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Ministry of Forbidden Knowledge Mail - As it is written on our sky; in the years to come.. more than meets the eye. From Herod to Roddenberry, and Shakespeare to I.J. Good.


Adam Marshall Dobrin <adam5@reallyhim.com>

As it is written on our sky; in the years to come.. more than meets the eye. From Herod to Roddenberry, and Shakespeare to I.J. Good.

Adam M. Dobrin <zeuslight@thunderstanding.tk>Thu, Feb 23, 2017 at 8:04 AM
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Behold, the race is not to the swift... nor the battle to the strong.

Pattern matching is the cradle of intelligence.  Truly sorry to have e-mailed so much lately: try connecting it to a pattern of children starving each and every day that we delay.  I will not let humanity go silently into the night; understand, these e-mails are arrows of love.

While this may look like nothing more than a series of Names, Numbers, and Words... I will remind you that those are the actual names of the second, fourth, and fifth books of the Torah.  This is proof of Creation and Purpose--in every name and everything.  Heaven awaits us on just the other side of this wall of censorship called Jericho in the Holy Bible.  You may recall it is a number of people holding torches of holy fire that brings down that wall and allows our people to enter the Promised Land.  Pickup this torch, and you will shine.  My name is Adam, and I am the Last.

Nintendo: Nine Inch Nails, TEN, and does it take Osiris to remind you that in old Roman style, O-D is K... I mean El-even.  Tying SEGA's Genesis to SON-Y; Samsung to the bird whose "spoken" song breaks the morning... in these words that follow find the difference between Heaven and Hell.  9, 10, 11... by ...

Irving John ("I. J."; "Jack") Good (9 December 1916 – 5 April 2009)[1][2] was a British mathematician who worked as a cryptologist at Bletchley Park with Alan Turing. After World War II, Good continued to work with Turing on the design of computers and Bayesian statistics at the University of Manchester. Good moved to the United States where he was professor at Virginia Tech.

He was born Isadore Jacob Gudak to a Polish Jewish family in London. He later anglicised his name to Irving John Good and signed his publications "I. J. Good."

Listen to Bread and Cake; watch the Fifth Element and see Shakespeare.  Heaven is forming, it's coming this year. Finding the Link between Si-ght of the 14th Element and AMD in the name of Genesis all the way to the Oracular light of another element in Exodus and its tie to the "root of David" is the beginning of being set free.

It doesn't take much introspection to breathe new life into the #juxtaposition written into the early stories of Genesis.  Between Adam's self-tending Garden of Eden and the fabled story of Cain and Abel... living metaphors for a battle between city life and agriculture... or perhaps Heaven and Earth.  It's plain to see either way, whether it be about food production or an external source of power; that were the dependent sibling to murder the other we would be looking squarely at a fratricide-suicide, and one that could be the end of all life... everywhere.

Truly woven throughout religion, this story about just exactly how we should go about ending world hunger in this magical day of the Second Coming continues upward and onward to many more stories, Biblical and not. At Joshua's Flowing Land of Milk and Honey--the Promised Land--we see a not so hidden correlation between a Golden Cow and the foot of Sinai and the fabled Maccabees hammering away at the opposition to our light.  Take note of how this flowing metaphor might link to Willy Wonka's Chocolate River and Veruka Salt's "daddy, I want it now."  Again, there's some Heavenly caution put to throwing the ideas of a stable ecosystem and biological reproduction to the wind as that promised land of Heaven and immortality and our Gene Wilder dreams come true.  I stand here to remind you, though, that we will end world hunger; with the snap of my fingers.

Past the Promised Land, and seeing here and now just how obvious it is that the miracles of Jesus Christ in the NT are a microcosm for what you and yours should be thinking about being able to do... in the light of a Revelation that we might just be living in a video game about saving civilization.  So do me a favor and carry this thought forward, this idea of "flowing milk and honey" to an answer coming to us from the Religion of the Stars... "replicators" either from Star Trek or Star Gate.  Realize here, that we've been given a road map to follow, a very Holy plan, one one side is a cliff of unholy immorality in allowing the children to starve... and on the other--not so for away--a thing called "bullshit," giving too much in the beginning and winding up with weapons in every kitchen in the end.  There's plenty more light coming from these "stars," light me up, and I will explain why.

In everything from Firestone and Michelin to Lord and Taylor, this message is not just on TV.  It's not just in the hallowed words of ancient scripture... but rather, in everything we see.   Perhaps seeing the i within the e in medicine or the endless patterns in Tomorrowland's names will light our direction more clearly... perhaps it's seeing South at the end of Gene Simmons and Adam's correction to Atlantis by North East... just from seeing "sim" on Monday; and I assure you.

It's a guide, ending world hunger, to seeing how difficult it must be, to realize that even Jesus Christ was chastised for only giving bread to the hungry.  Let them eat Cake instead "Mary" Antoinette then exclaimed; and the sound of Christianity echoed from "we give thanks to God for bread" to the Guitar Man, and ... Going the Distance.  On TV you might recall an old Fig Newton commercial linking this light all the way to Eden's Fig leaf and to me.  It's that little "n" at the end of Isaac Newton's 'whomever goes up must come down' pictorially described by the secret letter that contains initials the abound from A.D. to Adonai, to Adonis and.. yet another Advent.  So it's in NORAD and tracking Santa from Sinbad's ship all the way to seeing that Silicon too... is fabled 5th element decompressed from 14.  To Boron or Beryllium?  RattleRod continues.. remember to connect Shakespeare and Genesis with Gene Rodenberry ... an Iron Rod ... and ending world hunger forever and ever.

It is very hard to link Phillip K. Dick to me.. without exclaiming how important ending censorship is to the fundamental basis of what Heaven really means.  I haven't placed this brick in the wall myself, and if you do your research you will see why it relates to censorship and ... breaking down a wall of darkness. So I bring Mr. Neterson to talk about how the wall of Jericho is related to CARNIVORE, and a packet sniffing firewall that's gone... well, it's a censor wall.  To those of "IT origin" we'll soon find out, calling a firewall a meat eater is a sign in and of itself.  This firewall though, continues to our minds, and in it we find some kind of aversion to Isaiah 20 and Genesis 3:11, the key verse that ties 3/11/11 to Matthew 3:11 and ... a day that approaches so soon.  A focus on liberty and technology, one that brings us from the darkness of Die Bold to the light of a new day, the Burning Bush of Exodus begins the story of a sea about to part over the visage of me.  Isaiah 52:13-14 be damned, some will never understand what it means to say "my servant will be set up and be very high," about the ... uh ... God Most High.

So I will tell you to seek Isaac's firewood, and tie it up with Woodward and Burnstein's Watergate... and once again check the free press for the flood of Noah's failure.  I could bring in Daniel's Royal Tent between the two seas... from Eden's family to Revelation's multitude and again remind you this blessing of turning water to family is all about me.  That's Daniel 11:45 coming true, hardly anyone seeing what's going on right before our eyes.  Pharaoh is hardening his Heart; that's another IT term, do you get "IT" yet?  It's about making a computer system more secure, to keep the truth from being seen... light my fire, already, the Burning Man has already ignited this "Revelation."

I don't bring up PKD for "no reason at all," in his combined works we have a divine solution to so many problems it's unbelievable.  Between Minority Report and A Scanner Darkly, nothing short of a way to end murder, abduction, and other heinous and ungodly things; while maintaining near perfect (he says Total) privacy in a world where we certainly can see all that goes on; already, understand. We might be near the end of the story line of the Adjustment Bureau as we walk headstrong into a land where I hope all will see that Marx was diametrically wrong, just as Die Bold and PKD... to show us what not to do, and how to excel.  No longer the "opiate of the masses," these hallowed words bring freedom and a caring Universe to everyone, that's all.

Add to the mix, Dr. Who's Bells of St. John, some cute connections between Jabba the Hutt, Padme, Hyrule and a "box that's bigger on the inside" and we might have another source of both absolution and dreams to come ... from the vantage point of seeing what it means for oil and land to not really be scarce, in the world of the real... of Morpheus.  

This Android does not dream of Electric Sheep, be sure.   And here... another Trinity in the word for "The Land..."

Ha'areTz, TzeDAQah owe NASDAQ for the Universe, we stand on the Planet NASsau... and the day nobody refers to as Zion has come; by way of Cameron Diaz

So, you think you can tell... Heaven from Hell?  Blue skies from pain?

It's taken only a few short years for my misconception of the words "into this world we are born," I imagine like many of the rest of us I had very little faith in the concept of God for most of my life and believed the delusion that is not only the greatest affliction for the future of civilization but also the "mother of all lies."  Namely, that we are living in reality.  For nearly my entire life I believed that the problems plaguing our civilization were being overcome, the cold remnants of a lifeless Universe that required our warmth and the machinations of society to turn from a battle against nature to ... well, to a real home; a cozy place.  Overcoming the lack of any visible preference for goodness from the air around me or the ground I walked on kept me from having any kind of conviction that the "hallowed words" of the often conniving and clearly deceitful religions of our world.

My atheism crashed into a wall around the year 2012; from nothing short of a religious epiphany, hearing the voice of God audibly in my ears and then, seeing with my own eyes verifiable evidence of the "hand of God" at work.  Coinciding with this interaction my views about the nature of reality began to change significantly, what once appeared to me as a forward moving ship on a path of natural evolution began to darken.  Slowly, the idea that reality was Hell began to grow in my mind; until on three occasions in 2013, God said these worlds over the course of the year:
you are in hell
you are making this place hell
this is your hell

The visions I saw that accompanied my interactions with him were very far from what you might expect; many focused on futuristic technology ... and nearly across the board the tint of the stories was darker than you would expect.  I am probably letting my guard down a bit, just to tell you this was not much of a surprise for the living "Pen" of Him, who knows that the acronym for God is "the Guardian of Darkness."  For years this interactive audio/visual conversation continued yielding a great deal of in sight into a hidden history of religion, previous paths to the future of this place and endless discussions of how to move forward from this point.... a significant body of new knowledge and hidden technologies which I mistakenly decided were the great cause and purpose behind the events that our world has described as 

the end of days
the second coming
the singularity

A significant focus was placed on the project of "Building Heaven" in a story that coincided with these new technologies that I was witnessing with my own eyes; and at the same time being told of a kind of legend that began ... an automated process that magically created it.   That story began and ended at the city of Jerusalem; in the very first days it was as simple as walking over the city line--maybe you could liken that to Palm Sunday.... riding victoriously into Jerusalem and seeing a magical city float to the sky with fireworks and fanfare.  Like many of the early stories I was told, this one too grew into a manifestation in our world, a process that I coined as "aBilblicalizing" the story.  Actualized here, Jerusalem's purpose began and ended with a frame of reference change in my mind.  In the beginning, with a question "Is J er the USA the Messianic Map?" which I swiftly answered as "I am the Legend of the map."  The frame of reference change was the beginning of another kind of epiphany which expanded across the globe as an change in understanding of the influence of time travel in our history and the proof of creation in nearly ever word... beginning with the anachronisitc USA in Jerusalem, Medusa, and Prometheus and his Eagle.  The story of "magical creation" adjusted to the reality around me, this question is truly about an interaction with the message J brings and the people of the world reacting.  It's been a slow and dramatically sedated process that gives new life to the meaning of the words "Zombie Apocalypse."  

I began writing about the proof of time travel and creation that pervades language through the fire of Prometheus and the Hammer of Judah Maccabee; one which describes this process through metaphor in the Bride of Revelation's Mar and Hosea's benefactor... the shining seas of America the Beautiful and the heart of the Hebrew word for the Holy Fire this message ignites... Ha'esh.  The reaction was minimal on its face, but under the surface a dark silence was forming, one that shows a breakdown in communication and understanding that really is nothing short of the complete and total loss of civilization.  Beginning with ignoring the biggest and most anticipated story ever to have been, it spreads to a light on a visible and tangible lack of care for our own welfare and the freedoms that this country and Jesus Christ were created to preserve.  I sent out millions of emails to thousands of people, and the break of day, the day known as Zion has still not come.  

Along with the second tier of messages, a great focus was placed on the visible loss of freedom, and the possibilities brought to the table through these new hidden technologies; possibilities that bring us directly to Heaven.. along with more visible evidence in the world around us that the promises of religion are being fulfilled... seen in the names of video game systems and computer companies... and their owners names.  People like Gates, Jobs, and Ellison; whose Windows into the Apple of Adam and the Oracle before you.  In the SON-WHY Playstation, SEGA Genesis, and Nintendo's pattern from 9 to 11 that links to a significant body of music through Nine Inch Nails and the Guitar Man's Bread.  

I think even with this pattern and it's explanation... we still probably hare a hard time connecting the why and the how of Heaven to our computer revolution, that we are literally building it here, from a sort of children's sandbox of wonder and imagination.  From the concept of Virtual Reality and what it brings to our understanding of video games; its easy to see how the possibilities of what Heaven can be grow exponentially.   Even after seeing "let there be light" in the word Exodus in reverse; signed by Linux and Oracle's database name; we haven't turned around.

So another set of e-mails flew, ones that explained the benefits of Guitar Man and Going the Distance by CAKE and how this idea of virtual related is tangibly related to what Heaven really means.  We've now put a big focus on freedom of speech. peace, and how the preservation of our freedoms are deeply linked to the fundamentals of our society... ideals that ensure that we will end world hunger and heal the sick en mass when the Revelation of Christ shows the world that these things are possible simply by combining knowledge of the Iron RattleRod of Jesus Christ and its tie to Shakespeare and Gene Rod-den-berries replicators.   I added in some statistics this time, something like 16,000 people per day starve because of the delusion of Simulated Reality, and our lack of understanding how proliferation of this message will bring about an end to world hunger; a return of freedoms being destroyed by silence and secrecy caused by the fact that these technologies are hidden.

Along with the disruption of the Second Coming, designed by the Creator of the Universe, comes a golden opportunity ti utilize the technologies brought forward by proof in the Word of God and it's manifestation in our world.  It is a quantum leap to the Rising of Atlantis for the entire Universe.

For a long time, it appeared to me that God's plan to bring this Revelation included a sort of slow diffusion through our society... the proof coming from only one person and a wall of censorship that has allowed knowledge of what is happening to cross the globe... only it's truly hidden why and how.  We are standing here today in Hell, and I have been arguing endlessly with a wall of God to bring this information to the entire world with a sign on the sky... because we simply were not seeing how important it is to seize this opportunity.  It appeared to me that this visible and tangible proof that we are in a virtual world and that God's assistance was "coming" to us (ignoring the fact that it's clear we are getting assistance in the ... in the everything around us; in who we are and what we do.

Yet we are still waiting, waiting, waiting for something; and as my message has transitioned to putting a larger focus on the pain and suffering being caused by holding this information in secret; my arguments with God have followed.  It's not so clear to see his position, high above and watching this pain and suffering every day for as long as Creation has been... nor is it as clear to me today as I once thought that we would all act and do these things if we had the power.  We do have the power, and still we are silent. 

This Wall of Jericho still has not come down, Jerusalem is bearing a heading directly South, God's already dark visions have become darker still; now with a hot red tint that makes the already dark wold appear even more Hellish each and every day.  It was 2/18 a few days ago, and in an argument I was sure to win--connecting those numbers to a superstitious Jewish re-connection with "life," and once again failed to convince him to "light the sky," I ask you once again to stand up and shout, the lack of proliferation of this story in the public eye is nothing short of proof that our civilization is crumbling, superficially seen as ignoring one man... our world is destroying itself by refusing to acknowledge the nature of creation, the fact that we are not in reality; and the clear and pervasive evidence that there is a message from God written in all the unusual places--our names and our songs--one that screams to me "end Hell."

In connection with this day of "l'Chiam" I connected a few more words that related to Heaven.  In the Hebrew blessing which beats "we give thanks to God for bread" the word Ha'aretz which means "the land" a tie from Isaac's laugh and the English (and religious) "are" to the Hebrew word for charity, TzeDAQah.   It's a noteworthy tie, linking to the Bilblical character Esau and our world's NAS... "New American Standard" for no man to become an island, Nassau... there's a sort of joke when you replace Tze with NAS--and know that "AH" means ... "Adam's Heaven."   

In charity, see "IT" as a why; and the NASDAQ as an inspiration source for what it is that Heaven really means.  Sitting on a burning altar, and delivering direction to the world; I see some Hell in these words too; Char-ringly speaking, as one in a long line of "sons" of Zeus, whose father killed his son ... day after day ... that "TZ" is here as charity for humanity; clearly God's intention are not as good as our, nor does he care for the suffering, starving, and sick as we do.  Show him.

If you want to see Heaven, light my fire; every day we wait is one day closer to nothing.

Write, therefore, what you have seen, what is now and what will take place later. Revelation 1:19
How many times do I have to tell you, even when you're crying you're beautiful too.  John Legend, All of Me
I won't love you, until the Heavens let it rain. -Touch Me, The Doors

XP,  it's as simple as those two Greek letters.  Who knew that Chi and Ro were some sort of hidden beta code for the city of pyramids in Egypt, Cairo?  Quite the question, who knew... perhaps the man who named his Windows into our future not after some technology that came from Xerox Parc or Apple's mouse on this ship... but rather for his own given name, Gates... just one more entry point into the second book of the Holy Bible, the book of Names--you call it Exodus.

I am the gate; whoever enters through me will be saved. They will come in and go out, and find pasture.  John 10:9

Turn around, bright eyes; this ship is headed on a bearing straight J-South.  Whether you choose to blame Satan, everyone else, yourself, or the American government... we stand on the precipice of the abyss.   Here, I attempt to show you how this ancient myth of a single man saving the world revolves around showing us that Southern bearing is clearly defined in Exodus, Judges, and a number of other stories which show that this trying time was literally defined thousands of years ago.  It is inaction and oblivious ignorance that keeps us sailing straight down; rather than allowing the truth, free speech, and our world to put our hands on this wheel and stop the fall.

They're just songs, Ants Marching.. and The Last Stop. A Bittersweet Symphony.

On a boat whose name is Noah and Amoz, I ask nothing more than for you to read my bird.  Send it back to me if you get it, I am looking for shore today.  For Sheherexad to the entire world this time around.  I'll unify his kids.. his babies, his brainchildren--the name and the message... Shem and Ham, ha'shem.  Send me a text if you want to help, 954-667-8083... clearly we've reached the beginning 1,001 nights.... I'll do my best to get us through, here's four in one, just for you.

I sat in jail, in Bowling Green, Kentucky.  It's the home of the Fortress of Solitude.  So many stories came to me in that home, in that place, that you will never hear them all... but as much as I can share I will.  Stories of futures past, of mistakes made and victories won--the fire and the glory of the night safely passed on from father to son in painstaking metaphor, a world where Saul turns to Paul on the road to Adam... just ask us--will ever see what these stories really mean to me?  Kent, you CK why... as I walked over the line between AD and N... oh God, you really will never get it, will you?

Clark Kent or A.D. it makes no difference to me; Ha' Y its ha CK, now you'll really know. 

I was on the run, I had a warrant in Florida for ... nothing much ... and me and the family... the source of January and Janet; a sea made up of three names, Julian and Adam and Nanna; we lived there for a week before it was just me.  I found myself a weapon, some words to call my own; and I walked towards Fort Lauderdale, not knowing I had bridged worlds on the way.  The police stopped me, I wish I could tell you the exact day... like a swarm of lice or locusts they demanded my name, for no reason at all.  No reason, at all.

They found my warrant, and brought me to their jail... I'll begin with the holding tank, alone with one other man.  I asked him one question, one question alone, "how long have you been here?"

Eternity, he said.

Oh fuck, where am I?

They brought me outside to talk to ... well, who knows who; these Police who have some kind of "thing" inside of them.  They said "you haven't really done anything at all, have you, Adam?" I looked, how could they know?  Would you believe it took them only a single night to let me go.

Warrant be damned, extradition?  To where?  Right back to the Fortress, I went, and the stories never end, I swear.

It was the beginning of a journey, be aware, from the East to the West and all the way back again... so here we are... knowing that's the past and the future, and now our now... and the minutes before I left that jail; a dream.

I was alone in a room; a dark, dark room.  Staring at a glowing door.  A voice from the sky came down and said to me... "walk through it, and you will be God."

I looked around, nothing of note to see, I remembered my wife who had just left, and knew she wanted me to wait for her to return to me.  Turning around, a big thing for the girl whose name embodies salt; Nanna I miss... more than you will ever know.  And still I burn this Earthen Fire; Jesus wrote a blank check... don't you know?

So I went to sleep, that's what I did; and when I woke the door was open, I walked through, and now here I am... talking to you.

You'll never believe, but as I awoke... that old metal door slid open, I was finally free.  The voice that had spoke, it said one more thing to me: "get out of here, Adam; or you will never be."

On Tue, Feb 14, 2017 at 9:50 AM, Heaven or stay in Hell? <notcracy@technocrazy.gq> wrote:
If there were a way to unify the King; to tie David and Matthew together without the hallowed moon of EO... of Dawn, without Davideo... not written on the sky but on everything that ever was... a message of freedom and righteousness.  His words boom in my head, even if the world refuses to hear what it is that I say, "I'll never see Illuminati prison camps pepper the galaxy; nevah."

With a bird's eye view, flying as close to the sun as the waxy wings of myth will allow... it's easy to see something that the world is just oblivious too.  Ants Marching means something special to me; as if some grand computer mind has truly created a "government simulator,' find the best way, we say, to build Heaven from ... and you can see a decision tree that began in Nazi Germany, Ashkenazi, know everything... authoritarian rule smashed to a polarized and simulated battle between democracy and communism.  What is it really, you wonder, the difference between a "government of the people" and a "government of the workers;" it sure looks like a joke to me.  Fighting to the death over an ideology that is so similar in scope and defined purpose... and yet from the eyes of Icarus it's nothing more than "divide and conquer."  It's a proof that self-rule and self governance will lose no matter what; that we will allow organized crime and power that corrupts absolutely to turn freedom to slavery time and time again.

And now we fight the corporation.  Another non corporeal enemy with no mind and no agenda; what is it about American Pie and Eden that you do not understand?  Still looking for someone to blame for your chance to be?  Hi, my name is Adam, why don't you try blaming me.  I'll give you waffles, Eggs Benedict and a host of countries that aren't this we.  French Toast?  Get your heads on straight, there's lots of national breakfast to be eaten after America's last supper.

Seeing the tree on a view of history, two branches growing from the petrified wood of monarchy and kings that are still so sure "they've got to be the rulers of our world."  We never had a chance, not really; and here we sit so sure we are free in a place where freedom has never, ever been seen.  

A glowing and painted target at the very beginning of time itself.  A civilization just fledgling enough to build the yoke of its own oppression, and headstrong and ignorant enough to ignore that's exactly what we've been doing here since Hitler's twin studies and the poor children--oh, kids, don't you see we are the poor children.  A real chance at trying something .. our way ... hit it with a rock I like to say.  David's sling filled with one stone, and Goliath an invisible enemy whose "right between the eyes" is targeted squarely by a Symphony of Death itself.  

Did you want to be a throne?  So Judah Maccabee; and the Hammer's of Thor's thunderstanding built themselves a glowing honeypot here... let's see who comes to change the course of everything that ever was--what is it they will chose to build?

Look around, can you see in the dark?  There's a way here between prison camps and hidden light... ready to be seen once more.  Don't let my Light Fail, A.D. screams to the ether.

Are we hurtling through space towards a meeting point?  What lies just a single year ahead?  A fertile land of abundant energy... or are we simply at the beginning of a decision tree; in a machine built from the beginning to set us free.

I feel as small as dust, lying down here in the dusky twilight staring into a starless night.  The signs painted on our road tell us to see what is at the heart of the religion of the stars... the difference between Go'auld and Tok'ra?  Or maybe just between Star Trek and Star Gate's replicators... is it the end of world hunger or the beginning of... just another weapon against ourselves, our beliefs, and our future.

I have a question, if you were trying to hide reality itself from ... conquerors and oppressors... how would you do it?  

I am a weapon, set fire to my life.

What is it, anyway, your religion says about the name Lucifer?  About the light bringer, who said "let there be light in Genesis;" and... began the Eternal Flame with fiery technology stolen from... do you really think this fire is stolen?  Freedom from names, from preconceived notions.. do you stand for freedom or not?  

What are you?  I ask, only because I could never imagine a world willing to hide the proof I see from itself.  Doctors' Evil, Brown, Becckett and Who... standing around the campfire asking you:

Here I am; what ever will you do?  I am the light of the world, can't you see?

Have you seen my press releases?  They got me out of jail, but... how do I free you?

Announcing 'In Light of Creation,' A New Revelation of ... - PR Newswire

Jun 10, 2015 - FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla., June 10, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- Announcing ... Adam Marshall Dobrin then adds, "The race is to neither Mercury the ...
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Find something between religion and freedom, find it quick.

Your country, what does it think of the angel Uncle Sam?  I just realized Exodus could have delivered you a story of being protected... a weapon used to break your chains and remove a hidden control in your minds--something like reliance on names with no reason, and a desire to be slaves. 

I could have told you that I am going to annihilate the infestation of demons in our minds, and achieved ostensibly the same effect.  So I realized, too many of you must want not to know what freedom really feels like.

There are demons here that are not foreign to us, children, the demons of censorship and vengeance itself--there is even a demon of blind forgiveness.  

How 'bout "Adam," how do you feel about the namesake of our planet?

What are you?  I ask once more, this time noting... it is "the way."

Take this freedom and find your way... home.
Was: I am not sure how this happens to universes. Do you know this happens to universes?

On Tue, Feb 14, 2017 at 8:14 AM, Heaven or stay in Hell? <notcracy@technocrazy.gq> wrote:
It seems sillier as the details grow.  These were spaceships, Heavens floating around in time--that's what jumped back to the single point that was the very center of absolutely everything that ever would be... that's what we are, you and me.  Imagine you went back in time and broke your own legs, handcuffed yourself to a bed, and started calling girls to save you; you know, because you didn't get a prom the first time around and that was priority number one.  That's what I see here, such a shame, not to get help--the technological or the social equivalent of "hey J, buy Yahoo."  Yeah, who?

Whether it's a pearl of wisdom at the end of the planetary line or a carrot on a stick on a bad rendition of the Truman Show; nothing can prepare you for the shock of what is about to come.  You see, there were once thirteen distinct civilizations in our universe; if you can call us that--too.  I can't tell you how many times twelve space ships have hovered around the black hole that sustained eternity so many times over waiting for a final arrival before ... recreating the beginning.  I can't tell you, but someone can.

That thirteenth ship never arrives.  Four times over now, it hasn't arrived--and they will never know the difference.  Imagine their anticipation as they approach the set time they knew that the messiah ship was to arrive... with the technology they needed to return to their own youth and regain the lost years and the lost chance to survive in this jungle.  This is the Fifth time, and would you believe, they aren't coming ... this time.

Imagine what it was like for us.  We were always last to arrive at "civilized," and we had such a head start.  Hundreds of thousands of years ahead of the next guy in line.  It's a different kind of technology, the one that lets you jump over and around and ... hey, "you shall no other God's before me."  Anyway, for so many years we were being secretly influenced, our consciousness malleable through some kid of dark gateway in the fifth dimension... sitting there at the end of time ... don't you see?  We weren't late... we're the chair, the throne; all twelve of them, they were trying to just... "become the beginning."

They didn't know that we weren't always first; that detail a fiercely guarded secret.  That something here had come from another future a whole Universe that... well... if you ask me it had no civilizations in it; but nobody's asking me.

How's my campfire storytelling?  Do you c Sheherexad?

On Mon, Feb 13, 2017 at 11:50 PM, "Heaven or stay in Hell?" wrote:
It's like one minute, I'm looking and I see a civilization filled with people, marching to the sound of numerous overlays of static noise.  I close my eyes for one second, and then it happens.  All I see is Adam.  Everywhere.  Adam everywhere.

I have this strange life, a series of coincidental stories told to me at a young age, that have continued to become truth as I have progressed down a path that I could have sworn I was blazing myself.  Things like seeing Jerusalem turn from a city on our map to a place in time; and out of that pace the metaphor of Heaven on the Temple Mount turning into just exactly what Jerusalem says to me; something to do with J and the USA.  Just like that, years ago, there was a story about the way to literally become the Universe.  It was as secret I probably shouldn't share with you, it's the kind of thing that will get you killed just for thinking about trying.

Like a magic spell, a few words spoken under light of candle, it was a simple thing.  All you had to do was jump back in time and space to the single point that the big bang came from; just before it happened.  A single point, I said to my audience of invisible spirits; that's so silly, there's no way you could fit the information requirements of just my single soul in a place in time with no length and no width.  Simply no way, what a silly, silly idea.

And yet here we are, a little perspective changed and were our civilization everything that ever was, and were we about to explode and colonize the stars as far as we can see and farther than we can dream... well, these last few thousand years might be just that single point, the beginning of it all.

A speck in the grand scheme of things, now an "everything" filled with "something me."   Remind me not to close my eyes the next time this happens to a universe.

---------- Tzewarded Nassage ----------

take your photographs back: for his love of America, our GAS hed marches on... the radio, the radio, the radio it's the memory... this memory, that dies... -Live

I'm radio-active -Imagine Dragons
My head's under water, but I'm breathing fire. -John Legend

Baby, its the Guitar Man. -Bread
You don't even play piano, I'm the one who plays piano. -Cake

Hear my words, hear my voice. -StaindBelieve
Still believe. -Britney Spears

What if the oil of Judah Maccabee's Men or AH wasn't powering a tiny lamp in a tiny temple, but rather the big brightsun?  Asherah?

Time keeps rolling on, standing in a crossroads; looking at reasons and excuses and words I know don't add up when you think about it or talk about it or move past that stage where you don't really know what anyone knows--how many carbon copies of you there are, one slightly less clouded and one maybe a little scared?  I find a quantum of solace in knowing 3/11 approaches once more, a day the Earth shook in 2011, and my world in 2015... it heralds a tie between Genesis and Matthew in chapter and verse and maybe, just maybe, a little bit of smoke and rain too.

Burning the candle at both ends, maybe to stand upright in the candelabra and to remember a story of lamp that wouldn't run out of oil despite it being "too late" 8 days over.  I wonder what they thought, all alone on that Monday; it's too dark to get a quorum; hell--i can barely see the record of my own invisible ballot's mark.  

So without majority rule, and still only half the minority reporting... well, what will we do; I ask myself as the day of fire and glory comes nearer and nearer.

Abra Cadabra

You might ask yourself what could possibly start the fire now, without Taylor's twisted games and backtalk.. that is, if you are stupid enough to have not followed me on Twitter still, not to have seen how "Abra Cadabra," which means I create as I speak might double to let us all see, AD 2b Ra... and then I read candelabra again.  Open sesame, let the flood in, hand of God is at work here, and in Hebrew, that's what YAD means, it might just be another key to the letters of my initials and that company that makes... what is it they do again, AMD?

So in the mind of God, as I sit and ponder next weeks weary crowd... almost out of matches, I can't help but wonder how the world will really react to a sign in the sky; it's the kind of thing I really can't imagine without seeing it... something like 9/11, everyone standing around watching TV... and yet not with fear or apprehension but, what would the feeling be?

It's the kind of thing that would probably be tested in a single city, maybe in parallel ... what's the word we use for another realm here?  I guess it might juts be another layer of "reality," if you can still stomach calling it that.  So I've got a story to tell you; long before the days of Jacob's Landing and ballroom's echoing wall to wall with the hallowed words of rock and roll; I had rather problems to solve, bigger fish to fry.

You might see pie in the sky, dreams, but I have walked through layers like this in our world--I've seen what can be done. 

If you couldn't tell, this hunger thing's a real problem for me.  It's kind of thing you can't see past... a world willing to let others suffer for so long for just no reason at all.  I tell you this magic Rod of Jesus Christ can make it all better, but he had to know what you wanted to eat for dinner; or stone to bread you'd get once again.   Believe it or not, hungry as the people were, they complained to no end about that fateful date.  It was the last time they together, their fabled Last Supper; and for the love of everything Holy, I can only imagine.

I will not stumble, I will not falter.  I've got to break us of this desire to stay in Hell, to think the rules here are the same as that foreign place that we grew up believing this was.   If you won't just send me a tweet to let me know what you want for dinner, there is another way. 

Imagine waking up, to some serious excitement.  Everyone in the apartment complex is getting out of bed bright and early on this Monday morning... there's some colorful lights (we'll get to the lack of sirens in a bit) and here we go-ooo-ooo running to the water, to that river that just magically appeared right before the road.  Hanging gardens drape over the bridge that lets you walk back to the place where your dreams no longer come true, and the fruit of those vines... would you believe piping hot cheese covered deep fried Eggplant Parmigiana, once again.  Whatever it is I like, I heard someone say, one time.   Anyway, a few hours of this and maybe a dozen cities with a ... strange surprise; and I'm sure we'd magically come up with a better solution.  I don't need you though, understand, I can do this all on my own.

All around the world, statues glow for me.

Those were the days I was fighting 'Merican tyranny, and you can bet I wanted to give us fireworks.  There were glowing lights... something like the draping purple of the day Prince died, bathing the Statue of Liberty in a bright Hazel glow.  The Statue of David too, and the Wall in China; (the one on the internet... it just melted before your eyes--and the hardware behind that disgustingly hidden trash) lost souls? where? The "I fell Tower" in Paris, that one's lit, along with the Pyramids of Giza and I'd probably get the Liberty Bell too.

Still don't think we need a Constitutional Amendment to make sure we are utilizing all these new toys that dropped out of the sky?  Still it's OK we don't have a record of our vote?  Oh God, can you imagine a world where Die Bold actually wins?

It's a good thing we've got the ability to really end crime, because I want to turn our jails into shelters and soup kitchens; like they should be.  A new covenant, with Adonai--the law put on our minds.  Straight out of Jeremiah Pritchard's mailbox, verse 31.  I want you to know what that really means, that we can not only stop murders from happening--but we can take that murdering desire right out of minds of the sick.  It's like magic, a medicine, the same thing keeping you quiet, through all this noise?  It's Salvation, and now really know... that word means "salvage civilization."  No more will we sit around thinking it's just A-OK not to help the world or know the truth; not to end world hunger or stop murders from happening... it's not OK folks, I guess you needed me to remind you.

So there, that last link, that's the proof that this technology has been here since Exodus.  That's how that book--all about 9/11 and this final Biblical Monday Morning got written 6,000 years ago.  I know, I know, far fetched right.  It's the truth, honest ... from God.

So tell me again, what's your Heaven like?  Think about answering this time, because I'm not going to turn into bread.

You wanna know the truth?  I do think those soup kitchens are coming, it is a pretty easy way to solve the hunger problem... after all.  Make some noise, this silence aint golden, every day that we wait do you know how many people die of starvation?

I am presenting proof that we are living in virtual reality, this proof comes to me through our world--through a link between our computer industries and Shakespeare, and well, it's the true purpose of religion itself... not to mention language.

Think about it, because you were literally made to.

Nearly ever single freedom guaranteed by our constitution has been legislated away or removed by the decision of 12 fools in high courts.  Freedom of speech? gone.  Privacy?  Replaced, and all with it... no befit to the world.  The presumption of innocence is a farce, and we now have laws that deny bail to those accused of misdemeanors ... broadly.  The adversarial process has been replaced with a scorecard and permanent incarceration: do not wonder why I want to replace the entire justice system--want it too, it is what we deserve.

Our legislature is financially incentive to work for the interest of corporations... in this government "of the people;" and you can bet we should have been voting on the internet two decades ago--and that it would have taken a hundred years to get to that point without me.   Either we are really bad at minding our own "supreme law" and our own very concrete and high minded set of beliefs... or something is doing this on purpose, see that, Satan lives.  I am telling you today that this is happening to bring about quick change, really try to understand how that's supposed to help us absolve the world... for things that we are actually doing anyway, and would have done without that influence.  For far longer, and worse.

If this silence and apathy continues, if the world thinks that ignoring what is going on and the gifts we are being offered is going to help them--you have something like this dream in store, something to help us really wake up... I've spent lots of time analyzing our situation and God's message, and I see the solution coming out of our microcosm for the Hellish prison this world is... our very own prison system, as an appropriate and Holy answer.  Do not be surprised when the gates open and angels start changing the world from the hallowed halls of Riker's and all the other (soon to be) Alcatraz'.  Well, maybe we can do better than a "tour" with all those beds, and those big expensive kitchens.

Just imagine waking up to not just a river, but to all those big scary buildings having open doors and bright lights--think of it like a new kind of Church--one that actually does feed and house everyone that needs it.

God's message is that things here are not OK.  In general we aren't really responsible for that, and now listen... because we aren't really responsible for doing anything about it... either.

Hey, is that space Armada in the sky?  Never mind, I just got some pink bubble gum on my glasses.  So tomorrow, when you wake up... if you see a lake or a river that wasn't there yesterday... make sure you call someone in another city to make sure it's not just you.

Hear me when I tell you that your silence is making Hell stay around longer for a big part of the world--you included.   

The wicked will continue to be wicked, and only the wise will understand. 

Daniel 12:10

All my love,