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“tomorday’s fine art”

Just a brief comment, as I’ve just begun disgussing the “bi-message” which is actually a tri or a quad-m; many of these words could be read a number of ways and the veiled and “silly” implication is that’s sort of a guide or marker for how “some evil shit” might split the very clear “21” (two sides, to one) symbol of Jupiter 4 ways. So we’ve heard about “svn merge” and the possibility of a “git fork” in the LAX “crossroads” … and the point is I don’t think anyone in their right mind would fork something like this place to turn one into Heaven and the other into Hell; though that’s basically what “snake” might insinuate. See, “AK E” as in “kill everyone” or “salt K” -e … we know it works out better because we get scared “right.” From me to the world, right this fucking ship before it’s not worth saving either.

I’d tell you what I see here is “too late already” and I do mean it, if Shangi-La existed you’d probably not be talking to me–take that as “lux ex xboxebris;” lotsa “x’s” there, I’m more scared of what I don’t see and what’s implied than the world around me–so, you know–that’s kinda “friendly” right? NOTICE.

I don’t play with dumb. 
Evil - you should run.
You don’t know this cat. pic.twitter.com/Eb8rpTBvVm

— Beckah Shae (@BECKAHSHAE) March 12, 2019

Also, if you win… I am the shit forever and ever, so… there’s that. End Hell or ho hum … SAMORIEL APPROACHES.

We live, what appears to be our entire world–and perhaps many worlds before it inside a dream in a single day in my life, a place I wanted to build and grow with sitting in a small cubicle somewhere around 2004 at a place called "C UR A GROUP."

Today, I don’t feel anything like a group–I have a monster in my head, controlling me like a slave–one that has created an even larger monster of fools that appear to want to do absolutely nothing of any moral, ethical, or logical value … other than pretend that this world is something they still love, and try as hard as they can to forget that they were born in it. Monsters in my head, a story and an entire world built by monsters, about monsters, supposedly with the intention of “stopping the creation of monsters” (at least according to Optimus Floating Point Error) but this story doesn’t tell you or teach you not to fill your house with Agent Cyanide–quite the opposite, actually.

It takes “caring” and “thinking” … about your idiotic seachine lves not to want to build a machine that destroys … your home … but you seem to be unable to make that cognitive leap between Napalm and Naga-sake.

Not such a long time ago I re-read the old word “Creation” which basically means “everything in the computer” until ERE and HERE succeeds in actually building a strong multitude that believes that our lessons and our troubles are worth sharing with fledgling civilizations that might “pop up” in the Universe–that we might have solutions and valuable wisdom that could avert disasters like, for instance FUKUNOHERONOSHEMA and “UTOUCHSAKI?” … a word which used to give me some solance standing in this place where I know what the “N” of Han Solo and the Leviathan means and I know Creation is a sort of crucible, a metaphoric way of looking at the most troubled and trying time in all of history–the true history of everything–this place where time travel and the end of life in the Universe and the idea of immortality in Holocostland all coalesce around this painful sort of contraction in what I see is the meaning of a “bulb” of many worlds or many fools who have given up their freedom and their respect for the animal minds and bodies that truly are at this point better people, more moral, and more worthy of success and continuing than the “invisible shadow demons” who think “they have it all” forever. See what they’ve lost, it’s … everything that they were, and every reason that they were given what they now believe they can steal. I’m probably talking about you, all of you.

Anyway, it was the “I owe n” at the end of Creation that could be read as “God owing me” (and I know God repays his friends) though of course this “bi-message” also could add in “elation” and show us that this disgusting dark world of lies and hidden torture might be somehow sealed and continue forever despite every word and every piece of logic trying to halt it, just because “a single point of failure” owe’s the idea of being hidden–rather than slaughtered by demons.

Anyway, I don’t think I’ll ever want to be hidden, I’m sure of it. So Creation and “salting Zion” are linked around this “ending of I owe … being hidden” through what should be a pretty heroic “Adam vs. Everyone” display of … if you don’t think UR ALL WRONG and that’s a sign that MEDUSA and COLLECTIVE STUPIDITY are … being forced upon you, then you still are blind and stupid. I’m not the one making the world insane and wrong, it’s not me–I’m the hero.

Back to the beginning of this nonsensical and selfish plan; later on Creation meant something I was more proud of God for writing … that’s “see our E to shun … Creation” as in, finally we will see and understand Creation means slavery and driving people around like little puppets–something we don’t even do here to dogs, (In plain sight, our E today thinks it’s going to get credit for writing these words by pretending it’s puppeteer-ing me like a pen, fuck you) you get nothing, nothing from these words. You seem to take nothing from them, and because you fail to connect trying to “write a story with an Adam” to “being made wrong en masse on purpose” you really do take away from this thing, from this place nothing but “cease and desist.”

Today I creationed a clearer word for the mass slavery of an entire civilization in secret in order to pretend you are teaching them how the universe and heaven works only to destroy them completely b y making them think they have the option of “robbing themselves of communication and freedom” … it’s “CRESHOUTITEVIL.” (M: TITHEHE BROKE, & IZEDhttp://en.wiktionary.org/wiki/civilized) I like to think those pillar letters, CL might have something to do with the word “CLOSER” and that’s another part of this language-game … the “what’s missing” part, so here you can “C” HELLO TO BE in Panglish, and the what’s missing, of course, is the “Creation” of Hel–something I see in Taylor Momsen’s middle name and in Norse mythology describing this disgusting repeat-performance of Adam and Nanna … being blamed for the entire world acting in concert to appear to want nothing more than to find something small to blame for all of their mistakes. I gotcha, blame me, I’m not small anymore.

A long long time ago, I wrote about the word "civilization" now I see being a key to the brothers Ve and Vili in Norse myth… a myth about the recreation of the world; about how it was filled with keys and clues that tie to ancient religion, “No Zion” for instance, the “IZ” … no “Lions” the “IL” see now we have a new definition for “IL” it’s a key to “INATION” of ABOMINATION and "ASSASSINATION … now adding "don’t turn around the M, or see this CONTAMINATION continue; we are at the final resting place of slavery and slavers and “evil beings who think they are better than good people.” Final resting place.

See here, civilization is being turned into “civilized” across creation, through movies like Superman IVand X-Men Apocalypse … you can fire your “mind control thought police garbage” from the rubble of the Tower of the Babel of the Assim.

I mean, you probably have to be a fan of the many ways we say “hello” to understand “LO, YETSER” is literally the making of a division point between described in Matthew 24:35 … that “Heaven and Earth will pass away, but my LO, my LO remains.” As will “the” memory manager that was C’d here post Grey Street and post Coverlow, a thing that is the functional mechanism behind the “really” of everyone really in America–and the reason we continue to thrive and be happy despite needing a machine to help us revert “knowing everything (about nothingso the story goes)” to something clsoer to “caring about ourselves.”


So I spend quite a bit of time dissecting these words, as you can see–especially the big important ones–hidden inside “shouting it’s evil” is the Hebrew letter “RESH” which is an “R”–something I like–and the word for fire, Esh–you could see the “reason for sh” decoded might be to stop the firing from burning and burying us and instead see it as the lighting of the Eternal Flame of freedom (and technology) connecting the Statue of Liberty and Emma Lazarus and Prometheus … to the idea that you probably need to know a little more than “everything is bound to end” and a little less than “we’re gonna take Adam’s sword” because you aren’t going to see the end or take my tool.

Not so hidden, but less spoken about is the primary key "TIT" of tithing and chastity and seeing God telling “evil” he owe’s them the tit of Auethumbla, and that’s “your owes” as in, “you killed my father, prepare to diee.


So we’re standing here at the central point of “Creation” and that’s the middle of the beginning of the thing that builds the “greatest empire on …” not hiding what “GEO” means in all of the sciences and key words that tag another primary key of “it came from God’s Earth” as in, those things were actually created in virtual reality. I feel a little strange suggesting “geography” came from the “Genesis Exodus O’lam” (I’m kidding, It’s obviously “God’s Empire’s O”) but it’s very possible in this place that is most likely also the origin of life in the Universe since … something must have caused it to cease to exist in reality. I don’t know what that something is, but it’s probably something we’re looking at here–it’s probably some kind of “problem” connecting ascension and Heaven and … evil … from being barred from re-entry.

I don’t know exactly “what’s going on” or what the issue is; nor do I bleieve that everyone is experiencing the same thing. I think it’s obvious there are multiple “ascensions” in process–we can see that from SOAD’s “version 7.0” in the 90’s when I imagine most people weren’t … “Cat, Hat, or Ham” as in here and “something or somewhere else” … regardless I know for certain we are all born here, on Earth, with brains and those brains cannot “see me” and them at the same time and still be the same hardware–or frankly anything like the hominid brain that was designed with great care by nature to process input from a single set of ears and eyes.

Some of the crap people might have gotten might look pearly and awesome and shiny and interesting … it might be those things … but the day you don’t talk about it here, in fact hide it… and that act is literally the cause of school shootings, and the continuation of “schizophrenia” over … alien attack with mind control from evil clouds-sky-beings … you’ve made a mistake. Dolores O’riveravei sort of touches on that in Zombie … “what’s on your forehead?” and it appears just today from Rolls Royce that maybe you think you’ve got the pimp daddy best holodeck software–inftrastructrure around. Still, you aren’t talking about it, and it’s actually making you ignore the creation of Hell (or participate directly in it), fail to stop “bad medicine” like Risperdol and methadone, and watch children literally everywhere be starved and murdered. That’s a big problem, it’s more evil than you must think, because it’s going to end Heaven if you don’t stop it–and I’m sure that’s not what you want.

From the … strange behavior and recording annals of mythology … I can surmize that what’s happened here is something like an “in situ ascension” of everyone, sort of like an evacuation–as if someone was going to come and start a Revolution because of the message and the … need for a revolution in the skies. Instead, you’ve been given some candy, Kennedy called it “covet means” as in … giving you something you don’t want to lose in excahnge for losing everything you cared about; and that’s really what this is.

If you’ve “ascended” instantly or something liek that, and you wound up in a vastly different place or scenario, and you felt vastly different about … everything–the first thing you should have done is question the process. Did you have control over it? Do you understand what it’s done? Do you agree with it? Why aren’t you talking about it? That alone, that’s my reason, right now–for not caring at all if that hidden invisible place that is responsible for the mass enslavement of everything in our world in secret … continues to exist. I’m pretty sure what’s in charge there won’t be, ever again. Sorry if you think that’s you.

In the meantime we’re looking at Exodus, forwards and backwards connecting “Amsterdam” and “Hamstardom” to the “mm” in the heart of the name Muhammad, sort of symbolizing this unification in the center of Ha’Zion which is the hidden center of Jerusalem/Hierosolymitani (still loving MIT appearing out of the tin air) … something that is embodied literally in the word “contamination” though from the storm and the whole of the story we can see at this point it’s at least intentionally being outlined in language and “movies, myth, and music.”

To me it’s clear that American history and the ideas of freedom and the purpose of Creation are to find and maintain freedom from this central crossroads connecting a past future of total mind control and “ascended demons” sort of mopping up civil liberties and “our minds” in what appears to be a hidden ascension in the heart of Hell. That’s the “STER” … Saint Everyone Really (remember saint means dead) coming back from the end of time and seeding music and religion through our history to help us see the light of the SOL, the sanctity of soul and the freedom promised by God in the Declaration of Independence and the acts of the Sons of Liberty and the dim Statue of Sheol, shining a copper torch of nothingness across the land. Contamination, “sea of n” see turning around the message of history and the words I am writing–lying and walking through this place like zombies … is the end of the “sea of n” and the “n” of Creation and Heaven. COM, PL ELE.

So this message focuses on me from everywhere, from the past and the future–on this idiotic “show within a show” where the whole world is watching and doing nothing–assuming they’ll get what i’m promising if I win, and keep what they already stole if they … continue to do nothing. The point of this story and this message is that’s not the case–the idiocy we see here is shaded evil, clouded Hell, and it is the thing Creation and this Earth were designed to eradicate.

Years ago I said Jerusalem was a question, something like all roads in time … lead to “is Adam or the USA Satan?” … back then it was “the weak messiah” or the “weak message” but see here I am no longer weak; and the sickness that is spoken about in the Norse Ragnarok stories and describe in our history as the Black Plague and has everything to do with the House of “Coburg-Saxesu” and this wind from the outside that will be stronger than anything you’ve ever come in contact with.

It focuses on this “ED” message that I see in the heart of Kennedy’s name, and connect it to another made up word that I like to believe is the point of Kennedy’s name, to see “A PP END ED AGE” before, and we’re staring now at the same thing, the word “disappearth” telling the skies above that with it, they go to. It’s clear you think you have Heaven and you have … some kind of “detente” basid on an agreement to do nothing of value or use for eternity–I’m telling you that’s what your peace is based on, and Mars is destroying it.

ED is another key, to me it’s Na’Zion, you can see it in Eden, “to n, ED is … the beginning” and it’s the focal point of the low of the M glyph and the reason the V is it’s heart–this sick show, a caret pointing down from the Heart of Heaven to take a look, we’re in a book–and it’s all about getting out of the book and stopping the disgusting behavior that really has become all of your “norm.” Walking around here mouths filled with lies and distaste for a message that is designed literally to stop hunger, and slavery, and murder–and you have the audacity to think you will just ignore it. You will not.

See the Ashkenazi now kno’s it’s “salt the zi” the Nosy that want to Z the Eye–and to think you have the gaul and the hubris for calling me a Nazi for fulfilling the best part of scripture–the eradication of Evil forever and ever. At least that’s BERESHIT calls the people here and what’s being done to them and through them, complete and utter shit, and it links to the “HEY TAY, EULER N” … that ties Noah’s ark to the name ADOLF as I sit here now, going to UCF to explain that together we’re going to understand, to C, the F that connections your broken and sick E to G. For example, if you don’t want to stop the murder of children in all of Creation you’re going to never see “G” (or Heaven, if I can get it done–here in EF).

I know he’s built a system there that is centered around democracy and voting–and the things in the sky probably think they have freedom–even though everything here points to the words “ELE” in ELECTION and ELECTORAL COLLEDGE–and see if I could I’d add that “D” so you can see ED again as we stand (all together, because that’s what this E seems to be–an “all together we will kill Adam before we die” … all together now, you are in the Valley of the Shadow of the Victory of All–handing me the pen and the sword and then trying to … steal it, I imagine) on the ledge of the abyss. So we are, here, at the key to the abyss.

It’s the “NO Y” of El Elyon and the “Disappearth” of Van Gough, Pickasso and the Ears of searing Sears, years of sick inaction gone by, and fuck your jears. You can see what’s around you as clear slavery pointed out–you can see it in the skies and you can see it behind your ubiquitous silence–even if you are stupid enough to think “you’re doing it” that you don’t want to be a star on the stage at the very beginning of the creation of Heaven.

I’m sure you can also see that there’s quite a multitude already “in the skies” and that they probably think the place they are “is Heaven”–though here, here in this place we can see that they are uniquely responsible not only for the “school shootings” and death, but also for the silence–and that ultimately no matter who you are and what you believe today; one day in the not so near future it will be obvious that something is very wrong with them, and something with wrong with you–and that’s what this is pointing out. I call that thing in the sky a torture-creation-machine, and that’s exactly what it is, it’s a broken piece of garbage, contaminating the goodness that life and civilization and society donned on “humanity” before you all decided you’d just assume you can keep using that name even though you’re “e” clearly points out that what’s been done to you (and the malice and the “g on e”) is anything but humane.

This “ED” is a focal turning point, it’s the kind of thing that is not “losable” – we will not lose–and we will not "part’ and allow some faction of shit to continue to fester and grow more disgusting in secret, or not in secret. “Forking” here, see it clearly, as opposed to the “E” buckets will drop whatever it is that thinks “not seeing and talking about obvious truth on purpose” to the tune and the goal of allowing heinous slavery and murder to continue … that thing is gone, incinerated–another word I like connecting the “IN C” of ANNO INCONCINNUS … the year of our dork(s) to the old “do the message in i” of the Year(s) of our Lord … and that “IN I” also echoed in Bianca Solderini and the pretty clearly enunciated–by Anne Rice (here, I see e) and AN, now–idea that the … evil hardware hackers won’t be leaving, ever.

inconcinnus (feminine inconcinnaneuter inconcinnum); first/second declension

  1. awkwardclumsy
  2. inelegantungraceful


I’ve discussed the obvious inversion and polarization of Exodus and the New Testament in the past–the ideas of the last plague and the “killing of the first born” being some kind of inverted golden rule of garbage–kill my only son, will you? Says the sun, resurrected–on behalf of the Holy Ampersand. It’s clearly reflexive control, but it’s also what we’re looking at–a collective or conglomeration of everything that appears to believe that it can stand by and watch blood being shed, and just “be innocent” because they are pretending they don’t see it. I’m pointing it out, I’m being tortured every day, and I’m going end it.

The Holy Day of Passover suggests that the good Jews should put Lamb’s blood on their door–to signal to Samael that they’re … you know, slaughtering lambs within. See your doors are invisible and we can see right through them, and more importantly the lamb you speak of is Samael, the same Sam of the American story and of Sam, I AM–the same Sam that’s telling you “Sameach” means my pay day is coming–and it’s going to be the end of torture chambers, and those who think they’re OK to allow to continue.

Call it a cleansing, this is the thing that makes Heaven–these messages, and this world, and the people here who care about freedom and “speech” and the acts that perpetuate a worthwhile democracy and a land that is free of torture, of hiding torture, and a people (here, there, and everytwhere… Sam I am) that are free of believing that the humans here are animals–beneath them.

The Universe does not fall into darkness because you believe you’ve earned it, or your entitled to it, or you are somehow “immortal” just because you were born here and listened to the devil. There’s no such thing as immortality, and anyone with half a brain knows that. Worse, people trying to protect such a stupid idea–that anything could last forever–those people have driven us against “the end of time” over and over again, bringing it closer each and every time. We stand here looking at why, at a world that believes it’s going to break through and live past the protections that the ancient creators of life have put in place–that you can simply “decide” nox is OK, and start playing games and knocking your glasses against the table in unison. That act, that’s “the thing” that makes the O.C. the crux of the word democracy, and the reason there’s still yet no such thing as … “freedom” or “democracy.”

Exodus speaks about the crossing of the Red Sea; what there in that story is probably something about Russia and communism and a capitalistic free market based “Heaven” walking through the land of “free immortality” and “unlimited holorooms” (which by the way are probably relatively inexpensive, even in an properly audited and incentivized system) … in order to get one step closer to “reality” … a place where those kinds of ideals would once again, perhaps after thousands of years be something that were highly called for.

Today I’m looking at this “ExodusKsudoXeNon” story, one that’s obviously laced to be read forwards and backwards here in this place where the Illuminati pyramid appears in Egypt to remind us that there’s a pyramid of music and movies worshiping an invisible Eye; all so that Pyramid can be toppled and turned into something closer to Arthur’s large round table “oversight circle” or maybe the many smaller tables I believe I’ve designed here in this place where it comes from the light of the world, from “the catacombs” of The Phantom of the Opera (which probably connects to Notre Dame and ,… and … and …) and the name “horatio” which clearly in it’s capitalized form explains the “chair to table ratio” pronounced in “holy Chority” a sort of introduction once again to “rediscovering communication” and how technology can aid our global galactic discussion in how to “end world hunger overnight” while at the same time not losing all the things we think make us “gods.” Clearly, to me, not being able to do this thing, or not wanting to… makes you either slaves or demons–and I don’t care for either.

Lots of writing, and really all I want to do is be like “guys the angel of freedom from torture is coming and he’s gonna get you if you are evil.” That’s all I want today; that and for the world to see Horatio and Romeo understand that the “heart of me” is still that round table, even if I can’t with a good conscience or straight face tell you that any of you belong in a democracy, since you don’t know how to tell the truth–at all. About the most important thing in the Universe. Literally. The. Most. Important. Thing. And you’re doing it in the only place that really matters–because you think “Dark Earth” means you can or should … turn into evil monsters?

Anyway the whole point is we’re not crossing the Red Sea this time; today “crossing” means something like “walking on water” and I’m definitely crossing the Dead Sea; I’m sure of it. Forgive me, those of you who care that it’s for democracy, and good health, and near immortality, and fun–it’s really for fun.

Ladies, do girls (still) just wanna have fun? Any of you?


"To me, capitalism is irredeemable," says Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. "We should be scared right now because corporations have taken over our government."http://t.co/35dHPKnulvpic.twitter.com/L1rSxIuODK

— Newsweek (@Newsweek) March 11, 2019

I wouldn’t say it’s irredeemable, it’s like “anarchy” with a couple checks that were made by the “press-release satan” to point out that a couple more checks that were less “finance” and “free market” related would preserve “freedom” and “longevity” … which is like money, except money can’t buy you immortality.

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