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This is an excerpt from Time and Chance: The race is not to Die Bold by Adam Marshall Dobrin
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Light for the Wise

I’m really not sure if the “Garden of Eden” is a story about a lush world of life sprawling within a world hidden in Virtual Reality. I can’t tell you for sure if “Simian” has anything to do with the Sims or Sim City; only that I’m sure that feeding the poor is a new commandment of God, morally mandated by the process of civilization that we are certainly within. Across the stories of the Bible, binding them all together are equally descriptive images of a hidden message about food. It’s in the Promised Land of Joshua’s “flowing milk and honies” that ties Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory to the machinations of Heaven through the not so obvious Ka you see (that’s “Veruka”) declaring that the Salt of the Earth must see exactly how a place with Honey and Milk on tap might be missing the life required to sustain us in the images of a Golden Cow, and a man… Judah Maccabee.

You see, the chastisement of Christ is clear to me, that you cannot build Heaven by forgoing sustenance and making everyone live forever without eating. It’s not just about the dinner conversation, but that’s a big role–it’s about the machinations of civilization–transportation, family life, and jobs that you have to see would fade away in a Heavenly world that might have been created by me. All around us we have reminders never to have a “Last Supper.” Countries of the Earth remind us, in Belgian Waffles, Canadian Bacon, English Muffins, and more… but nothing is more telling of the connection between religion, Adam, and America than the proper noun left out… nothing more American than Apple Pie.

Johnny Appleseed left the light everywhere, the idea of an Apple being linked to Newton’s Fig leaf ties even further the connection between Easter and Eden. “Let them eat cake, instead” echoes the Virgin Mary from her castle–in that foodstuff’s famous commercial–a reminder to all that turning stone to bread simply will not do–either–we’ve got to make sure that people eat what they want… for dinner and then breakfast to follow. Through it all the theme is constant, Christ walks on water by not asking for the opinions of the masses–but having lived original sin myself, I can tell you just like the people disobeying God’s commandments at the foot of Sinai–the truth is not so clear.

You see, it’s hard to get people’s opinions on things when everything you say and do is hidden. In this place, where the battle of Exodus is about the light of the son being seen–to end the Plague of Darkness… it’s ever so more imperative to get the word out when it’s in everything around us–and still unseen.

Is sheer “will why I won the Ka,” or is it because the message is so cleverly woven into everything? I can’t tell you for sure if the world will ever get “ver” (to see) the “ka” but the link between the Body of Christ and the ancient myth of Horus uniting two lands… brings us to wonder if the Red Coats are Coming…

One (Heaven) if by “El, and…” two if by the Holy Sea; there might be even more if everyone could see how much work has gone into delivering this message in a way that showed us clearly that it was all for thee.

Neither yet “bread for the wise,” Ecclesiastes 9:11 says to our we, yet I’m sure that’s whats coming from me. Light, we are fed, to ensure that hunger gets destroyed by the sea.

Green Eggs and Ham, Sam I AM.

It wasn’t until late 2015 when I made the connection between Dr. Seuss, the angel of death, and the food I was being offered in the Broward County Jail. Nearly ever day, some disgusting processed ham and ancient eggs reminded me that Sam must be the “I AM.” It was here that the Grey Light of the Apocalypse flew forth from my fingers, as I desperately tried to share the knowledge that I’d been given with the world, from behind a locked jail cell.

My claims of forced starvation are not an exaggeration, they are part of the obvious problem that has befallen this system. The “presumed innocent” are seen as a burden on society, when it is the society forcibly incarcerating them that is the problem. We should be rehabilitating, helping those that have been forced to steal to feed themselves in a broken economy to find useful and meaningful jobs. Instead we starve them, as is clearly highlighted by the dichotomy between the institutional diets of the criminal justice system compared to hospitals. This starvation is further highlighted in Ecclesiastes 9:11; forget “bread for the wise,” we are with-holding it from the innocent.

Jail and what some people might think Heaven should be like have lots in common. You have no real worries, you are fed and clothed by the state; and for a long time I would have explained that this might be “Heaven done wrong.” It is the accused that are being fed; bread for them in a world where my message was once to firmly explain that a modern society like ours has no business allowing any starvation.

The Grey Light

More references to Eden in history: the apple of Isaac Newton’s tree gives us some light as to the source of original sin.. gravity.. and perhaps the idea that our science and technological evolution has been assisted. Either that, or thousands of years before it happened, somebody wrote a book to make sure we knew in advance.

In Babylon, we see “Hanging Gardens” and somehow this ties together the city of Ur, the Guttenberg Bible, Hammurabi’s Code… and the “invention” of laguage as possible points which might start the point between social evolution and now where the thing we call “civilization began.”

God thinks that if you said “Ur” might be the right time, You Are the beginning of Civilization. I think we ought to tell him it doesn’t start until he stops talking by putting his “first hi” in the Hebrew “I” (anokhi) and “you are” in Abraham’s birthtown. I’m right of couse, with reference to him.


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