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Adam Marshall Dobrin <adam5@reallyhim.com>

Firestone, Goodyear, Goodrich... Michelin? the wheels on the bus go round and round... The Signs, they're everywhere.

Adam Marshall Dobrin <adam5@reallyhim.com>Thu, Dec 1, 2016 at 11:36 AM
To: "More... family" <mor@fromthemachine.org>
So here we are (music), and I am continuing to try and show you what I am quite sure are the words of God--his strange way of speaking to the world, hidden not only in a "Matrix" of songs throughout our time... but also in signs--pretty much all around us in nearly everything you can see, contextually related "names" that show there is a hidden hand in the design of our world.   Much of it, like the series of religiously related names in the computer and video game industry, seem to me to show us a clear path for the purpose of Creation; tying these modern technological ... pursuits ... directly to religion and God. 

Aside from shock value, I think they do a good job of introducing us to the kind of effect that actually seeing this "Revelation" will give to the world--for me at least I see this as a confluent message that screams something along the lines of "I can't believe I didn't see that before."  For what it's worth, with some thinking this too adds to the fire of the "darkness," something I am sure is a description of these connections not only being made obvious, but that they were overtly hidden before.  This idea, that we have been kept from making normal logical conclusions from things we see every single day is fortified by our lack of understanding of similar patterns (that I'm sure you've read about) tying the Old and New Testaments and many religious stories together.

In department stores:

In the foundation of America--the names of a number of revolutionaries, Richard Nixon, Watergate, Emmanuel Goldstein and Bro-ward County... the Son's Corona and Sam Adams; time travel and a number of movies that link the names of actresses to crashing some wedding--I'm sure it has something to do with Revelation:

I probably don't have to say it over and over again; but the statistical significance of the underlying message and contextual relationship between these "signs" is the kind of thing that gives us that "ah-hah" feeling deep inside, something like experiencing a quickened "enlightenment."

In cartoons, from "Speed-why Gonzo-la-la-z" to neary every single thing I watched as a young child... somehow answering a question about what the "sword of the Messiah" really is--you're looking at it, everywhere.

I don't really have a good reason to have talked about a school bus; only to mention that in music there is a very obvious messianic pattern that flows between songs about ... whomever you think it is that is going to come save you from not knowing (all music videos):
It seems to clear to me this is about picking up the story, and realizing what you have a sweet memory of right now--absolutely nothing.  Hear my voice, you have my words (music), you have the message I know the change in Abraham's name means this one is "the one," and it's Holy.  I don't know what you expected me to do, but if I am not doing this, I am squandering a chance we have to really make our world a better place, to really build Heaven--instead of whatever it is you all think you have coming to you.  Wake up, seeing what I am showing you is the key to ending slavery--it's the key to Heaven, not seeing, not sharing it is... well, it's the key to this:

1."Mr. Self Destruct[a]"  4:30
2."Piggy"  4:24
3."Heresy"  3:54
4."March of the Pigs"  2:58
5."Closer"  6:13
6."Ruiner"  4:58
7."The Becoming[b]"  5:31
8."I Do Not Want This"  5:41
9."Big Man with a Gun[c]"  1:36
10."A Warm Place[d]"  3:22
11."Eraser"  4:54
12."Reptile[e]"  6:51
13."The Downward Spiral"  3:57
So I'm pretty sure we all know now what this Fire of Prometheus is really about; I hope we know it's about seeing the proof of Creation spread; and through that seeing freedom come back to our minds through the simple act of doing nothing more than thinking for ourselves.  Try it, it's something new.

To follow this theme... of seeing God's words peppered all over the names of companies and "stuff" around us; I put together this little collage of tire companies, take me for a ride--from me I can add His words ... that this is a sot of "spiritual journey" one that ends when we get off the train (music); and start... thinking.

While you may not yet agree, I am pretty sure this has been a "good year" for the fire; and in seeing how this appears to be a nice confluence of what to expect after it starts--we will probably see Saint One (st, is ubiquitously "langolier" (google groups) for saint, just because I say so) just like we see a "time map" in the words America and Alphabet--right after this fire starts I imagine we will see how the stories of Prometheus and Medusa highlight the heart of JerUSAlem (my book)--and it's sincere etching of this countries name in ancient Greek myth--from the sword and the Stone (music); we are fast approaching that time when we will know that Saint One is probably not just an unsung hero (music).

My birthday is nearing!  So once again, I'll note that my name and my birthday appear to be a key to "our in" to ... God I hope it's Heaven.   D.O.B. "r IN," certainly does a job of highlighting that this day approaching, the Eighth, is a Catholic Feast.. of some sort.  One which might have something to do with seeing the mess of the Messiah, just trying to find my way home... on the bus (more than music).  I mean the message.

It's probably not yet Mercurial, bu I have no idea what Michelin is about, Taylor?  Holy water under the bridge?  Gates?  Doors?

I really hope it's Heaven.  Of further note, my name would have been Dobrinsky, before my mother changed it (before I was born), which might have had something to do with "write on the sky," (Graceful music) words I repeated over and over (medium.com) for years. 

I'm going to e-mail you less, and the rest of the world more--maybe I'll edit some of the crap I've sent you.  Also, I might do some videos, to give you a good idea of just how crazy (music) I really am (not).

Call me Superman. (Kryptonite)

Here's the words to "Burn," since you all seem to have difficulty clicking links.  All the links there are music except for "the spark."

Here comes the darkness
It's eating at my soul
Now that the spark has
Gone out of control
This fire is raging
I can't find the door
I just wanna die here
But you wanted more

Now that the light has
Driven me insane
This fire is blazing

-Taylor Michel Momsen

Here's me singing.  I suck at it, wish I had soul.. and my music attacked.  Did I mention I was born the day John Lennon died?  All you need... is to speak.



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