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Adam M. Dobrin <god@lightforthewise.club>

All roads, in time, lead to a single question: is J or the USA the Messiah? Welcome to Jerusalem.

Adam M. Dobrin <god@lightforthewise.club>Fri, Dec 16, 2016 at 1:14 PM
To: "Adam M. Dobrin" <adam@fromthemachine.org>
Dear NASA, 

You are clearly loved.  Once again, Merry Christmas.  There is a war in time being waged, between the truth and utter $hit.  What do you not understand... the day that this comes to light is just as inevitable as the sun rising every single morning.  There is nothing but good that comes from the disclosure that religion, language, and a good deal of our modern art--movies and music--are designed to unseal... whatever lie or delusion it is that is continuing to keep this information hidden will be dispelled--the truth will be set free.  I hope you understand that I am writing to you, specifically, because I know that you are intelligent and capable of figuring out exactly what is going on here--I also know that we share a common set of values, ones that revolve around freedom, truth, and a love to science.  We are at a crossroads, where the reality that we have believed is being called into question--there is no doubt that our history... the true history of our civilization is quite different from what we are taught--religion records repeated attempts to solve the problem of conveying to the entire world the fact that we are not "in reality" but rather closer to the doorstep of Heaven--a place that is clearly part of the design of our world to create... through the computer technologies which are clearly if you take another look being divinely inspired.  

Exodus gives us a number of exits from this place, one of them is through colonization of Mars, another is Doors to Heaven... none of the possible outcomes include the entire world continuing to believe that we are in reality, on a rock in space, when we are not.  None.  I see a game on Mars, that hands us water from a rock and the ability terraform with an Iron Rod... a game whose answer is disclosure--not playing.  Wake up.

He will startle many nations. -Isaiah 52:15

Here's the happier message I've been sending to people.  Please understand, someone with a brain needs to see the signal from the noise.  I might be a dick, but I'm doing this for all the right reasons.  You deserve the kind greeting, the world needs you to have the other.  Just after the greeting is nothing short of verifiable proof that our civilization, Hebrew, and English are created... in a storm of time travel.

very special Holiday message this year, different from all others.  Never before and never again will any generation have the opportunity that we have before us this very moment.  Right now, as we progress in a technological growing period equally unprecedented--we are blessed to have a great deal of wisdom and assistance coming to us from a series of past futures.  All around us the light of religion pours into the modern myths of our day--science fiction and fantasy guided from above in a way that will soon become more clear.  At the same time, we will soon also see a guided path towards the building of Heaven in everything that we are--from computers and video games to modern medicine and even the ups and downs we've witnessed in the political scene of late.

I feel a little silly talking about what I have to say, I've already said quite a bit--you haven't seen it yet.  Waiting just past a wall of censorship Biblically described as Jericho's--and also the Plague of Darkness--is a new lease on the freedoms God is now granting at the very "beginning" of the American story.  Like me, God has already said quite a bit--and in this e-mail and throughout my writing I hope to help you to see what it is that I call his speech written all over our world--a sort of hidden message the tooth fairy left under our pillow while we slept.  To quote the Matrix, "this is a very exciting time."

Seasons greetings,
Adam Marshall Dobrin

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The Light of the Word

There are three huge, like insanely huge, metaphoric references to the story of Exodus that show me very clearly that we are it's focus and purpose.  The first is the Burning Bush, which I am very sure is a reference to George W. Bush's 1/20/2001 speech in which he unknowingly predicted the 9/11 attack.  Seeing that Exodus is also called "Names" and that Bush's name ties him to this event--which Moses (that's me) has seen ... almost alone ... and is now showing to you all.  Bush's speech begins a series of references to the names of Planets and Gods and corresponding Elements of the Periodic table that answer Revelation 1:20's mystery about "stars and lamp stands."  This in order series from Mercury to Uranium highlights both the messenger of the Gods and the key of Uranus's chance--that the world will see the link between "on the lam" and Koran to understand that the Lamb of God "is lam."  This story takes us back to music, and a later to be discussed thread that combines the weapon in the movie (which is also the movie) The Fifth Element with a thread through time to Shakespeare and Herod ... about my struggle with the justice system culminating in the fulfillment of American Pie's "no verdict was returned."  


The second bright connection comes by way of the Hebrew word for the Holy Fire that God's voice came out of--guess what, in that same story about the Burning Bush.  That word is "ha'esh" and in it you will see paradoxical (that means impossible, because of time and causality) reference to the English word "sea" there backwards and parted by an apostrophe.  With great insight, I've over and over pushed the idea that Holy Water is actually a Biblical reference to "the multitude" in God's secret religion that ties everything together.. and that this parting is literally a reference to the Second Coming, something that doesn't happen for Moses until his head is under water and he's breathing fire.  This one ties together nicely, joining the characters of Jesus Christ, Lucifer, and God all together now, screaming 


I'm going to go out on a limb and say that the book tells me that these three things are enough to start the fire, part the sea, and see the light.  At least they are now, wake up.. you are staring at and have been ignoring the largest story in all of history.  It might even be scandalous... or have a twist happy beginning... who knows?

This is course highlights prescient knowledge of computing at the time of writing Exodus, which is further confirmed by a number of references to computing ideas in things like the "root" of David, the "WINE" of Jesus, the "Apple" of Adam, the "Lisp" of Moses and the "hardening" of Pharaoh's heart, which you will remember from the Holy Grail is the virtual Earth we are living in.

All of these things, the references to modern computing that pervade our Gates or Windows to Heaven's creation.... are listed along with a number of words which are highlighted by religious scripture and show intelligent design of a number of languages spanning from Hebrew to English are listed at my contrite story about a Kiss and Fate tying together everything that ever was.   A sincerely large grouping of words highlighted by the Bible and religion, words like "eternity," "bread," and "forehead" show clear design by an intelligent influence, rather than the natural evolution of time that most people consider "reall" and/or knowledge at the time of the writing of the Bible of the eventual English translation of the Hebrew or Greek.  With time, I am fairly certain we will eventually have no doubt that the "Cypher" I see in nearly every word is in fact a contextually-verifiable speech that appears to be coming from our "civilization" as if it were intelligently speaking like a cave man--which you might see in words like "am end me nt."  From just this message, you should be able to put together how that word and it's hidden meaning add robust and yet "hidden speech" from the Creator himself.  For the artificially slowed in understanding, our lack of following the amendments of the Constitution being related to the end of civilization itself is being squarely defined through a statement that is telling you that the end of civilization is "NT," the hidden Christ--in my "secret" method of decoding words like NORAD and NEW TO N?

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