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Ministry of Forbidden Knowledge Mail - Standing at the Shore of the Sea, or is it the Event Horizon of the Abyss? Light Figment up.

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Adam Marshall Dobrin <adam5@reallyhim.com>

Standing at the Shore of the Sea, or is it the Event Horizon of the Abyss? Light Figment up.

Adam Marshall Dobrin <adam5@reallyhim.com>Sun, Nov 27, 2016 at 11:55 PM
To: Amicus Mundi <AM@fromthemachine.org>, are@whenistheapocalypse.com, WE ARE <are@fromthemachine.org>, kin <kin@fromthemachine.org>, "More... family" <mor@fromthemachine.org>


We are at the edge of darkness in more ways than one.  Freedom is slipping through our fingers faster than you can imagine; the right to a fair trial, to bail, to free speech... the real arms of this revolution; to privacy--and more importantly to the proper and helpful use of surveillance that is more ubiquitous than even the most conspiratorially inclined could believe... all gone already; and you don't say a word.  It's a hint, that this problem is really in our heads--like Nero fiddling with the words of songs designed to help us see the truth, the control mechanism that religion itself is here to free us from.  All of these "God given" rights seeming abrogated with the best of intentions, making a broken legal system more efficient or more fair?  Protecting the "people" from the truth, of course... whatever it is that caused it--maybe it's a lesson from Satan himself--breaking our very own hallowed Highest Law of the Land over and over at the level of 9 supreme judges, or the halls of the Capitol who just refuse to amend the Document; or Executive Orders to make sure we don't come to a grinding... halt?

More obviously fundamental to the survival of life and civilization; we are all standing on Holy Ground, staring squarely at the place God and Heaven has termed "the twilight's last gleaming."  Twilight has a very special meaning, the flickering between Biblical night and day--roaring louder than a lion all of religion and thousands of years of history are screaming at us to understand that here in this place we have the tools and understanding to prove that those things... night and day... are the difference between Virtual Reality and the Universe itself.  

Here, aside from Jesus Christ and the Second Coming screaming in every possible direction; we have religion itself... to ensure that we see that some very odd patterns in the development of language, science and computers are reinforced brightly by an unnatural phenomenon we call "quantum mechanics" that goes to the heart of understanding why it's so very important for us to widely understand the difference between the Virtual and the Real.  A promise of obviousness in the word "is rael" probably isn't enough--but to see the brightest minds in physics spinning their wheels trying to unify natural law with a computer ... hack ... and settling on a Universe that curls back in on itself and wonders if it's enough for TIME to say "we might be living in a computer simulation."

Is it funny hearing from me that we are firmly in the fifth day of creation, that place where there's a virtual garden and a virtual guy screaming about an impending day of Creation?  i wonder if any of you, like me, ponder whether or not the high altitude nuclear tests that the US and USSR seem to have brazenly begun in unison several decades ago are some reminder of a secret war against God or Heaven in the skies... or maybe if they are a marker of what may have gone wrong in some age past where there was "No Ah..." at all.  Perhaps it's a remnant of a mutually assured nuclear holocaust--or of bombs bursting in the air giving proof God was still there?

In the light of day, it's really neither here nor there; we stand to lose our understanding of reality if we continue on this headstrong mission to secretly build heaven within itself--and perhaps to colonize a virtual planet in a virtual system of learning how we might have done these things in reality--if we only knew we weren't yet there.  If Total Recall's not enough to wonder about selling virtual air; and an Iron Rod on a red planet coming from the red man who is sure it's a game ... about not playing a game to learn to terraform Iron Oxide into oxygen and...

It's really about knowing, about sharing the truth, about seeing that Heaven and "virtual" are nearly synonymous the huge divide being "knowing," 

Imagine we lose this place of understanding what "ground" means to the guy who sang about the Final Countdown and this Total Eclipse of the Heart ... and this blazing message that if we do not share where we are; it's almost a foregone conclusion that we will believe we are in reality up until the power runs dry.

There's a myth, in ancient Egypt; about the lord of the underworld needing to make some sort of deal, you know to reseed life into the place where we really did once come from--after it had... well, is anyone calling from the outside?  Straight from inside, I can't see through you.

This little bit of whatever prepended the "waiting" message you got earlier; in the forward to some newspapers around the country.  Sometimes you have to hear it all at one time to really see the impact of what it is we are .... simply ignoring.  

Or, I might be crazy.   As an interesting aside I could see 3 doors down from my bedroom window, in some house on a hill in Kent-u-CK-y where I am sure the fortress of solitude still stands.  I mean, it's probably nothing; or there's more to the story.

If you have not seen it, this is the Sign of the Son--it is obvious and verifiable proof of foreknowledge of the 9/11 attack, the English language, Linux (and much of modern computing), chemistry, and a large body of living people and modern art at the time of the writing of Exodus; when all of those things would be paradoxes.  It is in fact the focus of the story of Exodus to prove that time travel exists, its relationship to religion... to the 9/11 attack and the Burning Bush and to a story about a sea parting--over the fact that the Second Coming is .. in fact ... happening.

This has been delivered and largely ignored by a great number of members theological organizations as well as scholars, thousands upon thousands of members of the "free" press, and many governments--as Daniel predicts... many nations have been "sprinkled" with this message.  The fact that there is a nearly obviously unanimous decision to hide the most important story in all of history should be the beginning of proof that there is something very bad happening... which I explain as much as I can in the message that follows.  Seize this opportunity to do whatever you have to in order to ensure that we do not lose the truth, the freedom promised, and the heavenly future almost within our grasp... by doing the normal thing and ... publishing a story.  Please, do it for uh, you.

Let's make America free again. :)  We've already had our last "No El."  I'm not doing this for no reason; we really need to act.

I do think my eye will be OK, thanks for caring.  Are we having fun yet?


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