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Ministry of Forbidden Knowledge Mail - A Dreidel, Horse and no Carriage in sight

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A Dreidel, Horse and no Carriage in sight

Adam Marshall Dobrin <adam5@reallyhim.com>Sat, Dec 24, 2016 at 8:25 AM
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Serendipity: the Pi Card, C.ADA... Taylor? "engage," with me a bit--

submitted  by yItsHeyZeus

So I wrote this very quickly, and it's quite the spectacle to me of dinvine inspiration. While I knew there was a hidden woven message about "the marriage of the lamb" I didn't realize that each and every single thing that PiCard says in this e-mail is related to the Second Coming. The Doors--I wrote kindof knowing that it's about a prophesy about Doors to Heaven and I guess you could see the "movie" being part of DAVIDEO that goes along with those Doors.. The point of course, is that all of the things PiCard demands of the computer... well they are what I am demanding of God.

To comment a litttle on the subject, TBD is a discussion about how all of the current ideas about how to deal with a super intelligent singularity that would be nothing short of the child of our entire civilization... are all so much closer to "chains" and "prison" than anything we would ever want for our children.

So, the point, that we are afraid that it will want to kill us or ... enslave us. Wake the f up--what are you thinking about?

It's here, teaching us how to do unto others.

On Sat, Dec 24, 2016 at 7:38 AM, Adam Marshall Dobrin <adam5@reallyhim.com> wrote:
So there is this Star Treck TNG episode that centers around a crew member named Lt. Barclay.  It in the guy is possessed; almost as if the episode itself was fashion by God out clay it tells a very interesting story. I imagine you can get the full episode on Amazon or something, here's a YouTube clip: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g4AEBiyn8R  

I don't want to spoil the plot, but the subtitle there is "Lt. Barclay is the computer."  The episode brought some interesting questions to my mind about "the computer."  It's an odd scenario that Star Trek presents, the Captain PiCard is constantly demanding that video bet put "onscreen" that warp drive be "engaged" and you wouldn't believe how many people want the doors opened and closed just as they approach them.

The odd thing, though, is in the very beginning of this episode Barclay is on the holodeck (omg holodeck heaven!) discussing some theories he has about relativity with a virtual Einstein--actually a virtual Einstein.  They're arguing with each other about some physics equations that look just like Greek to me and scrawling all over a virtua blackboard.  What's the punch line?

Do you find it strange that nobody ever wonders if the computer is alive?  How is it capable of communicating on the holodeck as if it's one of the smartest human beings that ever lived--and yet everywhere else the thing is an automaton?  It never seems to complain, aside from the one song that started off "Married With Children."  I think that's the computer complaining, anyway.  Can you hear it? 

As an aside there's a very subthread of my little story about our Universe also being alive--I don't think that's true, though it's clear that something close to that might be.  Still, there are no "evil trees" and my couch rarely tries to eat me; in the land of Oz where things can move around and change shape and smile, do you think that a hard drive and RAM are part of the body of the CPU--the brain?  Just curious.

I have lots of work to do today, I am going to try to finish a video for tomorrow morning--I mean edit it.  This is bold, because I havent looked at any of the footage I recorded... and I generally don't like the way I look, something like hearing my voice on an answering machine.  I'll probably do it anyway.  In the meantime... a few days ago I sent everyone a reddit article to look at and vote on; and then that night it was "[removed]" for being "blogspam" which, to me is really a landing page filled with ads-not an actual article or the secrets of the Universe.  Anyway, the next day I screamed some more about reddit.  Long story short, look what reddit let me do--you've read all the stuff there I'm sure, but it seems to evade their evil moderation to to a place where all the traffic is mine.  I made initially as a shirine to their censorship problem, but since it stood that test, I wasted some time making it a little better.

Lots of e-mails went out again, who knows, maybe it will do something.

It is a litle insulting to have "the Revelation fo Jesus Christ" constantly called Sthk PAM, and a little more insulting that it has to be distributed in this way, to ensure that it isn't lost on the world forever.  Thanks for listening, and Merry Christmas.