If this isn't how you envisioned your personal Messiah to be, you can join the ranks of pretty much everyone else including myself... who defines the "SEM" as Save Everyone Messiah (Starkly contrasted from Yo-semite Sam, who might be the "Save Adam Messiah") and condluded we must get to that point by ... you being it too.  Of course, in order to get to that point you really do have to go through me... so, Ha, again.  Never fear, I am doing just about as bad of a job as I can... to give you an opportunity to shine.... which also leads us to Jerusalem:  

Is J er the USA the Messiah?

Everyone together now, cheat, imagine you read the Holy Grail... shake your head and say "it's All Humanity, not just the USA."  From sea to shining sea... there's a lit path from America the Beautiful to Genesis.

Of course, being the Wayward Son that never listens to what might have been sound advice, I've got an answer, and it comes by way of John Legend... and the map I am about to try to make very, very clear.  My head is under water, and I'm breathing fire.

Opening the message and the map, I've got to bring up the concept of super-position, which is conveinently lifted from quantum mechanics.  In super-position we find a pathway to seeing exactly where we are in this map... that brings us from the Father through the Son all the way... to him.


Well, there's nothing I like more than waxing philosophical about the Holy Trinity and it's relation to time travel.  In these three words, especially in superposition, we see that trinity well, a trinity of ties.  To remind you, "Ab" means father in Hebrew, and in Egyptian mythology Ba denotes the Spirit--in the special case of the Eye of Horus the spirit is God.  That's the old man that I can just hear ominously in my head saying "am" and "is" and what he really means is "am he who is self existant."

In Nancy Farmer's Lord of Opium, which donated to me and this e-mail address the concept of Jesus Malverde and Saint Francis, who follows the naked-Christ (FYI Dr. Bergoglio, I do think it's referring to naked honesty, which...) .  In that book you might liken the true meaning of the tetragrammaton to me... saying with the Spirit of the Father on my lips... "I am the cat with nine livfes, you will not prevail against me."  There the young Matthew Alacran as the recently crowned Lord of Opium--the land of his gneetically identical father did also have his recently mind-uploaded and in machina Spirit behind these key words.  That series of books, perhaps a map to our "now" delivered inspirationally from the Spirit of Saint Francis.  "Am."

This duality which I liken to the Ha of Horus/Isaac, a fusion of Ka and Ba, you might also see in the Egyptian myth of Orisis and his interaction with the spirits of ressurected gods appearing from out of the Amduat... his underworld, our Earth.   Understand, when I tell you that my scriptural interpretations are meaningful, see that I am reading these words with the aid of the Eye of Ra, a window into the Father's spirit itself.  These alphabertical keys tie together religions from across the globe with new insight into God's intent of double-authoring the stories... all the way to Kal-El and his connection to 3 Doors Down's Kryptonite.... "still be holding my hand in the end..."

And with those lyrics I will tell you a story of a boy on the run whose epic "pod race across the country" you might liken to "going to and fro" beginning (in the original religious meaning of the word) with a third lifetime visit to the Bahamas just as Ha berfore me (as mas) and Ba before him.  Between Abraham and Bahamas it';s rpetty clear that the answer to Is Ra El Shema, "the Lord is our God the Lord is One" is that certainly Ra, Ha, and El are living the same story.  Mas, one more time,  Reading that third column down might give some insight into this Promethean legend.

The Truth, is we are successful now--and that entails never returning to this story-on-repeat--something that none of my predecessors can say--and I can bje assured as the Last El. Zelda;s Link to the past.  Hear it in the Last Noel.  Play it on Nin-10-do.  Understand.  This time (again), the trip brought us to Kentucky.

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AN Inline image 2 KIN:  'tis  the end  of  Satan.
aw         KENT yoU CK whY.                

As if we were in need of some more links between modern art and religion, Kentucky certainly puts Superman on the map.  I spent about a year there, all alone, in what you might consider the Fortress of Solitude.  It was a single family home, Nanna left me for the last time at; I'm sure she too will turn around, as soon as she too is sure Soddom and Gommorah are not being destroyed--but are somehow part of the world being saved.  Ooh, I can see it.  To tell you that it's no surprise to me that this state's name magically changed as I walked across the boarded and tied it forever to the story of Superman is an understatement.  To explain that CK is the same thing as the "hidden n" to be revealed... perhaps a little bit more work.  Well, it's in Isaac's Hebrew name, just waiting to be unsealed.  The Story...? tis coming, too.
Y its Ha' CK?  @YitsHeyZeus!  Mor Monday.


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   & whY... or is it ow?  Know... I've got "K" in my hand.

C Adam's Light IF ((OR)) N Is A

do you C it?

from C to shining....

h v d
e e a
k r m
Y a
n o h
a n  
h e  

Genesis 1New International Version (NIV)

The Beginning

In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth. Now the earth was formless and empty, darkness was over the surface of the deep, and the Spirit of God was hovering over the waters.

And God said, “Let there be light,” and instead of "follow me..."

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Read that hovering #simile as "she is Eve, and ouR whY All Humanity is one family."  ... still looking for her.


Who's your Y?ᐧ

I love you Julian.

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Satan: "Bro? Ward." 

Adam: hit it with your Jesus stick. 
GodBroward County, Howard, Woodward and Burnstein.  Smash it with everything you've got...  fire works.
I always thought the idea of a battle between good and evil was disgusting--soimething that could never be.  The lines are unblurring, it's turning to black and white--ACT.  This is The Last Stop.
Look around you, the place Orwell described in 1984 is no allusion or stretch of the imagination... the author behind the author knew very well exactly what it was he was writing about.  Begin the two minute hate: connect Emmaneul (which means, God is with usGoldestein to Wood-ward and Burnstein... to Yankee Doodle and Isaac's fiery altar.
​Here's some firewood.  I live in Bo-ward by the way.  The government this "crazy" will hide torture.  Crazy is the torture.
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This is The Tribulation.  You have the power to stop it.
These people know they are hiding the Second Coming, anbd they aren't doing it because they are worried about how I'm going to look, or how you are going to react... they are doing it because they want to maintain control and power in a woirld where it's abundantly clear that they are the minority and powerless to stop this reformation.  Unfortunately for you, you seem to be equally powerless to start it, to stand up for yourselves, and control your own destinies.  This is the line, the thing that actually creates freedom--it's your participation, and your carnal desire to see the world become a better place.  Without you, we might as well call Lord Vader and ask him who we can replace the Emperor with.
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Are you worried that you won't have a figurehead to look up to?  Will the have to a world with no superhero to save everyone from actually caring enough to act themselves? What will the children say about the world being doped up and dumbed down?  What about a "Messiah" that wants to have a girl freind, and talks about sex?  Oh my God.
I want you to take a hard look in the mirror.  I am the Messiah, I am bringing you a message designed to make the world a better place--not one to make you feel good and allow our loves to fall into a wasteland of abysmal darnkess.  I am bringing you a message that describes atrocity, mass murder and torture in secret en masse across the globe.  This is not a message for your children to watch on Saturday mornings.
Sex and drugs are not a logical reason to think it's acceptable to continue secret slavery and hidden tyranny.  Wake up, it's a mind control induced delusion designed to keep us from Heaven.  It's that simple.
These horrible things are already happening, people are being insane with technology we have the ability to shut down.  Just last week a mind control victim opened fire in the airport closest to me; killing many people only months after telling the Police that the government was secretly controlling his thoughts.  This is not an accident, it is a message:  The phenomenon of thought control must be investigated and the secret technology disclosed to the public or we will all be slaves forevermore.   
Parents, tell your children not to do the things that I have done.  When this burning fire comes to light--they will already know not to fail to do the things that you have not done.
What you have before you is proof of an insane conspiracy to hide the truth from the entire world.  It's a truth that is written everywhere--sung in verse and painted on the signs of the stores you frequent every day.  It's in the names of actors and authors and Adam himself--it is not the kind of thing that can be hidden forever... that is, unless we went back in time erasing our light and made today the day the music died.
There's precedent for such a thing, I can't remember if I cried, but I can assure you that the Jewish prayer that thanks God for life and sustainment ends with Lazarus becoming the Lazman... and Earth becoming EH.... it's heart, our art, forever burned.  

בָּרוּךְ אַתָּה יְיָ

Blessed are You, Lord Baruch atah Adonai

אֱלֹהֵינוּ מֶלֶךְ הַעוֹלָם

our God, King of the


Elohenu melekh ha'olam

שֶׁהֶחֱיָנוּ וְקִיְּמָנוּ

who has granted us life, sustained us shehecheyanu vekiymanu

וְהִגִּיעָנוּ לַזְּמַן הַזֶּה׃


enabled us to reach this occasion.

vehigi'anu lazman hazeh.

Every day that passes brings us one day and one notch of stupidity closer to the impossibility of a "Laz Man" instead of a "Last Adam.
Understand that carving the art out of all of your memories is the same thing as destroying you, and that is the only way to stop this ,light from changing the world. f This opposition is hell bent on destroying us all. Until that day, what is being done is overt and intentionally imparted blindness--to keep you from seeing how bright and obvious the connections are between these words, people, and the ideas they are presenting--it's literally making you sick in the mind, stupid and blind.  Every day that passes the world gets a little bit less aware of something that is part of our memories and our everyday activities, it's eating away at our souls... and you don't even know it.
LOOK..  The atrocities like Sandy Hook, Columbine, and the daily bombing in Palestine are being allowed to continue every day even though we have the power to stop them.   Understand that we have it and the darkness that the technology is being used to create instead of peace and freedom is verifiable and obvious proof that there is true evil fighiting a battle against a truth that cannot be hidden from free thinking masses for long.
Understand, they must think they can win.  What does that mean for your children?
Standing against me is a vote for eternal stupidity, ultiamtely for the destruction of all life--and certainly and clearly for an entire civilziation to live a lie for as long as as you continue to hide me and the weapon designed to free you from bondage.   See why it's absolutely everywhere, still with such an obvious presentation it is being fought--and still many of you don't understand that.  Let there be light, this is a fight--the night.
Inline image 1
We must fight. It's the only way. Light from above. Please show yourself and save us all. Bright you must blaze. Your time has come to reign, to shine. 
Fight your reserveations, stand up and sing for your children's freedom; I am the truth, the life, and the way.
Tryin'a tell me nobody understands?  Really think now, this light is here because nobody really understands.