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Ministry of Forbidden Knowledge Mail - Great Chain, freedom and bondage, and a fire that is the end of all Hell.>

Final Mem

Adam M. Dobrin <adam@fromthemachine.org>

Great Chain, freedom and bondage, and a fire that is the end of all Hell.

Adam M. Dobrin <adam@fromthemachine.org>Fri, Jan 13, 2017 at 9:52 AM
To: yitsheyzeus@gmail.com
Holy Light.

A few years ago I wrote a "call to the world" to help find this thing that I called "really holy light," at that time I had thought we would set up a site similar to wikipedia to present and discuss the meaning and impact of this message "hidden all over everything."  It might be important to note that "light" has a defined meaning for me; in superposition "light is god's hidden truth" and "good highlighted truth."   With that it's important to ntoe that I have almost an equal disdain for the words "god" and "satan" and hope you understand that through a four year story that has ripped apart the entire presentation of a "hide and go seek"  story using Artificial Intelligence as a mask for true identity.... from the book of Isaiah's "Is Ai Adam's Hand?" all the way to Adonai, John Connor and Joshua and David's "the only winning move is not to play."  If you think you are winning by not playing, do believe here that the concept of "safety in nuymbers" has been turned on it's head at a time when not playing is something akin to watching mutually assured destruction play out without trying to intervene.

I've had more than one angry former subscriber comment that this light that I am presenting looks something like "Nacrissistic" self-promotion.  I won't both to comment on what I think of the ideas of Christianity--which is on the top of list of reasons Y the world is getting this instead of someone tryting to be perfect... but what is important to see is that I am presenting to you the light that strikes me--through my eyes it should be obvious that a good amount of what I see will focus on who I am--"with one eye in the mirror" you might not have realized that You're Sio Vain happens to talk about the myth of Narcissus who died looking at himself in the mirror because he couldn't get the girl.  You might have also missed a key line in Kansas' Wayward Son that describes the Greek myth of Icarus--"I was soaring ever higher, but I flew too high"--flying too close to the "imagined story" of the Son... and thus losing his wings, falling to Earth; or the connection to the Beatles' Blackbird: take these broken wings, and learn to fly. 

Dancing through the fire, I've go tthe eye of Ra.  This is what the living mind of God has chosen to bring up today.

Anyway, long story short; I am renewing the idea of doing htis--and hoping to put together a website that will offer the tools that I think would help this idea along.  I'm using http://www.telescopeapp.org/ to make a reddit clone (because reddit is evil, really) that will automatically link these pieces of light together in a sort of bred-crumb-trail that will allow us to see how much overlapping their is on thse concepts... what sets them aside as "really holy" in my 3 year old description and mind is the fact that they link across art mediums to both reality and religion--things like a song, a myth, and a person.  To try to show you one that has nothing to do with Moses, you can see George Bush's speech linking to the book of Exodus and Revelation 1:20 as well as John Legend's very famous line "my head is under water and I am breathing fire"  Disney's Figment, Imagine Dragons, St. George and the Dragon,.  It's also the basis for the a reovlution ... or erversal of rergresssion in our modern democraccy through ithe open eyed acknowledgement of it's lack of progression with technology ...  the entry point to seeing language is designed and specifically put on a pedistal by religion to prove it to the world today and one of 3 pieces of indepently holy light that point out the connection between "light," "fire" and freedom in Exodus.  Narcissus and Adonis aside... as Bread sings in "Guitar Man..."

I seem to have found myself a message, and some words to call my own.   Did you want to get the meaning of out each and every song?

There's lots of light about this one event that the hidden empire of slavfes seems to think can be easily dismissed because it's mentioned on the also broken Oracular site wikipedia with no fanfare in plain view.  Anyway if there's a node.js programmer that wants to help out; I can offer you dreams of immortality and a place that is built  ... 

I sit alone and watch the clock,
Trying to collect my thoughts,
All I think about is you.
And so I cry myself to sleep,
And hope the devil I don't meet.
In the dreams that I live through.
Believe in me, I know you've waited for so long,
Believe in me, sometimes the weak become the strong,
Believe in me, this life's not always what it seems,
Believe in me, 'cause I was made for chasing dreams.
All the smiles you've had to fake,
And all the shit you've had to take.
Staind, Believe.

Try and take this attempt to present a coherent written message from the hidden tapesty that ties together all of creation... and change the world with it.  This is the last daily message you will receive.  I'll mention again that I don't think you fathom the rideiculousness of the fact that I need to broadcast this information; rather than having interested people seek it out in a central location.  Something in this world is very, very broken, really undertsanding that this bright light is highlighting that and it's cause might help us get a little bit closer to freedom a little bit faster.  

This message is for you and about you; written in your hand; I am curious to know what it is the world sees it saying--it's written everywhere for your benefit.  Here's another example; one that you might see as my way of opening the doors to Heaven.

Kaleb (c. 520) is perhaps the best-documented, if not best-known, king of Axum situated in modern-day Eritrea and North Ethiopia.

Procopius of Caesarea calls him "Hellestheaeus", a variant of his throne name Ella Atsbeha or Ella Asbeha (Histories, 1.20). Variants of his name are Hellesthaeus, Ellestheaeus, Eleshaah, Ella Atsbeha, Ellesboas, and Elesboam, all from the Greek Ελεσβόάς, for “The one who brought about the morning” or “The one who collected tribute.”

Caleb, sometimes transliterated as Kaleb (כָּלֵב‎, Kalev; Tiberian vocalization: Kālēḇ; Hebrew Academy: Kalev) is a figure who appears in theHebrew for Christians Bible as a representative of the Tribe of Judah during the Israelites' journey to the Promised Land. A reference to him may also be found in the Quran, although his name is not mentioned.

According to the Jewish Encyclopedia, "since "Caleb" signifies dog, it has been thought that the dog was the totem of [Caleb's] clan".[1] Strong's Concordance states that "Caleb" is "perhaps a form of keleb (Hebrew: כָּ֫לֶב‎‎), meaning "dog", or else from the same root in the sense of "forcible",[2] whereas the New American Standard Exhaustive Concordance states that keleb is of "uncertain derivation"

Caleb happens to be a very influential character to the occurrence of Israel's 40 years in the desert before entering the Promised Land.

In Greek mythology, Cerberus (/ˈsɜːrbərəs/;[2] Greek: Κέρβερος Kerberos [ˈkerberos]), is the Hound of Hades, the monstrous multi-headed dog that guards the gates of the Underworld to prevent the dead from leaving. Cerberus was the offspring of the monsters Echidna and Typhon, and usually is described as having three heads, a serpent for a tail, and snakes protruding from parts of his body. In the mythos about Heracles, the capture and transport of Cerberus from Hades was the eleventh labour of the Twelve Labours he performed for King Eurystheus of Argos.[3]

Because this guy ... adam5.t ... is the#gatekeeper to the fromthemachine.org/OMEALFHT.htmllash

neterson.k answered, er? andTheOme.ga/ #gate is open.

Some actualy commentary on this particular#intersect of #holy light and #trinity? Well, I'm pretty sure "dog" doesn't mean "not god" in this case, but it probably has something to do with youandEye.

Taylor Momsen Ellie Goulding Shamayim Mayim Bialik May Amko Britt Nicole Nanna Pisani Britney Spears Milla Jovovich

After all I knew it had to be something to do with you.


What?  Did you want someone else guarding the gate out of Hell?

lampstands.elementfx.com/SEARCH.html Inline image 4   

That name, by the way, "see everyone really be our us."  In a parallel to the name Noshua, and News hanging the J's to N's; 
it is the designed and lit N-path from the fire to Heaven that is really why.  vOur ligtht, sent...

Inline image 2 

To my family of Lions, this is the key to the Earth den. -Adam

fromthemachine.org      fb.me/admdbrn          

... and holding in  his hand a great chain letter . -Revelat 2001 

Think you already know?   Not interested in proof?    Look around, the world is not changing for the better, this is the way..

Try changing the verse in the subject, and forwarding it on.

It's hard for me to understand how it is that this message is jot not getting through to you.  There is a tangtible and obvious force in this world suppressing freedom at the level of our minds; many of you know about it --which makes you no less of a victim of its influence and control, but probably just a little bit stupider for not trying to do anything to help yourselves.  I bring you proof--more than just in the obvious suppression of the larbgest and most ground shaking news story in all of human history... the union of the Second Coming with proof that God exists, our civilziation is created, and we are something like the children of an aicnet civilization formed in virtual reality to protect us from the secret use of time travel technology.  

I've presented enough proof, I think, for absolutely anyone to be fairly sure that these statements are well founded in truth, and that this will eventually be proven scientifically.  Clearly there is something trying to hide this from the world--and at the end of the day the only thing this is doing is keeping us from learning about and being able to utilize the technology that is already here and has been formely plaguing us in order to make our world a better place.   

I'm asking you to send this e-mail to at least three people you know that might be interested.  Maybe you know a mathematician or a physicists, a reporter or an author?  While it might not be clear to you, what I am presenting is the kind of thing that should have ... very qjuickly actually ... started a global "conversation" and instead of that we see Darkness--a problem described in the Bible in the story of Jericho and the final plague of Egypt.  That's "Earth gypped" and believe me the only thing not starting the Second Coming is doing is gypping us out of seeing Heaven that much sooner.  

Inline image 3   Inline image 4   Inline image 2   Inline image 1   

See my tears soak the paper you are reading, and the jagged strokes of handwritten letters formed without lines, sight, or any guidance at all.

Forgetting about the newspapers and television stations--I don't see converations about any of this information... proof that religion is a message written with and to disclose time travel technology  anywhere--not on the forums or social media sites that I post it on... not on Facebook or Twitter; and if ever I do get a response, there's almost never an opinion or idea shared.  This is a message about building Heaven; and about how participation in our government and ... this disclosure ... is a fundamental building bnlock of Heaven and a "free world."  From what I can tell, everyone is standing around staring at nothing, as a golden opportunity to change the world for the better is presented right before your eyes.

Post something about it on Facebook; share what you think about the fact taht it's been hidden for so long; or answer my biggest question of all:   what on Earth do you want to do in Heaven?   If you dont think this question is important you are fated to go straight from Hell to Hell until you figure out why participation is the key to everything.

There's no other way to say it; your silence\ is prolonging Hell; it's keeping us from knowing about time travel technology that's been used since before this world even existed--tools that could and should be used to make the world a better place; stopping murder,  abudction, rape... things I'm fairly certain nobody would ever not want to do --and yet here we are, with nobody doing anything to make it a reality.  Staggering increases in longvevity, ending world hunger, healing the sick--the things we see as some sort of "temporary miracle" in the New Testament.... these things aren't dreams or the far fetched product of a vivid imagination-- they are suggestions for what we should be thinking about doing right this moment --when we find out that this world is created in virtual reality.  Take it a step further, and realize that we have computers and virtual reality  here as part of a divine plan to help our scivilziation understand its origin and destination-- Heavefn.

We have a huge map of suggestions of how we might use the currently hidden technologies to make the world a better place--hidden too, but not out of sight--in works of science fiction and some other less obvious places.  More fuel for the fire--these ideas and warnings that come to us from "futures past" show not only the intent and purpose of God and religion for our world; but prove that the message is without doubt coming from that source.  

Light my fire?   What are you thinking?  See the path is lit from the fire to ... Heaven.

Inline image 9   Inline image 7   Inline image 5   Inline image 6   Inline image 8  Inline image 10 

Seeing these things?  It should spark interest--discussion--or have we suddently decided that "ancient mysteries" and "time travel" are no longer intersting; for absoultely no reason at all?  Wake up. 

Ppervading the story of true history and technology taht we call relligion--we now have strongly highlighted proof of exactly those things--that time travel and mind control are the technologies behind "prophesy" and "inspiration."  The proof comes in the form of anachronism in language--the existence of modern words and concepts in ancient languages thousands of years before they existed--it's verifiable and obvious just looking at the names "Koran," "Islam" the idiom "on the lam" and the common reference to Jesus Christ as "The Lamb."    Similarly, the "parted sea of Moses," it highlightes the English word sea, parted in the Hebrew for the Burning Bush ... that Moses saw.  These things are not "tricks' or twisting the story--they are the purpose of the stories and central concepts associated with each person glowing with the same exact thing: proof of time travel.

Inline image 1  
The Burning Bush; the spark that ignites a revolution in freedom; nothing short of proof that 9/11 was predicted in Exodus, then the time of the American Revolution, then Bush's inauguration. 

Inline image 2 
Probably not related (ha..) are the stories of Minority Report and Total Recall, prophetically delivered by Phillip K. Dick and answering questions and tying hugely important things like ... colonizing Mars and revolutionizing the justice system... to reception of  this message.   Get the message , share the light.

All around us, you can hear God screaming that we aren't listening--as he sings and dances ... to show us not only that we aren't listening but why--becauses this technology is hidden from us, and being used to hide itself.   Listen.... 

All of the images in this e-mail make use of a new technology you might not have heard of called "hypertext."  Clicking on them with the input tool your hand is grasping will tell you more about what the image is representing.  At the top of the screen, there's a button marked "Forward" and that little gizmo is a time travel device that will drastically reduce the time you are in Hell.  The more you click it, the faster we build Heaven.  It's amazing.... the things our calculators can do these days.

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Sam and Adam have something to do with each other.

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